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Found 1 result

  1. In case you don't know this is something kinda Square Enix's answer to Steams' greenlight programme and on the face it sounds like a pretty sweet deal for indie developers using crowdfunding. Basically the idea is that an indie developer present their idea to Square Enix and if they like it they will at no cost use their social media network and mailing list to promote your project for you! If the project gets enough votes and positive feedback Square Enix also gives the developer the option to let them assist with their directly with their campaign and even distribute the game for a much smaller revenue percentage then a publisher would normally take. The thing I like about this is because entry is decided by the company rather than users, trolling/click-baiting bullshit like "Watch Paint Dry" or the seemingly endless line of "Simulator" games never get through! In this article from gamasutra a developer who worked on this programme explains more about his experience with it. LINK I've had a few emails about games that this is supporting until now I've not had any concerns about it.... Then I saw this: Fear Effect Sedna Kickstarter Now I'm going to quote a passage from the email they sent me: "Square Enix Collective has licensed the Fear Effect IP to Sushee and is supporting the team by helping to spread the word about the Fear Effect Sedna Kickstarter campaign. But why aren’t we just funding the game ourselves? We think it’s a cool game idea, but this is a chance for a small indie developer to use the Fear Effect franchise and build a name for themselves keeping the majority of sales revenue in the process. So can you help Sushee make this project a reality?" I'm not making this post to debate anything the game itself (it sounds fine) but the very email they sent asks a very legitimate question about this whole situation. If this a game part of the series of an IP they already own then why AREN'T they funding this themselves!? Are they just using this as a method for resurrecting this old franchise using crowdfunding pay for the development? I'd love to know your thoughts on this because as much as I think this is a good scheme now I'm really worried about where this might be going.