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Found 3 results

  1. Now that the NDA is up, has anyone been playing ES Legends? I used to play Hearthstone, but kind of got bored with it after awhile. ESL seems to have enough differences to make it worth checking out. I really think the lane system adds a lot of complexity and strategy to the game, and it also looks like there's a lot less RNG cards from what I have seen. Has anyone else on here gotten a chance to play it?
  2. hello. just figured i would just jump right in and try to be an active member of this community. anyway to the point, just wondering how many people here are in the hearthstone beta, i got access about 2 weeks ago and since then the game's been consuming most of my time and no-one i know is in the beta or interested and while i respect that, i just want to talk about it so much with someone else who knows what i'm going on about. so if you guys have any devious decks or master strokes in strategy you are particularly proud of (not sure why i'm using so much alliteration) lets hear about them. who knows if there are enough people we could hold mini tournaments
  3. So I love Hearthstone, even though I have never ever played a single game. I watch about an hour of Hearthstone content each day If I have the option and I enter any betakey giveaway I can find, the dream being ofcourse getting into that beta and starting to post gameplay videos to my Youtube channel. Maybe It would be more accurate to say I think I will love Hearthstone. Anyway, what all this rambling is working its way up to is, are there other Hearthstone lovers around here, is anyone here in the beta and what are your views on the game.