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  1. review

    Hey! Pikmin Review - Written by DestinyDecade Product provided for this review by Nintendo Nintendo has a knack for providing franchises the exposure they need and they do so via consoles and handhelds. Sometimes they work and other times can lead to a franchise dying out. The results vary but when it was announced that a new Pikmin game would be coming to the Nintendo 3DS, people were curious. Pikmin has had a few successes with its three main games with a strong reception, but the idea of a spin-off game seemed questionable. Eventually Hey! Pikmin would arrive but the big question is this: Does this spin off hold its own compared to its main series? Or will this be another case of a franchise that ended due to an unexpected flop? The story centers on Capt. Olimar, who is returning back after completing another assignment. During his trip, his ship gets struck by an asteroid and ends up crashing on an unknown planet. He learns that in order to fix his ship and get back home, he needs to seek out an energy source called Sparklium. But he won’t do it alone. The planet that he crashed in is home to Pikmin, little plant-like creatures that Olimar can use to complete his mission. With these helpers, Olimar heads off to find what he needs to fix his ship and head home. It’s a simple story, traditional since it’s almost the same in every Pikmin game. Sure the previous games add a little bit here and there but in Hey! Pikmin, the plot is barebones. Sadly it also takes a backseat in favor of the game and it doesn’t be any relevant until at least you collect 30,000 Sparklium. But for a Pikmin game, what can you do? Now since this is a Pikmin game, your job is to find Pikmin and use them to solve puzzles, defeat enemies and find treasures. Olimar can’t defend himself. He doesn’t have anything that can provide offense. All he has is a whistle and a jetpack that lets you hover for a short time. The only form of offense that you have is the Pikmin. They come in different varieties and each of them provides a different advantage for your journey. Red Pikmin is immune to fire and are strong fighters. Yellow can be thrown farther and can withstand electricity. Blue Pikmin are agile swimmers and essential for underwater combat. Rock Pikmin pack a punch and can destroy crystalized walls and Winged Pikmin can help you float through dangerous hazards and can reach high places. Unlike the main Pikmin games, this one you are only limited to 20 Pikmin in each area. This adds a bit of strategy but also a bit of micromanaging since you need to make sure everyone is safe from harm. Carelessness will lead you to defeat. Hey! Pikmin has you traveling through 8 Sectors, each with 5 areas. As you trek, you need to seek out Pikmin and use them to survive what lies ahead. This also relates to finding Sparklium. You do that by collecting Sparklium in each area. Finding treasures also count because they net a high amount of Sparklium and each area has at least 2-4 treasures to find. Finding them is the challenge. They can appear where you least expect it. Exploration is a definite must and the game offers a lot of it. If you’re lucky, you may find a hidden exit that can lead to an Area X. Those areas put your Pikmin playing skills to the test. Sometimes they can be a cakewalk and others can be a test of skill. At the end of every sector is a boss fight. If you know how the bosses behave, then they won’t be much of a challenge. One good thing about it is that the game really does a good job showing them before the big fight. In addition to exploration, there’s also Pikmin Park and using all the Pikmin you gathered, you can order them to head to specific areas to excavate more Sparklium. It’s a neat addition and offers more to an interesting game. As I said before, getting Sparklium is needed to reach the end and you’ll have to do so in this 10-12 hour game. Going for 100% will have you clocking in at about 16 hours since you need to complete every stage, find every treasure and do so with all Pikmin unharmed. This game will test you. For a 3DS game, the presentation is well done. The characters and environment are vibrant and colorful. Each world has a unique theme that offers something different as you progress. Olimar and the Pikmin I feel is the best thing since they express themselves in the form of short cutscenes. Some are rather humorous but it’s to be expected for a Pikmin game. The game has some great music. Unlike other games where music doesn’t reflect the game, this does and it’s done very well. Some songs like the cave areas have a bit of a Metroid vibe to them. It’s pretty good and it helps make the game feel enjoyable. The controls are good. You just tap with the stylus on the touchscreen and you can fling your Pikmin to where they will go. It can help with some tricky puzzles. The touch screen is also used for the whistle to get your Pikmin in line as well as the rocket backpack. Movement is done either with the analog stick or the D-Pad. The D-Pad is a safer bet if you feel analog isn’t your thing. Though I do enjoy some of the good things, there are a few things I find problematic with the game. First, the puzzles are too simple at times. Understandably since this game is meant for kids but for others, they may find them to be too easy. The same can be said for the bosses. Many of their patterns are simple to figure out, making some of them be a joke. Thankfully each boss provides a different challenge, requiring you to use the Pikmin you have to take the boss down. Replay value is there if you want to go back and beat every level with all Pikmin intact but other than that, there isn’t much. It’s pretty much a one & done game when it comes to finding everything. Speaking of which, the Pikmin is another flaw I have with the game. They’re only useful when they see anything of interest and are pretty much brain dead. Sometimes they don’t follow fast enough and you can end up either losing Pikmin or getting killed and forced to restart. Oh and there’s no checkpoints. If you die, you have to start the level all over again. That is an issue especially in tougher levels where you are forced to redo a lot of progress. That’s upsetting. In conclusion, Hey! Pikmin isn’t a bad game, far from it. It’s an enjoyable game that offers a lot of charm and a pretty acceptable challenge. For a handheld, Nintendo did well in bringing Pikmin to the small screen. A good presentation with simple yet effective controls added with an acceptable amount of challenge make this a worthy addition to the franchise. If you want something to keep yourself busy before Nintendo makes an official Pikmin sequel, this is it. Trust me. You’ll enjoy it. I give Hey! Pikmin an 8.5 out of 10.
  2. Metroid Prime: Federation Force Review – Written by Jose Vega Product provided by Nintendo for the sake of this review. Where do I even start with Metroid? Released in 1986, it was a groundbreaking game that introduced many features that would be mainstays for the franchise. It also gave us the first female protagonist in gaming history, Samus Aran. Metroid spawned eleven games. Many of them like Metroid Prime became glorified hits. Though it has had some rough edges, it’s a franchise where its games are always a delight to enjoy. The year 2016 would see Metroid resurface once more but it ha been mired in controversy. I speak of Metroid Prime: Federation Force a game that was subject to hate from everyone, considering that it was Metroid’s 30th anniversary. But does it really deserve the hate it got or is this game worth giving a chance? The game takes place after Metroid Prime 3: Corruption with the threat of Phazon having been eradicated from the galaxy. Trouble is brewing within the Bermuda system and the Space Pirates, reeling from their previous defeat are planning something big. To counter the inevitable threat, the Galactic Federation forms a task force to stop them. It’s a straightforward story that does have some interesting twists but overall, it’s all right at best. What is surprising is that the focus is shifted away from Samus Aran. Instead, it centers on the Galactic Federation. Sure Samus does make appearances in the game but it’s a surprising change compared to what we normally see. Federation Force plays similarly to the Metroid Prime games where you explore, shoot things, etc. On a handheld, I say they emulated it rather well. The game is a mission-based adventure where you travel to one of three planets and complete objectives that the G.F gives you. You operate a giant Federation mech that you use to explore planets, shoot space pirates and complete missions. Controls are very solid, just like in the Prime games. They can take a while to get used to because it’s a Metroid game on a handheld but it’s well done. Gyro controls help make your aim precise and that’s a good thing. I didn’t have any issues with them. Most games didn’t incorporate these controls well enough but for a game like this, it’s done pretty well. You can use analog controls if you feel they can be tiresome. Speaking of the mech, you have the option to customize it however you like with different chips. They provide unique effects, giving opportunities for experimentation. Be warned that they can break, aside from one that can’t be broken. Also, you can decide what weapons you can use like missiles, beams, etc. Depending on the mission you’ll have to decide carefully. Oh, and you can also have your mech get a paint job. It’s cosmetic but it’s pretty cool. In the presentation style, the game is acceptable. Having three different settings give the game a bit of variety. Sure it’s traditional cause you have an ice planet, a desert planet, and a factory planet but they shouldn’t stop you from taking in the scenery. Due to the game’s mission structure, your exploration is limited but it won’t stop you from finding stuff like secrets. There are plenty and can unlock new stuff for your mech such as chips and paint jobs. Federation Force’s campaign mode can take you roughly 8-10 hours, depending if you play it by yourself or with friends. Yes, the campaign has both offline and online co-op. Now that’s a good thing since with friends, it helps alleviate the game’s shortcomings and plus, it’s more fun if you have friends by your side blasting space pirates. The game’s built with co-op in mind and it’s done really well. Solo, however, could be a pain and depending on mission structure, it can get problematic. There is a high amount of replay value as you can go back to previous missions to get high scores and medals if you’re skilled enough. It’s even higher with friends. In addition the campaign, there’s also Blast Ball. Think of it as soccer but with mechs, 3-on-3. Your job is to score three points while preventing your opponents from scoring. It’s an okay mode at best and doesn’t offer anything else. Once you play it for a bit, you get an idea and it can be kind of boring. Not much to say on that. Federation Force has Amiibo support but it only works on both Samus and Zero Suit Samus. They provide new paint jobs with added advantages. It’s okay at best. In spite of some good things this has, there’s a bit of bad. The music isn’t as interesting as previous Metroid titles. They don’t have the kind of hook that gets you to listen to them. I would sum the music up as forgetful. Also since the game puts focus on the Galactic Federation, Samus gets downplayed. For the sake of spoilers, I feel that Samus should have been utilized more in the game. Heck having her be an unlockable after beating it would have been nice. But I feel that this leaves a lot to be desired. It also doesn’t help that this game was released to coincide with Metroid’s 30th anniversary. Having this to celebrate a franchise like Metroid just turns off a lot of people. Sadly it did and not a lot of people got to play it. I’ll be fair. Metroid Prime: Federation Force is a welcome addition to the franchise. The gameplay is solid and the presentation is well done. But its many flaws hinder the game from reaching its full potential. Fans of the franchise do deserve a better Metroid game and sadly this isn’t it. But with the game not doing well sales-wise, the future is uncertain. I only wish Nintendo can provide us a proper Metroid game… instead of this. This took me half a year to do and I had to think about this well. However, I will give the benefit of the doubt to this game. Metroid Prime: Federation Force gets a 6 out of 10 from me.
  3. Mario Party Star Rush - A Review by Jose Vega aka DestinyDecade of the Angry Army Product provided by Nintendo. Special thanks to Nintendo for giving me this opportunity to cover this game. Mario Party has always been known to be a game where you and a few friends can sit back, have fun and see how much hilarity can ensue amongst each other. The franchise hasn’t had much success in recent years. It started being a turn based game and has stuck from the first game all the way to Mario Party 8. However the game went in a different direction with the use of vehicle based movement in Mario Party 9 and the overreliance of Amiibo functionality in Mario Party 10. The franchise wasn’t limited to consoles. They tried their luck with handhelds. After the mixed reception of Mario Party Island Tour, Nintendo and Nd Cube try their luck with Mario Party Star Rush. Will it suffer the same fate as its previous entry or have they got something up their sleeve that’ll make it a well-needed hit? Mario Party always had a formula that worked while adding little things to improve the game experience. In the case of Star Rush, the turn-based gameplay that has been a staple since the beginning has been removed completely. Instead once everyone roll the dice, they all move at the same time. You can also determine where you go before you move. This adds a layer of strategy but at the same time you need to be aware of what your opponents will do. It’s a matter of predicting the best course of action on the playing boards. If you want to make sure to have an advantage, careful planning is key. At first I didn’t like that they removed the turn-based gameplay but it grew on me over time. I like it. It saves me a lot of time while providing something fresh, new and fast paced. Future Mario Party games should implement this style. Imagine the craziness that can ensue with everyone moving at the same time, trying to reach where they need to be. Star Rush has multiple modes for you to tackle with Toad Scramble as the main mode. Up to 4 players can play as a Toad and trek through various boards, gathering Mario characters as allies and taking on bosses in mini games to recover Power Stars. Each character has their own unique ability and dice and it can help turn the tide. You can have up to 4 ally characters in one time and having more allies mean more of an advantage. Bear in mind that it can be a disadvantage if your opponent has more allies than you so be careful. Items are aplenty in this game though not as big as in the previous games but they do add something to the game that can be good or bad. It’s random and it’s what Mario Party boils down to in a nutshell. Mini games are also the name of the game in Mario Party and there are many. They depend on the control scheme. Some are simple using buttons and an analog stick (or d-pad) while others take advantage of the touch screen. It works, giving it variety. However some mini games can be a bit of a pain to do than others and depending if you either have a regular 3DS or a New 3DS XL then some can be without a doubt annoying due to the microphone. In addition to Toad Scramble, there are other game modes. Coinathlon is a race where up to four players collect as many coins as they can in minute long designated coin mini games to progress through three laps. They get hectic and it comes in two modes: Free Play and Rival Race. Mario Shuffle is a two-player game that uses Amiibo functionality. Using Amiibo figures, players race across a one-way board to the goal with one going right, the other left. If you don’t have Amiibo, cardboard cutouts are used. Balloon Bash is like Toad Scramble but you collect coins and stars in a mini board with a turn limit and mini games. You can also play as any Mario character so that’s a plus. Rhythm Recital is where up to four players work together and play classic Mario tunes using the Touch Screen. Challenge Tower is a single player game where you have to climb a tower with LED Spaces on it. There are varying difficulties with some being harder than others. Last but not least is Boo’s Block Party, a puzzle game where you spin sides of a number block to earn points. If you move enough of the same block, they get sent to the other player. It’s addicting and challenging if you want to get the high score. There’s a lot to do in the game and let’s face it. Half of the time you’re going to be spending it trying to complete the modes to level up. Star Rush has a leveling system where as you play, you earn points. Once you gain enough, you level up and unlock either a new mode or a new character. It’ll take hours trying to unlock everything and it can be quite a challenge. It can get a bit repetitive too having to do it over and over just to unlock everything. The game offers a lot but I wish there’d be something to alleviate things. But if I had any issues with it, it’s that most of the time you’ll be playing it in single player. If you want to play multiplayer, each of you must have your own 3DS and a copy of the game or the free Download Play that you can get on the eShop. It’s like Smash Bros. for 3DS. Overall, I can say that Mario Party Star Rush improves the formula in some ways. Having a fast paced style where everyone plans their moves adds layers of strategy. Various modes add replayability plus with 4-player co-op equaling insanity. What else can I say? I know games should try to implement new things but this is a step in the right direction. If you have friends and a few 3DS handhelds, then you will have a fun time. I give Mario Party Star Rush an 8 out of 10. It earns Angry Joe's BAD-ASS SEAL OF APPROVAL.
  4. Yo-kai Watch 2 Bony Spirits & Fleshy Souls Review - A Review by Jose Vega Special thanks to Nintendo for providing me these games. Pokémon… it’s a franchise that revolutionized the world since the 1990s. There have been many that tried to capitalize on the franchise success but none would ever come close. In 2013, a game called Yo-kai Watch would be released in Japan, ending up becoming a huge success. From its success, many things would spawn from it such as an ongoing animated series as well as a manga series, two animated films and it would eventually be brought overseas in 2015. The rest is history. Now a year later, we in America now get to enjoy the sequel to Yo-kai Watch. This is Yo-kai Watch 2 and it seems the game is following the Pokémon route, splitting this experience into two games. Does this divide the overall experience or is Level-5 believing that this is the best way to go? Before I continue with this review, I do want to say that I never played any of the Yo-kai Watch games. This is my first time and my review reflects on this. Let’s begin with the plot. It starts with an unknown force wiping away the memories of the main protagonist Nathan “Nate” Adams. What follows are events that have been relived in the previous game but with an unexpected twist. After reuniting with some Yo-kai that Nate encountered before, Nate along with his new friends set off on another adventure. I don’t want to spoil anything relating to the plot but I feel that the story can get a bit crazy. There are twists and turns that will send you all over the place. And for anyone that has never played a Yo-kai Watch game, they may get lost. You don’t have to worry. Everything will feel spot on as you play. Take it from me. I got hooked into the game a few hours in. If a game like that has something that can get you hooked, it’s a win in my book. Now I know what you’re going to say, “This game is a rip off of Pokémon” right? Guess what. Wrong. It’s not. It may have a similar way to Pokémon but this is Yo-kai Watch and it has stuff that sets itself apart. The game is split into two sections: Exploration and battle. You’ll be spending an equal amount of time doing both, trekking all over town, finding and battling Yo-kai, obtaining items and completing quests. Your Yo-kai Watch is a very important item to have. You need it in order to find the many Yo-kai that are located. They come in a variety of ranks, attributes and tribes. No, I’m actually serious. That’s how things work but you’re more concerned about how battling works. I’m getting to that so hang on a bit. The game follows a chapter-based system and in order to move on to the next chapter, you need to complete quests. Quests come in three different categories: Important, Requests and Favors. Important Quests are ones that when completed will allow you to continue the main story of the game. Requests are one-time jobs provided by anyone that has a blue “!”. Favors are like Requests but they have an orange “!” and can be done as many times as you like. Completing any of these nets you rewards ranging from money, experience, items or to even raise your Yo-kai Watch Rank. It’s needed if you want to continue on with the game but it never hurts to complete them. Battles happen in real time the instant the battle begins. Your party can have up to a maximum of 6 Yo-Kai and how you go about it depends on how you play. But you can only have 3 on the field. See it as like a Triple Battle but you don’t give them orders. They do their thing. Your job is a bit more on the micro managing side, courtesy of the Yo-Kai Watch. You can do many things such as healing Yo-kai with food, rotating Yo-kai out for other ones and activate Soultimates. Whenever a Soultimate is activate, you need to do a mini game on the bottom screen to fill up the gauge. When it’s charged, the Yo-Kai can unleash a special attack with various properties. In this sequel, it gets taken up a notch with the addition of Moxie. Once you receive an upgrade to your Yo-Kai Watch, you’ll have the option to get access to these powered-up Soultimates. The only difference is that you need 3 Soul Gauges to pull it off. It’s a high risk/high reward move and it can turn the tide of battle. My advice is to use it only when necessary. Boss battles are aplenty in this game and unlike regular battles; these have some strategy involved so you’ll need a good combination of Yo-kai to help take down these threats. Sometimes they’ll have something that you need to target and other times they can inflict some nasty problems at you. You need to use the Yo-kai Watch to either target said thing or to use Purify to rid the curse away from the Yo-kai. It rewards you for doing it, making this a required thing to do and sometimes you need to poke enemy Yo-kai at specific areas to get rewards. Another difference between this game and Pokémon is that in order to get more Yo-kai, you need to befriend them aka earning their trust. You do that by giving them food. In addition to Yo-kai having various characteristics, they also have varying tastes. Depending on the Yo-kai you’re up against, you’ll need the right food to earn their trust. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t. It’s all trial and error. It’s also time consuming too because even if you give them something that they may like you a ton for, they won’t always befriend you. As I said, it’s luck based and if you plan on befriending Yo-kai, you’ll need the right food for the right one. Some instances, you may need to evolve Yo-kai in order for them to be stronger and other times, you need to use Fusion by combining Yo-kai with specific medals or items. There are many combinations and it can take a lot of work. I did mention that this game is split into two right? Yes. There are two versions of the game: Fleshy Souls and Bony Spirits. There isn’t much in terms of differences between the two. The story is the same but depending on which version you play will have you meeting Yo-Kai that are exclusive to it. Combined, there are over 300 Yo-kai you will encounter, befriend and battle with. A game like this that has so many Yo-kai to find will take you hours, even after beating the game. The post game that follows is just as long. It’s something that is worth spending a lot of time on. If that isn’t enough to convince you, there’s more. Like Pokémon, you can battle or trade with your friends locally or online. It adds more to the game’s content along with many other modes. Exclusive to both versions is Yo-kai Watch Busters where four players can choose a Yo-kai to battle against dangerous Oni Yo-kai. There is so much to do here that it’s incredible. The story can take roughly around 15-20 hours if that’s your focus but if you plan on covering everything, finding all the yo-kai, completing quests, mini games, etc. then let’s just say that the overall length explodes into hundreds of hours. I am not kidding. It is nuts. Only the most dedicative of players will be pouring a lot of time and skill into finding every Yo-Kai that’s in both versions. Presentation wise, the game looks amazing on the 3DS. Truly awesome! Character models are well done. The environments are vibrant, full of life and they provide something different depending on location. Music is well done with my favorites being during battle as they provide a sense of intensity to the fight. There are cut scenes in some parts of the game and they capture the feel of the franchise real well. It’s like you’re watching the anime and I’m going to give it credit. The dub for it is good especially since they did bring some good talent like Johnny Yong Bosch of Power Rangers fame. I’m going to be 100% fair. I did find some faults in the game. The difficulty curve is fair but there’ll be times where the game can throw a curve ball at you and put like a real tough threat in your face and wipe your whole party out in minutes. Training is a good thing but it’ll get to a point where it can be a grind, just to take down something that drives you nuts for hours on end. Also the battle system is similar to the first game. That’s not to say its bad but I wish they added something unique to make it stand out. Nothing wrong with it but the least the game can do is to give the player a bit of leverage. Another nitpick I got is like I said, trial and error when it comes to befriending Yo-kai. It can happen especially when you don’t have the required food to use to befriend them and you end up using something you have one of that would work but doesn’t. It can be disappointing but it also convinces you that you need to prepare more. It isn’t pretty. Issues aside, Yo-kai Watch 2 provides an awesome experience with both Bony Spirits and Fleshy Souls. It’s weird that they decided to split the game into two versions but with so much to do, it’s hard not to deny that having it all in one game won’t cut it. It won’t at all. New players will get on this game quick while veterans will spend all their time finding every Yo-kai that’s there. I could go on and on about how good the game is but I’ll say it here. This guy is worth the full price and it’s something I recommend. If you feel that Pokémon isn’t giving you enough of an experience, try these games. You’ll find it to be something that has it stands out over others. Now if only Level-5, the same guys that give us the Layton series of games can give us the third version of Yo-Kai Watch 2 or maybe the third game. Who knows? Nothing’s for sure. I give Yo-kai Watch 2 Bony Spirits and Fleshy Souls a 9 out of 10. These two games are a MUST BUY and they deserve Angry Joe's BAD-ASS Seal of Approval. If you want to see more info in relation to Yo-kai Watch including detailed walkthroughs, guides on obtaining specific Yo-kai or anything else in general, please be sure to check out the Yo-kai King himself, AbdallahSmash026’s YouTube Channel: http//www.youtube.com/user/AbdallahSmash026
  5. Yeah. I wanted to do it days earlier but I had to cover Turnabout Time Traveler, which I did. So now let's get cracking with Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 for the Nintendo 3DS. It's a sequel to the first Gunvolt game that was released in 2014. Now you have two characters to play: Gunvolt and his rival Copen. This time around, a new organization called Eden emerges in hopes of continuing where Sumeragi failed and it's up to both Gunvolt and Copen to stop them. Let's get underway. I hope you guys enjoy it.
  6. I know that Angry Joe is a fan of Ace Attorney and the game is officially out so... why not. I started covering this game so I hope everyone enjoys it. With a game like this, I upload a lot and I make sure to get it all done. I will do that. We begin with Case 1: The Foreign Turnabout. More will come tomorrow. That I promise.
  7. Kirby: Planet Robobot – A Review by Jose Vega Bought my copy for the sake of both the review and playthrough. . The question is, will this game follow the adage or will it decide to do something no one would expect? That’s something you guys already know.Kirby: Planet RobobotThere’s an old adage we always say… “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. It means that if something is successful or effective, there’s no need to change or replace it. That’s what it is with the Kirby series of games. Every Kirby game is always the same and that’s a good thing. What else is there other than playing with a pink puffball that can take abilities from his foes and use ‘em against them? Nothing. That’s what. But it isn’t the case with this game here, Stories in Kirby games are mostly minor at best but they seem to help the player provide something to get behind. In this case, Planet Robobot’s story involves an outside force invading Planet Popstar, referring to them as the Haltmann Works Company. Using the Access Ark as their base, they are able to invade the planet and mechanize it with machinery. Not even the likes of King Dedede and Meta Knight were able to stop this evil force. Upon waking from his nap, Kirby sees what had become of his home. So he decides to do something about it and heads off to send the invaders back to where they came from. I’ll be fair. This story is simplistic, as it is for a Kirby game. It doesn’t need to be overly dramatic to make it good. It’s all straight forward. Fortunately as you play through story mode, you’ll meet other characters and be able to piece everything together. I won’t spoil anything but by the time you beat this, the story gets serious but it does leave you feeling relieved. I don’t mind it since all story in Kirby games make you feel like being in the world they live in and feeling you should do something. If you played any previous Kirby games since their inception, you can guess how this game’s going to be. But for anyone who has never played a Kirby game, here’s the lowdown on what you should expect. The game’s a side-scrolling platformer. You play as Kirby, a pink puffball and you use him to reach from point A to point B, while contending with various threats. Simple right? Wrong. Kirby needs to use all his skills in order to reach the end. One of his most useful powers is the ability to suck in enemies and spit them out as projectiles. Sometimes you can swallow some enemies and in turn, you get the option to copy their ability. It’s what makes Kirby what he is. He’ll take what you throw at him and send it right back at ya! There are a total of 27 different abilities Kirby can wield against his enemies, providing many possibilities for you to take down your opposition. Some abilities are exclusive via Amiibo. I’ll explain that in a bit. Anyway the game’s main gimmick centers on the Robobot Armor. You get your hands on it early in the game and believe me, it makes exploring the game that much sweeter. In addition to dishing out punch attacks, a double jump and a dash, by scanning specific enemies, the armor can transform giving you access to the scanned power. There are a total of 12 different forms the armor can adapt. Some examples include Fire, giving the armor directional flamethrowers and a fire dash, Spark that can be used to fire short blasts or it can be built up to fire a powerful beam, Cutter giving you access to giant retractable Metal Blades and so forth. Some armors are needed in order to solve puzzles and in some cases required for stage progression such as Jet as it turns the armor into a jet plane, turning part of the level into a 2D shooter. This I enjoy because it gives the game variety. Overall the Robobot Armor adds another layer into what makes Kirby very good. Now as for the game itself, the story mode is split into six areas and each area consists of several acts. In each act, you job is to head from start to finish all while dealing with enemies and finding items such as Code Cubes and Stickers. Code Cubes are the equivalent to Triple Deluxe’s Sun Stones and they’re found in every level, save for the boss. They’re hidden in each level and you need to collect up to 3 in each act in order to access the boss room. But if you’re the collecting type, getting them all in each area unlocks the EX level and that has Code Cubes too. In truth, those levels will require you to be at your best if you want to complete them. The rewards are worth it I might add, especially if you want to get them all. The game also has stickers that you can collect and if you want to 100% the game, you need to get them all especially the rare stickers. Boss fights in Planet Robobot are real good here. They are challenging enough to require some skill but they aren’t as difficult. Using the right ability, you’ll be able to wipe them out in minutes so be sure to plan well if you want to succeed. Of course you can be daring and try beating them without any powers. Like I said, it offers the option of going about how you handle the bosses. You’ll need it if you wish to go through this 4-6 hour campaign. But if you plan on completing the game and unlocking everything, it’ll take you about 6 hours, at best. Not a bad thing but in my opinion, it’s acceptable. . Metaknightmare Returns allows you to play as Metaknight, Kirby’s rival. You use him to trek through all six areas and taking on stronger versions of the same bosses that were in story mode. The Arena is a boss rush mode where you battle all bosses from the game whereas True Arena is the ultimate test, taking on bosses that were in Metaknightmare Returns as Kirby. In addition, the game also includes 2 sub-games you and your friends can enjoy. Kirby 3D Rumble is a set of minigames where you guide a 3D version of Kirby against enemies. Pretty simple. Team Kirby Clash has a team of Kirbys battling enemies and working together. There are RPG elements as well. You can level up each of the four Kirbys and all of them have individual abilities that can support one another. You can play it either by yourself and 3 CPUs or with up to 4 friends with 4 3DS’s. It’s better that you play it with friends because it makes things satisfying.Kirby: Triple DeluxeAfter beating the game however, you’ll have access to additional content similar to the previous game, Planet Robobot also has a very good soundtrack, with some tunes having some techno beats. Some songs are reused from previous Kirby games but I ain’t complaining. My personal favorite tunes are the boss themes such as “Haltman Works Elite Management” and “Dedede Three”. They’re really addicting songs that help make the battles intense and catchy at the same time. So much so that I listen to these two songs whenever I can. That tells you a game is good because when you have catchy music like that, it’s a solid hit. I couldn’t find any negatives but at times some levels can really have you head scratching if you want to figure out how to reach certain areas. It’s a minor thing and sometimes you’ll forget that hidden places net you Code Cubes. It’s a reason why you got to look through every nook and cranny if you want to get 100%. I still haven’t gotten everything but I promise you that getting everything is worth it. I mention this earlier but yes this game has Amiibo support. Not that it’s a bad thing since the game is compatible with all of the Amiibo line, including the special Kirby Amiibo that they released alongside the game. Using any of the four of the Kirby line will net you some nice power-ups such as the UFO Kirby, which in and of it is rare. Not only that but if you use the Smash Kirby Amiibo, you get of course Smash Kirby. Some people may not like it but Nintendo has been putting more and more into the Amiibo line but what can you do. Using any of the other Amiibo can net you a random power-up and a health up boost. It adds more to the game but it can also be useful especially at the True Arena where you really need some leverage against the tougher opposition. Kirby: Planet Robobot follows the adage really well and it delivered on so many levels. The Robobot Armor adds something new to the game while keeping the formula familiar. You have gameplay that is just as good, the design being solid with the technology theme and music that’s divine to listen to. It’s a great game for kids and adults plus it’s pretty easy to pick up and play. This is a game that’s worth its price and the content that comes with it is proof of that. If you want a 3DS game that’s going to give you an enjoyable experience, Planet Robobot is for you! I give Kirby: Planet Robobot a 9 out of 10. It is a MUST-BUY game and I highly recommend it! This game also earns Angry Joe's Bad-Ass Seal of Approval to boot.
  8. Just to make it easier (if it exists I was blind). My ID TwistedChi
  9. I am going to be doing a lot of travelling in the next 12 months and was really considering picking up a handheld device since I'm really getting sick of these shitty iOS games and 3ds seemed like the best option. Is it worth the money and what games should I pick up for it? Or should I get a ps vita instead.
  10. Unofficial AJSA Hunter's Caravan Hello fellow AJSA soldiers! I am looking to gather together some people for group Monster Hunts on the newly released Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, so i am putting together and UNOFFICAL group. I would more AJSA members to play together and also have a weekly or bi-monthly game night where we help new players get into the game or try our hands at tough monsters and do upcoming events. SO if you are on the fence about this game or looking for a new game for that 3ds you own pick this up! MH4U is a great game! More info to come later as we get more members and get organized. Sign up 3ds Friend Code: Weapon Type: Time zone: Skype or TS?: (not required but i also play with a group of friends and when we use skype it makes fighting monsters easier and have some fun banter!)
  11. So i'm going to upgrade from a regular 3DS to a new 3DS XL next month, and i was wondering about how to transfer the data. I've seen that you can transfer the data if you have both systems and do the system transfer, but since i will be trading in my old system i was wondering if i could just take the micro sd card, from the sd card adapter in my regular 3ds, and put it in the new 3ds or will that not work ?
  12. So Majora's Mask for the 3DS came out last month and I've played it and I feel like it's superior to the original N64 version, which was already my favorite game of all time, but I'm sure not everyone agrees with that opinion.
  13. Which brands of microSD memory cards are compatible with the new nintendo 3DS?
  14. Yep. Pokemon is now following the way of Candy Crush and I have mixed feelings about it. You can check the video out and see for yourself.
  15. Since you can see people's Steam, Xbox, Playstation and EA account names I think Angry Joe should make an option to show your Nintendo ID on your profile. It would boost the nintendo community on here loads because you can see someone's ID on their profile and add them much easier. Who agrees with me?
  16. Okay so MH4U comes out mid next month a full month sooner then I thought and Iv got some questions for my fellow hunters 1: you downloading it thew the eshop or getting a box coppy(Iv got the colloctors edition preordered myself ) 2: are you sticking with your main weppons or are you gana take the time to learn somthing new in this game (im thinking of going bug staff this time around but if I need to end game Il make a shit tone of long swords and S&S)
  17. Nintendo had pretty good year in 2014 in regards to exclusives, arguably the strongest out of the current generation for 2014. Wondering what everyone's most excited for in 2015 from Nintendo, I for one am most excited for the bravery default sequel but the new fire emblem sounds pretty good too. Whats everyone else excited for?
  18. Since there is a lot of interest in all things Nintendo we have decided to create a sub forum for all things Nintendo so that you guys can discuss everything regarding Nintendo from software to hardware.
  19. Allright, so lets make this clear. I've always loved Nintendo games, but the Wii made me have a love/hate relationship because of all those garbage 3rd party titles. But now, here in the soon to be golden era of new games, I think it's time to put the list of the hypest games for me in 2915. 1.Story of Seasons (3DS) This game is basically harvest moon with the name changed not to get copyright from Natsume. My waifu from Two towns is coming to this game, and their seems to be alot of cool features. Also being translated by XSEED, which is always great because they leave nothing out of the English version. Ready to farm! 2.Legend Of Zelda (WiiU) Let's be honest here, LoZ is one of the best franchises as their isn't a single bad game in the series (well besides the CDIS but they don't count.) and every new installment has a great soundtrack, story, and puzzle solving madness. They also said this is open world but not open world, which kind of reminds me of Wind Waker. I'm ready to save Hyrule again! 3.Monster Hunter 4 (3DS) This game is like a lucky small-town buisness. Everything starts out slow, but soon enough you have somehow managed to make it to the big leagues with everyone else. Not to mention, using a big dumb sword to kill a Dragon the size of MT. Everest is just cool man. Not to mention, one of the best CO-OP title games in existence. I'm ready to collect again! 4.Splatoon (WiiU) Not gonna expand much on this one, just looks cool I guess. Ready to spray! 5.Shin Megami Tensei- Devil Survivor Break Record (3DS) Oh dear, another SMT game on my list. This one is said to have remastered visuals, a new night, and so on. This might quench my thirst before SMTXFE. Ready to survive! So, what are your top fives for 2015 Nintendo Games?
  20. so I got this at midnight of relese and Im about 6 badges in and I have to say Im happy to be back in hoenn but is it just me or is this game even easyer then X&Y
  21. It comes with improved 3D viewing, utilizing the camera to track you head movements. Improved CPU, has a c-stick, two new shoulder buttons, improved download speeds, NFC support built into the bottom touchscreen, improved browser functionality, and the a,b,x,y buttons have classic Super Famicom colors. Utilizes micro SD instead of large SD. Will be hitting store shelves on October 11th in Japan. Price for standard is 16,000 yen and 18,000 yen for the LL. Roughly $150 and $170, respectively.
  22. Mega Salamence Mega Altaria Mega Lopunny Mega Slowbro and Mega Audino If you purchase Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire their will be a short window near release to obtain a Shiny Beldum as a gift and that Beldum will be holding a Mega Stone. Mega Metagross How do you make one of my all time favorite Pokemon(Slowbro) even more badass? GIVE HIM A MEGA EVOLUTION. He's UNstoppable now! Mega Metagross looks friggin awesome BTW.
  23. Curious why a game is not on the list? It's because it currently has a vague release date of Q3 or Q4 which means absolutely nothing. Confirmed means that, at the very least, a known month of the games release is known. With that out of the way. Here is the list. EU Release NA Release Simultaneous Release It's Out Now Wii U: Hyrule Warriors 9/26 9/19 Skylanders Trap Team 10/5 10/10 Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2 10/14 10/3 The Voice: I Want You 10/21 Just Dance 2015 10/21 Pier Solar 10/23 Bayonetta 1&2 10/24 Stealth Inc. 10/30 E-Shop| Shantae: Half-Genie Hero 10/?? LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham 11/11 11/14 Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric 11/11 11/21 WatchUNDERSCOREDogs 11/18 11/21 Super Smash Bros. 11/21 E-Shop| Kenji: Rise of a Hero 11/25 E-Shop| Shovel Knight 11/?? Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker 12/5 E-Shop| The Girl and the Robot 12/?? 3DS: E-Shop| BLAZBLUE -CLONEPHANTASMA- 8/21 Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright 8/29 Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call 9/16 9/19 Cooking Mama 5: Bon Appétit 9/16 Super Smash Bros. 10/3 Poptropica: Forgotten Islands 10/14 E-Shop| Shantae And The Pirate's Curse 10/23 E-Shop| Castle Conqueror EX 10/23 Fantasy Life 10/24 9/26 Pokémon Art Academy 10/24 Shin Megami Tensei IV 10/30 Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley 11/04 Ultimate NES Remix 11/05 11/07 Tetris Ultimate 11/11 11/14 LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham 11/11 11/14 Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire 11/21 11/28 Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth 11/25 11/28 E-Shop| Shovel Knight 11/?? Ace Attorney Trilogy 12/9 Games that are primed to come out 2014, but have no set month of release:
  24. The Premium Edition for Persona Q is coming to Europe and, now, North America as well. The Premium Edition will set you back $80.00 and comes with: - the Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth game- a Persona Q-themed protective Nintendo 3DS case (can house a 3DS XL)- the "Sounds of the Labyrinth" music CD- an exclusive art book- eleven Persona Tarot Cards- a collectible outer box
  25. Honestly, it looks like a good platformer. It has levels with pacing fairly similar to what a person should expect from a Sonic game and it even adds in some more slower, Donkey Kong paced adventure levels which seemed to play fairly well, all things considered. After watching the gameplay do you think the game looks decent as a platformer? Does it live up to your expectations of what a Sonic game should be? Will game reviewers finally judge a Sonic game based on what the game actually offers as opposed to what they feel a Sonic game should offer? I can already see the writing on the November walls. 1,001 reviews headlined with "Sonic Doom".