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Found 32 results

  1. Hey guys, I am a big horror fan and I love games. I do a lot of creative stuff. Like run a podcast, produce music, photoshop, video editing, sing, stream and you name it. Just stopping by to say hello. Been watching forever and wanted to join up.
  2. Hey guys and gals! James here aka Wade D McGinnis. Today I give you the review for What Remains of Edith Finch. This atmospheric walking simulator is a cut above most in it's genre. Making it a special little game if you haven't heard of it. Check out the review and let me know your thoughts!
  3. outlast 2

    Hey guys and gals! James here aka Wade D McGinnis and today I give you the review for Outlast 2! Let me know your thoughts on the latest sequel and whether you feel this takes the crown of best horror game this year from Resident Evil 7!
  4. 2dark

    Hey guys and gals! James here aka Wade D McGinnis. Tonight I give you the review to 2Dark. An indie title from the creator of Alone in the Dark. This is a mature horror game that will easily kill you if you aren't being cautious. I need to stress the content of this game as it deals with themes revolving around child abduction, abuse, and cannibalism. Otherwise let me know your thoughts on the game and why the themes found in 2Dark tend to be avoided by publishers and studios alike!
  5. Hey guys and gals James here aka Wade D McGinnis! Today I announce the second annual Screamer Err Stream (once called Wadetober)! Starting October 1 at 11 am PST to 3 PM and then 5 PM to 9 PM PST I will be streaming eight hours a day excluding Sundays which is 12 PM to 6 PM PST! This is a month long horror fest where you pick the horror game and I play it. At the end of the first stream for the day, I will have people do a raffle to choose from the mighty list of titles for the following day. Example! It's 3 PM PST and you win the raffle. You pick Amnesia! I will play this the following day. So if you aren't going to be there may want to wait to do the raffle so you can be. During this event viewers will be earning extra points to spend on the raffle and on the interactive commands during the stream. Loud and scary noises will have their point cost reduce by half during this month long event! Side note the only day you cannot pick the game is Halloween. If your game is beaten or is a short game, I will go to a game I choose or continue with a game someone else has picked to finish! Stop by say hi or even try to scare me while you watch!
  6. Hey guys and gals James here aka Wade D McGinnis today I have the review for Layers of Fear: Inheritance! This is DLC that takes place from the perspective of the daughter. Check it out and let me know your thoughts!
  7. Hey guys and gals James here aka Wade D McGinnis and today I have the review for The Room Two for PC! Been working on Song of the Deep and I am Setsuna so expect those out in the next couple of days. Let me know your thoughts on the Room Two! As always, catch you next time!
  8. So i stumbled upon this game through rock paper shotgun it's a open world survival game set onboard a vessel called Eden set out in the middle of the ocean. you have the ability to create a "safezone" which will require maintenance go run without problems But it seems as if this game has no real "ending" as i quote from RPS's article "you exist in this world, and as far as i can tell, you are not there to find answers or escape, you are simply there to survive for as long as possible. You are a witness to the aftermath of catastophe rather than a saviour." Wheter this is true or not is up to debate. Another interesting feature is the ability to either start fresh, or start as a new character in your old deceased characters world. Certainly a game im looking forward to Here is the link to their webpage http://www.pamelagame.com/ But what are your thoughts ?
  9. The park The park is a pshycological horror released by Funcom, the developers behind The secret world. It's important to mention that they developed the secret world, as the park takes place in the mmorpg You can enter this game from 2 perspectives someone who plays/have played the secret world and knows alot/something about the lore or completely oblivious about anything that connect The park with the secret world (this is where im at) Story The story involves around Lorraine and her child Callum. The player takes control of Lorraine as Callum runs into the park in search of his teddy bear and you are set of in an attempt to find him. From there and onwards you slowly continue to gather information about the park and Lorraines backstory. this is done by interacting with the parks different rides and "activities". The main story follows Lorraines unstable condition as the game progresses she becomes less and less unsure of what is real and what is not. This is also displayed to the player through changes to the enviroment that slowly becomes more and more twisted. There are alot of interseting backstory in the game these are found from notes lying around. Which tells the backstory of the park, it also serves as a connection to the MMORPG. The games story is set up in 2 sections. The first being the gathering of information, which is where the players walks all around the park searching for information, thus gaining more knowlegde about Lorraine and the park. This is the weakest part of the game, as there is alot of moments where you just sit and do nothing while Lorraine gives us some backstory. The second section is the breakdown of Lorraine, this is right after we are finished collecting information and we enter the "Haunted hose" . We descend deeper and deeper into her conciousness to find out what the hell is actually going on. This is played very similar to the very popular game demo "PT", where you enter a door and walk trough a couple of rooms untill you exit the door, to find yourself in the excact same place as you started, but there are things altered. It feels like a watered down version of "PT" at this point. It is the most unverving part of the game. The problem for people that don't know the lore, is they can be left really confused, as there are some background story in the game that are left completely unexplained. Gameplay There is really none, it's a walking simulator, a bad one at that. The only interesting mechanic that the game has, is the ability to call out to callum thus highlighting any "items" that will explain the backstory of the park further. There is really nothing scary about the game, it's unerving at some points. The "scares" the game has consists of jumpscares, something morbid, and slight changes(in the PT section). The game allows you to look around the park in any order you want, although it still leads to the same ending, if you explore the park other than what the developers intended, you will recieve information that was backed up by something you havent discovered yet, leaving you a bit confused. The game will sometimes display something that is supposed to be scary and screw around with the screen. This is however useless if you don't look at the correct place, (similar to the F.E.A.R. games with scares that happends in 1 specific place) Graphics On the other hand the graphics are actually very good, there has really been done some care towards the look of the game. It sets the atmosphere really good. it looks better than the actual mmorpg Music and sound music are quite fitting for the game giving it a good atmosphere and drags the player more into the game. There werent any problems with the sound as things sound as they should. and they gave the park a more isolated "feel" to it. voice acting is fairly decent, the voice actor for Lorraine does a good job at displaying Lorraines different "states" as she encounters more and more disturbing things in the park. This will affect the "shout" ability chanching her voice and then makes her more relateable because she is affected by the actions in the game. However, it is fairly odd when she is talking about the past in a neutral manner, when a couple of seconds ago her voice were in a shocked state. The voice acting for Callum is good as his resonses will change depending on the "state" Lorraine currently in, if she is very scared, he will sound more "scary/unverving" Pros Good grapichs Good atmosphere Music/soundtrack Players of "the secret world" can get a squirrel suit(Known as Chad the Chipmunk/Chipmunk killer) Cons too short not really scary too expensive no real gameplay confusing story elements (ghost mostly) Personal opinion For 12,99 € it is not worth it, especially when it will most likely take you 1 or 2 hours to complete. There is just not enough content in the game. If you're not really invested in the mmorpg i would say that you should stay clear of this game. (quick note, although The Park might not have been the worst game, it's simply because i did not play that many games from 2015) And sorry if my english is terrible
  10. Greetings Locals of the Forum. One of my favorite series that i ever played, is the Metro series, and as someone who creates content over the internet, i wanted to share this series with you. I play on the hardest difficulty, most of the time, depends on how hardcore i want to play this game...and of course it comes with a lot of death. I will try to share with this community as much as I can, because i haven't been here for so long, and perhaps disappearing was a mistake. But as a military soldier, it is a problem to appear when it is impossible that is why everything is scheduled in advance. I hope you will stick around and stay tuned, and perhaps give me the power and will to continue with this. Here are the shared at the moment episodes, more to come in the future.
  11. Since the PT game got alot of popularity there has been alot of similar games appearing Visage is a horror game in the similar style that PT was. certainly looks interesting you can greenlight them on steam http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=527007759 And here is their website http://sadsquarestudio.com/pages/visage.html wheter or not this game is going to be good or not is yet to be decided. But what do you guys think ?
  12. Think again apparently it's some sort of "rpg" somewhat odd approach after the horror games, but it might work either that or there is some hidden message in the trailer, maybe or maybe not Here is a picture from his website what are your thoughts
  13. Not sure if this belongs on this section. I finished my daily grind in Armored Warfare and I got an incredible urge to play a horror game. I remembered I had Dreadout in my Steam Library for months now and I have decided to play it. I am going to be Streaming my FIRST Horror game in 30 minutes from the time of this post (5:30 PM EST) at 6 PM EST. This isnt my first horror game that I played but it will be the first one that I will Stream. Come watch me scream like a little baby. >_> twitch.tv/arkeeny. Follow me on twitter @TrueBlueArkeeny
  14. The only thing scary about these films is they're still being made
  15. The loss of P.T and silent hills sucked a lot for many of us. The game seemed to have so much potential, before it was regrettably canceled. now though someone has stepped up and we're getting a spiritual successor! Check out "Allison Road"! Look up the title and you can check out gameplay. The AJSA website is bugging out on me so I cant link in Gameplay or Articles. Would be a ton of help if one of you could (: Thoughts?
  16. Hey guys and gals! I have been dancing around this game for a while but I have no one to play with. If you have a copy and are up for playing/live streaming let me know!
  17. Teeth

    From the album Miranda Adria

    © © 2014 Miranda Adria

  18. Around next month before Halloween starts at October 31, will Joe able to review Survival Horror games that he played this year as a Halloween treat to our fans?
  19. I saw this game in previous months saying that this is one of the most anticipated horror games of the year. How is it? Let's take a look at Neverending Nightmares. The game starts with you stabbing who presumably is your sister. Then that turns out to be a nightmare. Then the nightmare continues, and as it continues, it gets progressively much more fucked up. Your objective in the game is to go through the nightmare until you get out of it. You can get 3 endings depending on different paths you take during the game. I suggest getting all of them because it will give you a clear overview of the whole game. The gameplay is very simple. WASD to move, and spacebar or enter to interact. You move from doors to doors hoping to find a way out of your nightmares. At first it was straightforward. But later in the game, enemies will show up and you have to know how to avoid them because you can't fight them whatsoever. Not only that, the game's area layout will also change, reflecting a twisted nightmare where nothing makes any sense at all. So if you enter a room, that room will look the same as the previous room. If you go back to a door you have entered, it may lead you to a completely different room. You know, stuff that nightmares are made of. The game is all about the scares. Surprisingly this game has only 3 jump scares in the whole game, and the entire scares is based on GET AWAY FROM ME YOU MONSTERS!!! kind of scares you get when escaping from creepy looking enemies. It's well done and the enemy + imagery of this game is so twisted and fucked up. Like this guy. One of the enemy type is really freaking stupid though. It's this giant behemoth thing that looks like the Hulk. Unfortunately you can't use an axe like this in the main game to fight. To escape from this guy, you have to hide inside a cupboard. I hide in one DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF HIM and he just ignored me. He does shake the cupboard only once, and after that he smell the cupboard and leave. Even though he saw me getting inside the cupboard. WOW, this ranks up with the enemies from Mindjack for dumbest enemy ever. Personally I'm not scared at all by the game. The art style makes everyone adorable and cute that when I see the monsters and gore I think "awww, poor guy/girl" because I feel sorry for them. However, that's just because of my personal preference of what things scares me. If you are like Markiplier and are scared of everything, You will be freaked out by the amount of creepy imagery in this game. Overall, this is a pretty good horror game based on a common thing you experience in your dreams that makes you scared to sleep. The game's currently $13.50. which I think is a little too much because the game is only 2 hours long. If the game is $5, it's a good experience worth going through if you want good scares. I give this game the rating of "so good that it will give you nightmares (if the game is a lot cheaper and you're like Markiplier".
  20. A game that was greenlit on Steam has started a Kickstarter page. The game is called "The Hum". It's main intent is to be a atmospheric horror game but the creator wants to add some survival elements that may help it branch away from more straight corridor games like "Outlast" or "Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs". Here is the URL for the kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/thehum/the-hum-game
  21. Anyone else played it? what did you think of it? Got dead space 3 a few days ago for $20. Wow I really love this game. Playing on hard mode is really intense and I've died a bunch and this game is so damn long. I've played the first one a little bit years ago but don't remember it well, and I've heard some people hate on this game looking around the internet since I got it, but I have to say it is a great game. It's like playing through a good scifi horror movie. The gameplay is somewhat similar to resident evil. God damn its fun and satisfying though. Super gory, and it has a mechanic of blowing limbs and body parts off enemies to kill them. The weapon crafting is way better than I thought it would be. You can make dozens of different guns. There are so many kinds to try out and combinations, and they make the gameplay unique and it gets addicting making guns. Playing the game through a second time using different guns give replayability. Speaking of replayablilty, it has a few side missions that are optional (I skipped a couple because it was to hard on hard mode) And at least 3 side missions that are co op only. And when you play co op the other dude actually hallucinates and is going crazy and sees things the player playing Isaac can't see. Also the game is pretty damn long. Maybe it seems a bit longer to me from dying over and over in certain parts. I also personally like the story. Some people complain about it and the characters but I think its good. it might not be mind blowing emotional and gritty like last of us or something but its still good. *kind of spoilers* The first half of the game you are in this sort of ship grave yard in orbit of this planet stranded after your ship is blown up. You can even fly around in space and there is lots to explore. Then the second half you are on the ice planet where the necromorphs come from. You crash land in a shuttle and have to survive the cold until you can find an arctic suit and find your friends. I love the snowy world it reminds me of the movie the thing. Especially on hard mode this is a straight up survival horror game. It's not scary all the time but it does have scary moments and you struggle to survive. It does often have similar pattern of gameplay of building things you need for some part of the story and going through killing zombies (also people in very little parts) collecting resources and crafting guns. But, its all so addictive. And I love the art style and vibe of the futuristic space scifi horror thing. There are even some decent boss fights. Sorry this is a little long and stupid but I want to share my thoughts on this game. I haven't beat it yet. when I do though plan to replay co op with a friend though! Solo is probably best for first play through since it's more scary kinda.
  22. Hey guys and gals, James here aka Wade D McGinnis. Wanted to give a shout out on an indie title that jsut released today. DreadOut! A third person supernatural horror game in the same vein as Fatal Frame from the PS2/Xbox days. Story... When a group of high school students went astray from a field trip, they came across something totally unexpected. A town long forgotten trapped in a peaceful state of slumber. What they did not realize was what lurks within. And what seemed like an innocent stroll turns into disaster as the secluded town reveals its dark and terrible secrets. The presence of sinister forces from beyond their realm of existence. It all comes down to Linda. She will experience stirrings of unfamiliar powers, emerging from within herself. These new found abilities might just be the only way she can save her own life and those of her friends. Now if you are unsure whether to pick this horror title up, you can try the demo! The demo is a proof of concept build and really hammers home the atmosphere and all around horror. http://dreadout.com/#demo Reason for me bringing this game up is one as an indie title, this game really scared me. Was one of my first face cam horror games ever is the other reason. Finally, this brings back great memories of Fatal Frame, a series I adore even to this day! Imagine being forced to go first person mode to fend off the ghosts. You don't want to really be that close to them but the closer they are too you, the more damage you will do to them. It is tense and a very natural way of inducing fear in the gamer. The game is currently on sale for $13.49 or your regional equivalent and for any fans of Fatal Frame out there, this is a must buy! Below is my experience with the game. Enjoy...
  23. Stasis is a point and click adventure horror game inspired by movies like Alien and Event Horizon and video games like Space and Kings Quest. John Maracheck awakens from stasis aboard a derelict ship and must solve puzzles in order to save his family and learn what happened on the ship. Stasis is nearing its goal on Kickstarter but still needs another $30,000 in 17 days to reach its goal of $100,000, stretch goals have been added as well as a playable alpha of the game and let's play videos of people going through the alpha. Teaser trailer and some of the screenshots Watch the pitch, read more about the game, and support if you want on the Kickstarter page located here
  24. Hey guys James here aka Wade D McGinnis and I wanted to ask the community if they knew of any confirmed twitch.tv commands for Daylight. After playing a session tonight, me and others were only able to confirm "scream" as one of the words that can affect a streamer's game. If you happen to know of any more actions comment below. And shameless plug, here is a slice of what happen while I was playing.