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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, Im thinking of getting an Xbox One S for X-mas so that I can watch Batman v Superman, Mad Max Fury Road, and Suicide Squad UHD Blurays on my 55" Hisense 4k Smart TV, and possibly play online games with other friends that aren't on my PS4. However I just don't feel like $300 is a fair price for any one who wants to get me this, until I heard that the Xbox One S could upscale my PS4 to 4k with the HDMI in port. This instantly made me want a Xbox, however Im worried that there is input lag, is that true? Thanks, any help appreciated, have a good one.
  2. With Sony and other companies seem to be pushing 4K as the big thing this year I've been wondering, do we really need it? I've been watching Blueray's since the PlayStation 3 launched and 1080p has since been integrated into games, TV, Youtube, Netflix, phones among various other things and never once thought "This resolution sucks! It needs to be at least 4 times more!". I could see the point of 4K in some circumstances like big screens at sports games and music festivals where 1080p doesn't necessarily hold up. But on smaller everyday devices like TV's and computer screens I just don't see the point. You probably could argue that people said the same thing about BluRay back then but it was clear that DVD was inferior to analogue projectors and the old DVI format on computers but I just don't don't see how the 4K format is going to make that kind of difference. Maybe I'll see the point when I actually, well SEE it but until then please feel free to share your thought's.