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Found 226 results

  1. Hey! Hey whats up everyone my name is Kevin and today I am here to talk about the new youtube comments... If you aren't aware, Yes youtube added a new comment system, and Yes most people do say it sucks Now don't get mad and think I am going to try to defend it because that would be a terrible decision for my sake I made this so my fellow community can discuss the new youtube comments, and if you haven't had any experience with them yet go to youtube and see the insanity (I mean really no limit to text!!!) -Kevin
  2. Hello, I have taken to call myself InquisitorFIN. I run a small but homely YouTube channel (and livestreams), mostly focused on Trials Evolution: Gold Edition. I also do some first impressions on Free to Play games and the occasional playthrough. My channel is by no means big nor professional but I would appreciate for fellow members of AJSA to take the time to browse through my videos and drop me some feedback. I'm fairly active in releasing content so expect something every week! My YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/PastaBoiler My Twitch livestream: http://www.twitch.tv/inquisitor_fin
  3. Hey guys, I have a youtube channel but nobody ever seems to want to visit it, give me any support or even look at my videos..I only have 3 right now and I can easily make more but..I just don't have the motivation. 1 hour render, 2 hr + upload..for 10 views? That's just not worth it. So i was hoping if I could get some support from the army, I could do more, maybe get my own fan base, etc, and of course thank Joe for this site and the chance to advertise my channel. Eventually I would do my own reviews. I don't have any type of camera yet, but once I eventually get one I will probably do vlogs, reviews, gameplay with reactions, you know the deal. Anyway..here it is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHteJJM57mAlLQJ2kpP5Hww
  4. I'm watching a documentary about a british organized crime debt collector, it ends and the top suggested video is called I AM DEAD SERIOUS NO JOKE I'm not gonna link it, you can search it for yourself "Donkey Sex The Most Bizarre Tradition" Goodbye youtube, forever. holy cow
  5. We all Know Joe is awesome but what other channels do you follow for gaming reviews, lets play's, news or just pure shits and giggles. Here's some of mine.... AlphaOhemgaSin BlackBusterShow StonefoxMedia Cinemassacre Boogie2988 TaraBabcockGaming OfficialNerdCubed ReviewTechUsa Tennings
  6. Hello, I am lynxbearaus, a gamer and comic book fan. I wish to become part of this community you call the 'angry army' because I have followed Joe for a number of years, down the street, up the hill, ACROSS THE WORLD. I like his reviews and his opinion. On my channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/lynxbearaus), Im starting to make lets plays and other gaming related crap. In other news, I like FPS and MMO, also the sky is blue. Reporting For duty.
  7. I played Recettear, and made a highlight's video. I had a lot of fun with this one: I got my professional audio equipment around the time I made this video. I'm still fairly new to the scene, and I am not afraid to admit that I am always learning. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment on the video or on this post. Thank you for your consideration and time. Go AJSA.
  8. What do you think is a problem, what do you think should be done to fix them, what do you think they will do next, do you think Joe should do an angry rant?
  9. Why do you think Google is adding Google plus more and more to YouTube? Why don't they listen to our Reviews and critiques on this new YouTube? What do YOU think should be done? Do you think Joe should make and angry rant on this?
  10. Introduction video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_Vw8DZdHXk New format for HearthStone videos! -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqQHmxNBmNQ Hey everyone Krydan here. The title says is all really. I would like some advice on this whole Youtube fiasco. You can find my channel in the description and a link to my first hearthstone video here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rj9fB1-UeHc (currently have two of that series out at this time) I hate to spam places and annoy people, but in this day and age of Youtube, you have to do a small bit of advertising to get a small bit noticed. I just keep thinking back to Jesse Cox's *Advertise like shameless whores* ;D I am not expecting to post this and get an extra twenty subs or anything crazy, more just to maybe get some advice on how I can improve so you guys WOULD like my content. Thanks for spending your time to read this! -Krydan
  11. First of all i just want to say how cool it is that the AJSA community lets people share videos so thank you now with that said here is the fist of my best gaming soundtrack videos i hope everyone enjoys and sees one of their favorite game soundtracks in this list this is just my personal list so please feel free to share your views on it or let me know what you thought were the best soundtracks of the console and mostly thank you very much for taking the time to watch this ill post my other lists soon
  12. Hey guys, I've got a Youtube a channel where I play games. Currently I'm not extremely happy with the content or quality of my videos but I'm learning as I go (dont play games you dislike!! *cough Inversion!) but there is some fun videos. If you want to go check it out, heres the link: http://www.youtube.com/user/FriendlyGamingSM I'd recommend watching Injustice videos and The corridor, all the others ones aren't the best but I'm working on. Any support would be great, if you'd like to leave some tips feel free Im open to change. Update: Here's my facebook page if you want to check that out! https://www.facebook.com/FriendlyGamingSM
  13. Space Engineers Take care and I look forward to seeing you all on the battlefield.
  14. I'm getting tired of the new YouTube very quickly. After watching a really good video, I enjoy to embrace and help the maker of that video by simply talking about it in the comments section. So I scroll down and I see that the most liked comment is something phallic or just pure spam or even a link to a virus. I know it's been going on for awhile and it has been repeated over and over again, but I still want to discuss my anger towards this new movement. I wish I could help support the revolt going on but I never get comment spammed on my channel (because I haven't made a video in awhile) so turning off my comments may be just not worth my time. However, what I'd think would be a good revolt is to make several hundred copies of the script for the movie "Tora, Tora, Tora!" and/or other crap and just post them all around the google offices since I live near them. Returning though, I really hope that this issue is resolved soon. I want the pubescence gone. I want the comments fixed. And I want the Google out of my YouTube.
  15. I'd have to say VintageBeef is probably my favorite youtuber, enjoy PauseUnpause, I also like Rob's pokemon runs. Outside of video games, ImprovAnywhere is a lot of fun, and AVByte is fantastic, they write musical-esque songs about random topics.
  16. *Google + makes Hulk angry* *Hulk transforms in his massive muscular form* *Google + doesn't seem to be scared* *Hulk tries to hit Google +* *Google + dodged the hit and throws an 'Name change' spam at Hulk* *Hulk gets more angry and tries to hit Google + again* *Google + dodged the attack and erases the 'comment character limitation* *Hulk screams it out and tries to HULK SMASH Google +* *Google + throws a 'required G+ account* at Hulk* *Hulk is KO* Well damn, even the mighty Hulk couldn't beat Google +. They're too strong with their shitty name changes and their required G+ accounts. They fucked up Youtube. They made the frontpages unclear, the menubar is shit and you have to go through an adventure of buttons and apps to see your channel and Inbox. Let the anger flow through this topic
  17. Just out of random curiosity (and hopes of finding some hidden gem), I was wondering what your favorite Youtube video is! This is the first video that comes to my mind: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgeYScYe8wI
  18. Hey everyone Im Aaron from a new Channel GamePlayBoys on youtube! My friends and I have been longtime Joe fans and we were excited when we heard about the new AngryArmy website. We have always wanted to be able to get to know all of you better. We are so stoked the Angry Commanders have acctually made this possible for us all to get together on an amazing site. Well ill cut to the Chase we are a new channel just looking for some feedback we plan on posting Gameplay footage of w/e we happen to be playing that week and are looking to post weekly content for you guys. Im just gonna drop this here ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pt__WO31Wow ) again I give my love out to all of you guys, and Joe. We hope you guys enjoy our videos, we are looking forward to your response!
  19. Anyone heard of Hot Pepper Gaming? It's a game review show where they let the reviewers eat an extremely hot pepper before they talk. It's extremely funny! I hope they can get AngryJoe as a guest some time? That'd be amazing!
  20. If you are as butthurt over needing a useless Google+ account to comment on YouTube videos as I am then here is a petition to sign. https://www.change.org/petitions/google-change-the-youtube-comment-section-back-to-its-original-form There are many petitions but this one is at nearly 70k signatures at the time of this posting, which is the highest I've seen yet. I'm not saying Google+ and those who use it are bad people, just that Google is wrong for forcing it's use with a service that had no mandatory connection until just days ago. I and many others who do not want Google+ were happily able to deny a Google+ integration until then. I want YouTube to remain a video hosting site and not to become a social media site. Thanks for supporting this or any petition if you choose to do so. Happy gaming.
  21. Soldiers I would like to introduce You to one of my most beloved game parodies created by one of most popular Newgrounds.com artist: Egoraptor. He created series of funniest game parodies, like Metal Gear Awesome, Resident Awesome, Gears Of Awesome and plenty of others. I'm sure that each of You soldiers going to find one match your taste. Metal Gear Solid Parodies: 1: 2: Legend Of Zelda Parodies: Pokemon Parodies: Gears Of War: L.A. Noire: There's plenty more on his YouTube account: http://www.youtube.com/user/egoraptor/videos?shelf_id=2&view=46&tag_id=UC0gEw6pgNkLkkzMwzX4UtHA.3.aseries&sort=dd PS: to dear Admins, I'm not posting this to promote Egoraptor YT channel, or Egoraptor person itself, it's just because I think his game parodies are hilarious and deserve to be shared with other people
  22. So hi all to the AJA! i come here as part of the Angry fleet! asking if any of you enjoy Hearthstone? if you care to tell me how bad i am? boost your own egos? well my YouTube channel is the place to be come on down and violate my anus Youtube.com/dixie15pne
  23. Hey Army! Alex here! Also known as snelder007. Really glad Joe was able to get the new servers and site up and running. Super excited to play with all of you. I started a youtube channel a little while ago and getting it fully up and running. Take a look! http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSoi-CSCLk7RqVhRXlEcqVA As we play as an army I would love to record and edit so we can show the internets how much fun we are but also to display our awesomeness. See you guys out there! Stay Frosty! Alex
  24. Hey guys! My name is Patty-Jack (Patty for short). I'm an avid gamer as well as YouTuber. I make a variety of videos ranging from Skyrim Zombie Survival, Battlefield 4, first impression reviews and indie spotlights. I've with various networks in the past such as VISO/BBTV and still maintain a partnered channel. Enough about my useless "accomplishments" though! I'm happy to be here to support the Angry Army and help make us a dominant force on the interwebs! If anyone wants to have a chat, do some PC gaming, etc. Please let me know! HOORAH'!
  25. Hello everyone, I've been watching Joe for some time now, I don't really remember since when, and even though he doesn't play Hearthstone, a lot of the Polaris partners do and they got me to like the game. I got a beta key maybe one month ago and I love doing arenas, so much so that I started my own youtube channel dedicated to arena drafts and games using the experience I've gotten thus far with it. If you are, like many others, in line to get a beta key (it really sucks having to wait so long!) come by and watch the 3 videos I have at the moment and tell me what you think! I intend to keep making them and I've no illusions, I know they're bad, the quality was reeeally bad but I've no figured out how to compress the videos so at least next ones will have a much higher fidelity. I want to make them more entertaining and I'm trying to improve it. I'm a somewhat shy person so shouting and making a big fuzz like Joe doesn't feel natural to me, but hey, no one ever starts with perfection. So come by and tell me what you think, I'm always available for discussions and if I somehow get a beta key, I'll be more than glad to give it away! http://www.youtube.com/user/Hecatombish/videos