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Found 7 results

  1. Hey guys and gals! James here aka Wade D McGinnis! Surprise more reviews! I feel at this point you may grab your pitchforks given that I seem to spam the forums with reviews. Third one will probably come out tomorrow haha. This is Salt & Sanctuary on Playstation 4! Imagine if the Souls series had a baby with Castlevania. Challenging, fun, deep, and vague as hell. With couch coop from start to finish and a price tag that really should've been higher. Check out the review! Let me know your thoughts.
  2. So i was looking around on steam a bit for something interesting and i certainly found something interesting. The game melody's escape is a music rythm game, in where you have to hit the right buttons at the right time It's sorta a mix between audiosurf and Runner From BIT.TRIP For anyone that want's to see it here is the Alpha version trailer. It is early access, so changes are still being made. I love the game, it's simple yet difficult at the same time. Together with the flow of the music you have chosen makes it quite fun to play. Now i don't mean that everyone should buy it, because we each like different games, but simply check it out and see it it's worth your time and money. You could put it on your wishlist and wait untill steam winter sale in the hopes of getting it cheaper. So what do you think about the game ?
  3. Awesomenauts I think AJSA should support Awesomenauts in either category because its an easy to learn hard to master 2D MOBA. It isn't as complex as League or DotA, but still has hours and hours of replay value. I have been playing since the game released on PC in 2012, and an Admin for the Awesomenauts Beta group on Steam. Other Players: CS:GO Sergeant - The Curry Monster aka brumak280396 Luaka1296 Expl0sionshurt Jay4gamers1 Pethei88 Juso Magna SB_NextGen PhoneixShi TheDamonMan DeadlyScribe DarkLop Star-Lord Pros: - 3v3 Team 2D MOBA amazingness - Tournaments do happen, supported by kickstarted replay features(Spectator Mode in development) - Updates are still very much planned for the future - Split Screen Supported - 19 total characters as of now, with more in development - The kickstarted expansion opens up some more features, including: Custom Game Editor for other game modes. (like TDM) AI Modding Map Editor (In Development) Cons: - No dedicated Servers, all of it is Peer 2 Peer - It's not a Free to Play MOBA, the base game is 10 dollars, the starstorm expansion with more characters and features is 9 dollars - It can feel a little Imbalanced at times, as balance updates happen about once a month - Available on PS3, X360, PC and PS4 (Only the PC and PS4 versions receive updates) Event Ideas Deathmatch Night, Randomnauts Night, AJSA 'Naut Fest
  4. Hey all just giving you the heads up that Awesomenauts now has its own sub chat over in Community Games on the AJSA Teamspeak. I will be there a lot, so if you ever wanna play games feel free to add me on steam and maybe we make a Steam Group or just keep it in the Teamspeak. Hopefully I'll see you guys there!
  5. Stasis is a point and click adventure horror game inspired by movies like Alien and Event Horizon and video games like Space and Kings Quest. John Maracheck awakens from stasis aboard a derelict ship and must solve puzzles in order to save his family and learn what happened on the ship. Stasis is nearing its goal on Kickstarter but still needs another $30,000 in 17 days to reach its goal of $100,000, stretch goals have been added as well as a playable alpha of the game and let's play videos of people going through the alpha. Teaser trailer and some of the screenshots Watch the pitch, read more about the game, and support if you want on the Kickstarter page located here
  6. Hi guys, just thought I’d let you know that there is a cool 2D Plat former trying to be made, Grapple Knight. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/redknight/grapple-knight It's got a graphic style from the Sega mega drive and super Nintendo years and even at this early stage in its development the gameplay vids look pretty good. Have a look at the page and judge for yourself And if it looks like your kind of game and if you are able to a pledge would be appreciated. Thanks for your time - Spacecowboy33 a.k.a Caleb Sims a.k.a Backer
  7. Something I've already backed - a fantastic looking 2D stealth-adventure game where you play the horrible gribbly alien plant breaking out of a sinister laboratory. It's already made it's initital funding but there's still a ton of stretch goals to reach, including achievments, secret levels and eventually PS3/4/Vita versions. $12 gets you the game and a PDF manual with original art, $300 gets your avatar in the game and $1000 gets your avatar in a decisive moment in the game. The game itself already looks wonderful so please go back them so they can make the best product they can! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1183462809/paradise-lost-first-contact