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Found 8 results

  1. Being a Gamer. What does that mean. Most of you will ask yourselves the easy Q's first with simple things like " It's be a good sport in games even if you lost." "Being the best in video games then your buddys at school." To kickass and take names." No, none of that. Being a Gamer is going to be a serious talk about Gamer's philosophy of/on games. Like what they like in a game and why they like it in the first place. Now this is going to be my own observations of games, Gamers, and media of games. To see what makes them tick. To see if the is a way to view the people. Who want a game that is what they want but can not play because there is no market for it, they made it in a why that you don't like it, or that it was made but you cant play it anymore of a number of reasons. I know the feeling of all those and it sucks. But, if this works out I can see games in the eyes of someone else and learn why the do as such. As for me I love games of all types. MMO, RPG, FPS, Fantasy, and so on. But those are still my views, not the person on the other end of the planet. So I'm going to need help form all of you in the AJSA. I don't care if you are new to the site (I'v be hear a week an 1/2) or a vet. I will not chose based on what your place is on the site. I will treat you if you were Joe himself (not like i know how that is) even if you joined today and are reading this. So to Start with... I'm going to let you decide. I'm going to wait a while for this to go up, get notice by people who are interested. So you can do what ever you want with this topic. Comment let me hear what you think or pass it around see what others think. That is it. So laterz and as always have fun. Love Motta, Abraham
  2. The title should be self-explanatory. What. The hell. Are you playing? Do you even speak English? Gits and shiggles aside, WELCOME. Welcome to the place on the internet, and, more specifically, the AJSA, where you can talk about what games you are currently playing. This can be as vague as the title of a game, to multiple, detailed reviews of whatever you've been dabbling about with as of late. You can even, if you so please, post mini forum post Let's Plays, to update the internet on what you've been playing. I'm sure the internet will care. As for me? Well... recently I've been playing Path of Exile, a fun Action RPG in the vein of Diablo II or Torchlight. Currently, I have been playing as a Templar. I've almost completed Act I. This is my second playthrough, although I've never finished my first. I look forward to continuing further. I have also recently received a PlayStation 3, and so I'm catching up on all the various exclusives and such it has to offer. One such game is Kingdom Hearts (the HD Remix version). This is my third playthrough (I think), although my PS2 copy was all scratched up, and thusly rendered unplayable. This, I think, was an excellent opportunity to replay the game, and this go, I'm going for all 99 puppies, all optional bosses, level 100, the Ultima Weapon, and a complete Jiminy's Journal. Also, The Last of Us. Great game so far. I find it frustrating in parts, but maybe that's just because I'm shit at stealth games.
  3. I'm a huge fallout fan and am immensly excited for the new release. What do you guys think is going to come back for it though? Is it going to be more like New Vegas or 3? Personally, I think that the survival mechanic and hardcore mode are coming back from New Vegas and the story and atmosphere are going to be more like 3.
  4. How are you guys when it comes to listening to music? I think I might be a little more "strange" than most people I see in public when it comes to music. Whenever I listen to music, I normally like to be alone in a room with the lights out. As I listen to it, I let my imagination wonder, and the things I imagine differ depending on the song I'm listening to. A violent song will have me think violent things. A peaceful and happy song will make me think of uplifting scenarios, etc. It gets even better for me whenever I can heavily feel the emotion being conveyed to me, and that can go with other things as well. Like movies. I get this pleasant feeling in my head when I can heavily sense whatever emotion is being sent to me. It happens mostly with music... I really love music. What I do whenever I'm going to really get into the music I like and want to listen to, is listen to a crappy song first. It accentuates how good the song I like is and it makes it 10x better lol. I enjoy doing it. Example: What I think is crap: And what I think is good: I like rap music as you can tell by the examples above. I listen to other genres a little bit as well. If you don't like the same stuff I do, don't blatantly insult my taste and I won't insult yours (I won't insult yours either way.) So what about you guys? What kind of music do you like, and how do you like to listen to it? Do you do anything similar to what I do when enjoying your tunes?
  5. I think it would be a great idea to create the Angry Watch Dogs branch. In order to defend our video games, we must fight off the hackers! And stop abusive people on Watch Dogs by using the Multiplayer feature to Hack people online! And defend there rightful save! Who's with me, "Either your with me, or against me."