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Found 10 results

  1. This is probably most relevant to fans in the US and Canada over 30, but I'm sure the fandom has spread overseas. Back in the early 1990s there was this AWESOME cartoon called ReBoot, the first completely CGI TV show ever (and a year or two before Pixar released Toy Story). Check it out here. By today's standards the animation and graphics are terrible! But what it lacks in technical ability it more than makes up in great characters, writing, and just plain geeky fun. Spoilers: season 4 ended on a major cliffhanger, which fans have been longing to see resolved (I think they did that in some comic books, but it just isn't the same). Then Rainmaker Entertainment announced there would be a "reboot" of the series. Fan's were skeptical to say the least. Then they released a trailer... Needless to say...well...you can read the comments yourself...
  2. Hey, North "SCARMaster" here, To all who read this, is anyone kinda noticing that games like Battlefield are starting to get their previous entries ignored? Even when they are in this generation. I mean, I would love to see us go into BF4 and dominate a server together. Would anyone like to do that? At least anyone in the PS4 division? Sincerely Yours, North "SCARMaster"
  3. So after a long wait of Bethesda reporting a few years back that "Quake will come back" and it'll "go back to its roots", we finally have a better idea of what they're doing with this whole Quake Champions thing. It looks great to me, and I know why people consider the multipalyer of Quake so important - it's essentially the grandfather of all mutliplayer shooter modes after all. I'm pretty sure it invented the idea of CTF and King of the Hill, and the game itself spawned many other projects from game devs who are very powerful now - Half Life and TF2 being examples of games made using Quake's engine. Buuuut after all that's said and done, to me, even though I approve of what's going on now, I can't help but feel frustrated that both ID and Bethesda appear to be throwing away their old Strogg lore introduced loosely with Quake II. It's gotten to the point I'm not even sure how many people out there know what I'm talking about. But I was there - Quake and Quake II I know now are two completely different games, set in completely different universes. The original in 1996 was much more liken to Serious Sam in the sense it involved a lot more puzzles and seemed like gladiatorial in nature. The game felt like you were exploring ancient temples from the Predators or something. Meanwhile, I started off playing Quake II first as a kid, and I loved every second of it. In Quake II, they went in an completely different direction with the singleplayer and invented an entirely different world - a sci fi world, with an alien invasion story and the theme of cyborg monsters using fallen humans as husks for their equipment. They were basically the Borg. Now back then, the way games told stories was still mostly through text between loading screens that no one bothered to read, but still, once you get an idea of what was going on, it was a brilliant universe the likes of which I haven't truly felt ever since. The problem is, the story of the Strogg was completely ignored for Quake 3 - which was literally called Quake 3 Arena, because that's what it was. It was the next "unreal tournament" of quake's multiplayer modes taken to what was then the next generation of gaming. It did pretty well for what it was as far as I can tell, but there was no story at all. Then later, after Doom 3, they released Quake 4, which awkwardly tried to bring back the story of the strogg as it left off from Quake II, with much less emphasis on multiplayer. It used Doom 3's engine, and in many ways felt like the same game. This was both its strength and its downfall, and in general the game itself wasn't held with much regard. Mediocre writing and unenthusiastic voice acting made it feel like little more than an average game to most. The story had some interesting turns, my favorite of which occurring about halfway through the game but in the end most people forgot about the game. Then later, after the success of Enemy Territory - Wolfenstein, a class-based strategic FPS, ID Software tried to make the Strogg relevant once more with Enemy Territory - Quake Wars. Today, the game has a serious lack in a player base - you can only find less than about 20 people playing it at a time on an average day - but the game itself was pretty well received, even if it never became a smash hit. Personally, it's one of my favorites. It's basically TF2, with an alien invasion semi-story, which "mission objectives" of such invasion are played through the eyes of either the GDF (Global Defense Force) humans or the alien Strogg. I use the word "story" very loosely, as it was less of a story than even Left 4 Dead, but still the game managed to have a lot of life in its overworld despite not actually having a story mode. You really felt like you were a part of this invasion, whichever side you played. And its actual gameplay, in my opinion, is very fun and addictive. My favorite part about this overworld though is I think it is the moment in which ID really did a great job at bringing the Strogg to life once more, borrowing heavily from the art designs of different technology and units from Quake II and 4 while also showing a lot of inovation and new ideas as to how they looked and felt. You could see a lot of "culture" put into them, if that makes any sense, and they were believable. They could have very easily made a future game that used the assets of this one for a singleplayer story. But alas, they never did, and now it seems the Strogg, in their fullest and most promising form as seen in Quake Wars, are gone now. To me, it's a damn shame. I think we really could do well with another go at the Strogg in a more story-based environment rather than just letting the idea fade away. Quake 4 was the last time anyone actually tried to have a singeplayer story revolve around these creatures, and that was in 2005. So in wrapping up, I've got to pose the question... How many of you actually remember the Strogg, or care about them? Are you happy with what they're trying to do with the Quake license by "returning to its roots", or are you disappointed by the apparent drop of this idea that barely ever got fleshed out in the first place? Do you think there may still be a chance the next Quake will actually have a story still, or would you buy a "spin off" quake game in the future if it uses the theme of an alien invasion again as the story? I'd like to hear from others. One argument I do understand from others is that when ID originally made Doom their ideas were original enough with having weird cyborg technology, while the alien Strogg were simply placeholders for making a world that was basically the spiritual successor to Doom, just instead taking a step further into the cyberpunk theme. I see the similarities, but I personally still like both universes. PS: To anyone wondering, the console versions are typically thought of as inferior to the PC version of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars because of clunky controls, lower quality sound and shaders as well as motion blur which, while some argue makes the game appear smoother, others argue that the distortion isn't worth the tradeoff.
  4. I'm limiting this to Sega Genesis to Sega Dreamcast. I didn't include the GameGear Games because chances are all of 2 people would remember them that read this topic, plus I honestly can't remember if there was music in those games. Btw, my vote=Sonic 3. If I missed any, please let me know. Edit: Added Sonic R.
  5. Happy Birthday Sega Dreamcast you were an amazing system with some great titles. I remember buying you on launch and jumping straight into Sonic Adventure, Soul Calibur, and Ready 2 Rumble boxing. Closest thing we had to a Punch Out game until Punch Out for the Wii. That moment when you are taking on Chaos as Super Sonic will always stick with me. The hours injected into PSO. I'd do it all over again.
  6. I got Fable: The Lost Chapters on the Steam Summer Sale and have played it for a few hours. I got to level 8 I think and am making an evil character, just wondering who else has played / is playing Fable: TLC and how are you making your character (good / evil, warrior / rogue / mage, etc)?
  7. So what was the first game you remember playing? Me? Donkey Kong. My grandmother used to work at a laundromat and I would stay with her during the day while my mother did other things. Grandmother would give me money and I'd play Donkey Kong until my mother came to pick me up. I never did make it past the first level, and when I got tired of Donkey Kong, there was a centipede game right next to it
  8. Hi guys, I was wondering what your favorite single player games are . They can be games that have multiplayer ,but have a kick ass singleplayer story, or are just tremendously fun. Mine are : Deus ex Thief series Bioshock series Legacy of Kain series Mass Effect series S.T.A.L.K.E.R series Dragon age : Origins ( Dragon age 2 sucked ) and of course Dark souls : Prepare to die edition.
  9. What are your favourite games from the '90's? Growing up in the nineties, I played a lot of sidescrollers and simple shooting and racing games, but most of them just had an epic feel to them. The gameplay was often exactly right, they had me aching for more, most of them glueing me to the screen because I could not stop playing them. Something that I don't have with games a lot anymore, but that's probably because I am not a kid anymore Some of my favourites are the Commander Keen series, Supaplex, Tyrian 2000 and Jazz Jackrabbit 2. There were also a lot of games that I don't even remember the name of.
  10. Remember the times when the old RE is so popular that most games afterward copy it? I'm sure there's a couple of them that you all know about, with the awkward camera angle, the need of pressing R1 to aim and X or square to shoot, or the inventory system that's limited.\ \ Now is the time to get back to the past and unload all the RE clones so we will know and play them for ourselves. No need to be an exact copy, just the ones that reminds you of RE when you play or see it.\ \ I'll start first. There's one game I know of that's a copy of the old RE called Countdown Vampires.\ \ \ \ Basically RE in a casino with vampires instead of infected people. The cutscenes in the game looks awesome for 1999 PSX standards while the in game graphics, it's passable. It has a unique gameplay where you can choose between stunning a vampire enemy and use water on them to turn them back to normal humans, which I guess will give a good ending in the end but I don't know since I'm playing it right now and I haven't finish it yet, or just blast them with your handgun. There's a currency system in the game which you can gain by scavenging and playing roulette and slot machines, which is very2 weird when you think about it. Why not just break the casino machines and take the money? Oh well this is the time where such a thing is not thinkable. You can also buy items with it through a vending machine such as an energy drink, an energy snack and a water bottle. The energy drink is basically the green herb, energy snack is the first aid spray, and the water bottle is basically the red herb so you have to combine 3 energy drinks into the water bottle to get full health recovery item. You may think why not buy the energy snack all the time, but one vending machine only gives out 1 energy snack so you have to search for another vending machine to buy the energy snack elsewhere. \ \ Several problems with the game though.\ \ 1) Your starting weapons in the game are a stun glove and a stun dart, which takes 8 hits to knock an enemy down. Ammo is scarce and the enemies are really fast so you'll bound to get hit even if you hit them from far away. It's not until the later parts of the game where you gain more stronger weapons like the shotgun or the handgun. So in the meantime, run like hell when you see 4 vampires at the same time or else you are dead.\ \ 2) There's grammatical errors everywhere. I can nitpick most sentences in the collectible files apart.\ \ 3) The voice acting is HORRIBLE! This game makes the voice acting in RE1 and MindJack sounds like the Legacy of Kain series in comparison. The sentences are awkward and the character's voices are so monotonous with ridiculously out of nowhere tone changes. One particular scene has the character screaming and it's so painful to hear because it's 30 seconds long and it's like.... like..... I can't describe the shittyness. It's just bad ok. Here's the opening to see how awkward the voice acting is.\ \ \\ Uuuuuuugh, it's so bad that I feel a shiver down my spine when I hear it again. Other than that though, this game's fun to play.\ \ So what's the other games you know that's similar to the old RE? Let us know about it.}