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Found 112 results

  1. hey guys =) im mads, i make guides and lets plays on youtube. im from denmark, 15 years old. if you like all kinds of gaming please visit and subscribe to my channel =). i make reviews too, havent done one in a while, just needs something to review first XD. so please check it out. and if you are super duper awesome please subscribe and like =)' https://www.youtube.com/user/FlawfulGaming' im currently working on minecraft hunger games, a long video talking about if gaming is good or bad for you. ive researched a lot. and it is one of my big projects, so im exited =)
  2. Hey folks, just wanted to ask you for some inspiration to do on my next Minecraft build. I've fallen out of the loop as of recently and haven't gotten much work done in terms of testing my skill or making anything extravagant. My last creation that I had spent time on was intended to be a full-fledged adventure map with multiple quests and things to do, with a complete background story and evolving villages/buildings/dungeons to be done. It was intended, but never came to be - thanks to a faulty brain function of my own to do a clean wipe of my harddrive without first saving that hard-worked on project. I had more pictures stored as well for one of the main dungeons underground but never got to posting them - so here's a link to Thorshem's Hole, the project pre-wipe and pre-dungeon pictures. The town was finished but those pictures are forgone as well. So, a few questions for you folk; - What style should I build in? (I'm mainly Nordic styled with how I craft, but anything's cool!) - What Texturepack? (Most recent update if you could, please.) - What kind of Build? Should I do a map, a town, a house, what? Sidenotes: - High-Fantasy Builds are something I'd love to get into, have yet to find a good pack with an abundance of metatextures though, sadly. If anyone could direct me to one I'd be happy as a pig in pixel mud. Thanks all in advance! Can't wait to hear what you folk might toss at me! (Will update this post with links in the future to pic's and possible upload of map all things depending.)
  3. Now I own Minecraft, though I do not play it often. I would love to play with some of you guys! Good servers aren't cheap, so we would need quite a few people on board. In the mean time, post about how much you think an AJSA Minecraft server would rock, or suck. What you would do in said server, or your ideas for the server. Please keep on topic, and may the force be with you.
  4. Hey people what is up I'm MalcolmXtreme I make gaming videos some of Minecraft, some on League of Legends. I'm a huge Angry Joe fan and am proud to be apart of the AJSA. I also make cartoons so hopefully I can try and find a way to put stuff out for the community.
  5. I've never been part of a group like this. Maybe a group like this has never existed. Either way I'm excited to see how well we can expand this unity into all types of games, consoles, and communities. I play mostly single player titles driven by story and creative design, but I can't wait for some epic full scale Planetside AJSA ass-whooping. I'm also excited to see more servers pop up. Spaces for AJSA members to congregate. Minecraft springs to mind right away. I can already envision the first goal of a minecraft server being to make a huge rendition of the AJSA logo. Then of course to construct a volcano mountain lair for Joe to brood and scheme his world domination. Badass! It might even be interesting to expand into live events in the bigger urban areas. All of my best gaming moments are from years ago in high school when my friends would gather in basements, auditoriums, classrooms, and even a church once; for LAN parties and local multiplayer. Maybe the AJSA can bring that experience back in a way. Either way I have high hopes for this as do us all. Happy to be here -- wi1shire
  6. hey if anyone here wants to join a survival project world i am needing more hands because production has slowed as more jobs are needed just keep in mind if you do join you do need to be respectful of all the progress that has been made because i have had some people join a game take everything they could and leave so we couldnt use it so if ur interested in joining our minecraft community messege me here or online via gamertag. there are a couple of major roles that need filling. mainly a luberjack, librarian and hunter. the librarian is alot better then it sounds you make potions you farm a spider spawner for xp for enchanting and you go to the nether. its just all in the library. you do need to earn your keep so u cant get diamond everything right off the bat. most jobs you WONT be doing it 24/7 so you wont get bored.
  7. Just started a new series.... MC because it's so creative and orginal and it has never been done before, but with a twist we are creating our own relgion from sticks and stones. It's going to be good. http://bit.ly/I7uQCG
  8. Before you automatically start hating on me for ever thinking/feeling that way about the game, I'd like to say that I did enjoy some of the aspects of the game. In survival mode, it's fun at the beginning, because you have the end-goal of surviving, which then leads you to making various farms, shelters, storage units and so on. I even liked defeating the ender dragon when I finally found him. Although, after doing all that stuff, I didn't find any point of doing anything. Even though I'm generally not into PVP, I did try lots of different kinds of servers with their own unique play style (PVP, survival, islands, guilds, towns, mini-games, twilight forest, etc.). I was able to hold my interest, and enjoy, the game during the relatively "short" times that I was in survival mode (whether modded or not), progressing towards the end goal of "survival maintenance". I'd build all kinds of different practical things every time I found a new place, but then I would completely lose interest after I'm "set for life" in the game. Generally, I need practical goals to a rewarding end; and it has to be an actual reward, even if it's something like a rank or achievement title (although, practical rewards are best). Doing something, in itself, should not be it's own reward in my opinion. In creative mode of the game, and after the whole "survival maintenance" situation in survival mode, there's no point of me doing anything, beyond just showing-off some visually-appealing creations. Mini-games have a certain short-lived charm, but the game's PVP (exploited greatly in "hunger games" servers) generally sucks. The PVP is usually based on luck, since you basically open random chests to get whatever's inside and hope that the items can help you survive through the massacre. Even when you're equal to your opponent, it all comes down to spamming the same key, hoping that you've hit the guy more than you've been hit, based at least partially on server responses and delays/lag. There are way better well-known PVP games out there that you can enjoy for free. Honestly, I totally "get" the charm of Minecraft overall. To put it simply, it's a virtual and more modern version of building block toys (e.g. Lego's)., where you can potentially build anything to your heart's desires. I've seen great videos and photos of people's creations online. Things can get pretty impressive. But that's pretty-much where it ends for me. If you so happen to adore Minecraft, then by all means, go ahead and spend endless hours trying to build an entire living planet; and go ahead and upload that stuff to YouTube or whatever. Meanwhile, I'm gonna stick with games that revolve around specific goals (at least for the most part).
  9. I remember there being a couple of threads about Minecraft, and there's actually a server that my girlfriend owns and she says we can chill out on it. The main focus right now is creative until tekkit updates to 1.7.2. The IP is Derpsunited.minecraft.to
  10. Hello Angry Army. I was wondering whether any servers for Minecraft have been put up. I would love to see a survival or possibly even creative server where we, as a team can build things like giant buildings, etc. I would love for this to be put up, but I am not exactly sure how to put up a vote for this, so If anyone can inform me, or if they are so inclined, try to start one. Or if they already have one please reply and link so I and others can enjoy as well. I am a Minecraft fan and having a server where we do things together would be EPIC. Peace!
  11. I've been playing on xbox, but always offline. Plus, the game gets a bit boring after a while when your digging for ores. I was hoping maybe a few recruits might be interested in making a new world. Preferably members with headsets or skype. maybe build the "Angry Joe Show Boot Camp" as a first project in game and move on from there.
  12. Hey people what is up I'm MalcolmXtreme I make gaming videos some of Minecraft, some on League of Legends. I'm a huge Angry Joe fan and am proud to be apart of the AJSA. I also make cartoons so hopefully I can try and find a way to put stuff out for the community.