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Found 7 results

  1. If you haven't noticed yet, Google changed there logo and I think its dumb I am also really bored.
  2. Hello, my name is FullMetalLemon, and i play games. shocking right? But hey, my main intrest are drawing and well... more map making then playing games. But i enjoy games with a little hard or difficult to it, like Hotline Miami and Dark Souls. In multiplayer, i will also make it myself pretty hard by adding restrictions to me. But, i hope to play with some of you.
  3. Steam was acting weird so I took a screen shot. the red bracket if from me pressing enter I closed it and now its back to normal
  4. I need more soldiers for the meat grinder... uaaaa I mean for the XCOM project! I have been playing more XCOM: Enemy Unknown and after useing all of my friends names and some well know US presidents, I can't think of any other good names. I was going start useing fellow AJSA members but I feel like I should ask permission, so... Or some person form pop culture/TV series/move character/your cat.
  5. trying to find a good turn based match is hard. can we give it a go?
  6. Hey! I wanted to help unite the Angry Joe Soldiers who don't have a PS3, XBOX 360 or a gaming PC! So I made this topic for everyone with a WII U, 3DS or WII to send out their codes/account names so we can unite and storm the Wii U multiplayer servers! Mine is ''Blincey_McBlince" Just say that you're from the AJSA and I'll add ya', so should anyone in the army you send it to!