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Found 2 results

  1. When I woke up, I saw this Wow. This is a match made in heaven. So instead of playing as 47 killing targets with well-put disguises, now you're playing as the OG spy ladykiller himself. And from what I heard, this will be an origin story & details James Bond's rise from a normal agent to 007. I can see this game's gameplay be like Hitman Absolution with the many ways to progress through a level, while also having 007 be more durable & he'll be getting into straight firefights more often. OOOHH I CAN'T WAIT!! On a more serious, buuut also good news ish note, while it was unfortunate that Capcom got a giant security breach, we do get a bunch of upcoming games they're going to develop Resident Evil Outbreak - Q4 FY21 Dragon’s Dogma 2 - Q2 FY22 Street Fighter 6 - Q3 FY22 Rockman [Mega Man in North America] Match - Q3 FY22 Resident Evil 4 Remake - Q4 FY22 Monster Hunter 6 - Q2 FY23 Biohazard Apocalypse - Q3 FY23 “SSF6” - Q4 FY23 Final Fight Remake - Q2 FY24 Power Stone Remake - Q3 FY24 Ultra SF6 - Q4 FY24 Resident Evil Hank [likely, “Hunk”] - Q4 FY24 RE OUTBREAK! DRAGON'S DOGMA 2!! REMAKES OF FINAL FIGHT + POWER STONE HOLY SHIET!!! ................ Hang on. Biohazard Apocalypse........ Well I do hope that one's just going to be a spinoff because if that's gonna be 9, then 8 won't end well & Apocalypse will be a pretty silly game. I'm already happy with 6's awesome gameplay which I'm still playing to this day whenever there's no new games, so I'm not looking forward to that. The Hank game though, if it's gonna be all about Hunk's adventure, I'm pretty intrigued. Just as long as it's not an abomination like Operation Racoon City + Umbrella Corps which should burn in hell.
  2. Hey everyone,this is my opinion on the latest 007 film