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Found 40 results

  1. Did anyone here play Metal Gear Online? It was part of MGS4 and could also be bought as a standalone in japan. It played pretty much exactly as MGS4 and you could customize your character with loads of different items. People could host their own lobbies and do stuff like CQC battles only, Pistols only, Hide and Seek and even some role play lobbies. I absolutely LOVED THIS GAME!!!!! it is such a shame that the online servers were taken down last year...
  2. ESO Shirt

    From the album Random Stuff

    My ESO Shirt
  3. I struggle socially, I can only deal with one on one conversations well. I consider myself socially dysfunctional. Possibley an Aspie. I would love to hear from fellow gamers who struggle socially. I would like to know if socializing online has improved there life, if so in what ways. What challenges have they come across online. Has it made it easyier to find more like minded people. Is it an unhealthy form of socializing or is it healthy in moderation. I say this because Humans read alot about people by there body language, voice tone, facial expressions etc. Socially dysfunctional people struggle with this and rely more on content in the spoken word. I come from the era from when computer games were played by hardcore gamers and geeks, this is where I found my peers at School and College. This is before computer games went mainstream and the internet was in its infancey when it came to online gaming and computer gaming communities were just pockets of friends.
  4. Does anyone wanna play Portal 2 online together on Playstation 3? My username is DCRocks469.
  5. Hey guys was just wondering if there is anyone out there who play Far Cry 3 online? As there is still some things like the 4 player coop missions which would be cool to finnish Also does anyone know if is is possible to make groups / Far Cry 3 teams cause it would be cool if AJSA had one, Leave thought Thanks
  6. PS+

    Xbox360/Steam gamer, preordered PS4 (Waiting UK). I don't mind paying for online, I still have my XBOX LIVE for another nearly a year. I don't really know much about PS+, I found out somewhere else that if you download a PS+ Free Game, you keep it until your PS+ runs out then you get it back if you renew it, is this true? Also, IGN said Contrasts and Resogun are free now with Plus. Two games I would love. Are they? I can't check because PS4 isn't out yet in UK, when it is in UK, will those be free?
  7. Hey Guys, i'm new here at AJSA and we all this talk of COD and Battlefrield online. I was wondering you guys start up a Payday 2 online pose, robbing banks, what more can you ask lol
  8. Okay Let me start by saying this is the first time I have ever played in the Diablo franchise. I had no real desire to play the others but after one of my friends insisted that I try the Xbox360 version of Diablo 3 to get into Diablo. I don't know why I had never played these games before but now that I've played this game I am having trouble putting it down. This game has a fantastic setting that pulled me in and didn't let go. Unlike most games now a days it has four player local co-op, and let me tell you that makes for a fun night in the dorms. The story was alright but seemed to be a rushed however when it wasn't racing to the next part of the story it was compelling. Combat is deep with multiple abilities to each type of Class, however once you find out what works for you in combat it starts to become repetitive. Each Class is well thought out, very distinct, and Badass in their own way. The Wizard is a epic magic user working at a distance, The Monk is an agile up close warrior, The Barbarian is your Conan archetype, The Demon Hunter is the range biased guy who can jump from place to place like a boss, and last but not least is the Witch Doctor using voodoo to curse his foes and wreaking havoc through the dark arts. Me and my friends had a great time with this game and now that we have some of its higher difficulties it will be a blast playing through it again. 7.5/10 not bad. Pros- Good Co-op, Interesting world and characters, deep combat options, scratches the dark fantasy itch Cons- You will be a health potion Junky, Combat can turn repetitive, story can feel a tad rushed
  9. I am looking to try the Online feature for the PC version of Arkham Origins, but I cannot seem to get enough players. I was curious who plays and what experience you have had with the Online portion of the game only. I know the single player has its bugs but I want to try the online feature. Also share your experiences with the online portion as well, just to get an idea of it.
  10. Its a sad fact but I'm a bit afraid now of online gaming, now let me specify what I mean by this; I own a PS3 and the first game I got with multiplayer was Soul Calibur V because me and my friends loved to create characters or to use the character creation to make characters from other video games. Anyway, so my friend moved away which was kinda sad so I started to play online in the lounges and due to being in Europe not many people were in those rooms so I went onto the US ones. Lets say the experience was one I'd rather forget, I was met with a lot of sexism by a number of other players, not going to name names but still I decided to sign off because I didn't want to play the game anymore because people would spam Xiba (Guy with a pole) and leave virtually no room for attack and when you did it was just countered. So eventually after some peer pressure I got one of the Call of Duty games, I don't remember which one since I sold it but anyway, I was playing online and I was met with extremely childish behavior, sexist remarks and to top it all off the game fucking crashed on me so again I decided to stop and after multiple experiences on COD I decided to stop playing. Now just going to say, I love Asssassin's Creed. I love it so much, I have every single game except for Liberations but even then I struck a deal with one of my friends to let me play it. Needless to say I'm a hardcore fan of the franchise and still am, especially after Black Flag, I'm more hooked than ever (No pun intended lol) Needless to say I played Brotherhood's multiplayer, and I liked it. Sure it had some problems but at the time it was rather innovative compared to other multiplayers. But with Assassin's Creed I am normally on the single player since I just love the story so much. When 3 came out though I had been looking forward to it ever since it had been announced, and after I completed the story there wasn't much else to do in single player so I decided to give the multiplayer a try. And once again, I was met with "Wait you're a girl? What are you doing here? Get back in the kitchen and make your boyfriend a sandwhich!" "Didn't you steal this game from your boyfriend?" "Girls can't kill people, they're too sensitive, they'd just break down and cry, in fact why's that not an animation for the female characters?" "Oh look, she's playing the prostitute, no wonder, probably wants to feel pretty," Okay so I liked to play as the Lady Maverick since she actually looked like my grandma in a photo I have of when she was younger but still, people is there really need for this? I'm getting so fucking sick of this sexist bullshit! Girl gamers are JUST GAMERS. Hence why I am really afraid to go on the Mutliplayer for Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag in the fear I will be met with the same sexist jokes and remarks about my gender. I would honestly like to get other people's opinions on this issue as well as I would like to meet some people on PSN who don't constantly give me this bullshit! I paid $60 for a game and I want to enjoy every aspect about it, but I can't do that when other people give me shit because of my gender! If I hear one more "PMS" remark heads will roll!
  11. Looking for fellow AJSA's to play some Injustice: Gods Among Us online! Everyone is welcome and I'm always looking for a fight! We can even bring it over to the net gen when GOTY comes out!
  12. Is DRM a bad thing, and could it possibly be implemented in say ten years time? Please do read on. I raise this question due to the fact online gaming sales are growing at an alarming rate. I say alarming because once a certain percentage of games are reached per year from Xbox and Playstation's online services. (Supply and Demand business 101) The production cost of manufacturing disc will not be economically viable. It maybe even 5 years time, who knows but I reckon soon. Gamers then would then have no options as to where to buy their content. The second-hand market would die. Jobs would be lost because all transactions would be dealt by computer servers. The Market would go from an open market to a closed market. Is this bad or good or should I ask what are the cons of this? This process intern would raise the chances for DRM to be implemented on any console. Why did they want to implement it I think because developers are losing out on trade ins. Microsoft practically said so in a round about way. If you can only get games from only two market places and can't resell what does this mean? Your consumer rights would be broken in Europe any how if your are unable to resell does this break consumer rights in Europe as far as I know(correct me if I am wrong) it does. I am not sure about USA and its laws. I think there needs to be a system where you can sell your used Digital content. This requires infrastructure to allow third party re-sellers to keep the market open, as it currently stands in the retail disc based industry. Correct me if I am wrong Microsoft could still implement a closed market in the future. this gives more control to them and the developers but at what cost to the gaming industry! A loophole as a handling fee could be used as a stealth tactic for the developer benifit. I see this as very enriching for the industry in a closed console specific market. If there was an open market infrastructure on the internet third party sellers could sell used digital console games via the pc. I could not see Microsoft creating the infrastructure on their console or by Sony for that matter unless told to by that regions government. Its not their prerogative. It would compete with there own marketplace. The only problem with used digital content tradins is that it could sky rocket because its fast simple easy and cheaper than a full price retail game including delivery(on demand). I think developers could lose out on more sales if an open market was used as It currently stands with the disc based part of the industry. It could possibly stranglehold the gaming industry more. Why has Microsoft wanted to seperate Xbox from Microsoft This is why I think Microsoft wanted DRM. Could this be a good thing then? Pay to play subscription like on spotify is an idea. Or is a conditional charge that goes to developers on resale could enrich developers and increase output and quality, a good thing I think so. This is dependant on the developers reputation greed and how passionate they are about games they make. As developers would have more money better games could follow suit. To take action we could not buy downloadable games for our console we could boycott this system of Digital Content. This is radical action? How dependant is the industry on downloadable games. The pc for example has steam, great value and soon to be implemented a share program and a resales program(not sure how that is going to work)My guess is a closed market. The pc market has suffered in the last 15 years because of piracy. If we are going to continue reselling our disc based games. Can the industry support itself, I don't know? Maybe Microsoft doesn't think so. They are losing money as far as I am aware when it comes to Xbox. The pros to used games is we are supporting jobs that used games have made and the economy in all regions. It also enriches the community buy sharing games. Selling games allows you to get rid of products you don't want to somebody else that does(sorry for stating the obvious). Microsoft are possibly doing a clever ploy on getting owners to be online with things like the store and advertisements on the dashboard to really push Digital content or they are just meeting demand. This raises company ethic's, Microsoft and Playstation will probably drag there feet on the floor when it comes to third party resellers when it comes if it comes. Though when the law changes if it does and I am hopeful it will as it stands the industry is so big and consumers need rights of an open market in terms of digital content. Even though a closed market on tradins can enrich the games we play in this case I have stated. As far as I know this is being debated and is a very complex issue, It deals with infrastructure as I mentioned before, sorry. In the physical sense you can go to some shop or many shops and trade in your games they are connected by the physical environment. The option to choose which digital shop, you sell your games at has to have an infasturctured environment where all shops are tied to one market with trade-in digital content codes. This raises two problems how is this setup, and who will create this infrastructure, possiblely a government I don't know . Who knows? If not the Sony and Microsoft will create there own closed market of which console you own you are then bound buy their restriction they put in place when your selling used digital content. So at what cost could digital trade ins make the industry suffer or better dependant on the market that evolve out of the industry. So maybe DRM is a good thing time will tell without it or not, that's left to you guys to discuss. I will be interested to hear what you think could happen to the future of gaming in the next 10 years when it comes to tradins digital or not in an open or closed market!
  13. Tribal Wars is a great online browser strategy game that is played over a long period of time. I used to play this game a lot several years back, and was considering getting back into it. I was wondering if any of you enjoy this game as well, and might be able to tell me some of the changes that have gone on. I'm not sure how popular this game is, but its a good time if anyone is looking for group strategy games.
  14. Hey guys, i think we should start an angry amry gppo comunity. Put those ursenames here and lets expand our army to new grounds and conquer gaming itself!!
  15. Hello peoples, Im JTonFire and i want to expand our gaming comunity to the gppo platform! Post your username here in this Forum and let s has some fun playing retro games.