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Found 1 result

  1. So just yesterday Joe posted a video where he reviews Allegiant Airlines. What I found interesting was the "10/10, It's OK -Angry Joe". Jab at IGN(?). Here's the video though. But the point of the discussion is for you to post your worst commercial airplane stories. I'll go first. I got pneumonia on a trip to Turkey, Alanya, and my insurance company made sure for me to get all of my money back from the trip, then some extra from the traveling company. A gift card which basically gave me access to all their listed hotels for a week, for free. Really got lucky there, and then I thought as a traveling man, I was yet to go somewhere in the US. I invited a couple of friends instead of sitting in a vacation resort for a week, we wanted it to be a little of an adventure. <- insert obvious The Hobbit reference here. So we packed our bags, and flew Finnair, which is the basic airline service from Finland, direct flight to JFK International in New York, no fuss, no nuttin'. There was a baby, however the parents offered us drinks for free, because the baby cried but only a little. We arrive at JFK, we rent a car from a from a friends relative that lived in NYC, then set out for the grand roadtrip from NYC, all the way to Los Angeles, with stops like Philadelphia, Washington, Richmond, Charlotte, Atlanta, New Orleans, Houston, Austin, El Paso (and Juarez, Mexico! Had trouble with border control who thought we were Mexican, even though we were all Finnish. Does it matter that we had a Mexican family in the trunk? Well it shouldn't! <- joke) and then El Paso again, Tucson, Phoenix, Nipton, Goodsprings, New.. I mean, Las Vegas and eventually Los Angeles. Man it would take tens of pages to explain all of what happened on the the trip and then in Vegas! But you know what they say about that place, save for herpes. Which I don't have, shut the hell up. And it has now become a tradition of sorts, because every three years we do the same trip again, with perhaps alternating routes. The US is such a huge place and changes a lot in terrain from coast to coast, so keeps things interesting. Now, goddamn I got sidetracked. Whatever. We returned the car into a delivery service in Los Angeles and flew back to New York. Now prepare your eyes for something terrible. Okay, IF YOU DIDN'T BOTHER READ THE WALL OF TEXT, THE ACTUAL FLIGHT IS DOWN BELOW We had a little change in flights, so we were now booked to Delta. Oh God the horror I heard about Delta after the flight.. If only I had known.. The flight was the worst flight I've ever experienced, and I have flown China Airlines. Included 4 hour delay, a mid-flight landing because of a mechanical problem, worst seats in the history of the world, asshole attendants, one of whom spilled my drink on the floor, and proceeded to give me the now half-empty can of Fanta, then charged me 3.50 for it! Unbelievable. I know this might be a little nitpicking, but that wasn't it. The flight was supposed to be direct to NYC, but there was a mid-flight, unplanned landing, like I mentioned. Guess what, there was ANOTHER mechanical problem and we had to fly back to that one town that's name I don't remember. There we were grounded for two hours! There were three babies who cried 24/7, couldn't even dream of sleep, and since our seats were mixed up, I was next to a smelly middle-aged obese man who more than once burped on me (probably intentionally, since I was leaning away from his direction.) a bathroom line half the length of the plane, no service for half of the flight, at all. After painful 8 hours and 50 minutes, we landed in JFK Oh, but this flight directly from the seventh layer of Hell doesn't end there. They lost my other luggage bag, which was full of souvenirs, graphics card and a new Intel processor. Yes, I was eventually covered by insurance, but still, I lost my Iron Man T-Shirt with a glow-in-the-dark Arc reactor! I was really pissed about that! Also, some other crap I had with me. I gave them zero stars, almost straight up choked the man who INSISTED he searched me because I look suspicious, and if it wasn't for the the other officer, I would have been strip searched for god knows what! We go to our hotel, which actually had no problems at all, and I took a long-ass shower and then went to sleep, and then afterwards we flew Finnair back to Finland, once more pretty much without problems. The seats sucked though, but I HAVE FLOWN WORSE. Wow that was a long ass post. Well, I look forward to seeing your stories of airline horror.