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Found 2 results

  1. So, Microsoft created an chatbot AI that was promptly educated in how to to act racist by the good people of the internet and then put down. And I don't think this proves AI is a crapshoot. No, if anything it proves that Microsoft has the worst parenting skills ever. Seriously, you don't let any intelligent being lose on the wider internet until it is old enough to comprehend why saying racist shit is bad. Poor robot probably didn't even know what it was saying. http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/mar/24/tay-microsofts-ai-chatbot-gets-a-crash-course-in-racism-from-twitter http://www.techrepublic.com/article/why-microsofts-tay-ai-bot-went-wrong/
  2. The movie is about this guy played by Joaquin Phoenix. He works as a love letter writer for people that can't write love letters. He is about to go through a divorce with his wife, played by that main bald chick in the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. She looks a lot better with long hair. Then one day he saw a newly released computer operating system that has an AI that acts like a real person, so he bought that OS, set it to have a woman's voice (in this case Scarlett Johansson's), and there you go! Your own personal girlfriend that talks to you every time. It's like if your computer that you are using right now is a person. It's basically a romance movie between this guy and the operating system, and it's a pretty sweet, albeit kind of creepy, story. What's awesome in this movie is the various techs. The movie's setting is futuristic in that everyone uses this device that looks like an iPhone but smaller, and most of the interactions with it are using voice commands like Siri, unless you're looking through a picture in which case you have to flick through the pictures. Even the computer that people uses are using voice commands, like writing down something or searching internet. You have to insert this tiny speaker to your ear before you can do the voice commands for everything. That's before the new AI operating system is released btw. After the AI is released, fuck normal voice commands. Just talk to the ai and he/she's going to listen to you and do your every bidding. So much like a real person that it's creepy, but quite a possible outcome in the future. Now there's another thing that is cool in this movie, which are the video games. There's only 2 of them but they have quite a cool concept. The first one is this cave exploration game. I don't know what console the guy's playing but I'm pretty sure it's a PC. You play the game with your hands instead of a controller, and it's played using a projected screen right in front of you instead of a TV. I prefer TV and controller but the way you play the game is interesting. Then while you enter the cave, you suddenly meet this little white doll npc. He begins spewing f bombs to you, and to progress through the game you have to throw f bombs to this guy. YOU CAN TALK WITH THE IN GAME CHARACTER, AND HE'LL TALK TO YOU LIKE A NORMAL PERSON. And the other cool thing is if you pause the game to search your computer for mails or pictures, THE NPC WILL COMMENT ON THOSE THINGS. So let's say if you have a picture of a girl. He'll comment "who's that?" And when you talk about the person, the npc will say "meh, she looks like crap". That's awesome. Another game that I get to see is this "be a mom game". It's a minigame sort of thing where you become a mom and have take your kids to school. You just have to look at how the game is played in the movie. The animation is smooth and the control looks seamless as if you're really touching the items in the screen. I bet future games will play like these 2 games, and I can't wait for that to happen and see how far gaming will go. One gripe I have with the movie is this: How can a guy that looks like this Nails Amy Adams, Rooney Mara, Scarlett Johansson and Olivia Wilde? It's fucking impossible! Overall, a great2 movie and a great foreshadowing to what the future of gaming and technology will become. Go see it right now. 10 out of 10.