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Found 327 results

  1. It seems to be common practice for game developers to make laughably terrible movie/film licensed games. Nonetheless there are some that deserve to be played and are given a bad name by other games of the type. I personally loved Spiderman 2 for it's gameplay and open world even for the playstation 2. So my question for you all is what are the best movie licensed games?
  2. Anyone getting Dead Rising 3?
  3. Ok so Katsuhiro Harada (Creator of Tekken) said that he would do a Xenosaga HD Collection if there was enough demand for it. So if a Xenosaga HD Collection was made would you buy it?
  4. So, with the plentiful options to game on I'm in a difficult situation. I have a dilemma over what I should invest in: PlayStation 3 or 4, XBOX 360 or ONE, or PC. I've been Sony loyal since the PS1 but I'm willing to walk a different path or stay on course. My question for you folks, which of these 5 should I buy and invest my time/money in?
  5. Hi well this is my first topic and place will be just exclusive for all people searching emulators or old games to play on for your PC
  6. This is pretty much a trial by fire for me but one must take the plunge at some point so here are the reviews I have written as of this point in time. More to follow as and when. No Holds Barred (Blog - http://noholdsreviews.blogspot.co.uk/) No Holds Barred Reviews: No Holds Barred Review - SimCity (2013) (PC): http://noholdsreviews.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/no-holds-barred-simcity-2013-review.html No Holds Barred Review - Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies (3DS): http://noholdsreviews.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/no-holds-barred-phoenix-wright-ace.html No Holds Barred Review - Battlefield 4 (PC): http://noholdsreviews.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/no-holds-barred-review-battlefield-4-pc.html No Holds Barred Review - Call of Duty: Ghosts (PC): http://noholdsreviews.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/no-holds-barred-review-call-of-duty.html No Holds Barred Review - Titanfall (PC): http://noholdsreviews.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/titanfall-pc.html No Holds Barred Review - Child of Light (PC): http://noholdsreviews.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/no-holds-barred-review-child-of-light-pc.html No Holds Barred Review - Watch_Dogs (PC): http://noholdsreviews.blogspot.co.uk/2014/06/no-holds-barred-review-watchdogs-pc.html No Holds Barred Review - Mario Kart 8 (WiiU): http://noholdsreviews.blogspot.co.uk/2014/06/no-holds-barred-review-mario-kart-8-wiiu.html No Holds Barred Review - Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare (PC): http://noholdsreviews.blogspot.co.uk/2014/07/no-holds-barred-review-plants-vs.html No Holds Barred Review - Valiant Hearts: The Great War (PC): http://noholdsreviews.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/no-holds-barred-review-valiant-hearts.html (NEW) No Holds Barred Review - Another Perspective (PC): http://noholdsreviews.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/no-holds-barred-review-another.html Collectors Archive: Collectors Archive - Ace Combat: Assault [Enhanced Edition] (PC): http://noholdsreviews.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/collectors-archive-ace-combat-assault.html No Holds Barred is now in a video format.
  7. Heyyo, Now, I'm a fan of Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide... both are very enjoyable FPS zombie games and I love how it's slower-paced than L4D series and emphasizes more on melee combat than guns. Sure, they're a bit buggy, but for me? It never detracted from the enjoyment of pulling an all night co-op session with my friends and then realizing "Oh shit! It's 4am! I gtg to bed so I can have some sleep for work at 8am!" Dead Island 2 looks quite fantastic... but the part that worries me? It's being developped by Yager... the guys who made Spec Ops: The Line which got poor review scores from webpages I recognize like Gamespot... so I'm hoping for a demo before I go and buy the full product... that or a review at least. How about you guys? Any of you enjoyed Dead Island as much as I did? Back in the day I got it for free... traded a limited-edition item on TF2... my OSX Earbuds for it... heh, I attained them during a promotion where if you play TF2 on a Mac within the first two months of release on OSX? You got them for free... so me messing around with Hackintosh nabbed me 4 free copies of Dead Island and that's what sparked a few all-nighter co-op game sessions. Here's the latest trailer for Dead Island 2 It looks more action-heavy than previous Dead Islands... but it also looks like lots of fun.
  8. I got Fable: The Lost Chapters on the Steam Summer Sale and have played it for a few hours. I got to level 8 I think and am making an evil character, just wondering who else has played / is playing Fable: TLC and how are you making your character (good / evil, warrior / rogue / mage, etc)?
  9. There comes a time when just once in your life you owe it to yourself to build that one pc that just makes you feel the true joys of bankruptcy. I will be building as such next year hopefully by around the first or second quarter of 2015. Now of course I'm going to keep changing up the list if new parts come out before I get the money, but I'm not going wait if I have the cash if there is some new tech around the corner, there is always new tech. But I can be assured I can at least game, record, render, and upload at the same time (At least it better). Which is good if I want to maximize uploading to my channel. Because waiting for a near 6 hour recording to take 43 hours to render and not being able to continue recording during that time is just irritating. My Build Plan: http://secure.newegg.com/WishList/PublicWishDetail.aspx?WishListNumber=25316805 Now I am intending to get the Haswell-e coming out in september which will of course mean I'm changing the motherboard and cpu on my list. I will be going for the 8-core from Intel if it drops before my cash in time. If the GTX 800 series also happens to drop by then I will be getting the GTX 880 which will be quite the upgrade from my GTX 560 Ti I currently use. If anyone else is planning a costly build just for the heck of it or for a specific reason I'd like to see and hear it.
  10. Anyone interested in playing some classic dead island on pc with me. I just got the PC version.
  11. I've been watching a lot of TotalBiscuit's videos today and he brings up the subject of 60 FPS a lot, and he makes a good point when he says it's needed. I know a lot of people share his opinion, and some people oppose it, and some people don't seem to notice since console games are generally locked to 30 FPS. Personally, I don't mind either way. I'm a console gamer the majority of the time, as such I've become used to seeing games run at 30 FPS, but I do agree that 60 FPS makes games look vastly superior. In fact I'd even go so far as to say that 60 FPS is probably going to become the next graphical and performance standard just like 1080p did (even though some consoles and developers are still saying it's too hard to do that). However, for the time being I'm fine with 30 FPS, and I totally understand if other feel differently and say that they should at least have the option to have it. Hell, Metro is being remastered in 60 FPS for consoles so you can bet your ass I'll be checking that out. Also I want to say, if and when I do get myself a proper gaming PC I will most likely be expecting my games to run at 60 FPS. How about you guys? I know a lot of your guys are PC gamers, so feel free to throw your hat into the ring.
  12. Hey guys and gals! Anyone else see this! Evolve alpha sign up for PC! Hurry up and show your support so we can get a presence in the game! Know that there is a NDA so talking about the game is a no no, but it does give you a chance to play! http://www.polygon.com/2014/7/3/5868969/evolve-alpha-test-pc-sign-up
  13. Some of you may remember me from various hearthstone discussions others might be on my friends list in Infinite Crisis and gone a few matches in the lost sectors there. Most of you will probebly not know my name though since I have been a bit inactive the last couple of months having been completely swamped with work. And my work is what brings me here today, as my dayjob is being the CEO of a tiny little indie developer from Sweden and we are trying to raise money through a crowdfunding campaign so that our game can have graphics and music. Steam Tale is a RPG inspired by old school 16 games that is set in a steam punk fantasy world. In the game you take charge of a ragtag group of airship privateers as they struggle to oppose the rise of a tyranical despot that is hellbent on throwing the world into war. Its a 2D game, with turn based combat and a talent based skill system so that you can customize your characters. We are going for a multiplatform launch on this, releasing on Iphone, Android (both tablets and phones), Mac, Windows and whatever other platform we can manage in time. We want our players to be able to enjoy our games on the platform of their choice and one of our hopes with our company Stormbound is to bring some more immersive and story driven games to the mobile markets. Each day we will be releasing new concept art pictures on our Facebook page to promote our campaign and talk a bit about those parts of our games world and lore. So if your interested follow our Twitter or Facebook to get updates and more information on the game. Also the team is allways open to answering any questions. We could really use some support from the AJSA on this one, and I hope you guys are willing to take a look at our campaign site. Even if you arent able to support our game with any money we would really appreciate people spreading the word and going on to our facebook page to give us a like. Its free and wont cost you anything, but it would really mean the world to our small team and its supporters. Link to Crowd Funding Campaign Link to Facebook Page Link to Official Twitter Page Link to my Twitter Link to our Programmers Twitter
  14. Team Dakota's Project Spark is officially launching on October 7 in North America, October 9 for the Asia-Pacific countries, and October 10 in Europe. The Xbox One disc edition, or the Project Spark Starter Pack, includes premium content such as a sci-fi pack "Galaxies: First Contact," the warrior champion Sir Haakon "Hawk" the Knight, and the first episode of a campaign, "Champions Quest: Void Storm." While the disc edition will be sold for $40 USD, the game itself will still be available free digitally. To move the digital version of Project Spark out of beta, Team Dakota is releasing an update that won't affect the players' in-game content. Project Spark opened its beta in December 2013 for Xbox One and Windows 8.1. During this beta, players have been able to create their own video games using the program's tools and purchasable in-game content. At this year's E3, Microsoft announced Rare's Conker would be making his way to Project Spark. October the 7th is also the release date for: Driveclub Alien Isolation Lord of the Rings Shadow of Mordor Dragon Age Inquisition And now Project Spark Prepare for wallet rape
  15. Reason for this movement: I’m a bungie fan and also I’m also a PC gamer who wants destiny to come to pc because along with likeminded PC gamers who want to play and support destiny on PC I don’t want to feel alienated by bungie and get felt left out of playing the game and I don’t want to get a next gen console just to be able to play that game when I could get it on steam. This movement is something ive been thinking of doing for a while. What we want from this movement: this is a list of something that some people might agree with and some might don’t but these are some request that could be beneficial: 1. The pc version should come out around 2015-2016: this should be the release period for when bungie should develop a pc port 2. The port should not be rushed: if bungie plan on making a pc port they should take their time with key binding and hardware optimization. 3. Optimization for both Nvidia and AMD GPU’s: this is important because if people worry that that Destiny that it might not be optimized for AMD users while running fine for Nvidia users meaning the game could be unplayable for others. 4. Remove the 30 fps lock: the console version will be locked at 30 fps because they want everyone to have the same experience but for pc gaming 60 fps is the playable standard and pc gaming is not the same as console gaming 5. Linux/SteamOS Version: this request would questionable because it would depend on when steamOS is out of beta and how many people move from windows to SteamOS for pc gaming, if alot people do move to steam then a Linux version could be a possibility. How to make bungie aware of the requset for the PC version: My main method of doing this is by using twitter and tweeting out #DestinyforPC some people might say this method may or may not work but I want to see how far this method goes the become method is probably contacting bungie, and of course I want to do this in a reasonable manner nothing that could give this a negative reputation When to start this movement: this is one part of the movement that needs to be taken into consideration because the best time to start this is two weeks after launch and to see whether the game is good or not because there could be a chance of the game could either get a positive or negative reception at launch. If there are any suggestions that you can give to improve the idea please let me know.
  16. Hey so how is BF4 similar to its PC port to its current gen ports do we get the full sized maps and 64 simultaneous players or are the maps cut down as well. Also is the net code better on it. P.S. No I'm not getting a PC to play it I'm just asking if it's worth my money to add to my current gen game collection.
  17. So i just bought Watch_Dogs today on my PC whit a 4-3 year old GPU that i run games at Medium-high-max settings on most games and i find my self slapping my face for hours on when i bought Watch_Dogs on PC and this is what i have to say about this game. This game is soo poorly optimized even people whit GTX Titans can barely do 60 fps on max settings its even worse on my GPU it can barely hold 30 FPS on medium settings and the highest settings on Watch_Dogs is Ultra its a fking joke. I ended up getting a refund back and put my money on buying plants vs zombies on PC. Not to mention this i had to download the fking visual folder to unlock the proper visuals that they kept it as a secret so nobody can notice the visual downgrade what Ubisoft did and well they done fked it up! Shame on you Ubisoft! I want to warn people to not buy or pre order games from Ubisoft until reviews come out from good critic youtubers like Totalbiscuit,Jimquisition and AngryJoe .
  18. Title sums it up really what Titan do you like? My favorite is the Stryder because its so fast and its unlimited boost core ability, you should see me on Twitch activating it and charging around the map ramming and crushing everything while singing I came in like a wrecking ball
  19. Heyyo, http://dirtybomb.nexon.net/ So I've been playing the beta of Dirty Bomb (previously known as "Extraction") which is a free to play FPS game on the Unreal Engine 3 from a game dev company known as Splash Damage... They are known before for their work on the ID Tech 3&4 engines for their work on Brink (which sucked), Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (which was the best game on ID Tech 4) and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (which is one of the best freeware FPS games & one of the best Multiplayer games on ID Tech 3). It does try to refine the feel from Brink, their last title but with better gameplay, but right now I'm sadly not impressed. The Character-based system is a refreshing take from standard FPS classes, so instead of "classes" each character has different limited mix of guns and skills which is actually really cool. It kind of borrows that idea from MOBA's like League of Legends and DOTA. The guns have very little spray, even the LMG's are quite accurate from the hip at medium distances. Assault Rifles and SMG's shoot really fast, so this is quite the twitch shooter much like Brink was, which is ok by me. NOW... the part that royally pisses me off right now? How retardedly effective it is to bunnyhop with shotguns. Until they fix this? The beta will be a hit-and-miss semi-broken game... but since it's beta, I'm sure they'll make it less spammy. Shotguns also have the chance to 1-shot kill, but that's usually at point blank ranges, so that isn't completely bad. Other than those last two nuances? It has the potential to be a really fun game. The "fix" for people like me who were hoping Wolfenstein: New Order might have an Enemy Territory style of multiplayer but found the game lacking of any such thing... and with ETQW sadly no longer for sale due to licensing issues are without a fresh new multilayer game of that style until this one came along.
  20. Comment, discuss, video response, we will talk about it... next time. More Gameplay footage if you want to see the game mode Blood Money: Comment, discuss, video response, we will talk about it... next time. Don't forget you can get your intro here on The Viewer by sending me a video response on YouTube! It's easier that way Music: "Apples and Oranges", by CaramusicRoyalty Free Music by http://audiomicro.com/royalty-free-music---Follow me on:Twitter https://twitter.com/HybridRainFacebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Hybrid-Realm/125188697551284Tumblr http://hybridrain.tumblr.com/
  21. Borderlands 2 Game of the year edition is 60% off on Steam summer sale thats 17,99€ 44,99€ Saving in total 33,41€ . i never had such horrible expirience on Borderlands 2 when i was playing it on my old PS3 console whit such horrible Frame rates and graphics it was literally unplayable for me on PS3 and it was much harder to find groups to play whit on PS3 after awhile when i bought few months when Borderlands 2 when it was released, this is a game that is notorious for having weapons whit such high recoil it would actually improve your aiming skills. Do you guys recommend buying this game at its current state after improvements on patches and are the DLC's of this game any good?
  22. (I'm not sure if this should go into PC Other Games or here so I'm putting this here for now) Hey, does anybody remember playing World In Conflict? You know, that game where you get to nuke stuff? I'm replaying it now on the complete edition, it's awesome!
  23. Hello fellow AngryArmy members! I'm a here to tell you who I am. My usual tag name in games is Neserra. I'm a 20 year-old student from the Northern Wastes of Finland. After almost four years without proper gaming, I decided to get back into it. First I got my computer and internet working, it's not much, but it will do. Afterwards got myself a PS3. My passion, with gaming, is music. Boy do I LOVE music. If you have interesting bands that I should check out, please do. My music very open, I can jump from Blues to Black Metal and from there to Classical Victorian music and back to Brutal Death Metal. Even at times, some mainstream, made for money music, gets to me. So please, links bellow! Any who; Gaming was a huge part of my life when I was 10-15, sadly, my Xbox360 broke, so from a semi-poor family, I had to give up from gaming, until I moved on my own at the age of 19. About the games I own I own just a few games I had extra money to spend on (these are multiplayer only) PS3: GTA V, Borderlands 2 PC: Torchlight II, MW1, LotRO, Neverwinter, LoL, Planetside 2 (Zero hours in that game) Also have access to MW3, but wasn't a fan of that game. I love RPG games, Mass Effect is one for example. Fable TLC, Kingdom Hearts, Skyrim and MGS3 are few of the Offline games I own. One of the first games I played were Crash Bandicoot, Spyro and Tombi (Tomba in America.) I'm looking for a solid community, team players and people who can take in a rusty "veteran" of the gaming war. "Joe, I have never prayed to you before. I have no tongue for it. No one, not even you, will remember if we were good men or bad. Why we fought, or why we died. All that matters is that two stood against many. That's what's important! Valor pleases you, Joe... so grant me one request. Grant me revenge! And if you do not listen, then to HELL with you!" See you in the field!
  24. Hi guys, Here's my First Impressions of Bound by Flame, the action-RPG from Spiders Studio that comes out today: Any of you picked it up yet? What do you think of it so far? Strange that this has been released on pretty much every platform except the XBox One too. (This vid is based on the PC version.)