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Found 50 results

  1. Who definitely had the best conference at E3? Comment, discuss, video response, we will talk about it... next time. Don't forget you can get your intro here on The Viewer by sending me a video response on YouTube! It's easier that way Music: "Apples and Oranges", by Caramusic Royalty Free Music by http://audiomicro.com/royalty-free-music --- Follow me on: Twitter https://twitter.com/HybridRain Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Hybrid-Realm/125188697551284 Tumblr http://hybridrain.tumblr.com/
  2. E3 is still on and maybe you might care little or a lot about it. So, if you missed or want a recap of the games and announcements for this year and 2015, this is the right place to start! In my opinion, Microsoft went too safe this year. Only games, forgetting almost completely the Kinect (I ain't even mad) and showcase the next gen games that will be offered exclusively to Next Gen consoles. Only real highlight was Halo 5 and the Master chief Collection only because it was one of the few exclusive games from Microsoft. OH! And they had the NERVE to put TEASE FREAKING CONKER ON a possibly E rated game!? THAT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE!!! Sony went again and made fun on Microsoft's 180s and peripherals, at this time I don't know if I should feel bad for Microsoft or call Sony a genius in their marketing department. They did show more exclusive games to their Next Gen console and more about Destiny's Alpha and Beta and the content in the game. They talked a lot about hardware and more additions to the PS+. Solid conference. I... I liked it... I liked it? Nintendo, take my freaking money! Must see to believe. Wow, not a full conference but holy hell... AMAZING! The first time I regret not having a WiiU. What do you think of this conference? Were good conferences? What stood out from all these games? Who won? Who is Next? You Decide! EPIC E3 CONFERENCES OF HISTORY!? Comment, discuss, video response, we will talk about it... next time. Don't forget you can get your intro here on The Viewer by sending me a video response on YouTube! It's easier that way Music: "Apples and Oranges", by Caramusic Royalty Free Music by http://audiomicro.com/royalty-free-music --- Follow me on: Twitter https://twitter.com/HybridRain Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Hybrid-Realm/125188697551284 Tumblr http://hybridrain.tumblr.com/
  3. I am curious of the 3 next gen systems. What systems are you guys getting? PS4, Xbox one, Wii U or maybe all 3? Or a Gaming PC or Steam Machine maybe? Also you can type a reason why if you wish. I will be going with a Wii U and PS4. (Allready own a Wii U). I went with Sony since my brother and I had a PS1. I like the Sony excluesives like Ratchet and Clank, Resistance and Ratchet and Clank. Also Wii U for the awesome Nintendo games like Legend of Zelda and Pikmin etc. And I allready own a kickass gaming rig. Forza does look awesome tho
  4. I recently saw this article on CinemaBlend about the upcoming XBOX One Youtube promotion with Machinima. http://www.cinemablend.com/games/Microsoft-Machinima-Xbox-One-YouTube-Promotion-May-Unlawful-According-FTC-Guidelines-61735.html Some Youtubers have been recieving this: According to CinemaBlend, there is also an e-mail that has surfaced on Pastebin of the full agreement to be part of the promotion, which includes a Non-Disclosure Agreement and this odd section: So basically the only indication that a video is a paid promotion, is the XB1M13 tag being placed on it.Whether or not the posted e-mail is real (which is debatable), not expressly saying you are receiving compensation might violate FTC guidlines. So, is Microsoft being sneaky and underhanded with this promotion? Maybe, hard to say with all the speculation and rumor. This could potentially turn into a legal trainwreck depending on how it turns out. EDIT: Kotaku has an article up too. http://kotaku.com/sketchy-promo-plan-pays-youtubers-for-positive-xbox-one-1505260408/@jschreier
  5. Hi, So if you're one of those 21 countries where the xbox one has not launched yet thanks to Microsoft and their "delaying", you probably know what I'm talking about (Either that or I just explained it to you...) About 6 months ago Microsoft announced right before Gamescom that the xbox one would be delayed untill 2014. They would give us a game in return but we had to wait till the Microsoft press conference that was being held at Gamescom later that week. So, after a 6 days long wait the moment was finally there...the press conference... I waited...and I waited.... Nothing. Nothing about the delay or the free game that they were going to give us on the launch. They did say that Fifa 14 will be free with all the pre-orders of the xbox one but EVERYONE got that offer, and I'm not sure if we will even get that offer when it finally releases over here. Heck, I'm not sure of anyhting anymore. Since that announcement they made 6 months ago, they haven't posted something new about it. And we're just waiting...Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, etc.... We're all just waiting, waiting for Microsoft to finally announce the release date in our countries, waiting to finally get our hands on the xbox one. I just don't know what is taking them so long. They said that they were delaying it so they could improve the voice recognition for our language. While they probably should know that WE DON'T CARE about that stuff, about 90% of all Europeans that don't have their xbone yet will probably change the language to english when they will get it anyway! We just want our new system!!!! They almost lost EVERY xbox player in Belgium, Every xbox 360 friend I had is now having so much fun on their ps4... I'm one of the few that's still excited for the system... But their ignorance is working on me too know, if they do not do something quickly about this then the xbox one will be a complete flop! (Oh, and I know I can import the system but I'm just not capable of doing that...) Just remember from now on, For every bad guy you kill in Ryze: Son Of Rome with an execute, there will be an European dude crying in the corner of his room because he can't buy all the shiny toys that Microsoft is showing off to him... (Sorry for the spelling mistakes if there are any, I'm obviously from Belgium.)
  6. I notice PS4 has lots of these Polls, so why doesn't Xbox One? I'm not buying one... sorry
  7. Link I may ask, WHY? What do you accomplish by shafting the Britons out of even more money?
  8. For $500 you get: - Inferior hardware (Relative to PS4 at $400) - Dashboard ads - In-game micro-transactions (Even after paying $60 for the game) - Online apps like Netflix are behind an Xbox Live pay-wall. (As opposed to PS4) - Xbox Live is $60 annually (As opposed to PS+ at $50 annually) - Xbox One controller (AA's included) is not rechargeable without $25 "Play & Charge kit". Relative to the PlayStation 4 the Xbox One seems like anti-value.
  9. Well, Microsoft has done it again. The have made a move that confounds me. As of December 3rd, McDonald's is having a contest that will give away Xbox Ones, as well as game downloads, movie downloads, and one month memberships to Xbox Live Gold. Sounds sweet, right? But wait. Didn't they just do something similar to this with Mountain Dew? As a matter of fact, doesn't it end on December 6th, three days AFTER this started? Yep, Microsoft is having TWO giveaways back to back, starting the second one before the first even ended. Isn't this a bit overkill? Especially since this will result in hundreds of thousands of Xbox Ones being given away (remember, they gave away one every two minutes over the course of five hours, and six weeks with the Mountain Dew promotion), which may end up having Microsoft loose quite a bit of money with all these free Xbox Ones. In my honest opinion, ever since the Xbox One's announcement, they shot themselves in the foot, repeatedly, giving them a lot of bad PR on this new console. These two giveaways, especially having the so close to each other, it to make up for the bad press. But as I said before, this is probably going to cost them a lot more than an ad campaign to fix the bad PR. Do you guys agree with me? Is this a bit overkill that may cost Microsoft down the road? Or do you think this will really boost sales of the Xbox One? Also, I do want to point out another minor thing about this McDonald's giveaway. Apparently, the games they give away are Xbox Live Arcade titles on the 360. I wouldn't mind so much, but it brings up the question of if you already have the game, do they give you credit instead? What if you don't want the game in question? What if you win multiple downloads of the same game? I just think they may have done better if it was Xbox Live credit, and not a particular title.
  10. I'm not sure whether this is the best way to post my content, it's the format of how i've posted user content in previous forums (if an issue arises with such, I will immediately remove it upon request), but, here goes... I'm Caz, I specialize in video game reviews & critique in an informative, somewhat lengthy manner, but will also take some time to deliver a raunchy rant, a look at a video game anime adaptation, as well as take a look at the inspirations and history of certain titles or series. An example of the usual output you'd see from me would be as such: I also do some writing on Screwattack and have a Twitter/Facebook for the channel, but here's not the place to post that for now. In the mean time, feel free to check out my channel here, follow this post if you enjoy what you see, give some feedback on what you have seen, send some requests, chocolate boxes or whatever you feel like. Go wild and game on my friends! -Caz(TheGamerGuy... Yes the name of the channel is stupid and will likely change in the near future)
  11. Hello AJSA! I have a question that I would like your feedback on. The situation: I have no means of getting a new generation console any time this month, or late next month (Much like many of my friends). I am starting to feel far behind compared to the youtubers I watch as they indulge in next gen gaming. The question(s): Would it be worth it to sell my Xbox 360, games, and accessories for a jump start on getting a next gen console before the holidays? If so, which console would you guys recommend? Thanks in advance.
  12. Does this forum talk about games in general or do iPad games and Nintendo 3DS games count as well. Thanks-
  13. Any body else as exited as exited as I am for the Xbone Launch?
  14. If anyone has codes from the soda caps they aren't using could you email or gift them to me
  15. Hello everyone out there, what are your setups for launch? Just the consoles, a game or two, or everything you possibly can get your hands on! Let us know, and yes even the Xbox One people, let us know what your plans are as well. Will you start with the Xbox and get a PS4, wait a little bit to buy the Sony console, or definitely sticking with Microsoft?
  16. The reason I say this is the interface mostly at the home screen. I've noticed that there's no way to customize with themes, wallpapers, etc like the way we were able to do on the PS3. I'm just wondering why that feature was taken away. Along with no YouTube app which is surprising. Otherwise, I know this part is a little nitpicky but I always was happy to have an intro to start the console. Call me crazy but when I heard the first Playstation's start up along with the next two consoles, it got me ready and had a good feeling of adventure awaiting me. Now on the PS4 it just says the disclaimer for health and boom, there you are at the home screen. Does anyone feel the same way?
  17. In about 6 hours my time, the launch of the PS4 will commence. People around the US will be getting their hands on the new console (unless you won it from Taco Bell) and enter the next generation of gaming. Anyways, as I sit in my chair, looking at my library of games and the three consoles under my TV, the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and even the Wii, I wonder was the generation a success or a failure? There were great advancements that became of the last generation, but there were major disappointments and controversies that followed. So, soldiers of the Angry Army, I ask you, what is your opinion of the last generation of gaming? What succeeded? What failed? Who should be claimed as the overall victor? Who had the best games? The worst?
  18. How long do you guys think it will take until we we start seeing price drops and/or new models of the new consoles? Or will it be exactly as we see today?
  19. Did Microsoft's "Xbox One All-in-One Demo" change your mind about Xbox One?
  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqM8k9MYZak This is my Review of Resident Evil Remake, Coming later this week is a GTA V Review. Let me know what you think, and tell me what game you want me to review next! -TheSolidMoose }}:3 Dont forget to subscribe and follow me on Twitter! @TheSolidMoose
  21. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqM8k9MYZak This is my Review of Resident Evil Remake, Coming later this week is a GTA V Review. Let me know what you think, and tell me what game you want me to review next! -TheSolidMoose }}:3 Dont forget to subscribe and follow me on Twitter! @TheSolidMoose
  22. Is DRM a bad thing, and could it possibly be implemented in say ten years time? Please do read on. I raise this question due to the fact online gaming sales are growing at an alarming rate. I say alarming because once a certain percentage of games are reached per year from Xbox and Playstation's online services. (Supply and Demand business 101) The production cost of manufacturing disc will not be economically viable. It maybe even 5 years time, who knows but I reckon soon. Gamers then would then have no options as to where to buy their content. The second-hand market would die. Jobs would be lost because all transactions would be dealt by computer servers. The Market would go from an open market to a closed market. Is this bad or good or should I ask what are the cons of this? This process intern would raise the chances for DRM to be implemented on any console. Why did they want to implement it I think because developers are losing out on trade ins. Microsoft practically said so in a round about way. If you can only get games from only two market places and can't resell what does this mean? Your consumer rights would be broken in Europe any how if your are unable to resell does this break consumer rights in Europe as far as I know(correct me if I am wrong) it does. I am not sure about USA and its laws. I think there needs to be a system where you can sell your used Digital content. This requires infrastructure to allow third party re-sellers to keep the market open, as it currently stands in the retail disc based industry. Correct me if I am wrong Microsoft could still implement a closed market in the future. this gives more control to them and the developers but at what cost to the gaming industry! A loophole as a handling fee could be used as a stealth tactic for the developer benifit. I see this as very enriching for the industry in a closed console specific market. If there was an open market infrastructure on the internet third party sellers could sell used digital console games via the pc. I could not see Microsoft creating the infrastructure on their console or by Sony for that matter unless told to by that regions government. Its not their prerogative. It would compete with there own marketplace. The only problem with used digital content tradins is that it could sky rocket because its fast simple easy and cheaper than a full price retail game including delivery(on demand). I think developers could lose out on more sales if an open market was used as It currently stands with the disc based part of the industry. It could possibly stranglehold the gaming industry more. Why has Microsoft wanted to seperate Xbox from Microsoft This is why I think Microsoft wanted DRM. Could this be a good thing then? Pay to play subscription like on spotify is an idea. Or is a conditional charge that goes to developers on resale could enrich developers and increase output and quality, a good thing I think so. This is dependant on the developers reputation greed and how passionate they are about games they make. As developers would have more money better games could follow suit. To take action we could not buy downloadable games for our console we could boycott this system of Digital Content. This is radical action? How dependant is the industry on downloadable games. The pc for example has steam, great value and soon to be implemented a share program and a resales program(not sure how that is going to work)My guess is a closed market. The pc market has suffered in the last 15 years because of piracy. If we are going to continue reselling our disc based games. Can the industry support itself, I don't know? Maybe Microsoft doesn't think so. They are losing money as far as I am aware when it comes to Xbox. The pros to used games is we are supporting jobs that used games have made and the economy in all regions. It also enriches the community buy sharing games. Selling games allows you to get rid of products you don't want to somebody else that does(sorry for stating the obvious). Microsoft are possibly doing a clever ploy on getting owners to be online with things like the store and advertisements on the dashboard to really push Digital content or they are just meeting demand. This raises company ethic's, Microsoft and Playstation will probably drag there feet on the floor when it comes to third party resellers when it comes if it comes. Though when the law changes if it does and I am hopeful it will as it stands the industry is so big and consumers need rights of an open market in terms of digital content. Even though a closed market on tradins can enrich the games we play in this case I have stated. As far as I know this is being debated and is a very complex issue, It deals with infrastructure as I mentioned before, sorry. In the physical sense you can go to some shop or many shops and trade in your games they are connected by the physical environment. The option to choose which digital shop, you sell your games at has to have an infasturctured environment where all shops are tied to one market with trade-in digital content codes. This raises two problems how is this setup, and who will create this infrastructure, possiblely a government I don't know . Who knows? If not the Sony and Microsoft will create there own closed market of which console you own you are then bound buy their restriction they put in place when your selling used digital content. So at what cost could digital trade ins make the industry suffer or better dependant on the market that evolve out of the industry. So maybe DRM is a good thing time will tell without it or not, that's left to you guys to discuss. I will be interested to hear what you think could happen to the future of gaming in the next 10 years when it comes to tradins digital or not in an open or closed market!
  23. O.k. I'm guessing someone here had already did this so comment if there's already one, but I'm curious what would you get, for me I would get the Playstation 4
  24. The main Xbox One game I've had my eye on is Dying Light. I mean, I absolutely love Zombies! I played Dead Island and Riptide and I had tons of fun. Now Dead Island mixed with parkour, made by the same company?! Oh my god, I want this game!
  25. History has shown us that things will change from their normal processes. Do you think that the gaming industry is on the right track. 1) Where is the gaming industry now? 2) What can be improved? 3) The future of the gaming industry or the future of gaming? We all know that the gaming industry, just like anything else, is trying to make money. I believe that to many decisions are being made with a money focused goal, rather than pleasing us gamers 100%. We always seem to be sacrificing something in order to participate. Many times we get neglected and must accept what is being spoon-fed to us because ultimately we don't make the final decision, the people higher up in the company do. But we have certainly shown that we can influence results. I'm almost certain if more companies and developers focused more keenly on getting us what we want while also maintaining their vision of the product, the world would be a better place, and they will most certainly see great results. What do you think?