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Found 4 results

  1. hay guys need help going though either borderlands game of the year or borderlands 2 on ps4. im a psycho level 20 on 2 and a siren level 37 (going thorugh the DLC now) anyway anyone wanna co op? Darkspacemarinex
  2. Welcome, chosen undead, to Lordran, home of lord Gwyn the lord of Fire. You must take the pligramage to link the flame to keep it burning.................or let the world fall to dark. But do not lose hope for you are not alone! The sunbros are everywhere and will help you get past you trails when needed. So join us in JOLLY COOPERATION and may your sword swing true. Event Will be held Saturday 6/9/18 at 2pmEST/7pm GMT on with Discord voice comms
  3. Looking for people to play with on STEAM & ORIGIN? (steams evil brother) look no further! Add your Steam ID & Origin ID bellow and join in on some glorious combat! Add everyone don't be shy, then send those game invites! How will you make your new best friend? Sharing that last med pack, reviving a downed comrade from an angry horde,oh whats that? you could not save him in time? well how about avenging their death until they re-spawn or comparing your kill death ratio? Point is, get together and join in on all the jolly cooperation. Remember Team Killers are the Scum of the Universe. we are here because we love video games! Don't have all the same games? ppshaawww you might get it later for a buck or two on sale? yeah? yeah!
  4. Any interests in getting together for some co op fun,if so,post it here Games like Killing Floor,Left 4 Dead,Dungeon Defenders,Payday,Dead Island,Gmod,and others.... Possibly revitalizing some games that have Co-op but nearly non existant player base,like for example,Fear 3 Co-op was a desert until it got on Humble Bundle. So suggest away,and add each other,so we can hook up and play together.