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Found 327 results

  1. Hey guys and gals James here aka Wade D McGinnis! Recently I was given a PC copy to review Slain! I was really excited for this game. I heard the soundtrack. Saw the visual art style. It looked solid....well check the review to see whether this is a great game or shit in a basket! Let me know your thoughts on the game!
  2. This Saturday, April 23rd at 8 PM GMT (1 PM CST) And will last 1h30. Join us for another weekly Saturday BF4 event! This time around we will be playing on different servers rather than one. New and old players are more than welcome to join us. We will playing these gamemodes: -TDM -Conquest -Rush Our communication platform is Teamspeak 3. This serves to help us communicate with eachother and coordinate more efficiently. Please download Teamspeak 3 using the following link: https://www.teamspeak.com/downloads Our Teamspeak 3 IP is: ts3.AJSAGaming.com Alternatively, we use Discord as our backup: https://discordapp.com/apps Our Discord can be found at: https://discord.gg/0iHbkwYao3QkoXu0 If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding BattleField 4 [PC] please contact our Game Leader, QwiK. Thank you! Sincerely, Battlefield 4 Staff Article written by QwiK Platoon Link http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/platoons/view/8398371867630845476/
  3. PC Battlefield 4

    This Saturday, April 16th at 8 PM GMT (1 PM CST) join us for another weekly BattleField 4 event! Due to the last event succeeding with flying colors, we're really looking forward to expanding our roster this time around! Make sure you don't miss out! Original Post =
  4. BF4 PC Event

    This Saturday, April 9th at 7 PM GMT ( 2 PM CST) join us for another fun event where we either take over the map or destroy each other in fun ways! This Event will last 2 hours or as much as you want! We are using Team speak 3 for communication and organisation purposes, so make sure you have one. Alternatively feel free to use discord if you are unable to install TS3. To join our platoon click this link: http://battlelog.bat...30051623084126/ Regarding on the server we will be playing, it will depend on the NA/EU players ratio. If you have any questions regarding BF4 on PC please contact the game leader: QwiK Sincerely, Battlefield 4 Staff Link to original post.
  5. This popped up today. The director of Oblivion and Tron: Legacy did the trailer. Already better than the movie we had back in the day :)_
  6. Hey guys, Jamstaman here! hope you are all well. I've just started a new RP on my channel and thought I would share it here as I know it's a nicely tight wound community. This game is such a great Role-Play game. Let me know what you're opinions of this game is. Please check it out brothers & sisters and let me know you're opinions! thanks in advance to all that help a brother out Just a side note. I know my voice acting isn't really on par but it's all just for a laugh so not to be taken seriously. I am on the look out for people to get involved and do some voice acting! let me know
  7. Make this happen please! The Gamespot news article http://www.gamespot.com/articles/microsoft-wants-ps4-and-xbox-one-to-connect-online/1100-6435633/ And the announcement on XBox.com https://news.xbox.com/2016/03/14/letter-chris-charla-idxbox-updates-gdc/ If I'm understanding this correct, the ball is in the court of Sony and third party publishers. I would kill to make this happen and whilst I don't see this happening overnight it's just great to see Microsoft putting this forward as a serious possibility.
  8. Hello, I'm X32WaysToDie (AKA John), and I'm looking for new friends here. I've been watching Joe on YouTube for years now. I love his passion, and humor. I feel like he reminds me a lit of myself with how passionate about gaming he is, and he says a lot of things I agree with. As far as myself, I'm 24. I live in Oklahoma City, OK in the US. I have owned many consoles, but currently my elation consists of a PS4 (my personal default) harass gaming rig from about three years ago (still going strong, but starting to lag behind on more of the new AAA games), XB1, PS3, Wii U, 3DS, and a Vita (OK, I rarely play my Vita, but I still stand by some AWESOME games like Persona). I am pretty open to most genres, and can appreciate an awesome game no matter it's category or.platform, as long as I feel it's worthy. I can be picky, and I do tend to be a bit harder on games than a lot of my friends. Some games I play a lot currently are NBA 2K16 (I'm a huge NBA fan, and an even bigger fan of my hometown OKC Thunder), Divinity, The Witcher 3, Fallout 4, Rocket League, Uncharted, Elite Dangerous, and Cities: Skylines. My favorite trilogy/franchise is Mass Effect (I understand people's issues with the ending, but I honestly didn't think it was so bad). I grew up playing.mostly PC strategy games (Red Alert, Civ, AoE, Total War, Starcraft, Stronghold, Simcity, The Sims, etc) and PS1 classics like Crash Bandicoot, Ape Escape (unfairly underrated game imo), Brave Fencer Musashi, Metal Gear Solid, etc. (strangely I never really got into FF. I tried and tried, but it just wasn't for me. My favorite color is green (usually lime), though I just love rich, vibrant colors in general. I have a dog who's a bit over a year old at this point named Shepard (yes, like Commander Shepard - it was actually my ex-girlfriend's idea). She's a pitbull, German shepherd, and black lab mix. She's brindle, and beautiful. Maybe if I can post some.pics, I might some time. I own a 2013 Subaru WRX hatch (along with another SUV, but that's not important lol), and am a pretty big car enthusiast. Anyway, that's me. Sorry if I got a little too personal or talked too much. I just want to hang out and make some friends in what I hope is a passionate and friendly community of like minded people who just love to game and talk about their passions. Tell me about yourself if you want to! Just please give me some time to respond: I have ADD, and I tend to get sidetracked and forget things. Lol. I also tend to work a lot, so I'll try to hop on while I'm there, but sometimes I have to devote my time to that (it is work afterall). Anyway, if you've read this far, thanks for reading! I hope to hear back and enjoy meeting many new, awesome people!
  9. Hi AJSA, Hope you're having an awesome Tuesday! I've put a decent amount of time in to The Division, and would like to share my First Impressions vid with you fine people. Given the nature of the game I'll look to making a more detailed, and in depth analysis of the game once I've put more time in to it. Hope you enjoy
  10. Recently purchased the game, and been playing with bots to get used to the mechanics of the game. Would like to start doing casual matches online, would anybody be interested in squading up sometime?
  11. So, Ive only played the open Beta and I'm aware that there is a chance that things are upgraded/changed/moved around when the final product comes around. This is simply my interpretation of my experience in the Open Beta So Im running a Windows 7 OS with a Intel I7-4970k and a Geforce GTX 970. I was using a standard 1080p monitor at a 1600x1050 at the time and had the graphics setting set to high with the V-sync turned off, it is on by default. Graphics/Physics – As far as I’m concerned the graphics were pretty decent. The monitor I was using a TV/Monitor, which suffers visual quality imo, still gave the graphics credit. There were noticeable footprints and drag marks in the snow. There were also detailed reflections in windows and what few puddles I could find. When I fiddled with the fog settings it was actually noticeable change in the quality, not just the amount like I’ve seen in a lot of other titles. There was also very little destructibility to be had in the environment. You could shoot out windows and such, but that was was about it. A lot of the environment seems to have been made out of Kevlar as well as there where very few things that could be shot through. The most damage me and several friends could do while unloading almost 1000 rounds and all our grenades at a bus stop shelter was to blacken the concrete and shoot out the outer layer of glass and not a single round penetrated the housing, that was the most disappointing thing about the environment for me. Bugs/Glitchs – What I was calling the “last step” bug annoyed the hell out of me quite often. I was unable to walk past the last step of a stair case or go through a doorway threshold as if I was hitting an invisible wall. This seemed to be most prevalent when carrying the riot shield. Speaking of, when equipped the Riot Shield would visually disappear when running and the few items in game that you had to pick up and carry, the switch box in the tech rescue mission, would rotate about 40 degrees when you went up stairs Animations - Most animations were very smooth. I had no trouble going from cover to cover, blind firing, cover vaulting and reloading. Some other animations did seem somewhat lazy such as the weapon swap. Your character would simply put their hand over their shoulder and the weapons would simply swap positions. and when you came up to a door if you were running you would calmly take a step towards the door and gently pull it open, regardless of being shot at or not. They need to change that for a more situational based to add better immersion and action. Dark Zone - It honestly wasn’t the nightmare factory I was expecting. Yes there were people who went rouge and I was even killed a time or two while loading my contaminated stuff onto a chopper(jokes on them it was all crap items) but I did end up just forming groups with people and killing mobs and having fun. It was especially fun going on "Rouge Hunts" with just random ass people. I myself never went Rouge, on purpose, since its a bit too much like trolling to me but it was still a blast and even made some friends on UPlay. World and Character Interaction- It was very...empty is best I could describe it. I am aware that some of the mobs were disabled but holy crap I only came across 4 or 5 mobs, which were mostly just 2 looters, at best when going from 1 end of the map to the other. You are also only able to attack the small group of looters and are unable to arrest/scare them off. This would have been an incredible mechanic to add but I get the feeling it hasn’t even been considered for the game. The crafting system was disabled, completely. You couldn’t even see what you could craft, what kind of parts numbers you would need to craft basic items. Another problem I had with the beta is that it gave you absolutely NO insight into what the various wing upgrades and personal perks offered. All it said was "Not available in Beta". Not a description or a level requirement, not even a freaking CD time. What little voice acting there was, in my opinion, was mediocre at best. There was some good ones if you knew where to look but a grand majority was meh-worthy. You character doesn’t even have any kind of voice acting done either other then the various grunts and panting that goes along with running and such. The interface wasn’t all that bad. I liked the look from the 2013 E3 and while it has changed quite a bit since then as far as menus go where it was all centralized on your watch to a panel style menu screen its not hard to navigate but I still like the E3 version better.. All in all it wasn’t bad but with so many enemies turned off I couldn’t get a feel for how populated the city would be or the whole damn thing could end up being that empty. And with so many of the upgrades and perks not even getting a freaking description for anything not "locked in beta" I couldn’t say how good those would be. The DZ did save the Beta, for a time at least, and it was pretty fun when there was stuff to do but I’m really not sure how this game is going to keep a devoted fan-base outside of DZ players. So that’s my thoughts on this. If i missed something or if you have any questions leave a post. Ill also be updating my Dying Light Quick Survival Guide in a week or two when I can get more then a few hours played on The Following Art_Ov_Chaos
  12. So surprise! Gears of War Ultimate Edition is out for PC without so much as an announcement from Microsoft! It does however require Windows 10 to play, but it is $30 bucks! https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/games/gears-of-war-ultimate-edition-for-windows-10/9nblggh3shm5?tduid=(b55aab797aa22717f472f7cccf509650)(256380)(2459594)(TnL5HPStwNw-zpgOPMrB6P3VbDqRZNIJVg)()
  13. It's been 4 days since the launch of XCOM 2, but I just have to ask one question: What do you think about the XCOM 2 mods available in the Steam Workshop? In my honest opinion, I believe that the mods available for XCOM 2 are rather fun to use, but they were more like beta testing for a DLC. They may not be perfect, some may even be game-breaking unintentionally, but they are still fun to use.
  14. I've always been interested in this, but due to a large backlog of incomplete games and not feeling it would be worth the full price I've never bought it, but now could be the time. The only problem is, what platform? The game is discounted for XBL Gold members right now (£27) and is also on sale on steam (£15). Now, it looks like steam is the better deal, but the XB1 version includes the DLC and I'm also fairly sure the version on Steam is a port of the Xbox 360 version, so might not even look as good and run as well as the updated XB1 version. The gaming laptop I have is well above speck' for it, but the same could also be true of a small group of hamsters in wheels connected to a monitor, so that probably doesn't matter that much. So basically, I want to know, is the steam version as graphically limp as I fear and is the DLC enough to count for the extra expense? Thoughts, opinions and stuff down below.
  15. Hey guys and gals. James here aka Wade D McGinnis. I thought I would ask here and see if there were any takers. I am looking to join a group for Rainbow Six Siege on PC. This is for fun and not competitive. Just a few folks to kick back and have fun. Will admit to sucking horribly at shooters but I enjoy them none the less. If that interests you, comment below. Later days!
  16. I'm currently doing Spider-Man skins for games like TASM2, WoS, SD, and more. Here's some of my work:
  17. *** INCOMING MESSAGE FROM SUPER EARTH'S HIGH COMMAND *** To: Other HELLDIVERS stationed at SUPER EARTH. Fellow HELLDIVERS! I write to you during these desperate times, to rally any forces that we possess in order to organize a major counter-offensive. As you may know, we're currently fighting the Bugs, Cyborgs and Illuminates. We're assaulting the Illuminate homeworld, although the siege hasn't fared well. Nevertheless, the Federation is offering hefty promotions to whomever fights for the freedom of SUPER EARTH! I'm expecting to see you all on the PC front, starting today. Reply if you're willing to fight for SUPER EARTH, and of course, to drink a good cup of LiberTEA! Signed, The Colonel *** FOR AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY ***
  18. Hey guys and gals! I have since been playing Dragon's Dogma and honestly cannot believe how awesome this game has been. I played a little back on the PS3 and was surprised to see a very well done PC port. For those that have played you know about the pawn system! Players can make an ally and that ally can be rented by fellow friends/gamers/AJSA! This leads me to my question! If you are playing and wanted to share your pawn, give a shout out with your pawn's name! WadeMcGinnis is mine. A short weathered old Mad Max style healing/buffing mage.
  19. Seriously, Garvey fucking irritating and actually made the game un-enjoyable in parts for me. First of all, biggest reason he's annoying, the endless god damn Minutemen quests, which are literally the exact same two or maybe three quests again and again and again, and the game already has enough problems with quest variety, and he gives them to you just by walking near him. In fact, that's one thing that annoys the hell out of me about this game in general, the amount of characters that just run up to you and automatically dump a "Go here, kill these guys" quest on you. I really wish Bethesda patch that out, because it's just annoying. At least in Fallout 3 you had to actually talk to characters to activate quests, if it's getting to the point where I'm running away from a guy in the Railroad because I don't want him to dump a quest on me, they've done something wrong with the game's design. I got so tired of running away from Garvey before he dumped another boring quest on me, I actually set him as my companion just to send him to Coastal Cottage, WAAAAAY away from me so he just be there alone and not constant dump the same 'go kill raiders' quests on me. And to be brutally honest, the game has actually got way more enjoyable now that I don't have to worry about that crap. He doesn't even make a good companion, because he just bitched and whined at me the second I asked for money or did anything that would help me. If you don't act selfless constantly he just sits there bitching about how you're acting. Fuck off, Garvey, honestly XD Now I'm just gonna list off nitpick things that bug me about the game: Biggest one, the lack of mission variety. I think by now it's fair to say there are way too many missions where you just go to a place and kill everything. When you compare it to the quests from older games like the Wasteland Survival Guide, or the Tenpenny Tower, or anything as interesting as the guides from Elder Scrolls. They're reaaaaaally banking on the laser musket being more iconic than it really is. It's in all the trailers, it's in the title screen, it's like they're trying to make it the new hunting rifle. I dunno about you guys but I never use the laser musket, it's too inconvenient, even as a sniper rifle. Why is it I have to help defend a settlement that has 30 Mk II machine gun turrets defending it? Like, literally nothing can go near that settlement without being torn to pieces, yet I have to drop what I'm doing to go help them. The settlement has a defence rating of 150 for christ sake. The lack of choice in clothes you can put armour pieces on. There's, what, five, maybe six outfits in the whole game that let you wear armour over them? Considering how wearing armour pieces is better than any one piece of armoured outfit you should be able to wear more things under the armour, or at least be able to upgrade the outfits. What about you guys? Anything bugging you about Fallout 4? Bare in mind guys, it's okay to admit there are things wrong with the games you love. I'm actually having a blast with Fallout 4 despite how annoying I find some of these things
  20. Hey, Been playing Elite Dangerous for a bit. I was wondering if there was a group open or if you were also looking for a group to play with. Please contact me and let me know you're interested.
  21. Asura_Tag

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  22. Good ol' boogie was sent an XB1 elite controller to review. I just thought I'd share this since I haven't really seen much somebody trying this out hands on outside of Microsoft's own promotion. Personally, I'm still not sure. There has been a number of fancy peripherals made for games consoles and PC's over the years, like the power glove, and whilst I do think this isn't much more than that, It does seem to have been thought out with more common sense than most of them. What do you crazy mo'fo's think?
  23. Hey guys, officer Crazykidsbite here! So I wanted to update you guys on a few new updates and plans for the community topic. I wanna go ahead and start the off by saying I've clear up both forums and outfit trash. What I mean upon this is that I've cleaned up inactive members, extremely old forum posts, and restructured command staff. I do apologize to anyone who might have come back after a year of inactivity and give Planetside another try. I want to go on to say that our operations will commence every Sunday at 12PM CST and 6PM GMT. As well we will have training's and they will commence on Tuesday at 12PM CST and 6PM GMT. Finally we will have Mid Week Operations or MWO, every Wensday at separate times for American and European players. For Americans the operations will happen at 6PM CST, for Europeans the operations will happen at 6PM GMT. The reason for this is not to separate the community but rather promote player activity for all time zones and to as well show that we are active once more! As well to keep things fresh within the Planetside community will be began to play as the almighty American freedom fighter faction the New Conglomerate. Who can deny the almighty Jackhammer? We will be playing on the Emerald server and if you wish to join add the player crazykidsbite onto your friends list so that I can invite you to the outfit as it is under construction. We will have operations as the NC but we want to dust off the the TR outfit. As well with our activity once more we have been promoted back up to the official status of the AJSA, so this marks the first day of the... Wait for it. 3rd campaign! Aside of the joyous achievement we are looking for Sargent's and Prospects to help maintain the outfit and lead the squads into battle. The requirements of applications will be discussed below. We require an at least 16+ maturity in this community.Knowledge of leading squads and communicating with command.To be a wolf instead of a sheep.To be able to think outside of the box.As well to be patient with the flow of battle.To be able to handle situations within the community and in-game. I want to thank everyone for joining us in the last few operations, and as each week goes by everyone will began to notice the seriousness and the effectiveness of the outfit and we will dominate the ground and skies.
  24. Thursday,friday and sunday is the days for the beta. http://starwars.ea.com/starwars/battlefront/news/the-star-wars-battlefront-beta-is-coming-october-8th
  25. After the success of my Pokemon Omega Ruby Dragonite code giveaway a while back, I've decided to do so again. This time, with a copy of the Shadow Warrior remake on PC. Win condition: Have the 5 funniest gaming jokes/puns. You can tweet them to me or post them below. The winner will be announced on Friday, September 25th on my Twitter @xMisterGorex Good luck to all who enter! I look forward to reading your jokes!