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Found 1 result

  1. This is a review for the fairly new but obscure game Transistor. The game is about a woman named Red who is a jazz singer in this futuristic pretty as hell city called Cloudbank, and her boyfriend, mr Badass in a sword. The game starts with her about to get impaled by a sword by these assassins known as the Cameratas that consists of 4 members who are apparently fashionistas. Her boyfriend protected her from the sword and he got impaled by it, but instead of getting killed, he is absorbed into the sword. Red lost her voice, and she's out for revenge against the Cameratas for good old Kill Bill esque ass kicking, with her boyfriend as her weapon. He doesn't have a name because he doesn't bother putting his info to the city's database, but he is talking all the time to Red like the narrator from Bastion. The game is made by the same people behind Bastion. It's however a different kind of game. In Bastion it's all straightforward action of shooting and slicing enemies. In here it's kind of like that, but with turn based strategy elements. At any point, you can press spacebar to enter a planning mode. You will stop time and you can do whatever action you want during it, and when it's over all the actions will start in a flash. This is a good strategy to deal with many enemies, and if you are skilled enough you can kill a lot of enemies in 1 turn, which is such an awesome feeling. Your weapons is a sword called the Transistor. It's a multi purpose weapon which uses people's souls. At the start of the game you can only use Red's and her boyfriend's soul as weapons, but as you level up you will gain more souls to use in battle. Each of the souls are famous people of Cloudbank, like a football player, a detective, an escape artist etc, and each of them will make the sword do different stuff. The detective will make the sword shoots lasers like a machine gun, the escape artist will enable you to become invisible to the enemies, and the football player will let you do an upward sword slash. You can also use the souls as a support for other souls. So you can equip the detective with the football player, which will make his machine gun laser attack even stronger. You will want to use the souls differently because it will unlock their backstories which is pretty interesting to read. You can equip up to 4 slots for attacks, or more if you upgrade the limit. If your health is empty, you will lose an attack and you have to go to 2 skill allocation boxes to get that attack back. Modifiers like in Bastion returns, and if you want challenging fights, these things are for you. The game's graphic and music is beautifully done. It's colorful, the animation for the city and characters are well done, and the music is all jazzy, both fast paced and slow paced. Jazz fans will love the soundtrack of this game. One gripe I have with the game is while levelling up, you can sometimes get souls of the main enemies in the game, even though they're not dead yet. I assume they're already dead, but later in the game I meet them in person. I'm Like what??? Is it a glitch or something? Their souls are the most useful and powerful ones though, so I can't complain much. Overall, another great game from the makers of Bastion. I give this game the rating of "so good you can't wait for the sequel (if there is any)."