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Found 4 results

  1. I'm working on a sort of "hidden lore" story of Angry Joe based off of old channel awesome collab vids and his own characters. I'm still working on it but I wanted to put out what I've already done, get some feedback and thoughts. I haven't thought of how to introduce Other Joe yet, and I'm sure I'm forgetting a few of Joe's named characters. Lemme know what you guys think. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ The Lore of Angry Joe Joe began as a Fable 1 hero, righteous, good, and happy...but when Fable 2 came out, he was unimpressed with his future and rebelled, turning to evil. This evil was recognized in a galaxy far, far away and he was picked up by the Sith of Kotor to be trained in the Dark Side. When he completed his training, Darth Joe set about creating a powerful space station with which he could conquer the galaxy. Before it was completed, however, he met defeat at the hands of Spoony-Wan. Though he swore revenge, a larger threat to the galaxy and beyond appeared. A friendship of mutual respect had grown between Joe and Linkara, a comic book reviewer who defended his planet using a combination of magic and technology salvaged and repurposed from his many fights with numerous villains, including Spoony’s evil personality, Doctor Insano. Though one was a villain and the other a hero, they found friendship in their values in games and other media, as well as their shared interest in magi-technology. Occasionally Joe would put his secret schemes and evil projects to use by testing them while aiding his friend, serving as anti-hero while he waited for his secret project to be completed. Joe’s secret project, he believed, would allow him to sweep across the galaxy and rule it as his own. This project was a cloning device, a powerful one borne from magi-technology, that could not only give him an army, but grant them new and unique powers allowing them to counter any opponent. This project was nearly complete when Lord Vyce attacked. Both Linkara and Joe had noticed the multiverse becoming unstable, and Lord Vyce was assumed to be the cause. His army was far larger than any ever seen, created from scorching and conquering multiple universes. With his sights set on their world next, Linkara asked for aid. It took over a year, but the new Angry Joe Army had formed and was ready to aid Linkara in his war. Joe used his battle station to halt Vyce’s fleet, but it was little more than a small blockade to slow them. While Linkara faced off against Lord Vyce himself, the army’s elites sneaked aboard Vyce’s ship and Joe took control of the vessel. After Vyce was defeated, Joe took first pick of the loot aboard his ship, but gave the ship itself to Linkara while Joe destroyed the rest of Vyce’s army and used it to upgrade his battle station. With the upgraded technology from Vyce’s army, Joe had the final piece to his puzzle, and began creating his super clones. Unfortunately...this didn’t go well for him. While Joe had slowly become less evil while working with Linkara and the others of the world below, his first clone wasn’t just evil, it embodied all of the things Joe himself believed to be evil traits, particularly concerning video games and the ways they make money. He wrecked the station and fled, along with the plans for the cloning machine. This failed attempt was a wake up call for Joe. The evil behavior of his clone showed him how much he had changed, and so, Angry Joe decided to become a good guy, defending the common gamer from bad games and bad game making practices. He downgraded his cloning machine to produce his old normal Angry Joe soldiers and began using his station as a base for fighting the war against bad games. Then, Corporate Commander appeared, with an army of corporate clones. He ruled a powerful shadow company that thrived off of the ill gotten profit of bad gaming practices, and had been secretly using his fortune to escalate the War of Used Games, making himself known by hacking the battle station and wiping out a large portion of the 65th fleet on the front lines of Australian gaming, ultimately leading heavy losses for Australian gaming policies. What followed was a fierce and bloody battle. Corporate attacked hard and fast with Alpha Protocol, only to be pushed back by Risk: Factions. Another powerful strike in Kayne & Lynch 2: Dog Days was countered by Civilization V. Then, Corporate shifted tactics, creating the dreaded Kinect Flagship to lead another powerful attack. The next large scale battle began with Sonic Free Riders, the first game to be rated a 1 by Angry Joe and his army. Corporate decided to attack Joe at his roots, assaulting with Fable III and then a quick followup attack with Mind Jack. Then, the battle took a turn with the release of Magicka, reaching a stalemate with DC Online with it’s equal good and evil becoming a no man’s land. Corporate Commander believed Joe was near defeat, and all he needed was another big push. And so, using the evil cloning machine, Corporate Commander created an ally, Demon Joe. Unfortunately Demon Joe was...fairly incompetent as a villain, creating Dragon Age II, which only managed to strengthen the No Man’s Land. This stalemate was finally broken by Corporate’s three pronged attack of Duke Nukem Forever, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on the Kinect Flagship, and Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, with Demon Joe following close behind, having gained the Red Lantern ring’s power with Green Lantern. Corporate Commander followed this with victory after victory, until Angry Joe surprised Corporate. While Angry Joe held the line with Batman :Arkham City, a new ally attacked Corporate at his very base. Hero Joe led a powerful assault on Corporate Tower, armed with a Legendary new weapon, Skyrim. Corporate was forced to flee his base and the Corporate armies retreated back to the No Man’s Land to dig in their heels. Demon Joe abandoned Corporate and decided to go off on his own, creating his own demonic realm to create poorly made games, only rarely working with the Commander on joint projects in the future. While Corporate created a new base with funding from EA, his forces began enacting his new evil scheme, pushing forward just a bit too far, then retreating...but not all the way back across No Man’s Land, slowly pushing No Man’s Land further and further with this “Two steps Forward, one step back” policy for bad gaming practices, all the while throwing out red herrings such as SOPA, end game DLC, and of course further bombardments from the Kinect Flagship. With the relative absence of Corporate Commander and his army making a slow push beneath the layers of distraction tactics, Demon Joe attempted to rise up into the apparent power vacuum. His attacks were small, mostly small enough to be ignored or blamed on Corporate Commander, whom was happy to accept the negative press regardless of its legitimacy. Then, Demon Joe made his move, unleashing his ultimate masterpiece, Ride to Hell Retribution. While a powerful blow, critically damaging Angry Joe himself, his attack ultimately failed and he was banished back into his demonic realm. This victory, however, afforded Corporate the time he needed to complete his own devilish masterpiece. It began with micro transactions. They had been an old favorite of his for years, but had never been quite so powerful as when they struck against the Mobile market. So, Corporate began a stress test, sending powerful wave after wave of ever more despicable and powerful micro transactions through to find its absolute breaking point. Then, following his old strategy of “Two steps forward, one step back” He introduced them into full priced games, then backed off into free to play and then pushed forward again. Back and forth Corporate went, allowing Angry Joe victory after victory, but surrendering less and less ground until Micro transactions were seen as a common stain on video games, and even good games had them secreted away inside. Then after another three long years of back and forth, Corporate sprang his trap. He released the insidious Loot Box onto the world, all the while acting as if Loot Boxes were the secret cure to his evil Micro transaction plague, which was growing ever more infectious and insidious. Both evolved off of each other, each new strain of both becoming more fierce, more embedded into the core of their games. The gameplay equivalent to viral warfare, but while both sides were competing, they both belonged to Corporate, attacking the army from all sides. Even today, three years after the release of the Lootbox plague and the escalation began, both micro transactions and lootboxes continue to infect and destroy...but a cure is being worked on, and while worldwide moral is low, both plagues have been weakening, and the hopeful believe that the end may finally be in sight. Corporate’s stocks have been plummeting, the Lootbox plague is being systematically stamped out, and while we have reached the darkest of the night, light is on the horizon. The Angry Army is mobilizing...
  2. Hello, Lord Commander Joe. My name is Mishaal Asaad! I'd like to work for the AJSA in the Middle East. I'm from Saudi Arabia, but I'm half Venezuelan. I play Battlefield 4, Planetside 2, ESO, CS:GO and Guild Wars 2 Here are my PC Specs: GTX 780 Ti i7 4820x @ 4.0 GHz 32 GB Corsair Dominator Platinum ^Alienware Aurora R4 I play Battlefield almost everyday of my life. ZEPHYR--------------------------------------
  3. Ok ok ok. So here it went. WvW mode, main server(figure it out). I was on Eternal Battlefield(EB) and we just retook the valley keep for the 4th time. and since we were kinda outnumbered, I made a suggestion saying: "Hey. Why not go defensive until the keep is beefed, just keep the territories on our side and then make a all out offensive once we're ready? In the meantime, let Fergusons and the DarkHaven people dook it out between them?" And then, all of a sudden, this person, Nayathethief, sends me these 7 Omega Droid blueprints and then, ONE HUNDRED GOLD. I shit you not. heres the blueprints heres the gold. I obviously took it since my inventory reads 103 gold now.
  4. So let's see, where should I start? This might be a bit long and might hit a nerve, be warned. GAMING LIFE For some reason I have had a very strong fascination with games from a very young age. My first console I saved up my pocket money from mowing lawns, doing chores, etc, and it was an Atari 2600. From there I progressed to a Commodore 64, after that one of my best friends had a Sega Master System we played all the time for a couple of years. Then I received a Sega Mega Drive for my birthday, from there I went to a Playstation, after that I went from milk to meat and got my first PC (had played a lot of PC games at friends houses over the many years all the way back to the 286), the first game I bought for that PC was Shogun Total War. From there I started playing my first MMO, Asherons Call 2 on dial up... From that point on I was an avid MMO'er. While I purchased myself an Xbox, Playstation 2 and Xbox 360, in all that time I was a PC gamer at heart. So to sum up, PC, Strategy, MMO's! AJSA LIFE I had enjoyed watching Joe's videos for a while and I followed the trend at the time which I think many MMO'ers did (which was SWTOR, then to D3, then to GW2). I think 1 or 2 days into GW2 release I saw that Joe was planning on making a GW2 guild and I knew I had to be a part of it. It just so happened that the server he was on was the same one I had chosen by chance. Joe promoted me very early on to commander with 2 others (Crulix and Setch), from there some commanders have dropped away, others have come on board. I have had a blast in the AJSA with Joe and everyone else. I have had a lot of laughs, a lot of victories, a lot of memorable times and made a lot of friends. If you come here with a good attitude you will no doubt have the same experiences in the AJSA as I have had. We are always on the look out for people who want to make the AJSA a better place, so the chance for climbing the ranks is a very realistic option. My personal outlook as an officer of the AJSA is that rank means little to me and my job here is as a caretaker of the AJSA on Joe's behalf, to see that Joe's desires for the AJSA take precedence, not to run things by any possible agendas of my own. So whenever I have had to make a judgement call in situations within the AJSA in the past, I try to put myself in the mindset of what is it Joe would want rather than what I would want. At the end of the day this community is mainly here because of Angry Joe (and the friendships they make within the AJSA), they aren't here for the Nytefury experience (whatever that is....). PERSONAL LIFE Currently I am working, I have a wife who I love dearly (no children) and Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour (you can pick yourself up off the floor now). While I know being a Christian is not the popular thing now days and it would be easy for me not to mention this aspect of my life, however being that it is a pretty big part of my life and who I am, it would be remiss of me to completely gloss over it. This might offend some people, I am not troubled by that as I am not trying to force anything down people's throats, just simply revealing something that is quite a big part of my personal life (and this thread is about me after all). I try to have a more balanced life, and part of this is how much I play, sadly it doesn't always succeed. I know that by professing myself to be a Christian I might come under a higher scrutiny, and if I ever disappoint, you have my apologies, at the end of the day I am a sinner just like you If you are going to leave a comment only entailing this aspect of my life please send it as a PM and I will be happy to address it, I am not here to turn this forum into a theological debate (as mentioned above, we are here for Joe, not for me). I always try to be friendly, approachable, and try to help people find their way around the forums and/or games. I look forward to getting to know everyone, again if you come here with the right attitude hopefully you will get a lot out of this site and community. Joe is a cool guy and down to earth, and I am sure all of you will get to know him a little better as I have had the pleasure of. I am not the most skilled gamer around as my hand eye co-ordination is that of a someone in their mid 30's not mid teens, I also have to deal with Australian latency (which means I instantly lose the reaction time of the average human being). So if you need a meat shield who loves to run into a room filled with bad guys while wielding a mini gun, I'm your guy! UPDATE 12/1/14 Due to a mix of not being able to devote the time needed to the AJSA and real life commitments I have stepped down as a commander/community manager. I have no doubt you guys will see me around in various games but it won't be in any leadership role. I appreciate the friends I have made in this community and wish it every success. While I have been asked to stay on, it will be in a less formal manner and I will be more as a back up for the other commanders and leadership, but I am always happy to help. Thanks all.