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Found 5 results

  1. This week in the news; David Hayter has "no love for Kojima", why crunch is bullshit, the depth and mastery of Vanquish, Heather Alexandra looks at how relationships are portrayed in video games, Shadow of Mordor 2 appears on resume, Rhianna Pratchett on AAA games tackling more serious subjects, Valve found guilty of breaching Australian consumer law, the development of Hyper Light Drifter, Steam approves then removes a game about watching paint dry, pro Counter-Strike team wins using only tasers, and more. The news update posted a few days ago had more news from this week and the week before due to the site being down. Valve Found Guilty Of Breaching Australian Consumer Law How did this game about watching paint dry end up on — and get removed from — Steam? Details On Epic’s Abandoned Vision For Gears Of War 4 Two Worlds 3 Announced, Two Worlds 2 Getting New Engine and More DLC Alchemy and Cooking in Odin Sphere Leifthrasir Report: Nintendo of Korea Is Laying Off Most of Its Staff How does Hyrule Warriors Legends play on New 3DS vs. the old 3DS? Nintendo's First Smartphone Game Launches This Week in the US Fallout 4's overhauled Survival Mode now open for beta on Steam Shadow of Mordor 2 Shows Up on Stunt Actor's Resume Watch Dogs 2 PC Uses DirectX 12, Optimized for AMD GPUs Deus Ex Go, Just Cause Go, Life is Strange Go Domains Registered Sorcery! Part 3 Catching Up With PC In April Turok 1 and 2 Remastered coming to Xbox One Killer Instinct Season 3 Adding a Single-Player Mode, Next Characters Confirmed Huge Heroes of the Storm Patch Adds Character, Map, Major Hero Changes From PC to Console: Can Overwatch Make the Jump? Oculus confirms devs free to sell Rift games on Steam, other platforms Why the 'asynchronous timewarp' added to Oculus Rift matters Sony considering bringing PlayStation VR to PC Two Smart Ideas In The Bravely Second Demo Make JRPG Grinding Less Tedious Tyranny Emerged From The Game That Nearly Sank Obsidian David Hayter: Playing Metal Gear Solid V Would Have Been '60 Hours Of Humiliation' This Amiga game was lost for two decades, and now it's out on Steam Sony Shutters Driveclub and MotorStorm developer Evolution Studios Alice Developer Spicy Horse Is Not Shutting Down, McGee Says In esports news Heroes of the Dorm disqualifies Harvard for cheating Aui Rejoins Evil Geniuses DOTA 2 Team After Arteezy Goes To Team Secret Pro Counter-Strike Team Wins Round Using Only Tasers, The Game's Riskiest Weapon Other content I found interesting this week Firewatch and Games for Grown-ups "Firewatch is about people, Gone Home and Cibele are about actions." GTA V Player Completes Insane Parkour Map In Record Time Unsupported A look at the inclusion of queer characters in Fire Emblem Fates. Why I Adore ‘Manhunt’, the Quintessential Video Game Nasty Game Maker's Toolkit - Depth, Mastery, and Vanquish Easily one of the most enjoyable games I've played THE DEMOLITION OF JAPAN’S VIDEOGAME HISTORY "Crunch is bullshit" Pratchett: AAA becoming braver at tackling serious subjects Designing Morally Difficult Characters Recently added to GDC's youtube. SEE HOW FAR HYPER LIGHT DRIFTER HAS COME BEFORE ITS ARRIVAL NEXT WEEK The game releases on the 31st. Why Publishers Aren't Interested In Listening To Your Game Idea How one studio is building game AI to replicate a human storyteller
  2. Hi guys, here's my First Impressions Review of Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor, an open world action adventure game set in the Lord of The Rings universe. Any of you guys picked this up yet? What do you think of it so far?
  3. Finally finished this epic game. Here is my thought on it. In this game you play as British Troy Baker, or Talion. He's a ranger of Gondor who just died after witnessing his whole family murdered in front of him via neck slicing. The neck slice looks so easy though, not like a real neck slice where it's quick. Here it's like one of those times when you put a knife gently to a butter without really going deep into it. But hey, I'm no surgeon so in real life the neck might be sliced that easily. Ahem anyway, Talion died, but he's revived by this wraith that you'll learn more about in the game. Let's just say he's a very important character to the entire history of the Lord of the Ring as a whole. After that, the awesome adventure of the game begins. Interestingly, Smeagol/ Gollum is in the game, but is not voiced by Andy Serkis. Instead he's voiced by Liam o Brien, the same guy that voices Asura from Asura's Wrath, War from Darksiders, and Archer from Fate/ Stay Night. And he sounds exactly like Gollum. Dayum, that's impressive. Right of the bat after the tutorial, you start by dropping down a tall tower Assassin's Creed style. Only here there's no hays, you can just jump straight down and not take damage. Badass. Then the combat begins, and this is where things gets exciting. Basically the game is a mix of Batman Arkham games and Assassin's Creed, but more Arkham. Anyone who played those games before like I have will immediately master the control in this game. There's some variations here though. For one, the ground takedown this time is a lot faster, and you can change into a counter attack when enemies attack you unlike in Batman where you're stuck in the takedown animation. The cape stun combo where you stun an enemy and beat the crap out of him is here too, but the finishing blow can be interrupted by enemy attacks. The special takedown where you can instantly do an instant kill to an enemy is also here, but you can do it into a dazed enemy as well. There's new moves to the game, and that's the last stand attack and grabbing enemies. If your life drops to zero, you'll have a chance for a second wind by counter attacking enemies at the last minute by moving a cursor to a circle and press a button. You can do this 2 times in a battle, the third will kill you. While grabbing enemies, you can either kill them, drain their energy to get health and "wraith power" which gives you slow motion while using the bow, or interrogate them to get info about the generals of Sauron. At first the generals are all unknown, but you can interrogate any normal enemies and you can find out who the generals are and where they are located. Green marked enemies will tell their weaknesses and strengths. The generals of Sauron minigame is really awesome. It's like Assassin's Creed Brotherhood's assassination side quests but waayy better. The generals in the game have their own life bar which requires you to beat the crap out of them until their health lowers and they have their own titles like the coward, the beheader, the archer and so on with their weaknesses and strengths, and you can meet them randomly on the road. Plus they're all randomly generated so you'll meet different orcs every time. I have killed around 50 of them and they all have their own names and characteristics. That is very impressive. The coolest thing about this is if you are killed by a normal enemy, that enemy will become a general and take the place of one of the generals in the game because there's an internal power struggle going on. If you are killed by a general, that general will become stronger which makes them harder to kill. And when you meet them again they will say "back for more eh, bring it on!" Which is so freaking awesome. It adds drama and extra satisfaction of finally beating them to oblivion. And the enemies can do it to you too! If there are these enemies, they will return to you with uglier faces. I destroyed a general 3 times in a row that by the end of it, he has to wear a plastic bag on his head. Now he's in a body bag. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Killing enemy generals will give you weapon enhancements for your sword, dagger and arrow. The enhancements ranged from normal, rare to epic, and there's a lot of these things, which are also accompanied by the picture of the generals you killed to get them. The epic ones gives the best perks like "able to heal instantly after killing enemy generals", "stealth kills will make enemies run away from you" or "immune to poison". To get better chances of getting epic enhancements, you have to give generals a threat, after you unlock the skill. It will raise their stats by 5 so be careful when that happens because some of the enemies will destroy you if you are not careful. Of course in the beginning of the game, each weapon is limited to just one attachment. You upgrade the capacity and other stats by collecting skill points from doing various activities on the map, like freeing slaves, doing plant challenges, doing weapon challenges, completing missions and other activities. The first half of the game is spent killing generals, maybe getting killed by those generals, come back from the dead and kill them as revenge. Then during the middle of the game, things get even more awesome when you acquire the "mind control" power. Using this power, you can control both normal enemies and enemy generals, and from here on, the game switches from Assassin's Creed to Civilization. Or the Total War games when you send spies and assassins. This power is so badass. If you control an enemy general, you can order him to do things for you. Fight against other generals, gain promotion to become a high general/ warchief bodyguard, and betray that general so he will become a warchief himself, and afterwards he can challenge other warchief if you want. I actually use mind control on all the enemy generals + warchiefs and make them my personal minion. I AM THE KING OF MORDOR! Buuuut since they're the forces of evil, I decided that they all have to die. So I gather 5 of them together in combat, and I release my control of them. Meaning all 5 of the die instantly and I loot their epic weapon upgrades. And then I do it again. And Again. AND AGAIN! With different variations on how I want them to betray them. Like in Death Note! Just as I planned. Huahahaha! There is only 1 thing I don't like about the game and it's just me nitpicking here: the battle music is so generic. It's just this typical battle song you hear in other games but not that epic. Thief has a way more awesome and upbeat battle song, and that's a game based on stealth! It makes battle not as epic even though it is. Once I hear it the third time, I switch to another song. But fortunately I managed to find a way to make the battles even more epic. Here's how: First, just run to many enemies at once and lure them to your location. Make it so that 20 enemies or more will fight you. Easiest way is to go to enemy strongholds. And then turn the music off and replace it using these bad boys: AWWWW HELL YESSSSSS! Epicness up to 10,000! Lastly I want to talk about the ending of the game which people complain about. I love it, because here's what happens during it: Overall, I love this game. A lot. I have so much fun making my own strategy, killing enemy generals, making those who killed me before kneel before me, and killed them or take control of them, backstabbing many generals with my Death Note, I mean mind control power and become the king of Mordor! I can't wait to see what the sequel will bring. Definitely one of the best games of 2014. I give this game the rating of "so awesome you will play this game again and again."
  4. Well, with this game coming out in the future, I wanted to see what other people are thinking about it. To me, it looks great, although there are a few potential problems. If you haven't already, checkout the 8 minute gameplay, showcasing the "nemesis system". You can also go read this IGN article on the game. IGN article (this features the gameplay video in it): http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/02/20/why-lord-of-the-rings-fans-should-be-excited-for-shadow-of-mordor
  5. Hey guys. I was just wondering if anyone else was excited for shadow of mordor, since I was looking through a topic on most looked forward to games, or something of that nature, and I didn't notice anyone else looking forward to it. And if your not looking forward to it, why not? And if you have not f**king clue what I'm talking about, here's a video of alpha playthrough,