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Found 332 results

  1. So you guys who have an actual DS, or maybe like to use Emulators for them PC enthusiasts. Any of you have a favourite Generation or Pokemon itself? My favourite Gen has to be Gen 4 My favourite Pokemon's are. Arceus, Glacion and Dialga:3
  2. I didn't notice that anyone had posted the soundtrack to this game on here yet so I thought it would be worth sharing. I've listened to this all the way through once and I'm working on a second. I'm loving the soundtrack and in a game like this the music really sets the tone and makes playing for long stretches less noticeable. My favorite song so far would have to be at 5:48, Seconds to Eclipse. http://youtu.be/tVDjQsLRVvU And for anyone who doesn't know what I just posted. Here's the trailer... http://youtu.be/eNs1rdSkUi8
  3. Sup my name is Luuk Breebaart I mostly use the name Awedewab in my games. i mostly play strategic games like the Total War franchise and AoE, AoM. I'm also into rpg's and Mmorpg like Guild Wars 2 just ad me on Steam if you want, thanks Greetings From the Netherlands
  4. CheapShark is a website that allows you to look at the greatest deals for multiple online game stores. Ranging from Steam and Origin, to GameStop's online store, and Amazon, to GOG. It shows great deals and is useful if your looking for a certain game on sale and want to find the best price. http://www.cheapshark.com/
  5. I need help finding a cheap PC setup so I can play upcoming games
  6. Just now it got me thinking what do us as a community think should be nerfed by blizzard next?
  7. Now I played RE1-3, Fatal Frame, FEAR, Amnesia, Slender, Outlast, all that shit. Scared of Fatal Frame and FEAR 1 while enjoyed and not scared of the others. I never thought I will ever find another game that's going to make me get unsettled of playing it, now i found one that tops it all off. Cry of Fear, which is based on Half Life 1 mod apparently, wow, this game is something. 5 minutes into the game and I quit for the first time because I don't want to go through with playing it. Check it out guys, it's free. Or if you're not looking forward to piss your pants, you can just see a playthrough of the game. To demonstrate how freaking scary this game is, let me give you my experience. Imagine walking to a dark corner with bare lightning. And then you see this thing. I froze afterwards and quit the game. You can't just recover after seeing a giant head like that in the dark. And then after I got brave enough to play the game again, I pass through another dark corner and I see a floating long haired woman in white coming after me. I ran. NOW I'm at a stage in the forest where it's really dark and my only light source is a torch, and then in the background you hear the sound of a chainsaw, and next thing you know there's a crazy psycho trying to cut you with it. I quit the game and now I can't progress any father because I'm to scared.
  8. Well, let´s about our set ups and posible upgrades for the next gen games maybe. You can make suggestions or dream with nasa´s PC. This is my PC for casual gaming . My PC: I3 2120 ( next year an i5 ) Amd 7850 Xfx 1gb DRR5 4 GB ram ( i know its very low , im upgrading maybe to 4x2 or 8x1 dont know yet) Sentey SS1 power supply And the monitor is kinda old, Samsung 17 " ( resolution 1440*900 )
  9. What's up guys! Regrettably I don't have as much time to game like I used to, but I manage to make time for it. I do most of my gaming on the PS3, I used to be a PC/PS2 gamer but I got a Mac for college so cue the terrible Mac jokes. I have Steam so you can occasionally find me running around after a Heavy as a Medic in TF2 or mowing down zombie hordes in Left 4 Dead 2. I'm usually only on if someone asks to play something, so hit me up sometime so I can procrastinate from my school work like a pro! The games I like to play are too plentiful to list in detail, but I made some hoodie graphics to represent those at the top of my list: http://i.imgur.com/t79zW.jpg (front) & http://i.imgur.com/Q9jBj.jpg (back) If some of my favorites are on your list too then hit me up, let's be gamer friends =]
  10. So i'll be getting myself a gaming PC soon, are there any good JRPGs I could get to play on PC?
  11. Soon to be 21 year old guy from Sweden. Games I play Battlefield 4 on PS3 GTA 5 on PS3 Guild Wars 2 on PC MoH: 2010 on PC Games I will/probably will play ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) on PC COD: Ghost on Ps3 or Ps4 You will find me in all the games as Awrath, except on PS3 and PS4 where I will be named _-_Awrath_-_ (because my friend "borrowed" my nickname)
  12. Tribal Wars is a great online browser strategy game that is played over a long period of time. I used to play this game a lot several years back, and was considering getting back into it. I was wondering if any of you enjoy this game as well, and might be able to tell me some of the changes that have gone on. I'm not sure how popular this game is, but its a good time if anyone is looking for group strategy games.
  13. It's been just over 3 years since Civilization V was released and now it seems it's becoming overburdened with DLC. Do you think there should be a whole new game with a nearly complete reworking, more genral patches, more DLC, etc, etc? What do you guys think?
  14. I love to play games with the keyboard and mouse, but I have never had a good rig, and I probably never will. So I've decided to turn to you guys and ask for suggestions for something powerful enough to run a game like Planet Side 2 (with decent to below average settings) for a decent price. (Preferably below 1000 dollars) I'm open to all suggestions so please, do your best to help. Thank you.
  15. So, the Steam Winter Sale 2013 is coming up. What are some of the games you plan on getting during the sale? Here's a few games I'm getting if they go on sale: Planetary Annihilation (only if it's 50% off or more, it's a 60$ game at the moment) Total War: Rome 2 Age of Empires 2 HD edition Space Engineers Papers Please Mount and Blade: With Fire & Sword Volgarr the Viking Democracy 3 STEAM FTW
  16. so im a college student and my budge is pretty low. here is my build but i am still deciding which graphics card to get. http://pcpartpicker.com/user/rutherne/saved/2LnH im going to pick up everything on black friday hopefully to save some bucks i am still deciding of getting the r9 270x http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814202050&nm_mc=AFC-C8Junction&cm_mmc=AFC-C8Junction-_-na-_-na-_-na&cm_sp=&AID=10446076&PID=3938566&SID= or the 7870 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814202025 my goal is to be able to play bf4 on ultra settings, which i think i will accomplish with mantle. And to play star citizen. later on in a couple months after i bought the parts, i will be upgrading to 16 gigs of ram, a after marker cpu fan and a ssd. i was planning on upgrading the gpu in a year when star citizen comes out. tell me what you think.
  17. Welcome to the Cookie Clicker Thread! If you have never heard of Cookie Clicker here is the link: http://orteil.dashnet.org/cookieclicker/ Cookie Clicker is a very addictive free browser game where you click the cookie.
  18. I recently picked up this game on steam and I love it now. Does anyone else play it?
  19. Which is a better gamming platform Steam or Origin For me its Steam, cause they always put any games on sale at anytime
  20. Post your gaming rig, laptop, or other pc related things you would like to brag about! Here's mine: i5 4670k (cpu)r9 290x (gpu)Bitfenix Prodigy (case)WD 2 terabyte (HDD)Win 8.1 (OS)Corsair CXM 600W (PSU)Gigabyte Z87N Wifi (MOBO)Bitfenix Spectre x2 (fans)Molex to 3 pin power cable (fan adapter because my mobo doesn't have enough fan headers)Bitfenix Alchemy Red LED 12cm (Lighting)Corsair Vengeance 8gb x1 (RAM)Here is a picture! (Some components aren't in the picture sorry!
  21. THE MASTER LIST OF PC GAMES So I'm looking for a big long list of PC games, both old and new, good and bad, that are absolute must plays if you're a PC gamer. Obviously looking for input on this list, and would like to get to every game on it. Let me know what you think! ========================================================================================== CLASSIC GAMES + System Shock 1 & 2 + Baulder's Gate 1 & 2 + Half Life 1 + Deus Ex + Diablo 2 + Might and Magic (There are lots of these.) + Icewind 1 & 2 + Morrowind + Daggerfall NEWER GAMES + Fallout 3 + Oblivion & Skyrim + Minecraft + Portal 1 & 2 + Deus Ex Human Revolution + Torchlight 2 + Borderlands 1 & 2 + Dark Souls + Starcraft 2 MULTIPLAYER BASED GAMES + Team Fortress 2 + World Of Warcraft + League of Legends + DOTA 2 + Path Of Exile + Gary's Mod + Day Z + Left 4 Dead 2 ============================================================================================== Also looking for some cool point and click adventure games. I'd like a separate list for those, since there are a lot.
  22. Hello anyone who decides to read this, I hope to become friends with many people through this community. I hope none of you will judge me for my age (16) or if I suck at some games. I'm primarily a xbox player, but also have a PC. -Tyler
  23. I'm just someone from Argentina, came here out of curiosity. Wonder what experiences will i have with ya?
  24. Battlefield, as well as similar FPS titles in recent years have delivered sub-par singleplayer components in order to draw in the casual crowd. Does Battlefield 4 differentiate from this? Find out in my video impressions of the singleplayer campaign!
  25. I'm 22, mainly a PC gamer (not an elitist or a supporter of said behavior) but I've got both a 3DSxl and a Vita as well. I like sports, video games, Superheros, some anime etc. I play mostly RPGs and enjoy discussing them. Pleased to meet everyone, happy gaming!