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Found 193 results

  1. Soldiers I would like to introduce myself to our community. I'm a 26 old gaming veteran and a true gaming la lo le li lu (ekhm... patriot), and conspiracy theories fan (The Truth Is Out There) I was playing games since I was a kid, starting my gaming adventure with NES and C64 and till today I'm a huge fan of retro consoles and arcade machines. Till today I've manage to collect a lot of classic/retro consoles like NES, SNES, Sega Megadrive, Sega Master Systems and MS II, Sega CD, Dreamcast, N64, Gamecube, Wii, Xbox Classic, PSX, Gameboy Classic, Color and Advance as well as retro computers like Amiga 500, C64, ZX Spectrum and soon i'll try to review them and record some gameplays, to show younger generation beauty of retro gaming. I'm a huge fan of Shooters, sidescrollers, arcades, strategy games, and action adventure ones, and hope that my contribution to this society will profit us all. And remember these quotes: "War Has Changed" and “Thank you Mario! But our Princess is in another castle!” That's all Soldiers
  2. I didn't notice that anyone had posted the soundtrack to this game on here yet so I thought it would be worth sharing. I've listened to this all the way through once and I'm working on a second. I'm loving the soundtrack and in a game like this the music really sets the tone and makes playing for long stretches less noticeable. My favorite song so far would have to be at 5:48, Seconds to Eclipse. http://youtu.be/tVDjQsLRVvU And for anyone who doesn't know what I just posted. Here's the trailer... http://youtu.be/eNs1rdSkUi8
  3. So..post the best Kickstarter projects you ran across. My current favorite http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1964463742/the-mandate?ref=category ALSO CHECK OUT: Rimword - FUNDED Confederate Express: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/829559023/confederate-express?ref=project_bar
  4. A lot of us have already figured out what next gen title they are looking forward to most. Money is being saved, and money is going to be spent. What are you looking forward to spending you money on? Personally, I am looking forward most to Destiny, but I'll write more about that in some other post. Now if only it would come out for the freaking PC, am I right? Anyway, do reply.
  5. my pick: Fable: The Lost Chapters (XBOX) This is the game that made my love roleplaying games and if I played it today I would still enjoy it. There was some awesome character customization and awesome character development. The story is awesome and very good and the characters are very entertaining. The weapons and Spells are so awesome and there was a wide variety of combining armor with eachother to make your own look. There were also Treasures to find and Demon Doors to open which unlocked new weapons/items/potions and whatnot.
  6. Basically, in one of our late night skype discussions me and my best friend forever decided that it's basically the same as narcotics. You have fun and don't accomplish anything. Well I mean it's not the same as chemical reactions in your body, BUT BASICALLY. Pardon, it's 2 a.m. and I gotta get up early. So you guys discuss it a bit. If it please you.
  7. Hello my name is MUNDICiiDE and I like came to this site because I wanted to become a better gamer ( not yell, blame lagg, people etc) I do not consider myself a hardcore gamer I consider myself more of a casual gamer. I mean I have school homework and not BF4 I do have a decent PC but not enough to call me a hardcore gamer. if I had no school and BF4 you would be talking a very good BF4 player. Every time I put time into some games I get better until I find it boring because I don't get angry or challenged. When I play I need the feel to get challenged and become as good or better then the opponent. Anyway here I am part of the AJSA and hopefully this will become the biggest gaming community ever! PS: for those who want to know my specs here they are Graphics: MSI GTX 660 ti Processor: Intel 3470 @ 3.2Ghz Ram: 8GB HDD: 1 TB SSD: 120GB Case: Cooler Master HAF 922 Screens: Two Samsung 22" 1080p Peripherals: Razor Naga MMOG 2012, Corsair k95 Keyboard and GX Gaming Mordax Headset
  8. So I noticed a lot of people talking about the Xbox One vs PC vs PS4, and I could really care less about what console I'm going to get next. What really matters to me (and probably to the rest of you as well) are the games that are going to be released. So I decided to make this thread that we can use to point the attention of the Army to games or projects that we think the Army needs to know about (these can range from anything; be the game PC, console, handheld, table top, iOS... anything that we can waste our time and money on). So, let's begin. To start off my list, there's the game known as TUG (or The Untitled Game) being developed by Nerd Kingdom (currently in alpha, about to hit beta) that looks like it's going to be a fantastic game. TUG is a single and multi-player open-world sandbox RPG using emerging technology and social sciences to directly involve players in the game's design. Every action that you do with your seed (character) will affect how your seed grows. If you swing a heavy sword around, he's going to get muscular. If you prefer to run around, he becomes more agile. And if you like to eat all the food, well, you become fat. Secondly, Dark Souls 2. The successor to Dark Souls (which is the spiritual successor to Demon Souls), Dark Souls 2 is shaping up to be an impressive next release for the Souls series. Adaptive AI, dual wielding, summon time limit, separate magic casts (strong vs light), better lightning effects all make this game a must have for Souls veterans and for people who enjoy getting angry (looks at Angry Joe). Finally, ESO. I'm a huge Elder Scrolls fan ever since I got my hands on Morrowind years back (I squeal like a 10 year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert every time I even hear rumors about an Elder Scrolls release), and ESO is no different. Sure they're diverging from the traditional single-player and charging a 15$ monthly subscription fee (goodbye World of Warcraft, I need your money for better things), but, from what I've seen of the gameplay and videos, they kept the Elder Scrolls feel to the game; the sense of exploration, the 'build-your-own-character' feel, and the fact that you can swap in armors to become the most ridiculous looking warrior on the continent. That's all that I can think of for now. Now it's up to you guys to keep this post going. Tell us about the games that you wish were out already, or the games that make you squeal at the mere mention of.
  9. Hello friends! My name is Fat Dave. I like forks, knifes and boxes Also spoons. But anyway, I'm very much looking forward to playing some video games with everyone in the Angry Army, and maybe even Joe himself. At the moment, I don't really have a specific forum to post on or piss about with other people and considering this community, I think this is a winner. Post your own little introductions below if you'd like. Or not. Whatever... ;-;
  10. So, hello to every current, and future member of the AngryJoeShowArmy How are we all? Report in on how we all are, as I bet we have a great community !
  11. I recently picked up this game on steam and I love it now. Does anyone else play it?
  12. So. Racing games. I enjoy them. Racing simulators? I freaking live for them. So am I the only one with the love of virtual burnt rubber, or does someone share my enthusiasm. If so, we need to race! So any favorites? Post them down belooow.
  13. How does Joe intend on recording the PS4 gameplay footage? I don't think my HD PVR recorder's going to work for this system so i'm very curious how he'll do it... and where I could get said device.
  14. I like a lot Sandbox games, I like the idea of the player being the one who creates the world, and each desicion affects the world, like Eve-Online or Wurm Online, anyone here likes this kind of games??
  15. Anyone here plays a Facebook game??? I think they are very addictive, I am into soccer simulation games, playing I am a playr and Top Eleven be a Football Manager, the first one is you being a soccer player for RiverPark, its very realistic, and the second one is being a soccer manager from Europe, with League, Cup, and Champions, and sometimes, I think even rarely I play Candy Crush or Farm Heroes Saga.
  16. Hello peoples, Im JTonFire and i want to expand our gaming comunity to the gppo platform! Post your username here in this Forum and let s has some fun playing retro games.
  17. There should be a place in the forum for just indiegogo and kickstarter campaigns, so we can help funding just the best games, we can discuss and post the campaigns we want to spread the word about.
  18. Normandy reporting for duty! Greetings friends! My name is Christian but I prefer calling me Norman and I come from Finland! I'm 18 years old and I live in a big city called Lahti. It's about 1,5 hours away from the capital Helsinki. Like any of you, I love gaming. What I love about gaming is playing in groups of friends and that's why i'm here. I'm a very friendly person and can be a little shy at the times but I like to talk in teamspeak no matter the topic. More things I like: FPS games, Action games, Good food, Good tv series (GoT), Anime ^w^, Friendly and lovely friends. Making videos, Airsoft, Swordplay, Rock/Alternative music. Lots of things. I'm really looking foward to talk to and make friends in here. If you'd like to welcome me, feel free to. That would make me very happy! ^^ Also feel free to add me to your friends list! Cya guys on the battlefield! Normandy out.