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Found 15 results

  1. As this generation is coming to a close, I have to ask how many Xbox 360's did everyone end up going through? For me, I'm on my 5th one. I first bought mine back in 2007 (Mass Effect and Halo 3) and after one month, the disc drive broke. I had a Best Buy warranty with it, so I took it back and got a fresh one off the shelf. Number 2 had A/V problems, and wouldn't display video unless I rebooted 5 or 6 times. So I took it back for number 3. This one had RROD right out of the box, so I took it back the same day (geek squad was actually in disbelief and tested it themselves since it was my 3rd one) and so I got number 4. This one lasted a good year and a half, and then I got Error E74. In the middle of playing a game, green Matrix-like lines came down my screen. Rebooted and got the error. Best Buy wouldn't honor number 5 because I was literally just a few days after my warranty expired, so I had to ship it off to Microsoft and number 5 has been working ever since (knock on wood, fingers crossed, etc). So I'm curious if anyone else went through that garbage like I did. I've never had a console break on me before, let alone 4 times in such a small time frame. I know MS has learned their lesson more or less, and they did all they could to repair damages, but I'll always be reluctant to buy another MS console.
  2. Working on bringing my cousin into the community and getting him more experienced, thought I'd open the door to any New Recruits that still play Halo (more than likely ODST and Reach), Gears of War, Borderlands, or Rainbow Six Vegas 1 & 2 on the 360. Let me know if interested
  3. Ok so Katsuhiro Harada (Creator of Tekken) said that he would do a Xenosaga HD Collection if there was enough demand for it. So if a Xenosaga HD Collection was made would you buy it?
  4. My controller is having a weird problem were I will have plenty of battery life butit will just randomly shut off. Anyone know why or have had the same problem?
  5. Hey guys! I've been playing games as long as I can remember. Started out on Nintendo and I progressed to the Xbox after getting into Halo. I've got an Xbox one now. I'm currently playing quite a lot of Titanfall, I'm gen 5 atm, and I'm looking for more people to play with. Also I'm looking forward to Destiny and I'm ready to march forward with the angry army into the unknown universe.
  6. So Titanfall finally comes out for the Xbox 360 April 8th so I wanted to get all the XBGTs of everyone whos going to get Titanfall for the 360 so so if you plan on getting it or already got it post your XBGT in the comment section below so we can kickass and take names together as the Angry Army so want together post your XBGTs below and standbye for Titanfall.
  7. Hi as the topic says im looking for som xbox friends to play some 360 games or xbox one games and some future xbox one games. feel free to add me, just say you from the ajsa for xbox one i only have killer instinct and ryze, for the future i will getting titanfall, the halo games, destiny dead rising 3 and more. my gamer tag KnueppelMuzel, weird name its german
  8. I just had the most lucrative trip to Walmart EVER. I went for a network cable, and they didn't have the one that the website said they did so they gave me a 50 foot one for the price of the 25 foot one. Then I grabbed a few PS3 games and they only charged me half price on all of them. I dunno if they fucked up or they were on sale, but I didn't see any ads for them being on sale. So I suggest if you want to score some games get your ass to mars.....I mean walmart TODAY and stock up on those PS3 and xbox 360 games Edit: http://www.examiner.com/article/full-list-of-all-video-game-items-on-sale-for-walmart-s-2013-black-friday LOTS and LOTS of good games on sale right now, so if you have the means get the fuck to walmart NOW.
  9. hey if anyone here wants to join a survival project world i am needing more hands because production has slowed as more jobs are needed just keep in mind if you do join you do need to be respectful of all the progress that has been made because i have had some people join a game take everything they could and leave so we couldnt use it so if ur interested in joining our minecraft community messege me here or online via gamertag. there are a couple of major roles that need filling. mainly a luberjack, librarian and hunter. the librarian is alot better then it sounds you make potions you farm a spider spawner for xp for enchanting and you go to the nether. its just all in the library. you do need to earn your keep so u cant get diamond everything right off the bat. most jobs you WONT be doing it 24/7 so you wont get bored.
  10. I really didn't like Halo 4. Now it wasn't the worst game ever, but it definitely didn't keep my attention any more than a month. The game was a huge disappointment for me in many aspects, here are some of the things I didn't like. No ranked multiplayer: Seriously 343? This was the most important of all. Without ranked there is no way to make sure the experience is challenging and pleasurable for any players. Either you tear everything apart in a blood driven rampage, get your ass kicked, or have a good game (90% of the time it's the former). Ranked is what made the previous titles great, it's what made you want to replay the multiplayer. Without that there is not much fun to be had when the games are either too easy or to hard.No human aircraft: Why? Just why? No falcon, no hornet, no pelican, no nothing? I thought human aircraft should have been a staple since halo 3. Without this there is just so much ruined potential with custom games.Lack of gamemodes: The only new gamemodes that were added is regicide (which is O.K.), flood (which is infection with flood-like spartans), and dominion (which was pretty fun, but it could have had more potential). Headhunter was removed, along with V.I.P., Race, Stockpile, Every Insane gamemode, Invasion (perhaps the most missed of all), And assault (why would you drop that?). Most of these choices hardly make since. Either the clock was against them or they didn't give a shit.Worst campaign yet: Not only was it short, but it kinda went against the mythos, had an anti-climactic boss battle, and *SPOILER* killed off one of my favorite characters CORTANA.Bland multiplayer: At first I was defending the game from people saying "It's just like COD!". But now I see that the class system, no weapon pick-ups, and ordinance drops ruin the game for me. It just doesn't feel like halo anymore.Non-Working file browser: One of my favorite things about reach was the file browser. Sharing and downloading custom maps, pictures, films, and gamemodes was great. 343 didn't get up the file browser until weeks after release.No forge world: -Or at least a worthy equivalent. Either the map is just too small or doesn't have very many natural formations. The only forge map worthy of replacing forge world was impact, but even then who wants all of their maps in space?Weak weapons: Why do the weapons sound so weak? When I heard 343 was recording for weapon sounds in the field I was so exited. What I ended up with was weapons that sounded more plasticy than ever.Perks: At first I thought this wasn't a big deal, but then I played the game alot. Perks or "Specializations" should never be in a Halo game NEVERBarely any new vehicles: All we got was a mech, no pelican, no shadow, no specter, and no new human vehicles. What a waste of potentialHardly any weapon pick ups: These ordinance drops replaced the random map weapons, and although I might admit that the random power weapon cycling is cool but there is so little of them, it ruins all the fun we had with weapon pick-ups in the past. Now with all the classes and shit, nobody starts out on even grounds which is what made halo so great.No SMG: People asked for the SMG sooo much. The silenced SMG was probably the number 1 weapon people wanted to see in halo 4. So what did 343 do? Ignore that request and put no SMG what-so-ever.​No Dual Wielding: Some may dismiss this as a stupid gimmick, but fuck that! Dual wielding was badass and added more variety to the gameplay. I really miss this feature.Ultra consistent point count: No matter how well you do your point count is very consistent after the end of every match. So if you get a killionare and a perfection in one game your points that you are awarded afterwards will be almost the same as a match in which you didn't get those. Totally lame...Lack of playlists: Nowhere near the amount of playlists you got in 3 and reach. Not even any community playlists.Anti-climactic boss fight: Did I say boss fight? I meant there was none. Just a cut scene and an assload of enemies beforehand.Worst A.I. teammates since reach: There are hardly any of them, and when there are some they are like disabled children. Just watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaR8ltjlrwU These A.I. make me miss Kat.Wasted campaign opportunity: After the love expressed by the fans due to the amazing space battle section in reach, what is 343's experience? One short pelican mission and nothing like it afterwards. We did get a mission with a mammoth but the variety of awesome set pieces is significantly less that in reach.​Again, it's not the worst game, but it was probably the worst halo besides ODST. If you agree with me post any more problems, if you don't tell me why you don't agree with me.​
  11. Never really been apart of any community and I'm a little bit late on introductions, but still... hello! anyone who is perusing through this introduction thread. I'm in need of some fellow AJSA members to kick back and just have some dumb fun, have a couple of brews or soda and show people that the Angry Army is awesome. I used to be a exclusively 360 player but now I'm on the Personal Computer. Games which I am looking to play with the army: TF2, Cards against Humanity, Isketch, Board game online. Of course there are always the conventional games like COD and BF but I prefer the weird, silly and indie types instead. You can be of any age to roll with me....dawg You just gotta know how to have fun I've never used teamspeak or mumble, keep it simple, keep it skype or steam call. Obviously I'm looking for 3-4 people not the entire army haha Hit me up on here and then we'll get down and dirty.
  12. Looking for some partners to roll on the 360. Tired of trying to win without any communication whatsoever. Leave you gamertag if you want to team up!
  13. I'm playing call of duty ghosts on the xbox 360, name is ginge737 is there an AJSA clan on there I could be invited to plz
  14. Hey guys, the name's M4A1Massacre, or Massacre for short. I play a FPS shooters like Battlefield 3 (~130 hours played) and Battlefield 4 (~30 hours as of 11/10/13) on Xbox 360 so I guess you could say I'm a battlefield vet. I also occasionally play Halo and COD but mostly Battlefield. I've been watching angry joe show for about 3 years now and I'm very proud to be a member of the AJSA. I plan on going to the Xbox One in a few months. I'm glad to be a part of such a large community! If there are any battlefield players that want to lay with me, don't be shy and hit me up. Also if you would like some pointers I'll probably be doing some pointers on this forum and possibly a YouTube channel later. Thanks guys! Massacre out!
  15. Soldiers I would like to introduce myself to our community. I'm a 26 old gaming veteran and a true gaming la lo le li lu (ekhm... patriot), and conspiracy theories fan (The Truth Is Out There) I was playing games since I was a kid, starting my gaming adventure with NES and C64 and till today I'm a huge fan of retro consoles and arcade machines. Till today I've manage to collect a lot of classic/retro consoles like NES, SNES, Sega Megadrive, Sega Master Systems and MS II, Sega CD, Dreamcast, N64, Gamecube, Wii, Xbox Classic, PSX, Gameboy Classic, Color and Advance as well as retro computers like Amiga 500, C64, ZX Spectrum and soon i'll try to review them and record some gameplays, to show younger generation beauty of retro gaming. I'm a huge fan of Shooters, sidescrollers, arcades, strategy games, and action adventure ones, and hope that my contribution to this society will profit us all. And remember these quotes: "War Has Changed" and “Thank you Mario! But our Princess is in another castle!” That's all Soldiers