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Found 4 results

  1. (I addressed this on the AC Unity topic but I have decided to post it here too, but I feel it was worth some discussion so I put it here as this is a growing, nasty-ass trend that has to stop) STOP PUTTING MICRO TRANSACTIONS INSIDE OUR GAMES! I remember a time when you could play offline and nothing would hinder gameplay and everything was unlock-able without an internet connection. Now I know some people will say to me "But online gaming is the future!" well if thats true, I guess everybody who is stationed overseas (like me) with their families are screwed since we cannot upgrade our connection to another company. Seriously though, you don't need to lock off content like outfits or weapons to make the player go and play the mobile app or purchase them with real money in-game, that feels just... just wrong. I appreciate the free DLC and all, and the Co-op though I haven't had the opportunity to try it was a good idea to replace the multiplayer and I've heard a lot of people are having fun with it (and I am so glad you can play those missions offline too) but when the game is forcing you to go elsewhere to get something that you should have anyway, it feels very wrong and can be frustrating. This isn't just Ubisoft either, Bioware has recently jumped on this bandwagon with Dragon Age: Inquisition as well as Capcom in the past. Nobody likes Micro transactions, we already paid $60 so let us play the goddamn game! How about instead of paying for it, you work for the outfit/weapon/content with a super difficult side-mission and you're rewarded at the end with it so you can feel even more badass when you put it on knowing that you worked for it (Look at Skyrim or Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker as examples, both games are AAA without Micro transactions but do what I just described instead) or if its a fighting game, how about after completing a really difficult challenge that rewards you with it like beat down 50 enemies using only one health bar or pull off 30 super-moves in a set time limit? Either way, I think we can all agree this trend of paying in game for something that should be there anyway, has to stop and if left unchecked could lead to serious problems.
  2. So a teaser has just been announced for interstellar marines Teasing us about the coop that is gonna be in the game. Now the question is what we are gonna be against And my theory is Landsharks You may be confused Here is a teaser although older than the coop teaser it is confirmed that the landsharks are gonna be in the game. It is not confirmed yet if they are in the first coop update, but they will be in the game You can sign up at their website http://www.interstellarmarines.com/ And if you want you can buy the game on steam although still in early access but with somewhat frequent updates. http://store.steampowered.com/app/236370/ Oh and they are an indie developer team from Denmark (because GO Denmark ) And as they say:FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME
  3. Now the reviews themselves are too big to be written down here and contain too much hypertext, picture content etc so I will just link them to where I've posted them. Once again, they are really big so I suggest you grab a drink or two before you get down to reading them. Unturned Review: http://www.pixelgab.com/2014/08/plagiarism-or-genius-the-tale-of-unturned/ Firefall Review: http://www.pixelgab.com/2014/08/an-apocalypse-gone-wrong-a-firefall-review/
  4. Ok I want to press on a touching subject.. I'm getting really sick and tired of AAA titles being over hyped and coming out like unplayable SHIT! Now I'm not the type of person to go ahead and pre-order a game as of nearly two years ago.. I learned my lesson. However that doesn't stop me getting a little excited for games such as Watchdogs.. Now I'm pretty sure everybody knows the controversy that this game is currently suffering with AMD users and all the other bull shit... I'm not going into that. I'm going into the fact that the game has been a bit of a disaster after the hype it received. Now to prove I'm not just hating on Watchdogs. I have other examples... Diablo 3: Reaper of souls... If anybody has played this game then you will probably know the back story of it. Since the loot 2.0 patch you now officially can not trade unless you are in a party with that person when you get the legendary. Which is a fundamental key element in the Diablo franchise. (The auction house was not and I'm glad they took it out) Theif, this game is amazing if you can look past the REALLY derpy AI. However I can't... I'm sorry I simply can't. I liked the previous series of Theif, I played the very first one when I was young and I found it extremely difficult which is what made the game so fun. This theif is retardedly easy and made for casuals... CoD is one of the most over hyped franchise on this earth and yet I was a massive fan of it back in the days up until Black Ops 2. I can keep going with some other games that have bad AI bad Coding or even Unplayable that were extremely over hyped or were supposed to be AAA. So AJSA I'm asking you do you hate it are you really that bothered. Could you name another game that you were hoping was going to be everything they promised and they never delivered...? By the way I'm not looking for hate from this post I'm looking for your general opinions...