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Found 333 results

  1. Never really been apart of any community and I'm a little bit late on introductions, but still... hello! anyone who is perusing through this introduction thread. I'm in need of some fellow AJSA members to kick back and just have some dumb fun, have a couple of brews or soda and show people that the Angry Army is awesome. I used to be a exclusively 360 player but now I'm on the Personal Computer. Games which I am looking to play with the army: TF2, Cards against Humanity, Isketch, Board game online. Of course there are always the conventional games like COD and BF but I prefer the weird, silly and indie types instead. You can be of any age to roll with me....dawg You just gotta know how to have fun I've never used teamspeak or mumble, keep it simple, keep it skype or steam call. Obviously I'm looking for 3-4 people not the entire army haha Hit me up on here and then we'll get down and dirty.
  2. I've never gotten around playing Civ 5 online against other players. I know I am late to the game but at least I have the game. I would love to play online with other Civ players. Is this game even still current?
  3. I for a fact am really looking forward to the new Nvidia chip so who else is
  4. If you ever played pinball machines (or even if you never played one), check out Pinball Arcade, free on Steam! (This is more of a demo mode though. You get one free machine.) Considering how much it cost to play back then for the real deal (between AU$1 to 2 a credit), AU$4.99 for one machine (or Seasons at about AU$22!) it's a bargain! The act of getting pinball machine ROMs and recreating the tables was around by using VBPinball and PinMAME together, but in an illegal and annoyingly hard way to accomplish. Farsight plan to recreate all the greats and the memorable tables inbetween. If you like STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION or TERMINATOR 2 you're in luck! That's two of the ones already made! There are a few gems in the unknowns too, and Farsight let you try them all (up to a score point - get too high? Prompt saying "Buy or Quit"). A good demo mode where you get to feel the table, see how it is. And you get challenges too. Typical goals and Wizard goals (No, not like D&D. Think "Pinball Wizard by The Who). (And for the achievement junkies, 117 SO FAR. High Scores, Goals, etc.) It's a wierd kind of F2P, but it is, kind of F2P with monetization if you want the game free of "score's too high" death. A lot of nostalgia, but even for me, I'm a 80s kid who played a LOT of the last big ones, and I'm finding tables that never made it here! The physics are solid, and it even plays on a XBOX360 controller well! (LT/RT triggers = flippers, A or right stick for ball hitter [?], left stick for thumping the table around!) Give it a go, you may find you like the old school pinball/nostalgia! (I'm now pestering them for Back To The Future, Doctor Who, Demolition Man and Addams Family. Although the last one might be a pain to get rights to thanks to Raul Julia's family...OF COURSE!) STEAM Store Link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/238260/
  5. Huzzah! Windows Live will be slain in July of 2014! For many PC gamers like myself this is great news since Windows Live was a big mess in my opinion. However, I am worried that Dark Souls will be unplayable for PC since I have not heard of any patch news phasing this game and others out of Games for Windows Live. I hope they do patch Dark Souls since it does have an extensive gaming community on the PC. It will suck that I will not be able to play a game I paid for because of something like Games for Windows breaking it. I have to say that this will affect my choice of getting Dark Souls II because they refuse to patch for an earlier game. It tells me that they don't really care about their PC audience. Has anyone heard of any news of a patch for Dark Souls?
  6. Hey just looking for people who wish to play battlefield 4 regularly just post your Origin name and i will add you and we can begin our fight I live in EU just to let you know.
  7. Are alienwares good computers that are a little too pricey or are they over-glorified pieces of shi- Anyway. Provide a good argue meant to back it up. Nothing too fancy, just don't act like a COD 6 year old
  8. Hello Angry Army! I am looking for opinions on what consoles I should buy. I tend to buy consoles based on how many exclusives I can get that I can not get on PC. Nintendo being one of those companies I buy consoles from mainly because of their high amount of exclusives (C'mon who doesn't like Mario, Kirby and Donkey Kong Country.). I currently own a PS2, Wii and Xbox 360 from my pre-PC days. I am wondering if PS4 would be worth buying compared to the Xbox one. I have to say my Xbox 360 is kind of a flop for me because most of the games I can get on PC are found predominantly on Xbox with exception of a few like Red Dead Redemption and Gears of War. This is not surprising since they are supported by the same company. Thanks so much for your input!
  9. just made the switch from console to pc looking for some ppl to run with on battlefield 4 after working hours round 7 or 8 west coast time.
  10. I'll say this right off the back: My PC is awful, it runs Black Ops 2 on 30-60 FPS and that's in the lowest settings. And in Guatemala I find it hard to find a store that well, sells Gaming PCs. Does anyone that lives or knows Guatemala recognize a place where I can upgrade or get a new PC? I'm in a desperate situation here.
  11. Ok so first off loving the new Angry Army and I'm hoping to get to know a lot of you guys ! So lets get into this ! For all you Mount and Blade fans I was hoping we could start a topic of our favourite Mods for Warband so we can all figure out new ways to keep M&B fresh! I myself am looking for Mods that completely overhaul M&B like for Example 'A Clash of Kings' that turns the map, factions and people into ones from Game of Thrones. ( Highly suggested Mod for those who haven't played it ) Anyways, I was hoping you could all list your favourite Mods and a short description of what it is and we can get the M&B community alive again! Peace out <3 -Dylan
  12. I know its a bit old but wanted to share it with you. My own Review of Metro Last Light. Enjoy Finally, one of the most anticipated sequel of the most popular First person shooters Metro 2033 is here. Will this games is going to be any good or should we all forget about it? Metro Last Light Serious Review Enter once again the world of Soviet Apocalyptic World of Metro Developer: 4A Games Publisher: Deep Silver Release Date: May 17 2013 Genre: First Person Shooter Modes: Single Player Available for : PS3,Xbox 360 , PC Finally, one of the most anticipated sequel of the most popular First person shooters Metro 2033 is here. Will this games is going to be any good or should we all forget about it? Story This game tells us about the story of Artyom, who after he launched the missiles and destroyed the home of the Dark once, he joins the Order and becomes a Ranger of the Metro. After The orders find one survivor of the dark they send Artyom to eliminate him. Unfortunately, before managing doing that he gets captured by the Nazis. Now he has to escape, he has to fight against Nazis and deadly monsters to find the dark one and find out that this particular Dark might be the last hope of humanity. Graphics Metro 2033 was a beautiful game with amazing levels and atmosphere. Last light offers the same and even better visuals and breathtaking level designs. You will visit creepy tunnels, ruined cities, catacombs, swamps and more. Every level has been designed with amazing detail, from character models of your allies and your enemies until the textures that had been used in various area surfaces. Anti-aliasing levels of characters models and environment are great. The atmosphere that they created is amazing. Although they put limited graphic options which can only be configured though config.ini. Some options might be the FOV change and the DirectX 9 ability. Sound Metro last light contains a variety of sounds from creepy ambient you hear while you go through a level. The well-made monsters roars make them really believable. The music is well suited with the background. The sounds that you hear from the residents in the towns are very realistic. The weapon fire sounds are really well made and sound realistic. They did awesome work in that sector of the game that immerse you in the creepy world of Metro. Gameplay Metro Last light brings us a lot of improvements in this Soviet-Post Apocalyptic game. One of the most problematic issues in Metro 2033 was the stealth mechanics. Which they work much better in the new installment by using the shadows so that enemies won’t see you and having a clock where you can see how much oxygen you have and a blue light which indicates if people can see you or not. In addition, you can remove light bulbs and turn off the lights of an entire area after finding the main switch, which can make your life easier. After you approach an enemy you can either stub him to death or knock him out. This can help you a lot to get past without firing you gun at all. Other features that enchant the immersion of the game are the ability to charge your flashlight with a charger. Also there is the ability to clean your gas-mask from bugs and liquid dirt. Other improvement is the currency in the game. In Metro 2033 you were using your ammo as currency to buy weapons or other utilities, now you can use a special ammo for buying your equipment. You collect a different kind of currency which you can find it across the levels and enemies and you can spend them to buy new weapons and ammo. Also you can upgrade your existing weapons. You can add scopes and silencers on your weapon. You can find new weapons which really match the theme of the post-apocalyptic game. There is a big variety of rifles, machine guns and revolvers. There is a good variety of weapons you can choose, although the limited ammo you have you must really be careful how many ammo you spent and stealth is a better choice if you want to survive in this world. There is also a Weapon Menu which you can choose your secondary choice of arms. You can choose between throwing knifes, mines, grenade and fire grenade. You do that by pressing TAB and a circle menu in the middle of the screen comes out and by using you Mouse (PC) or analogue sticks (Consoles) you choose you weapon. This kind of menu is clearly intended for consoles users. You are using the secondary weapons by pressing C and whichever you have chosen it uses it. The only problem with this is you can’t aim beforehand. For instance if you choose to throw knifes you have to aim before you throw it. This is difficult most of the times. Other problem is the weak melee knife. Instead of having it as a primary weapon in this game it approaches a more traditional way of having it on a button and using it. Although this feels a more modern game the range of the attack is very limited and very difficult to use it against other monsters. There are some new monsters around, from spider-scorpion kind of monster, fish monsters which you fight them in swamp area and this time around there are bosses, which offer challenges for even experienced players in high difficulty settings. One more interesting addition is when you fall into the water which you have to clearly avoid because if you do it and fall in, there are piranhas kind of monsters where they will eat you alive. The AI of the enemies is not bad either. Although sometimes they feel stupid and restarted where they can’t see you when you are in front of them or they keep staring a wall. Overall they feel quite difficult in higher difficulty and enough challenging. Especially the monsters that charge you and try to avoid your bullets while moving towards you. This game immerses you deeply into the world of Metro but sometimes this experience can be ruined by the fact that the character doesn’t speak apart from the loading screen. You can’t see his reflection in a mirror or water. He is just 2 flying Hands. Although that doesn’t ruin the experience of the game at all but it would enchant it even greater if it was there. Ranger Mode This particular mode as the developers said "as the game is meant to be played" offers a challenging experience for veteran players of Metro. With no hub or indicators on how much health or Ammo remains, or what to press to interact with the world but instead you have to react to the background sounds. Such as knife sound when you are near a enemy. In addition you have to watch your watch to see how much oxygen you have and the beeping sound comes out when you are nearly out of it. The difficulty increases but not so much with other enemies than with other monsters. Stealth here plays a bigger role than Rambo style and the ammo is very limited so that you have to make enough saving for you to survive. Although there is no way for you to see how many ammo you have, which make it very difficult job for the player. Conclusion Metro Last Light brings a lot of improvements both in gameplay and graphics. Offering you an immersion experience nothing like most game today have. Although some minor bugs, limited graphic settings and the fact they offer the ranger mode in a DLC for 5 more backs hurt the game slightly. But apart from all that, this game is a masterpiece and is recommended to all metro and Post-apocalyptic fans out there. Score: 9/10
  13. So I dropped $89.90 for this game, since I'm in Australia and everything is as expensive as hell, expecting a smooth casual shooter to kick back with with my mate...what did we get? An un-optimized mess with constant frame drops below 60fps in high end hardware, the game stutters and struggles at times if there is a bird on screen(that bird AI guys), and NO FOV SLIDER! Now I've only been on PC for about 9 months now and don't know the state of previous Call of Duty titles on PC but for a game to be released in this state is just disgraceful to all PC gamers whether they play COD or not. Is anyone actually having no issues with this title, and not getting sick from the narrow FOV?
  14. As the title says, does it worth it right now? Considering the angry rant (over 9000!) and info in some forums, should I wait for some fixes, at least the game crashes? Or it's somehow enjoyable despite the glitches?. If some of you have played it, I like to know your thoughts on this, thanks and see you in the battlefield! P.S.: I didn't buy BF4 yet, so, see you in BF3. P.S. 2: PC FTW! PS3: It's a current gen console. P.S. 4: I'm Argentinian and my English sucks.
  15. I'm unsure whether or not the AJSA has a TF2 Server or not, however I'd love to at least meet a few of you in an empty public server, not necessarily to fight and cause conflict but to goof around in jolly co-operation and get to know one-another. If you're interested please reply, I'll be sure to add you.
  16. Hey everyone Im Aaron from a new Channel GamePlayBoys on youtube! My friends and I have been longtime Joe fans and we were excited when we heard about the new AngryArmy website. We have always wanted to be able to get to know all of you better. We are so stoked the Angry Commanders have acctually made this possible for us all to get together on an amazing site. Well ill cut to the Chase we are a new channel just looking for some feedback we plan on posting Gameplay footage of w/e we happen to be playing that week and are looking to post weekly content for you guys. Im just gonna drop this here ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pt__WO31Wow ) again I give my love out to all of you guys, and Joe. We hope you guys enjoy our videos, we are looking forward to your response!
  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZ1h3KzAivc The upcoming game "Project Spark" is all about creativity. It's more than Minecraft or LittleBigPlanet - you make the game itself. Anything you put your mind to is possible. Make an RPG, a campaign, a shooter, a racing game, a platformer. You name it, you make it. The game releases around mid-2014, no actual release date confirmed yet. The game will be available for the PC, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. PROS: Not only can your creations become a reality, but they can be shared with anyone - cross-platform. Make a platforming game on the PC, and share it with your friends who play on the Xbox One; Make a shooter on the 360, have your PC buddy try it out! This is where the multiplayer aspect of it shines.The community aspect of it will enhance the AJSA as a whole. Create forums to share ideas of projects you or others have been working on, and there'll sure to be people who want to try it out. When the project is complete, tag it with "AJSA," or "Angry Joe Army", and people will see the greatness that the Angry Joe Army possesses. Sure, there are differences among gamers, but, in the end, we are all a community, and this game is sure to show itCONS: Dumb ideas. There is guaranteed to be stupid and pointless content uploaded to share with a community. Something tells me these things can range from a jumpscare to absolute wastes of time.Plagiarism and theft. Ideas can be stolen from other's projects and can claim to be totally original, which is not only cruel, but a violation of Code of Conduct in the AJSA (in one way or another)I'm not sure how expansive the multiplayer aspect of it is aside from the sharing, but in the video, it looked like playing with someone else is possible. I truly hope other gamers and members of the AJSA see the greatness in this sort of game. Project Spark brings a sort of magic to the human mind not found in many places. Gaming is a community - Project Spark can prove it.
  18. Hello everyone! My real name is Petri Lahti. I'm 25-years-old guy from Finland. You can find me on the Internet under the nickname NETURI. I like animations, comics, movies and of course video games. I like also draw so I have "art" gallery on deviantart and furaffinity. I also have two youtube channels but the contet is only in finnish..for now. I'm in the last year with my studies so I'll be busy at the moment. I'll promise you guys that I'll be more active in 2014. I found Angry joe on TGWTG.com. First I didn't care because Joe reviews were Xbox games and I had a Wii. But later I noticed how fun they were so I started to watch his videos and that's how I'm now here too. I have played videogames since I was a little. My first console was the NES and I still love those games what I used to play with my brother. Other consoles what I own are: Amiga 1200, Snes, Sega Megadrive, PS1, Gameboy, Gamecube, 3DS XL, Wii, and Xbox 360. I'm thinking for buying Wii U and PS 4. But still I'm now more a PC gamer. Thanks for reading and see you guys on the battlefield!
  19. I like a lot the sim franchise, especially their sim city, the sim city societies I think its their best game till now, the ability to create a city and to customize to be whatever you want, and that even the buildings dictate what kind of city it, is why I think its the best sim game, which is your favorite sim game and why??
  20. Anyone here uses GameRanger??, if yes my GameRanger nickname is WarandWin.
  21. well, this is a series of games even i havent seen Angry Joe touch, or even know he ever has it XD what is Serious Sam? you may ask, well, why not use something called Google and you can find a Wikipedia page on it, but i'll say here... Serious Sam is a game series that was a PC exclusive and still mostly is, it is a Arcade type FPS that is like the Strategy Games, but fast paced and such. much like your Dooms and Duke Nukem 3Ds and games from that era, you can hold all those weapons all at once, you don't need to worry on weapons, but you do have to worry on Ammo, also those Risk vs. Reward type things, there barely any cover but there's ways to beat every enemy with one shot, there IS ALWAYS something. Serious Sam spans 8 games 4 main games, 2 Indie Games, and 2 remakes, this is the HD Editions, they are the Second Encounter and First Encounter, you can get them about 10 bucks on steam each, but you can get the Gold Edition that can give you both HD FE/SE and the Classic FE/SE as well, you can also get Serious Same 3: BFE Gold Edition (though it's called that as it's Before First Encounter, it's supposed to detail the months detailing what happens before FE or how it happens) which gives you the same, both Classic games. there IS a Serious Sam 2, it's mostly the exact game as SS:SE is really, but has vehicles, extra weapons, and no ambushes like FE and SE have, but it's alot more harder as theres over 30 enemy types and doesn't have 12 to 13 missions that the FE and SE have. I'm mostly looking for some nice people to maybe play through SS:FE and SS:SE and maybe 2 as well, as i have all the SS games anyway, just some friendly Co-op too. and someone get Joe the series, and let him review the games XD
  22. Okay, so I have came to realise how bad and overrated Xbox is and I'm looking to get into the pc side of gaming I'll have about £500 to spend buying/building a pc any recommendations.
  23. I need the help from the angry army i am getting into PC gaming but i need a new pc can any one help me to build a gaming pc for 1000 dollars all i need is suggestions of parts or finished build. This can also help other people that want to get into PC that are in the army. if you want to talk kontakt me on steam.
  24. Hello guys (and lets be frank, we're mainly guys ), whats your opinion on the new consoles and is it truly worth buying them? I mean, after watching a ps3/ps4 graphics comparison in AC4, It was indeed more vibrant and smooth but not worth buying a new console over it..
  25. Console Killer

    From the album MARVOL Console Killer

    Motherboard: Fatal1ty 990FX Professional CPU: AMD FX-6200 3.8 (4.1GHz Turbo) RAM: OCZ Gold 6GB (3 x 2GB) GPU/Graphics: EVGA GeForce GTX 660 Ti SC+ 3GB w/Backplate, SLI EVGA GeForce GTX 660 Ti 3GB w/Backplate Case: Azza / Azzatek CSAZ-9000W PCU: EVGA SuperNOVA NEX 750 G 80 PLUS GOLD

    © Azza, AMD, EVGA, OCV Technology, ASRock,