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Found 291 results

  1. [begin Haiku Mode:] In the beginning-- Fighting the eternal war Upon Guild Wars 2, Fought we in Stonemist; The castle we claimed for The Army of Joe. Wearing red and black, We moved to Auraxis To fight our new foe. There events we held, Galaxies were lit aflame, Flashes ran to ruin. In forums of old, The spam was never-ending, Yet still we banned. Rebirth upon us-- The Army marches again, Doctor Evil goes. Also I wait for Star Citizen and Hex with hopeful excitement. Crap, someone help me Stop talking in damn Haikus [End Haiku Mode:] Phew.
  2. Hello all, Name is Quinn i like to play games and live around the rockies in colorado. More of a PC guy, but I have a PS4 and Xbox one. Love RPG games, some FPS, Strategy games, Open world games, RTS etc. I can play anything as long as its fun and a decent story. I also play tabletop, dnd and other rpg, Magic the gathering. I prefer Commander but play standard alot on MTGA. Recently i been getting into WH40K Kill Team, Made a Harlequin army. I have my stats and abilities and waiting for my team to arrive. I have two Cats. Looking forward to meeting you all
  3. Hi! I have been a proud viewer of AJS for AGES! (7-8 Years) I've always wondered if I could try contributing or getting a chance to engage into the community, as I expected it to be a critical and or entertaining group of people I could have fun with! (beg for games) And I thought that it was cool he set up a forum (where I could beg for games). So I decided to join the Forum (keeping it a secret from family) and call myself a proud (beggar for games) member of AJS (forums) and it's community! (beggar site-Alpha) I've been a person more obsessed with servers and communities, often being the forum junkie (beggar) and the type that would be too serious and fucked-up for any form of community-management and too fit for holding Damocle's Sword above someone's head over something. That helps when you're on those strange strange strange Military RP servers (the type that result in me being sent.... Interesting pictures) but not really with being nice or likable in any stretch of the imagination. At the same time I end up being a massacist- constantly returning to said place to be hated for being a dick and I found another colonization site! I'm a lover of games- spending most of my life playing games. Anyways- let's see how this goes!
  4. Hey all and/or to whom it may concern, After watching the Angry Joe Show for years on YouTube I have finally decided to join the Angry Army. What do I bring with me? Not a lot, but I am a game designer in training so this has gone from entertainment to research for me. I decided to get a degree in game design very much because of people like Joe who demand quality from the products they spend their money on and the companies that refuse to deliver it. Hopefully, I can bring some real care back into the industry using both my skills as a game designer and my background in sales and marketing. Upon graduation, I intend to start my own studio, barring that I'll get a job at an existing studio and bring the passion for great gameplay with me. To those who actually cared to read, a heartfelt thank you and to those of you that didn't, well whatever, it's and introduction not a swap meet. Hope to speak to more of you soon! Regards, -J
  5. Hello, I'm ShadyIMG. Just another average gamer. I work retail selling electronics to people and much more. If I have time, and in the mood, I play video games and seek to entertain people. I play on PC, PS4, and Switch.
  6. Hey there! How ya’ll doin?? I’m JtK858 but the real names Colton! Most people just call me Coco though. I’m here cause I’m sick n’ tired of playing games alone. It’s plum borin. By joining y’all I aim to put a little duck tape on that there problem. I am 22 years of age, spent 3 years as a correctional officer. Now I’ve been granted the opportunity to become a full time musician! From the south, still in the south. Ain’t too keen on leaving the south neither, on account of us getting a Starbucks real soon. I’m stinking geetered out to meet all ya’ll. Ya’ll have a goodin now, ya hear? -Coco
  7. Hello, nice to meet you all. I hope we can all get along (to a degree). Tries to think of something interesting to say... I've been a fan of Angry Joe Show for a long time but never joined the community since my library consisted of single-player titles. Now that I managed to get Starcraft 2 and Guild Wars 2 I fell more comfortable with joining and being a part of this group. I hope you can help me improve as a player and person. And that's about it from me. bows Might be important: 1. Bedomy is the name I usually use in games but, just in case, ask for my in-game name if you wish to play. 2. I apologize in advance for any case of unintentional rude behavior on my part. Please, warn me if it happens. 3. I have a YT channel called "Doomed From The Start". And I would like to thank Joe and the late TotalBiscuit for giving me courage to make videos. Salutes
  8. I'm a stay at home dad, love Joe and other Joe (I'm a tad biased to other Joe I think). Just saying hi!
  9. Hi everyone. I've just signed up. I'm a long time fan. I had no idea there was even a website.
  10. Hello, I'm Blade, I've been watching Angry Joe for a couple years now and never joined the real army and I finally decided to take it up a notch and join. I've never been apart of one of these communities before so I'm happy I decided to do Angry Joes community first. I play pc and Xbox but recently mainly pc since on Xbox I don't really have a lot of people to play games with. I never thought I would find a community with my taste in games and want to be a real community. I'm proud I am able to say I'm now fully apart from the AngryJoe Army. Steam: Silverblade0406 Xbox: Silverblad0406 Origin: Silverblade0407 Yeah I know I use a lot of Silverblade its just been my thing since I was younger. Can't wait to really be apart of this community, Thanks
  11. How's it going everyone!? My name is Julian and I'm new here. I like to play tons of games, mostly PvE games like Warframe, Killing Floor 2, Left 4 Dead, single player games, etc. but I do play the occasional moba and fps from time to time when I'm feeling competitive. I came here to make some friends, grow as a content creator, and to just have some fun! I also own a PS4 and a Nintendo Switch, my favorite game for the switch is Breath of the Wild and I'm currently replaying Kingdom Hearts on PS4. Hope to meet some new people soon, feel free to add me if you'd like: PSN: Blindsan Steam: blindpwn3d (Alias is Blind) See ya around.
  12. Hello I'm new to the AJSA but I'm glad to be here. I'll be on xbox under the name Neo Semaj but I might change it to Enigmatic Semaj so just search that if you can't find my first username. Mostly play smite and fortnite. I'm glad im here and to anyone reading this, please have a nice day.
  13. Greetings Angry Army. I joined up in hopes that there are other Asian gamers who pay on Asian servers flying the Angry Army colours. I'm not a man of much words, so happy gaming people! Ps. I would play in North American servers too. It's just a little laggier if I have to connect all the way from Singapore.
  14. Hi everyone, I might as well say i am new to the AJSA community and hope to have fun with many of over gaming. I play mostly on xbox one and pc steam. I've known about angry Joe for a few years now and finally got around to joining his community. I hope to play with people online every so often. My gaming library on pc is pretty limited but i can still manage. I'm looking forward to a couple games this year including Destiny 2 and Anthem, even though I'm playing on xbox. I hope to see many of you on the frontlines of battle and look forward to watching and talking with the community.
  15. Hey, I'm UAFOOOL and I'm apart of Thee Platformers. Thee Platformers is just a group of college students that loves games and anime. Personally, I've been a fan of AJS since the Halo Reach review. Only been on the site once before. Now it's different. I play games on PS4 now. Mostly Warframe daily. Looking for a daily squad to run with. I stream on twitch almost everyday on the Thee Platformers Channel. Planning on doing some fun things on Youtube if I ever stop slacking. I work for a company call AlphaIllustrations. I'm in the Logo division. So yeah...introduction completed.
  16. Hello. A little back ground info, my brother and I have been struggling quite a while to find gaming friends (hence why I'm here). We used to have our own little 4man gaming group which worked well for most games. My 3 brothers and myself but due to family drama we have cut off from the other two about 2 years ago. Since then we've had a hard time finding fwiends. Now I'm not very keen on the whole guild business. I don't necessarily like being part of a very big community as I prefer small game groups, but the more people there are the easier it is to get games going right? So I finally caved in and talked to the bro about joining a guild an he said "what about the angry army?" We like angry joe and his attitude towards games and gaming and figured like minded people would flock to this community. Gaming History: computer(pc, xbox, nintendo)/board games/p&p I like p&p the most and as such I love so called rpg's. My favourites being games such as Kotor and Baldurs Gate. My second most favourite is anything "competitive" team games. I like teamplay and consider myself a good teamplayer (let me play support roles or I'll cut you) *ahem* I played a loooot of LoL and Smite. I've got For Honor but find that I suck at it and without a team of people you know it isn't much fun. At the moment the bro and I are mostly playing Overwatch and recently got into Heroes of the Storm. I also consider myself (and my bro) as very laid back gamers. We play to win of course but if we lose we don't lose the plot. As long as I feel like I have performed well I am happy, if the team has performed well and we simply got outplayed - I'm even happier. I enjoy a good game, there are plenty of games that I've lost and felt satisfied by. We are in New Zealand so would love to play with Australians/Kiwis. I have played a lot on American and European servers and don't mind it so much but the bro hates the ping issue ps: I'm 25 and have officially reached crazy cat lady status. I have achieved my goal in life and feel like I can die happy now. You can have a look at my cats here: http://s1240.photobucket.com/user/IlanaShar/library/Cats pps: I'm not good at foruming -Sal
  17. Hey guys! X0th3rm1k here, and I'm really happy that I finally joined the AJSA! I've been watching the Angry Joe Show since his Terminator: Salvation review (f*** movie-licensed games ), and I usually game on my laptop and my newly-bought PS4 I would more than love to be part of this community and all of it's amazing events!!! Peace!
  18. Hello Everyone from Cmdr.Zack, I've been watching the AJS for a couple years over YouTube and decided to check it out for myself and enjoy talking about something i have a passion for, gaming. So what's up, anyone have a favorite game they can't put down, or that they keep coming back to even if it's been out for awhile? I keep checking in on MGSV:TPP, Witcher 3, and Halo 5. But something i just picked up was evolve after it was free with GwG on Xbox. Gotta say it's addicting. I'm looking forward to Destiny 2 also, hope the hype is real for it.
  19. Hello all, I am Helix Brightstar, a gamer from Houston, Texas. I am new to the AJSA Forums, but I have been watching AngryJoe and crew for a while now - since right before OtherJoe became full time. I play story based shooter games primarily in single player and co-op (when possible). I love the gaming community, the members are amazing and gaming is a passion I love to indulge in on a regular basis. I play on PC, I have a pretty decent rig and can play anything on it. Some of the games I play that have co-op are Ghost Recon Wildlands, The Division and ESO. I would love to play co-op, especially in Ghost Recon Wildlands if anyone is interested. Just send me a friend request, I am helixbrightstar everywhere. Sometimes I play a little on my daughter's PS4 as I do not have a PS4 of my own nor an Xbox One, although I would love to have both. My PS3 games are not likely to have co-op anymore. I am glad to be here as a recruit of the Angry Army.
  20. Hello Fellow Angry Army members, I created my account about a year ago, but I am posting for the first time today - and I am finally introducing myself. So, I am an avid cross-platform gamer and been watching Angry Joe's Youtube channel for a while now. I am hoping to meet fellow gamers who I can play with in several games. I particularly love RPGs and shooters and I also try to play MOBAs (I suck though). My main platforms are Playstation and PC games, but I also own an old Xbox 360. I have a Steam account, Playstation account, an EA account and even several other MMOs - I don't remember all of my IDs now, but I'll be updating my profile shortly. Even though I am an avid gamer, I still consider myself an casual player because I cannot play all day everyday. I hope to meet a lot of you and learn more, Seijiboy27 / Kamino27 ---------------------------------- My two most used Gamertags
  21. Hello everyone! My name is Steven, and I have been following Angry Joe for a few years now. The AJSA community seems awesome and would love to get into it some more. I just recently started playing Warframe... a lot. That is the main game for me right now. If there is a clan with a bunch of people in it, I would love to get involved with that.
  22. Hello all just wanted t say hi i have been with the ajsa on playstation for a while but am new to the forum and Xbox.
  23. Might as well introduce myself. Jack Reaver, go by Jack, I play PC and a wide variety of games (Don't ask, there are too many to list) Been into Angry Joe for years but I actually managed to miss the video linking this site.
  24. Hello everyone! I'm fairly new here although I've been following AJ's work (youtube and twitch) for more then a year. Nice to finally join such devoted and strong community. I've some moderate experience in FPS, not so much with RTS and good experience in flight simulators and racing games P.S. Looking forward to join AJSA organization in Star Citizen, my Handle there is Erni.
  25. Hello everyone, the name is epicvincents, I've been watching the Angry Joe Show for years and actually joined last year but I didn't really use it as much. I'm from the UK and still in education which made timings difficult. I have a PS4 and soon the new Xbox One S, and I hope I can play new games with you in the future, once I figure out how to join a community.