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Found 6 results

  1. *Weston Marx is a radio personality from the Defiance Universe. Probably one of the most entertaining aspects from the game is finding the "data recorders" with his editorial radio-show on them. This one was unearthed during a delve into a hidden mine near what was once San Francisco. "Greetings and slow mutations everyone. This is Weston Marx, the voice of the New Frontier. We once again are at that time of year where many human beings take time to celebrate the warmth of family and friends, while giving thanks to our personal deities for all that life has given us. I myself tend to take little joy in how life has treated me and mine in recent times (colour me cynical to a fault). But as is usually the case: An event triggers a thought. And I will briefly feel that glow of hope for a better future. In this case it was simply a group of children playing together. I was washing the mangled remnants of both Mutant and Hellbug off of my Durango at a roadside stop when this tumult of laughter interrupted my grim task. I looked up to see these young people playing that simplest of games, "Dodge the Hellbug". It wasn't so much the children playing that triggered my hope. As it was the remarkable fact that they were not of one race, or colour for that matter. And as is so often the case: Such a small, yet innocent event can remind one of something that had occured before. For myself, I was reminded of something my father would recite. I believe the quotation came from some show he would watch back in the days when we watched television. I paraphrase it here. In order that it reflect this time we live in: "The universe speaks in many languages, but only one voice. The language is not Irathient, or Human, or Castithan, or Sensoth or Liberata. It speaks in the language of hope, It speaks in the language of trust, It speaks in the language of strength and the language of compassion. It is the language of the heart and the language of the soul. But always it is the same voice. It is the voice of our ancestors, speaking through us, And the voice of our inheritors, waiting to be born. It is the small, still voice that says, We are one. No matter the blood, No matter the skin, No matter the world, No matter the star: We are one. No matter the pain, No matter the darkness, No matter the loss, No matter the fear, We are one. Here, gathered together in common cause, we agree to recognize this singular truth and this singular rule: That we must be kind to one another. Because each voice enriches us and ennobles us and each voice lost diminishes us. We are the voice of the Universe, the soul of creation, the fire that will light the way to a better future. We are one." Take care my friends. Be good to each other. May the New Year bring you all joy. Defiance! And all that." (I am guessing that some folks in here will know what TV show Weston's Dad got this from. Merry Christmas!)
  2. I'm feeling a bit crazy this year so starting about in random months or rather beginning in some point in February I'm going to post some phrase or random word and whoever responds first after I post it, you give me your steam address and I'm going to purchase you a random game off of your wishlist. Might be the pricey one (which sometimes may include multiple games), might be cheap. I'll be flipping a coin on it. And of course for the sake of being sure when people know when I'm just talking in response to someone or posting for that lucky first poster. I'm going to place First: ahead of the random word or phrase so whoever first comment after that gets a slice of game. Cheap: $25 and below ( Either one lesser game off the list or multiples equaling up to $25 ) Pricey: $26 and up ( Either one major game off the list or multiple lower priced games equaling the high amount) Also just to note so this wont be an issue later. If a post to a conversation happens to pop up. Someone responding to a previous post before my First: Then that's naturally not going to count. First post towards me in "quote" response to my post for the opportunity to get a free game once I give the word or phrase. >:3 And its random so whatever game you get spends on the flip of the coin and my directional choice. Yes, I know I keep adding but thankfully at least its not another rule point. Lol. I'm going to attempt to do one every month randomly, more so if I have a good streak. Not knowing when I'm going to post it makes it more enjoyable, especially for me. If it works out this year, I'll keep it going into 2016. Who knows, maybe more people will join in the fun and buy for others. As an additional I will want to know whether or not you mind if the game is possibly one you have on your list that hasn't been released yet. So if you happen to win, let me know if you would only prefer something you could play immediately and I will ignore the pre-purchase games on your wishlist. Also, (glad I caught this early) just so other individuals can have a better chance considering for the time being I'm only doing a single winner a month. If you have already won for the year of 2015 it wont count if you try and participate again. My goal for Free Game Year in the end is to have this as something I do every year and to get to a point where I can have at least 4 possible winners in a single month, about 1 winner for each week. 2015 Winners January - LEGOLAS_KATARN Coin Toss: High / $26+ Games Won: Homeworld Remastered Collection Life is Strange Episodes (1-5) Tengami February - 2AND900 Coin Toss: Low / $25 Max Games Won: Sid Meier's Civilization III: Complete Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion March - Ghaleon Coin Toss: Low / $25 Max Games Won: Scoregasm Mighty Dungeons Starbound April - Beastmaster A.C. Coin Toss: High / $26+ Games Won: Saints Row: Gat out of Hell Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas May - Kaz32 Coin Toss: High / $26+ Games Won: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt ( Found out he already had this on Gog and he traded it to me since it was on my list ) Axiom Verge NOT A HERO June - Chumbry42 Coin Toss: Low / $25 Max Games Won: Darkest Dungeon July - Xevious21 Coin Toss: Low / $25 Max Games Won: Ark: Survival Evolved August - MadDemon64 Coin Toss: High / $26+ Games won: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt September - FaizKhan007 Coin Toss: High / $26+ Games Won: PAYDAY: The Heist Soundtrack This War of Mine Cities: Skylines Deluxe Edition PAYDAY 2: Gage Chivalry Pack PAYDAY 2: Yakuza Character Pack October - ichig1vsnarut0 Coin Toss: Low / $25 Max Games Won: The Walking Dead: Season 2 Demonbane775 ( Accidental winner ) Coin Toss: Low / $25 Max Games Won: Resident Evil / biohazard HD REMASTER Resident Evil Revelations 2 November - Mr_E_Meatshield Coin Toss: Low / $25 Max Games Won: Grandia II Miko Gakkou: Second Year December - Seyren Coin Toss: High / $25 Max Games Won: Star Wars: Republic Commando Final Fantasy XIII Future Game Year Plans: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/28402-future-game-year-plans/ Move on to the link above if you have any ideas that you think could make this any better. Free Game Year 2015 End Year Prizes worth $500: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/31899-free-game-year-2015-end-year-challenge-500-worth-of-games-gpu-or-console/ Drop by the link above if you want to participate. Up to 12 non-winners for 2015 can be included. Those who have won within each month for this year are automatically included. Details in thread.
  3. I just wanna see your prediction for the game he played personally yet, i know this is early and November is coming in hot but let keep this post POPULAR at the top of the list if you agree with me. I dont really like to class game for the : bads to the worst or greats to the best sooo... you can drop a list here if you want your personal favorite and your worse and those of AJ! In few Words : Post Your Prediction for the Top 10 List Worst and Best (EDIT Just to Elaborate you can also post yours own personnal one too)
  4. So 2014 is about to end and 2015 is around the corner, and I'm sad to say that there might not be self-lacing shoes, flying cars, or hoverboards, but we can look forward to some new games that are coming out next year like Zelda WiiU, but out of all the game you have played this year, what did you think is the best, for me it would be Dark Souls II, even if the community seems to dislike it compared to Dark Souls I.
  5. The year is all most over and there have so many great games which one do you think you enjoyed the most .Which game would you pick for game of year. Which game brought you great entertainment. Which game surprised you the most.
  6. Let's Have it!Your best year for gaming!The year and a list of the games that came out and made it The Best! Mine is the glorious year 2001 and the games that came out are: Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Battle Realms Severance: Blade of Darkness Civilization III Clive Barkers Undying Emperor: Battle For Dune Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2 Max Payne 1 Red Faction Return to Castle Wolfenstein Rune S.W.I.N.E Wizardry 8 Daaam...so many good games in a single year(and i intentionaly missed some so you can ask me why they are not included ).