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Found 8 results

  1. So Transformers 4 has been released. I am not going to watch it since I am quite busy with work and collecting steam cards for badges. From what I heard though, This movie is basically Michael Bay doing the same thing he did before in the previous movies. Only this time it's like him stroking his ego and spew it out on screen. If you like the action packed explosions and combat from the previous movies and want more of them, you will like this movie because it has tons of them. If you don't, why bother? Don't see this movie.
  2. Just letting people know this mobile game has come out and is pretty fun! I searched and saw no AJSA in it, so I started one if anyone is interested in joining. Just hit Alliance, Search, and put in AJSA. I'm Valnac in game.
  3. Hey guys so at work today at Walmart I stopped by the toys section and found a Combiner Wars Optimus Prime action figure and on the back of the box it showed him combined with 4 other Transformers, and at the end of Transformers Devastation it showed two Autobot combiners and blueprints for an upgrade that'll allow Optimus Prime to combine with four other Transformers so my question is do you think the next Transformers game Platinum does will be based in the Combiner Wars story arc, yes, no, and why. As always love to hear your thoughts.
  4. Cel-Shaded Transformers: Devastation Coming to XBox No mention of High Moon though. It will also be on the last gen systems.
  5. This is pretty cool. Of course since this is an early model, you can't ride it. Maybe in the next few years.
  6. There are a lot of Transformers games out there. A lot of them are terrible, but Fall of Cybertron is one of the few good ones. Here are some reasons why I think it is worthy of being officially supported. The Pros. Good PVP multiplayer with a fairly wide variety of classes, weapons, and a large amount of customization for the transformer you choose to create. Alongside the PVP multiplayer, there is also a good horde mode called Escalation where you and three others can fight increasingly difficult waves of enemies from the opposite faction. A good variety of well-designed maps. Solid gameplay, with a unique take on the concept of cover in a third person shooter. Private match support that, to the best of my ability to test without anyone else to play it, looks pretty good for exhibition matches. The Cons. Still sixty dollars on steam even though it came out in 2012. Multiplayer matches can end up being imbalanced. Does not use dedicated servers. Can be difficult to get used to how cover works. Does not have any built-in chat system.
  7. This may well be the greatest April Fool's joke in history. I wish this was real, and that they could get Peter Cullen to voice Prime.
  8. Transformer 4 : Age of Extinction first teaser is released. So, who will be the enemy here? All Decepticon is all dead. Maybe Galvatron? New form of Megatron? Unicron!?