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Found 363 results

  1. Hello AJSA! I was browsing through the forums when i noticed categories of different game type discussions. I saw that there were only four threads: Fps games, rpg games, moba games and other games. I think it would be much better if there was a couple of more threads for example: One for strategy game and one for racing games. I noticed the lack of threads under other discussions to which should be incressed asap. I would like to know what the rest of you think. And i know that the site only ben up for a couple of days but this might be a good thing to include. Otherwise I love the site and i think its very well made keep up the good work!
  2. Welcome to the Cookie Clicker Thread! If you have never heard of Cookie Clicker here is the link: http://orteil.dashnet.org/cookieclicker/ Cookie Clicker is a very addictive free browser game where you click the cookie.
  3. hello everyone, i'm bowmanruto i am a creative gamer that sometimes is more than cannon fodder i also enjoy movies comic books anime,etc... basically i'm nerdy and i know it X) my favorite games are: dark souls, magicka, starcraft 2, dawn of war (dark crusade), battlefront 2, and Naruto ultimate ninja storm 3 full burst i am as much an artist as a gamer so if anybody needs any artwork done you know who to ask i hope to see you all soon in game
  4. Whats up AJSA! Happy gaming to everyone, hope to see this community expand into the gaming world and more. -Orun626
  5. Introduction: Okay. Let's be honest. This is the most intense and interesting HL2 Zombie mod since like what, Zombie Panic: Source. It was developed since 2011 to today. It is basically a co-op survival zombie game (not like DayZ, sorry) that is set in several maps and two different gamemodes. I will discuss these later. So, welcome to the world where zombies are everywhere. Literally. You live in a post-apocalypse world and must survive with your friends or other people. You and your friends must hold off the zombies or else all will die. The infection is devastating, one bite or a few hits from a zombie will result in a unforgivable infection. Supplies are scavenged around and melee is your best friend. Guns are scarce. Hordes of zombies are coming at every moment. Whether you killed them all or not. Gameplay/Mechanics: The gameplay is very challenging and fluent at the same time. Zombies will constantly try to grapple or attempt to hit you. The infection is very contagious. Melee is so unique, you can hold LMB to charge attack. Very powerful when using a sledgehammer and you want to kill a zombie by charge attacking in their head. Pretty gruesome, but still interesting. Melee is a very necessary essential to Survivors, its a backup weapon besides guns and can deal some serious damage. On the other hand, guns feel so realistic, pistols require a few headshots just for a zombie to die. Rifles can be inaccurate at times. Sniping is real too, its a bit shaky because, well its like a real life zombie apocalypse. Ammo is scarce at times on several maps, teamwork is the key to get everything out of the map as possible. Pills are used to temporary stop infections, remember the Infection can not be stopped. Bandages are used to heal up loose blood wounds. First aid are used to heal up your health, in general. Onto the two gamemodes, which I mentioned earlier. You have Survival and Objective. Both of which have specific maps, which are currently do not have that much of maps. Survival is like COD waves, except its more a realistic zombie survival type thing. Deceased players can respawn after a wave has been completed. Supply drops are provided by the National Guard that are full of useful things, like weapons and ammo. Medical boxes are used to heal health. You can board up doorways that leads outside with a hammer and boards. A repair bag can be used to repair zones, which are areas you are supposed to be protecting from the zombies from getting in. Death in this game is very frequent, you will die if you aren't careful. If you got killed by a infection or a zombie, you will become a zombie. Your other fellow survivors can kill you if you are infected. If you got killed by some other reason, you will not become a zombie. Now, Objective is where the minds of teamwork and cooperation best work at. You have to retrieve or activate several things to move on to the next objective. Then once all objectives are completed, you get rescued. This gamemode is very challenging if you play with random people. There is no respawning. The maps are a bit huge. Let's move on to something what every survivor have. Stamina. Yes, this affects everything. From running, attacking, and shoving. There is limited indiciations of Stamina and Health. For Stamina, you can hear your character breathing heavily that tells you to rest for a bit to regain Stamina. For Health, your screen will turn black and white slightly each time you retrieve damage. There is also a indiciation for Infection, which veins will appear more and more on your screen as you go. Controls: The controls are very complex and simple. They can be configured to your needs. (1 LMB - Attack (2 RMB - Weld/Aim/Drop Item from Selection Circles (3 WASD/Arrows - Movement (4 F - Flashlight (requires one) (5 V - Shove (6 1 - Weapon Selection Circle (7 2 - Ammo Selection Circle (8 3 - Voice Commands (9 G - Drop Current Item Graphics/Animation: The graphics are fine, but I can expect TotalBiscuit to complain a lot like he did with Ghosts. I really don't see how their graphics are ugly. The animations are sometimes stiff with both survivors and zombies. Zombies will stand at a boarded doorway for a few seconds and then hit it. There are some zombies that are children and some that can run. All zombies, except for children will bite and give you the Infection. Conclusion: No More Room In Hell is a very intense and awesome HL2 mod game, I never seen anything like this with Source Engine. This game is very complex, still updates, and challenging. I can not wait for the updates to be added. This game can be cooperative and achieving. TOTAL SCORE: 9/10 plus a community badass seal of approval
  6. Salutations AJSA members, the respected officers and Angry Joe himself. I am a fanatic of PC gaming in particular, mainly because of the range of RTS and MOBA games in this platform. I have been gaming for 11 years on a pc, and have been entering DoTA 2 and LoL tournaments for about a year now. To all the AJSA members and superiors reading this, go out and have a blast! And as for you, Angry Joe, I expect a lot of this site from you.
  7. Hi there! I'm proud to be in the best gaming community ever. The fucking Angry Joe Show Army! I've been a big fan! My name is Dr. Xeno Pootis. I'm a steam regular that usually plays now and then. i usually play SWTOR, TF2, L4D2, and other games on Steam. I come on to game on from: 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM. (School days) THE MORNING to Whenever I want to sleep. (No school days) I love this community. Its so intense and impressive. I can't stop thinking about it whenever I get on some games. I am a part of 2 gaming communities, AJSA being my 2nd. I come from a unpopular one, which is currently developing/upgrading. I'm such a forum critic from previous game community websites I've been on. I post in almost every topic. I'm proud to be in the AJSA.
  8. Hello to every able-fingered gamer ! My name is Marek. Feel free to call me Marky, everybody does. Im from Košice, Slovakia and Im really excited about this. So for starters Im really looking forward to some quality gaming, interesting topics and getting to know you guys. Stay good !
  9. Hello able-fingered gamers ! My name is Marek. Feel free to call me Marky, everybody does. Im from Košice, Slovakia. Im really excited about the AJSA and Im also looking forward to some quality gaming, interesting threads and hopefully getting to know you guys. Stay good gents !
  10. Hey everyone! Im so excited to be a new member of the AJSA! - I have followed Angry Joe for Years, and I have only recently decided to join the website and take part in the community (woohoo!). I am Married with 4 kids, and I work shift work full time, so i try to cram in as many hours as i can manage, I own over 50 games on steam, and have owned many games over the years, I am an avid RPG player and enjoy games like skyrim, Mass effect (all 3), All the dragon age games. I enjoy FPS and have Borderlands 2, COD and many others in my collection. I like Football (Soccer) and play fifa a lot, i have yet to get the new one thou lol. I have recently upgraded my computer, I ripped out the old 400w psu, and replaced it with a G7 580 psu, and took out my old GT630 and replaced it with a AZUS directCU 1GIG GDDR5 GTX650 card, (its huge, but it just fits in the slot in my base unit haha) So i can finally play the latest games in fairly good detail Anyway, I love Bleach, Dragonball Z, Once Piece ( i havent watched that for a while) - Claymore (old but still good) and most manga in general I look forward to getting involed with you guys and hopefully i might get to meet angry joe AJSA - THE LEADING FORCE IN DESTROYING BAD GAMES, and MAKING GOOD GAMES LEGENDARY! and all thanks to the commander and Chief, Angry Joe!, Master Chiefs got nothing on you mate! Feel Free to add me, and i hope we can kick some major ass together !
  11. I am so hyped now that the new Angry Army is out! I'm MeareaNoir (B.K.A: Chocolateya) I'm an average 15 year old gamer from North Carolina I play the typical shit (IE: CoD Battlefield ect..) but i also play some lesser known or widely acclaimed video games (Terraria Gmod Minecraft ect...) Feel free to add me on steam! LETS GO ANGRY ARMY!
  12. hi AJSA you can call me for sofaking , i am 23 and come from norway and i play alot games it doesnt matter what genre it is fps driving rpg mmo i am open for for everything
  13. What's up, guys? Just joined the AJSA and are looking for any decent players that wanna play DOTA 2. I'll be getting my graphics card at Christmas this year so will be able to play a wider variety of games: Battlefield 3, Call of Duty: Ghosts and hopefully GTA V if it released. I'm on Steam often so if you wanna play DOTA 2 while i'm on, just add me at 'Dutch's Gang' and message me See you on the Battlefield!