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Found 73 results

  1. Had this laying around, finally decided to post it. It is unedited and unlisted, so don't expect much flair. Beginning is the final photo, the one that actually worked. The ending is just final thoughts and congrats. http://youtu.be/TpmN01OVLYU In other news, I heard Zoran is quite pleased with the current state of PS2. Maybe there's a chance...?
  2. Hey Angry Army! Here's my First Impressions video of Cities: Skylines from Colossal Order. Is it any good? Yes. Yes it bloody well is! Any of you ladies and gents picked this up yet? What do you think so far?
  3. Hi guys! Here's my First Impressions of Grey Goo, the new RTS from Petroglyph. I have a lot of respect for Petroglyph, a company that was born out of Westwood Studios (the guys behind Command & Conquer) after EA liquidated them. Any of you peeps picked this up yet? What do you think?
  4. Hi ladies and gents, here's my First Impressions of Dragon Age Inquisition: I know Joe really liked this game, I too am a bit smitten with it! I'm a huge fan of the original and am really impressed with it so far. Any of you picked this up yet? What do you guys think of it?
  5. Our professor gave us some camera equipment and told us to film something, I thought it was worth sharing for any of you Skyrim fans!
  6. Greetings AJSA, been a long time since i was here...Had some issues, and in the end the previous project about the book series had to be stopped. So now resurrecting the topic into a new book, a new story line, and a fresh idea. Don't worry folks who actually remembers me, which i doubt it, but oh well, i didn't forget all the help i received back in the day (last year), therefore returning the favor that i got from you guys, i'm resurrecting the characters that were given to me, and they are going to be in this story as well. Locations have changed, so i will not post the character description i received from you, because it includes the location, and i need to figure out where to put them now, but don't worry about this. So what you say folks, growing together as a family? Just want to thank in advance the people who gave me the characters and just being supportive in general. BlondishMist748 IrishRogue Wolfspawn 2and900 IcedAjack chocokaran67 TonyTheGamerDad MaxterG JarlBalgruuftheGreater ApexSpartan I didn't really notice, but it seems all the characters were given, were males, no females, and i'm no sexist, so i'm kinda putting female characters as well, each one of us has influence to change the world. In addition, the story includes youtubers, as if their shows and attitude are live in the story. I have their approval and their will to be in the story, so that's why they are in there, those who thought they are "more" important than me, and ignored me, might get cut off the story. It's still on somewhat "pre pre alpha" version, just giving an announcement here, when i'll reach the "alpha" version, i'll post the first chapter. I found passion to writing not long ago once again, found my muse (i guess that's how you say it) , and a fresh idea...and i would like to share my work when it's done. Thank you for reading so far, you're a wonderful person for doing so, and actually caring. And if you have any questions, put them bellow i'll try to answer as the best as i can.
  7. Hey everyone, I have been making video game reviews and anime videos for a long time now and have become a youtube partner for almost a year. I recently saw maker studios might be interested in me when I received an email from them. I really want my youtube channel darkstylezvideo to become at least somewhat successful so I am thinking about it, but I have been hearing both good and bad things about them. I am wondering if anyone with REAL FACTS can help me with my decision. Joe if your reading this, PLEASE let me know your thoughts as well. It would mean a ton to me because your one of the people that helped inspire me not to give up on doing what I do.
  8. The guys over at Wales Interactive were kind enough to send along an Early Access copy of Soul Axiom, so I wanted to go over my initial thoughts on the first half hour or so of the game. I plan to play through much more of the title when I have the time for more concrete information. Soul Axiom is an adventure puzzle game with various mechanics used to manipulate the environment in order to progress throughout the game. The mechanics involve using powers which allow you to create or remove certain objects in the game such as walls, crystals, ramps, etc. The game is generally a linear experience with a focus on mystery in the story. You can view the trailer here. Let's go over some pros and cons in the first chunk of gameplay. Pros: Story is intriguing. While the first few levels are very mysterious, the end of the tutorial reveals a very interesting narrative that makes me want to discover more about the world. Gameplay is familiar but different. If you have played first person puzzle games you will be very at home here. It reminds me of Portal in how the puzzles work along with the character's powers.The two abilities you initially control work in tangent with each other to progress you through the game. Your right hand will create objects in certain places, while your left hand destroys them. Puzzles were decently challenging, but never frustrating. This is of course subjective depending on how good you are at solving them in the first place. The setting is very pleasing to the eye. Lots of soft neon glows from technology beside darker environments make an eerie atmosphere that keeps your mind alert, yet is somehow calm and non-threatening. The lighting effects are great. They help to hide some of the graphical issues and low texture quality. The art style does a good job of smoothing textures so they don't show as being low budget. Many games attempt this but I believe Soul Axiom pulls it off very well. Cons: Placement of some objects looks odd or clips through the environment. This is particularly evident with certain ramps that sink in to the ground. Frame-rate is currently inconsistent. My frames would be all over the place from 75 all the way down to 29 in some areas, even looking around would see changes. Considering the game is not extremely taxing on the graphics end and levels are broken apart with almost no AI involved, this should not be the case. The center reticle is ugly. Normally this would be nitpicking, but it's currently a large box with jagged lines in the center of the screen, takes away from immersion and sometimes obstructs. Only a master volume slider. What if I want to play my own music without turning off all the sound? I get that this is the type of game where music and other sounds add to the experience, but it should be an option nonetheless. Those are my thoughts on the first 45 minutes or so of the game. This should definitely be taken with a grain of salt as it's only the beginning. Currently you can purchase Soul Axiom for roughly $19.99 on Steam or your regional equivalent. The game is currently in the Early Access program so I would advise against purchasing unless you plan on giving feedback to the developer. If you would like to see the first chunk of gameplay, you can view my live impressions here. Let me know if you've got any questions or comments, i'll do my best to answer everything. You can also contact the developer on Twitter @WalesInter.
  9. Hi guys, Here's my video preview of the upcoming, and extremely harrowing, survival game This War of Mine from 11bit Studios. Set in a fictional Eastern European war you must guide a small group of civilians to survival. The art style is extremely evocative and the game presents some interesting questions both in terms of morality and gameplay. Looking forward to the finished product!
  10. We know that this was the worst game ever, right? In the very first screenshot, we saw a nice and beautiful graphics with Rambo roaming around the jungle, the question is, which genre that Rambo: The Video Game should've been? I know this was already released 8 months ago.
  11. Im not a smart man
  12. Just wondering what your favorite Youtubers are! Let's discuss, maybe some of us come across something we haven't seen before? Channels of any type are allowed, they do ont have to be gaming related! And please don't cop-out and just say Angry Joe, we all like his videos, that's sort of why we're here! Allright, let's get started! I've compiled myself a little top 3 here, feel free to list as many as you want if you decide to post on this thread! ​3. WatchMojo Consists of easily digestible and short videos! If you like top tens, this is the channel for you! They also do things such as superhero origins, supervillain origins, top 10 notes which consists of random facts about a certain movie and/or TV-series, and the occasional interview. Perfect if you just want something short but sweet to sink 5 minutes in to. 2. The Amazing Atheist. An opinionated guy with thought provoking videos about topics such as religion, gender-equalism, politics, and various other serious topics. Yes, this guy can get a little bit extreme at times, and sometimes it sounds like he's just whining and bitching, but you can always count on his videos to start a discussion. If you're looking for something to get your thoughts going, or you just want to go to war in a comment section, this is a good channel to go to. 1. TotalBiscuit (also known as The Cynical Brit) I imagine most of you have heard of this guy, especially after the whole Day One: Garry's incident... incident (?). Totalbiscuit creates videos covering a variety of PC games, ranging from triple A full priced titles, to lesser known indies. He is probably most known for his WTF Is series, where he gives his thoughts and opinions on whatever game he is playing. Occassionally he also tires to get some discussions going, dedicating entire videos to discuss things such as preorders, kickstarters, and violence in video games. In my opinion this is one of the smartest gaming channels around, and i absolutely love the content because of that! There! My favorites (aside from Joe) that currently recide on Youtube! Now i want to know, what's your favorites? (Oh yeah, please keep it civil guys, don't bash people if they happen to like somthing you don't enjoy! Not that i think that'd be a problem in this community though!)
  13. So yeah...i made something
  14. So yesterday I was not surprised to get an e-mail from Bliptv that they were going to close my account due to reasons of not having a high viewership. Not surprised due to me not posting anything on there for about a year or two. But so I went to check out a friend of mine, Decker Shado (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsxn3qKFpbnD-8f1d9F5ipA), and found out he got the same e-mail along with many others. I am not sure what is going on exactly but Blip is telling a lot of people who use their service that they are not good enough to stay on Blip. They have some new business model (which I will look up) that apparently clashes with many people who are making a living on internet reviews. I don't know. I know I am mad. This leaves just Youtube and Youtube has proven to be very fidgety about that stuff. What do you guys think?
  15. I did it! After sooo many deaths I finally did it! I am not very far in the game but the Capra Demon has definatly been the second most difficult so far, after the Gargoyles.
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4uMervNb-E Not the best and not the worst, (I think). Enjoy.
  17. http://youtu.be/lrF48dfncdw I like doing wishlists for games that I am exited about and although we have only seen a really short trailer for Star Wars Battlefront (It does not have a 3 on the end!!!), I am still very exited for it. I decided to do this in video for because it is more enjoyable that way. So anyway what would you like to see in Star Wars Battlefront, other than for EA not to screw it up.
  18. Woohoo, I witnessed the coronation of our first EU emperor (ALDMERI DOMINION!! ) ESO Auriel's Bow EU's first emperor! Video
  19. I am Kinda getting lost here, Don't suppose I could suggest a welcome to AngryJoes Army Video and how to sign up for the army/guilds/game and how to use the gallery and donations and such. Sincerely Vintson
  20. Hey guys, check out my first ever ChaotiComparison, where I take two films and go step by step to determine which is superior. This one in particular, is aimed at comparing two found footage horror films. [REC] is a Spanish film made in 2007, and Quarantine is an American re-make that came out in 2008. I'm out to decide which one's better. Thanks for checking it out guys! XD Part 1: Intro Part 2: Supporting Cast, Cop, and Firefighter Part 3: Angela & Scott/Pablo Part 4: Plot Part 5: Zombies & Final Decision Coming Soon!!! Thanks again for watching! Please, like, comment, subscribe, and share if you like what I've put up! And, if not, please let me know why! (P.S. I am posting this because I am under the assumption that any community-made content can be posted here. If this is not the case, I apologize and I will gladly comply with the admins. XD) Long Live the Game Commander!!!
  21. This is my first review which I decided to dedicate to South Park The Stick of Truth which has to be the funniest game I have ever played and the best movie licensed game I have ever played. Do not worry. This review is spoiler free. http://youtu.be/BaD4i7kzz5c