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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone, I’m a 4th Year Honours Psychology student doing research surrounding loot boxes and personality. It’s an online survey, it’s fairly straightforward and should take a maximum of 10mins of your time. I need 129 participants so any help in completing it and sharing it would be much appreciated, it’s in the name of science Pritpal Kalsi – https://goo.gl/forms/dKGh40ZLZ38e0E022 Ethics Approval Number: 2018-5874-4414 Study Title: Video Game Random Reward Mechanisms: The role of Impulsivity, self-esteem & self-control in problematic loot box behaviour. The study involves an online questionnaire and the purpose of this study is to find out if Impulsiveness, Self-Esteem & Self-Control play a role in problematic behaviour surrounding Random Reward Mechanisms (RRM's) in video games (such as loot boxes). Expected to take 10mins Criteria: Must be 18+ and have played/purchased items from games that have Randomised Rewards Mechanisms.
  2. Hey Tenno, so this idea has been in my head for a while and I was hoping to get some feedback on it. Its mostly based on a few personal experiences but I'm wondering if there's anything to it. Just in case I'm putting a link to an article here I read a while back: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/violent-video-games-dont-make-you-aggressive-difficult-games-do-says-new-study-9246838.html This is something I agree with as I've also had experience with getting violently frustrated with certain games, namely: Assassins creed unity and Red Faction Guerilla. But I'm going to talk about some other games here, one in particular you might not expect. TBH the title is a little deceiving as its more about whether video games can alter behavior, perhaps more so as a result of repetitive actions than just violent behavior. For example: Some years ago, I was playing skyrim on my 360 (ah, a simpler time... Kinda) and this particular play session lasted for.... Honestly I'd say at least 12 hours. By the time I stopped playing through the night, its was day and I figured before I hit the hay I'd get some fresh air, and went for a stroll. I remember being pretty gosh darn tired at the time, and as I was walking I passed a property with a front garden growing a plant that looked a lot like lavender (as seen within skyrim). All of a sudden I felt the urge to go over to the plant and "Harvest" it. I often add to this story when I tell it, saying that I did go and pick the plant and that the owner came out to ask what I was doing, to which I reply "I need it for my invisibility potion." A stretch of the truth for the non gamers I tell the story to, but for all you skyrim legendaries out there, I am indeed aware that lavender cannot be used to create an invisibility potion. Another story comes from extended play sessions of Saints row the third, a challenge mission/quest/objective from the character oleg, in which you are to blow up some very tiny cars. In real life there are cars that look very similar to these, and on occasion I would see one, and immediately have the urge to whip out my RPG from hammer space, Lock on, and let rip. Of course is that this was not possible. (Car in question is similar to: Toyota IQ ) My last example is quite strange, and comes from playing Ass Creed (to memory it was black flag) and also GTA V Online (though mostly the former if I recall). The strangeness comes from the fact that after playing for about 4 to 5 hours or more a day, when going out, I would tend to run, or feel the urge to run or jog to my destination. I'd like to mention that I am not considered to be neuro-typical (aspergers and Torrettes) and so perhaps that is an important factor to consider. This post is a result of my thinking about those news story (usually regarding rockstar and GTA in some way) where a lad, will acted violently and end up getting arrested. I often wondered if there was anything to it. Obviously what I'm suggesting is that yes, a violent video game like GTA can make you violent, but only provided you've been playing it for such a prolonged period of time and that you have for a large part performed certain violent acts in the game over and over. TBH I would imagine something like this would be very useful for military simulations, and perhaps if you have the know how and the eagerness for inappropriate deeds, you could construct a real life bank heist simulation or similar. Perhaps my real question is this, can a violent video game be a simulation by accident? After all, if simple repetitive actions and extended periods of play were all that were required, surely many more people would be out "ducking 5O" as the kids say. Is it also possible that the people who committed crimes "because of GTA" (to quote so many uneducated) met other requirements in regards to suggestibility (as I understand it you are more easily suggestible when tired) and neurology. Well, that's it. I hope to hear what people think. Also, I didn't proof read this, yes, terrible habit I know. See ya Tenno.
  3. All right, I guess I should start with a basic introduction to this. I am currently an anthropology undergrad student at the University of Carleton of Ottawa, Canada. I am making this thread today for one simple reason, I need volunteers or participants who want to be interviewed with the hopes of gaining community feedback on what is the open world (or sandbox) genre. Basically, I am doing my HRP (Honours Thesis) on the cultural phenomenon of open world or free roam play in an ever growing category of games that has gained a huge communal and yet individual form of experience for any and all players. This will include interpreting individual gaming experiences and how it is utilised by wider grass-roots phenomenons and continued subsequent creations of open world games. Sounds complicated (kinda is) which is why I want to interview people who will let me in on their thoughts of how they play open world, what does open world mean for them and how it subsequently defines who owns such induced experiences. I hope this explains it a bit. Anyway, people who do want participate will have their views and opinions taken for academic literature. After all, participants are part of various gaming communities. Thus, your insight will hold a lot of value. All interviews will be done via skype, so no physical contact necessary. So who do I want to interview? Well, just about anybody who is active within the gaming community. People who do their own written or video reviews would be nice (although not a requirement). I am generally fine with anybody who does (or did) play an open world (sandbox) game, thus you do not have to be some professional or expert. So yeah, if you hang out and play WOW, Minecraft, GTA, any Elder Scrolls, etc... you are generally qualified. Now, there are some restrictions I do need to follow since this is being reviewed by my school's ethics board. They are: 1) participants will remain publicly anonymous. 2) You have to be a minimum of 18 years or older since this does require official consent. 3) be prepared to sign official consent form. 4) Get access to skype. So yeah, anybody who is interested can either message my account or email me directly at davidmcconville@cmail.carleton.ca. Once that happens I can give you the official invitation letter with all other additional information on it with me and the university's credentials. On this letter is my name, the university and the head of the ethics board to show that this is legit. Once you have this letter you can read it through and then decide whether you want to participate or not.