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Found 13 results

  1. Thanks to everyone who joined us during our 27th official Operation! We started this Op with about 30 people structured into 3 squads and our numbers only slightly deteriorated towards the end of the Op. To kick things in this Reverse Op off, we headed to Esamir to start another exciting edition of our racing league. This time a stock Harasser death race Congratulations to the winning team of the AJSA Racing League #28, the stock Harasser Death Race on Esamir, which disputed result was formally decided in a duel between ProfessorOaked and BlackOpsElf, utilizing Commissioners. 1. General Bravo, Dark Templar and ProfessorOaked After we successfully determined the victor of the race by trial of combat, we moved our platoon to Indar, although an alert on Esamir had started. We decided to hit the Vanu on Indar at Alkali Shipping in order to cut the VS advances at our Bio Lab off. Swiftly moving in with Galaxies, we took the VS by surprise and although we were outpopped by 2:3, we still managed to wreak havoc among those players that did not yet move out to hit Saurva Bio Lab. Soon after we initially dropped, we cleared the capture point out and begun to set up a defense against the numerically superior, but less organized opposition. Taking the base in the name of the Angry Army, we now turned to the north-west, to clear out the VS armour zerg, which was initially headed to take Saurva South Fortress, mercilessly clearing them out. Having cleared the VS out, we now turned towards Dahaka Uplink Hub, to make advances towards the VS controlled Dahaka Amp Station, which rightfully belongs to the faction controlling the northern warpgate on Indar (which happened to be the TR today). Our first attempts at assaulting the base from the west were met with about numerically equal VS players on that section of the defense, using the wall of the base to their advantage in the battle. Realizing that this direction of assault would result in nothing but a bloody grind-fest meant that we resorted to a Sunderer to the south of the base. Although we had to cross quite a bit of territory to the capture point we overall outnumbered them at the start and thus proceeded mostly undisturbed towards the capture point, where we set up our defensive line. We were soon outnumbered after the Vanu reinforcements were starting to pour in. Although we were only significantly outpopped during the last minute of the cap, the VS still put a lot of pressure on the capture point, assaulting primarily the northern entrance with the brunt of their force, but also put enough pressure on the south, so we had to commit forces there as well. Having the majority of our forces concentrated inside the capture point building, enabled us to tie the VS to the entrances and deny them access to the capture point, meaning that once more a base was conquered in the name of the Angry Army! However the VS was heavily disgruntled at the prospect of losing the base and rallied more than a hundred players to steamroll us. With the immense amount of fire this zerg was putting on the wall, it soon became inhospitable to our forces, which meant the VS swept past our most crucial line of defense and headed straight to the capture point. Despite the superior resistance, we still advanced up to the southern entrance of the capture point building and managed to gain control of the lower level, something the VS never did manage in their defense of the base. Nonetheless the zerg caused us to lose this base and was now advancing on our other base of Alkali Shipping. Pulling light armour to blunted the zerg heading for us, we met the VS in the fields and narrow ridges south of Alkali Shipping. Despite being outgunned, we managed to exploit the terrain in our favour and tie the enemy up around certain chokepoints. However trying to push the VS back towards Dahaka Uplink Hub was also made impossible with our numbers by said chokepoints. Ceding the responsibility of the defense to our allied outfits, we diverted our forces straight to the Amp Station, in an attempt to dissipate the VS zerg entrenched south of Alkali Shipping. Having to take down two shield generators meant that the VS had the time to be able to divert part of their attention towards us and reinforce the Amp Station. Although we made early progress, it soon was undone in a stalemate between us and the Vanu. With about 2 hours already spent in the event and the combat constantly resulting in stalemates, we decided to move towards the end phase, namely a Harasser zerg. Pulling it from Saurva Bio Lab, we headed straight for the VS zerg south of Alkali Shipping. With the zerg itself being a bit more dispersed and with our numerous fast moving vehicles, we were able to tear the remaining vehicles apart. Whilst we still lost all vehicles in the process, we still realized that we were now in a position we earlier endeavoured to achieve; we were at the gates of Dahaka Uplink Hub. Exploiting this, we now moved into the base to assault it once more. Already knowing the flow of the battle in this base from our previous encounter, we once more set up a strong defensive position inside the capture point building. Standing fast, we were able to deny the VS entrance into the building until about a minute prior to it being lost, when the VS managed to claim the lower level for themselves. Throwing our remaining forces against the encroaching opposition on the stairs, we were able to deny them access long enough for reinforcements to arrive and the timer to reach 0, meaning once more we captured this base in the name of the Angry Army. Listening to announcements from Commander Damion Rayne, regarding the recreation of Arma 3, we aimlessly zerged the VS at Cora Med Labs, whilst we outpopped them slightly, they still had sufficient forces to put up a resistance. Nonetheless we managed to repel them back to their spawn room and lay siege to it, ensuring we took this base as well for the Angry Army! As always, did you take some cool screenshots or footage of the Op? Post them below!
  2. picture by Norman Thanks to everyone who joined us during our 23rd Operation and special thanks to the TRAF members who assisted us. We started on Indar, where we continued to fight until the end of the Indar alert with about 30 people and our forces remained more or less steady until the end. To kick things off we moved to Hvar Northgate Garrison. Although this terrain wasn’t ideal for Battle-Flashes, it most certainly was a battle worth disrupting. Being at the mercy of the terrible PS2 vehicle physics our Flashes were destroyed extremely fast, either by flipping over or rolling down a slope straight into the sights of the NC tanks. With the enormous NC force making advances on our Tech Plant we called an immediate end to the starting phase and set up defenses. Being met with such an enormous opposition we split up into our separate squad channels and moved to the walls to repel the encroaching NC forces. Although the NC had a vastly superior armour zerg set up and greater numbers in total, they didn’t manage to take down our generator, ultimately rendering their vehicles useless. With the gate being guarded by our own tanks and the walls being held by our infantry, the NC moved a Sunderer to the SE tower, to move their infantry around the narrow strip of terrain between the tower and the mountain. Being met with the brunt of the NC infantry force here, we soon lost control of the tower itself to hostile Light Assaults, with the regular NC infantry advancing around the side. Slowly steamrolling our infantry, the NC soon destroyed our forward Sunderer at the SE gate tower. Whilst setting up a defense inside the generator room, Charlie set out to flank the enemy to the east with an armour zerg brought over from Hvar Southgate Garrison. With a significant chunk of the NC tanks being already grinded down, Charlie finished the remained NC armoured forces quickly off. Setting up deployed Prowlers on the NC flank quickly caused the entire NC assault to collapse, seeing as Charlie destroyed among other things the deployed NC Sunderer. Utilizing the sudden disruption in the NC advance the TR steamrolled the remaining NC squads holding the SE tower. Desperate to retreat the last NC Max was hunted down by the entire TR forces, clearly showing we defended our territory. Whilst repelling the NC forces an alert started for the control of Indar. With the NC being prohibited from setting up forward posts to stall our offensive, they abandoned this lattice, leaving Quartz Ridge Camp vulnerable. Moving in with a vast force we only found a disproportionate small NC resistance here. Nonetheless the entire TR host assaulted with extreme force, starting off with a massive air bombardment by more than a dozen mossies, whilst multiple Galaxies dropped troops within the confines of that base. With this conflict mounting to up to be nothing but ghost-capping, we soon left this base to be taken over by our allies, whilst we moved to a battle that more required our help. That battle we found in Scarred Mesa Skyock, facing a VS zerg of more than 48 players. Although this base is one of the most defensible bases in the game, it still depends on the defendant to bottle the assailants up on the jump pads. Upon arriving we found that our allies hadn’t succeeded in this regard, with both jump pads and the eastern part of the plateau being in VS control. Splitting up our platoon Charlie went to reinforce the besieged TR forces at the capture point, whilst Alpha went to secure the first jump pad and Bravo charged the VS forces on the middle ground between the first jump pad and the capture point, heading straight for the eastern jump pad. Being met with an assault on their entire front by our forces, they soon collapsed. Every time one of the squads pushed the enemy further back enabled it to flank the hostile forces facing another squad, causing that part of the front to dissipate. This chain reaction soon caused the entire VS forces on the plateau to collapse and fall into disarray, spelling their end. Seizing the moment we charged the VS forces that were entrenched at the foot of the plateau, overwhelming them entirely. Arriving at Red Ridge Communication, we found another base, which was abandoned the the enemy, albeit the VS this time. Overwhelming the enemy, we soon restricted them to their spawn room. Although we had a relatively little amount of puppies, we still pulled our forces out before taking the base, to enforce TR dominance elsewhere. Seeing as the NC had succeeded in taking Allatum Bio Lab before the Op started, we were determined to help our endeavour in retaking it. Knowing however that assaulting a Bio Lab with enemies defending it is usually pointless, we rather directed our forces northwards at Indar Comm Array, to cut the Biolab off. Moving in swiftly we set up defenses around the capture point with multiple Sunderers on the eastern part of the plateau. Overestimating the initial resistance we would get caused us to move more Sunderers than necessary in, even moving a Sunderer to the capture point, to provide some Bulldog support. After a while the NC reinforcements arrived, outnumbering us vastly. Soon the Sunderer came under direct fire and was destroyed very fast, this marked the end of our initial push, seeing as our forces at the capture point were wiped immediately thereafter. Regardless we moved in once more, systematically taking the NC apart. With reinforcements from the 382nd showing, we soon outnumbered the NC forces, taking another base for the Republic. Seeing as the majority of our allied forces went to the south to take West Highlands Checkpoint against little to no resistance, we decided to take Dahaka Southern Post to the north. Setting up defensive positions in the capture point building, we managed to hold our perimeter against the advancing NC forces. However our presence here depended on our Sunderer, deployed to the south of the base. Realizing this flaw in our defense, the NC moved an armoured force consisting of Battle-Sunderers and tanks to take down our Sunderer. Being without spawn options the NC annihilated our soldiers on point quite fast. After analysing our current situation we decided to hit Indar Excavation Site. Acknowledging that the NC was preoccupied defending their Tech Plant against the VS, we assumed that we might be able to secure this flank as well. We established spawn points on all sites of the base, commencing our assault and swiftly secured B and C. A was proving more of a challenge, seeing as it was located within the tower. Bringing in Light Assault we occasionally managed to contest the point, but otherwise the uphill battle was proving too much for our limited numbers. Despite defending their Tech Plant the NC moved more forces into the base, ultimately outgrowing our numbers. This lead to B and C being contested. Nonetheless the NC didn’t just managed to steamroll us as it usually would be the case. Instead we managed to successfully keep the southern part of the base around B contested, with the actual point constantly changing ownership. However we had to acknowledge that we would not succeed in taking the base with the current odds and hence looked for a new battle to fight. That battle was a defensive battle against about 2 VS squads at Crossroads Watchtower. Although the TR was more or less holding their ground, we moved our squads in, overwhelming the VS entirely. We swiftly assigned our squads to the various capture points and retaking them, whereafter we pushed the VS out. Keeping the momentum we charged the VS to Broken Arch Road. Being met with a greater resistance here, we deployed our Sunderers under fire on the northern side of the base, whilst our armour was keeping the VS vehicles at bay. Swiftly securing A, part of our forces took up defensive positions around the capture point, whilst the rest battled the VS throughout the base. However the VS advanced close to the eastern side of the base along the canyon wall and assaulted the lower part of the building containing the capture point. Although they were kept at bay at first, their excessive grenade and C4 spamming grinded our forces down, seeing as the reinforcements were tied down, either defending the upper entrance or trying to repel the VS at another front. Soon they managed to overwhelm the forces at the lower entrance and flank the defendants at the upper entrance, wiping our forces out completely. Nonetheless we kept on pushing and with the support of Maxes, we slowly worked our way towards the capture point, ultimately capturing it once more, despite heavy VS resistance on point. From here our forces advanced further towards the southern end of the base, slowly encroaching upon their spawn room. Despite this the VS resisted, gaining small footholds against us by expenditure of many live and nanites, only to see these positions ultimately fall back to us. Continuing to grind the VS down, we managed to secure the base in the name of the Angry Army! Whilst analysing our situation our forces moved south to Tawrich Depot, however we moved our forces to the southern base of Tawrich Recycling, to aid against an overwhelming VS zerg. With only a minute to go and a vastly numerically superior zerg continuing to move in, we were unable in defending the base. Looking at the map revealed that we were leading on the NC by only 1%, hence we endeavoured to keep them at bay by forcing them to defend Indar Excavation Site once more. Nonetheless with the NC and the VS focussing most parts of their efforts on us, we soon were outnumbered at every single battle the TR was participating in. Acknowledging that the alert would be impossible to turn around in 20 min, we chose to fight defensively at various bases in the meantime without any guidance from the platoon itself, until the alert is over and the racing phase could begin. With the squads splitting up along various bases to farm the enemy, we marked the end of our combat phase. This concluded the combat phase and we moved to Hossin, to begin another exciting edition of our racing league. This time a Galaxy Team Race. Congratulations to the winner of the AJSA Racing League #24, the Galaxy Team Race on Hossin, who really didn't have a team! (FYI: We can't award him the Racing award, seeing as he is from TRAF and doesn't have an account here (though that might be rectified in the future)) 1. McPhearsom During this event SgtRoss once more distinguished himself, earning him his second MVP. This time favouring the offensive, SgtRoss could be consistently observed throughout the Op dominating the front lines. Efficiently prioritizing targets, he managed to take on strong hostile positions, either wiping them on his own or weakening them sufficiently for the players following him to clear them out. His performance greatly boosted the death toll we inflicted upon our enemies, earning him the respect of the PS2 staff. Although we cannot award them anything for their deeds, we would still like to emphasize the combat performance of the TRAF players McPhearsom and Nolen. Showing an immense skill in the game, they greatly exemplified the TRAF forces. They were highly effective in whatever endeavour they undertook, aiding us not only on the front lines, but also in supporting our troops by providing excellent spawn locations, flanking the enemies and defending key locations against the enemies. Willing and able to follow orders to the letter, they still aided the command with tactical advice regarding not only on how to take a base, but also on what strategies to pursue in the long term. Their skill, discipline and character left them in very high regard, as they formed the backbone of our platoon on many occasion, earning them the respect and admiration not only of the PS2 staff, but also from those AJSA soldiers observing them in action as well. As always, did you take some cool screenshots or footage of the Op? Post them below!
  3. Thanks to everyone who joined us during our 22nd Operation and special thanks to Jaymawdo for taking platoon lead during this Op. We started out on Amerish with around 30 players and our number remained relatively steady throughout the Operation. During this Op we had the longest and most successful starting phase so far, going on for about 1 h 30 min. With Hossin, Esamir and Amerish to choose from, we decided to go to Amerish, seeing as Esamir was full and Hossin isn’t too popular. We chose to lay siege to the VS warpgate, ‘cause fuck the VS, that's why. Before the starting phase began the PS2 staff moved 2 Sunderers into the mountains to the north-east of Aramax Chemical Co, which were overlooking the VS warpgate. With one of them being an ammo-Sundie we ensured that we had stationary turrets, that didn’t run out of ammo, whilst also ensuring spawn points to our troops. After all members joined we started preparing the siege of the warpgate, by setting up Burster-Maxes along the ridge of the mountain facing the warpgate, whilst the infantry stood by with lock-on launchers and support classes. There was definitely enemy activity going on in the area, with an enemy Valkyrie passing directly over us at one point, however the VS did not react to us before we set out to destroy their vehicles. At first only few targets patrolling the area showed themselves, which were being met with an incredible flak-screen. Disgruntled by being shut down we immediately got a consistent light resistance to our siege of about half a dozen pilots, constantly launching bombing runs at us and constantly being shut down. The enemies even mobilized a few tanks during the early phases to bombard us from afar, but with the enormous range between us, this endeavour to suppress us was ultimately futile. Soon we started getting a larger resistance from organized outfits, which started organizing bombing runs in Liberators and Galaxies. With the amount of hostile air increasing and with the air starting to exploit the mountainous terrain slightly to their favour, the pace of the combat picked up. The enemy would throw a consistent mix of Galaxies at us to attract fire or pancake us and Liberators to bombard us. During this period the first VS tanks started appearing in our rear, diverting the attention of our infantry away from the warpgate front. Our forces also began to experience more action, seeing as our forces were more spread out and the enemy encounters would become more frequent, sometimes even lasting for multiple minutes. This meant that also the amount of communication increased exponentially, with new targets being called out and support being requested every couple of seconds. Nonetheless the comm discipline was astounding, especially considering 30+ people were sitting in the same channel. Furthermore some members took the initiative during the battle, by pulling some mossies, which would lure enemy ESFs to our Burster-Maxes, which would then open fire at them, either destroying them outright or causing them to panic in the massive amount of flak we were putting out. With the alert on Esamir coming to a close in the favour the of the Vanu, the enemy resistance picked up significantly. Within the first 5 min of the alert being over, the VS forces nearly doubled. Whilst some parts of the new enemies weren’t aware of our presence yet, the organized outfits soon started setting up a massive push against us. Having attracted also the hostile puppy players with our fire, the resistance was soon overwhelming. Now our forces started to be really challenged, seeing as our forces were already engaged with the previous number. Nonetheless our forces stood firmly against the onslaught of enemies. Whilst the VS was successful in taking Esamir, we were determined to prevent the VS from consolidating their forces as they did on Esamir. The increased number of enemy aircraft in the sky made it increasingly difficult to focus fire on a single target. Our locked-down Burster-Maxes now couldn’t undeploy and turn around to track a target, they had to statically face in one direction, seeing as new targets would immediately present themselves, as soon as the aircraft they were shooting at flew past them. This meant that the solid wall of flak changed its form with our Maxes now taking up positions surrounding our perimeter, to ensure that no flank was completely unprotected. Meanwhile the cliffs and mountains around us enabled many aircraft pilots to approach undisturbed, until the last few meters. At this point the enemy outfits were organizing themselves even more, setting up multiple Liberators in single file for bombing runs. The general confusion of the increased hostile population also enabled a couple of enemies to get within our lines and take out the ammo Sunderer; it is unclear whether the perpetrators bailed out of some aircraft, were Gal-dropped or managed to sneak up on us the conventional way, but as a result the ammo on our remaining Sunderer was now finite. Despite the increased resistance our forces managed to establish the new defensive perimeter against the VS forces, focussing AA fire to mainly to the North, East and South, whilst the infantry focussed on defending against the advancing VS infantry and vehicles to the West. Shot down enemy aircraft was usually immediately replaced, but our Maxes managed to increasingly push the Vanu back, preventing them from controlling the airspace directly above us. Nonetheless the hostile air stayed close, constantly bombarding us either from afar or by launching bombing runs at single point in our defense. With the limited cover our remaining aircraft pilots could provide Hunter5988 managed to bring another ammo Sunderer in, which gave our deployed Sunderer sufficient ammo for the G30 Walker, enabling us to put more bullets between us and the enemy. However after about 10 min in the heat of the combat, it too was destroyed by unknown forces, which again put us at the disadvantage of having a finite amount of ammo in the remaining Sunderer. Having worked out a defensive routine the battle continued this way with barely any conditions changing for about 20 min, however at some point our damage output surpassed their Nanites-regeneration ability and the number of the hostile aircrafts receded. As soon as that was the case our forces slowly began to focus fire again, which increased the defensive capabilities even more and soon after that we secured the airspace again, giving us time to consolidate our forces. After a while the VS began their air raids once more, albeit with a lower amount of enemy aircraft. Nonetheless this was enough to tie our Burster-Maxes to the east, to suppress the warpgate. At this time the VS managed to position a Sunderer west of our position, with a strong VS push, which was being spearheaded by at least 4 VS maxes, being lead at our own deployed Sunderer. Whilst we do not have accurate numbers on that push, an unidentified AJA soldier described it exaggeratory as “at least a whole fucking platoon”. This significant push enabled a single VS engineer to get close enough to our last Sunderer and deploy 3 tank mines below it, which weren’t blown up in time. In the meantime our forces managed to grind the majority of the VS forces down to directly focus fire on the VS Sunderer, which lead to it being destroyed. Whilst we attempted to rally an engineer with a level 6 repair tool, another VS engineer managed to bail from an arírcraft and put more tank mines under the Sunderer. Although everyone open fire on him he managed to throw a grenade out, before he died, which marked the end of our remaining Sunderer. With the last Sunderer being destroyed our troops now relied on squad spawn beacons, whilst we tried to establish alternative spawn options. However being denied the opportunity to pull new Maxes meant, that our flak screen was soon being grinded down by the enemy aircraft, which put us in a downward spiral in terms of defendability, dooming us ultimately to failure. Simultaneously the VS was assaulting us from all sides with C4 fairies, advancing on their own up the hill to prevent attracting attention. With the Burster-Maxes looking at the sky and the infantry focussing on keeping the Maxes alive, they managed to approach our forces and presenting us with deadly friendship-bricks, meanwhile the VS moved armoured forces up from the rear. Soon our forces were all destroyed, which spelled the end of our starting phase. Despite being killed at the end, it was especially noteworthy that our platoon consisted to about a third of new players, even with a lot of them being below BR10. Nonetheless these new players demonstrated extremely high skill, considering their low rank; they most certainly pulled their weight. Not only showing very good comm discipline for such new players, they also demonstrated a good ability to follow orders and instructions from the squad leaders. This concluded the starting phase and we moved to the “Mercy Phase”, where we finally let the Vanu out of their warpgate to have some fun. Seeing as we spend so much time on the start phase, we decided to only spend a short time battling elsewhere, before starting the racing phase. We moved our forces into AuraxiCom Substation, to help defend against a slightly superior Vanu zerg. Our forces moved swiftly in and charged A point. Whilst the push itself wasn’t particularly coordinated, one could still observe that our forces split up into 2 groups, with one heading straight for the capture point, whilst the other diverted to the West, to flank the enemy at the control point from higher ground. With this successful flanking manoeuvre the VS fell very fast and we pushed them further to the South-West. However the VS overwhelmed the puppy TR forces to the South-East, flanking our front lines, which caused them to collapse. With the VS having secured the western higher ground for themselves our forces were now forced to advance under fire on the direct path or flank through the narrow, stony and overgrown strip of terrain to the east of the capture point. Using Light Assaults for this feat, we managed to push them out again after a minute, this time pushing them past the confines of the base. This was mostly assisted by Bravo, who brought up an armoured column from the North, bombarding the VS infantry and vehicle forces outside of the base. Keeping the momentum, Bravo pushed up and destroyed the remaining VS forces and charging them through the open field to the south, annihilating any opposition. With Alpha and Charlie also mounting up to move to Auraxis Firearms Corp, we soon lay siege to this base as well. However this base is quite a fortress and with about equal forces the chances of taking it were quite slim. So after the first initial pushes were repelled, we decided to end the Op on the high note of repelling the Vanu all the way back to their own territory and called an end to the overall combat phase of the operation. This concluded the combat phase and we moved to Sungrey Amp Station (on Amerish), to begin another edition of our exciting racing league. This time a Max race around the outer wall of Sungrey Amp Station. Congratulations on the winner of the AJSA Racing League #22, the Max race on Amerish! 1. FinnishFighter 2. Pig_Face 3. Conan During this Op the relatively new player EternalRobot distinguished himself, hence he will receive the MVP award (as soon as we figure his forum name out). Despite his low BR he took the initiative in luring enemy ESFs to our Burster-Maxes in the starting phase with a mossie, greatly aiding our endeavour of keeping the sky clear. Not only demonstrating initiative and a great sense of teamwork, he also was very helpful in assisting Hunter5988 to come to our help with another ammo Sunderer, by providing air-ground assistance, keeping Vanu tanks away from him. His performance greatly assisted the entire platoon in our endeavour to dominate the Vanu warpgate, not only earning him the appreciation and respect from the PS2 staff, but also from the platoon as a whole. As always, did you take some cool screenshots or footage of the Op? Post them below!
  4. Thanks to everyone who joined us during our 20th Operation! At the beginning we started out with 25 people on Amerish, heading for the NC front. To kick things off we pulled armor from Crux Headquarters to hit the NC, currently assaulting Mekala Cart Mining. We swiftly obliterated the NC armor and Sunderers around the base, but the present allied forces were unable to retake A-cap, meaning the base was lost. Realizing that there was a severe lack of bases where we could destroy armor, we started to assault the base on foot, which ended the beginning phase. Moving our forces in quickly overwhelmed the NC and we took the base in the name of the Angry Army! Afterwards we moved our forces southwards in order to take Mekala Tech Plant, currently controlled by the NC. Seeing as we had numerically superior forces heading for the Tech Plant and had more than 50% on Amerish it looked like the base would be possible to take. We pushed quite soon to A-Cap, almost taking the base. However the NC pushed us out about 2 min before we would have taken the base. Whilst the NC was distracted to retake A-Cap the SCU was successfully destroyed. Nonetheless the NC was able to destroy our Sundies and push us out, seeing as they managed to rally numerically superior forces at Mekala. After rearming at Mekala Cart Mining we found that we still technically had enough forces to push them out, if we would get help from TR forces, fighting other battles (we had the upper hand in every other battle). Once more we assaulted, but our forces were countered by a Vanguard zerg, bottlenecking us north of the Tech Plant. With the hostile turret support from the gundeck of the Tech Plant we were unsuccessful in pushing in and they soon overwhelmed us, heading for Mekala Cart Mining. We successfully pushed them out again and charged once more, seeing as the NC all of the sudden had a massive population drop, however after we charged once again they poured back in. We were outpopped there, regardless of still having more than 50% of the Amerish forces, which were most notably wasted in a 48+ zerg hosted by the TR outfit 382, who dedicated their entire force to ghost-cap one base at a time. With the unfortunate lack of support from them we had to pull out, after grinding for more than an hour, heading for Sungrey Overwatch to take it from the NC. Unfortunately they managed to push us out 10 seconds before we got the base with a Max crash, obliterating our forces. With numerically superior NC forces and a longer way to A-Cap we had to pull out. Meanwhile Charlie was assaulting AuraxiCom Substation, where they valiantly supported the 382 in taking it, after they turned their attention to bases defended by the NC. Looking to the VS we moved Alpha and Bravo to Aramax Chemical Co, to stop the VS from taking the base. Brushing the VS aside we soon established the local TR dominance. In the meantime Charlie was continuing their assault on Splitpeak Pass, securing it in the name of the Angry Army! This concluded the Combat Phase of the Operation and we moved to The Bastion, to start the 22nd Official Racing League race, the 2-man Flash enduro race, which turned out to be one of the shortest races to this date, due to all but 2 teams committing suicide at Heyoka Chemical Compound. 1. Natemanpro 2. Robz Gamez Once again TrashMan distinguished himself during the Op, hence he will be receive his 2nd MVP award (which will unfortunately not display on his account as such). This time most notably showing an aptitude for multiple approaches to combat, supporting his squad as an Engineer in the most crucial of moments or piloting a Lib. But his most notable exploits were both his flawless competence as a tank driver and his ability to obtain intel and passing it onto his squad. He significantly boosted Charlies combat performance and showed the PS2 staff once more that he is part of the elite AJSA PS2 playerbase. As always, did you take some cool screenshots or footage of the Op? Post them below!
  5. As you know, we usually like to announce our presence by making one big push in MAXes or Galaxies or with Armor. Being our 1-year aniversary however, we decided that none of the methods were enough... so we went with ALL OF THEM!!! Alpha squad pulled MAXes and loaded into a Galaxy headed towards Ghanan Tech Plant, while Bravo pulled armor and followed behind. Alpha arrived first, and dropped into the VS held Tech Plant, wreaking chaos on the VS defenses and eliminating a hostile deployed Sunderer. Unfortunately, despite securing the A point, Alpha was wiped out, but their actions bought enough time for Bravo to set up their armor in bombardment positions. After establishing a new beachhead and wearing down the VS, Alpha and Bravo pushed into the base with support from TR pubbies, and secured the base. The opening stage over, AJA forces pushed into Kessel's Crossing moments before the base was secured by the TR. During this, Bravo's Galaxy was attacked by a Scythe that looked suspiciously like a Goomba, so Conan's Galaxy did its best Super Mario impression, and squashed it flatter than the NC's hopes. Moving on, our forces pushed into Hayd Skydock, and secured the A and B points. Alpha and Bravo switched between the points as necessary to hold off the NC counterpush, but the NC eventually retook the Alpha point, and then wiped out the rest of our forces. After this loss, we decided to punish the NC by taking Acan Data Storage away from them, which was secured in the name of the Angry Army! We were then ordered to counter a VS push outside of Roothouse Distillery, where a line battle was waged in the swamps surrounding the base. Despite support from their vaunted Mag-riders, our forces repelled the VS and moved on to Takkon Storage. At Takkon Storage, the enemy excelled at killing our Sunderers within seconds of their deployment, so we countered by deploying from Galaxies. A defensive position was established at the A point, and the spot was fiercely contested until a friendly TR Sunderer was able to push through the enemy defenses. The Sunderer set up near a deployed hostile Sunderer, and was able to destroy it, robbing the VS of a much-needed spawn point while granting our forces access to reinforcements. Next, AJSA forces rushed to defend our base at VTOL Stockpile from the VS, but we arrived just as the base switched ownership. Our forces established a forward position with spawn beacons, and TR armor pushed into the area despite disadvantageous terrain, but after a long battle, we were forced to pull back to Roothouse Distillery. After the initial defense, Bravo was detached to make an assault on Construction Site Epsilon. Unfortunately, they were wiped out, so they returned to the Distillery to save the booze assist Alpha squad in the defense. After re-securing Roothouse with less than a minute to spare, Alpha and Bravo linked up and flew to Construction Epsilon. Unfortunately, as Bravo dropped, their Galaxy somehow clipped the invisible edge of Alpha's Valkyrie's hitbox, wiping out Alpha. Powered by our hate of SOE's terrible coding, Alpha responded by driving a Sunderer into the A point of Construction Epsilon, getting Conan close enough to wipe out the enemy Sunderer located there with a nice Tank-Mine surprise. Without their alternate spawn point, the VS were rapidly confined to their spawn room, and Construction Site Epsilon was secured in the name of the Angry Army! At this point, Alpha was sent to successfully counter an NC ghost-cap of Construction Site Beta, while Bravo was deployed to defend Kessel's Crossing. While Bravo was still defending, Alpha was re-routed to defend Acan Data Hub against an NC push. The capture point switched hands several times, but the NC ultimately secured the base, forcing Alpha back to Hatcher Airstation, where they were joined by Bravo. The NC failed to capitalize on their advantage, and we began a counter-attack. After inflicting several losses on the NC at Acan, the alert on Hossin ended, with the TR holding nearly double the territory of either the NC or Vanu. After a victory party at our warpgate, we redeployed to Esamir for a 3-man Harasser race. Despite disqualifying themselves from winning ahead of time, Conan, Darktemplar, and Puttymon somehow managed to win anyway. Out of jealousy good cheer, the rest of us decided to hunt them down. After a fun round of "Whack-A-Conan," PBAmuffin (driver) and Torozor (gunner) successfully destroyed Conan's Harasser, so they win the racing medal for this Op! Congrats to everyone for a successful and enjoyable Op! One year down, and hopefully many more to go! Go AJSA! And for those who are participating in the Trivia Hunt, the code for today is “Maximum Devastation”
  6. Thanks to everyone who joined us during our 19th Op and special thanks to SgtRoss for dropping by and streaming. At the beginning of the Op we had about 15 people, but our numbers doubled during the course of the combat phase. To start things off we assembled a Mossie Swarm outside of the battle between Indar Excavation Site and Cora Med Labs, where we were fighting the VS. Being met with a massive Flak screen our Mossies were disassembled quite fast. After we all died horribly we began the combat phase. To secure a defensible front against the NC we reinforced the battle a Scarred Mesa Skydock, deploying all our forces to this front ensured that the NC were unable to hold this otherwise strong base. After securing the southern NC front we had to redeploy back towards Indar Excavation Site in order to stop the VS attempting to seize the base by overwhelming numbers, approximately numbering around 120 players. A truly long winded battle followed. With the VS forces coming mostly from the north-east, A and B were mostly secure, although we often had to assign a squad on defensive duty around B. The hostile forces around C however were another matter. Having to either assault the base over open terrain or sneak around the back exposing yourself to the massive VS armour zerg, most pushes were immediately thrown back by the VS. The point could only be taken with a sustained Human Wave assault, supported by Battle-Sundies. Keeping the momentum and exploiting the newly established flank before the enemy could realign their defensive lines, our troops overwhelmed the disorganized VS forces at their spawn points. Having thrown the VS out of the base we now faced the problem that we had to cross open terrain to reach the hostile rear positions, which were located further to the east and supported by the main body of the VS armour. In order to engage this entrenched force a substantial AJA armour force was assembled at Quartz Ridge Camp, consisting mainly of Prowlers. Exploiting their long-ranged nature, we wiped most hostile forces out before they could flee or engage us. However the still numerous VS forces were now bombarding us from the cover of Cora Med Labs, with the flanks of the base being protected by enemy armour. The atrocious close quarters capabilities of the Prowlers made flanking the enemy close to impossible, seeing as we would have to remove our forces too long from the frontlines for it to be feasible. Facing the sustained firepower of the VS our armour was soon lost. With a stalemate established we redeployed our forces to Indar Comm Array, to assault the VS at another front and hence to take some pressure away from Indar Excavation Site. With the enemy slow to react we managed to get a 3 min headstart on the capturing process. Hard pressed to retake A point in a minute the VS resorted to a desperate, but uncoordinated push, sacrificing multiple Maxes due to the lack of VS support players. Holding firmly onto the capture point, we ensured that this base was captured in the name of the Angry Army! To eliminate the VS enclave of West Highlands Checkpoint we moved our forces southwards, using Gate Shield Diffusers on our Sunderers to secure the few good deploy-locations before the enemies started to reinforce the region. Although we moved swiftly the VS was quick to react and we were soon matched and later outmatched in numbers. Despite the VS outnumbering us and them having the advantage of fighting us at night, they did not manage to stop us, only occasionally slowed this process. Our efforts ensured that this base was taken in our name as well! Trying to keep their option to assault Quartz Ridge Camp from Indar Comm Array, the VS moved to ghost-cap our previous base, whilst we were busy wiping out any VS resistance behind our lines. Aiming to retake what was once ours and what arguably belonged to the south-western region of Indar, currently belonging to the TR, we swiftly moved up and dismembered their hastily erected defense lines. However the VS was not willing to lose this base again and for a change our enemy demonstrated something resembling coordination, by assaulting our Sunderers with a Liberator, whilst our forces were tied down fending off countless VS heavies and Maxes. Without any spawn points we fell back to West Highlands Checkpoint to prepare to throw back the hostile advances. Although the VS moved up with multiple Sunderers, most did not have good deploy locations, making them quite pointless and counterproductive to the VS endeavours. Immediately exploiting this weakness, we wiped all hostile Sunderers out, except for one located far to the east, on top of the mountain ridge overlooking the base. With such a long distance to cover the VS chances to capture this soon diminished as more and more VS abandoned the fight. With a combined arms assault from different directions this entrenched Sunderer was soon destroyed as well, securing this base. However now the VS decided to embrace the only tactic left to them: Superior Force. Hitting Indar Excavation Site with more than 200 players our forces were hopelessly outnumbered. Realizing that we could not delay the inevitable loss of this base we deployed our forces to face the NC advancing on our Warpgate, which came to be due to the decision of our favorite zergfit AOD to assault the NC Tech Plant, pulling their wrath upon us. Joining the forces pushing for Peris Barracks we soon pushed the NC out, securing the base in our name. This concluded the combat phase our our Op and we redeployed to Amerish to begin another edition of our exciting racing league, this time a Sunderer Death Race, going from our Warpgate all the way to the VS Warpgate. Congratulations to the winner in the AJSA Racing League #20, the Sunderer Death Race on Amerish. 1. Pig_Face Delivering crucial support in the direst of situations earned Cavalier_Adam the MVP for this operation, which will be awarded after we figure his forum name out. Keeping a cool head even in the most hostile of combat situations, Cavalier_Adam showed superb skill as a medic, efficiently prioritizing revives, healing where needed and keeping various, ofttimes multiple teammates alive during the moment of helpless disorientation following a revive. His effort ensured on many occasions that the Angry Army could keep their momentum going, which made him one of the key contributors during many phases of the operation. This earned him the admiration and appreciation of the PS2 staff. Furthermore PBAmuffin88 demonstrated incredible skill as a Max during this Op, hence he too will receive a MVP award. Not only supporting the squad leader of Delta with tactical advice, he was also forming the vanguard of Delta Squad in the battle of Indar Excavation Site, meaning he was always taking point when breaching rooms, showing confidence and skill, whilst taking on the brunt of numerically superior hostile forces. Even as he faced multiple Maxes, supported by Vanu infantry he confidently took them on, eliminating all of them whilst his team supported him from the rear. This skill ultimately came to use in the final assault at C, which broke the enemies back. His support made Delta Squad a deadly force to be reckoned with, which earned him the respect and appreciation of the PS2 staff. As always, did you take some cool screenshots or footage of the Op? Post them below!
  7. Thanks for everyone who joined us during our 16th and special thanks to SgtRoss for streaming the event. We started out on Hossin with 3 squads. To start things off we prepared ourselves for a Hailstorm-Max-Drop on Kessel’s Crossing on Hossin. We chose this base for the starting phase, seeing as it was the largest fight on Hossin in which the TR was involved and seeing as there was a queue to get to Indar. Not expecting to be hit hard the NC was soon overwhelmed. The NC quickly assembled an AA defense to take out our Galaxies, but failed at the attempt. Ultimately the base was captured in the name of the Angry Army. Seeing as most of our Maxes and all our Galaxies survived, we swiftly moved our forces southwards towards Hatcher Airstation. Executing the Gal-Drops successfully on each capture point the base was soon taken, albeit not in the name of the Angry Army. Nonetheless we moved on towards Construction Site Epsilon, which was completely abandoned by the enemy, hence we took it without any difficulties for our own. The same level of resistance continued as we were moving towards Hurakan Storage Yard, which subsequently was also taken in the name of the Angry Army. Seeing as we did not want to resort to ghost-capping our way across Hossin we redeployed towards Fort Drexler, where a heavy fight was taking place between the TR and the VS. Shortly after arriving the puppy Sunderer was taken out depriving us of any spawn points. Attempting to bring in our own Sunderers we were initially obliterated, but ultimately managed to position a Sunderer in an easily defensible position within the walls. After attempting to assign each squad a capture point to conquer, we found out that B-Cap was too heavily under VS assault to hold it. Therefore we focussed our attention towards A-Cap and C-Cap, which were held quite successfully against the VS, despite hostile PPA spam. However the VS soon moved a Sunderer close to C-Cap and with the very short travel time for the VS our forces were soon pushed out of there. Holding on to A-Cap we relied on puppy forces to hold the ground floor of the building whilst our forces defended against the numerous Light Assault Troopers coming in through the roof and the windows. However the puppies got reckless and tried to push the VS back, upon stepping out of the building they were soon obliterated by the hostile PPA spam, leaving us outnumbered and outflanked. Having lost also the last capture point and being seemingly incapable of gaining any point back we decided to abandon this battle. Shifting our focus we decided to head to Sleepy Hollow (aka Hayd Skydock) to attack the NC. At first a relatively successful battle ensued, however we lacked any spawn points aside from Galaxies, effectively pitting us on our own against the NC, who soon outnumbered us. Trying to gain the upper hand over the NC via quick redeployment we headed back towards Kessel’s Crossing, which the NC retook. Relying again on our Galaxies as spawn points, we stood no chance as soon as they took out our Galaxies. Facing unfavourable odds once more we decided to head to Indar, seeing as there was no queue anymore, although there was an alert there. With the VS holding easily defendable bases we decided to hit the NC at Dahaka Southern Post, which was already being assaulted by our allies. The NC forces were soon overwhelmed and we took the base. Right afterwards we assaulted the NC at Cora Med Labs to gain some momentum. Being absolutely overwhelmed the NC was pushed out once more, this time ensuring that the base was taken in the name of the Angry Army. Trying to keep our momentum we assaulted Quartz Ridge Camp, ignoring Indar Excavation Site, seeing as we knew that an assault on Indar Ex would be easily comparable to the battle of the Somme. However at Quartz Ridge the NC soon shifted their forces away from the VS front. To our dismay we found out that the VS was doing the same thing. Being outpopped in every battle the Tr was involved in, both offensively and defensively we decided to fall back to Ceres Hydroponics to defend against the VS. Having pushed them out the found that our luck had turned against us. We were losing Abandoned NC Offices, East Canyon Checkpoint, Cora Med Labs and Helios Solar, Inc, seeing as we were outnumbered in all those battles. Deciding to keep what we captured in our name we headed to Cora Med Labs to keep the NC from taking it, however upon arriving we found ourselves completely spawn camped with 2:1 odds against us, with only a minute left to throw them back. Realizing the base was lost wwe moved to Dahaka Uplink Hub to set up defenses against the NC, but the NC vanguard, spearheaded by their Vanguards, was already laying siege to the base. Despite unfavourable odds we pushed them out, by destroying their Sunderers. However now the NC was in our Bio Lab, at Saurva Bio, already controlling all capture points and having the generator overcharged we threw them back, relentlessly pursuing them to Saurva Overflow Depot, where we successfully restricted them to the spawn room, however this was where the alert ended and the VS won. This concluded the combat phase of the Op Night and we redeployed to the recently unlocked Esamir to begin another exciting edition of our Official AJSA Racing League, this time a three man, three tier race over Esamir, using Harassers, Liberators and Sunderers. Congratulations to the finishers in the AJSA RAcing League Race #17, the three man, three tier race over Esamir! 1. Puttymon - ProfessorOaked - RobzGamez 2. Conan - Jaymawdo - lumberpilot 3. Soronarr As always, did you take some cool screenshots or footage of the Op? Post them below!
  8. Thanks to everyone who joined us during our 15th Op Night and special thanks to SgtRoss, as well as Angerbeard for streaming this event. We fought on Indar with about 3 full squads, which were at the beginning structured into 4 squads, with Bravo being dissolved later to move their troops over to the other squads. To kick things off we decided to disrupt the enemy activity by besieging one of the two hostile warpgates. We chose the south-eastern warpgate, belonging to the NC due to the favourable geographical surroundings and the fact that the NC was the largest hostile faction on Indar. We deployed to the southern plateau overlooking all direct NC routes to the NC-TR front. A formidable defense was swiftly set up, consisting of lock-on launchers, Burster-Maxes and various vehicles, including a lone Skyguard. The NC attempted numerous attempts at eliminating us, including long-ranged Vanguard bombardment, pancakeing us with Galaxies and Reavers and sniper deployments. None of them managed to disrupt us for long. After we felt that we humiliated and dominated the NC long enough we decided to move off, in order to initiate our normal combat operations. After the starting phase we moved to The Tower On The Haunted Hill (aka The Crown), belonging to the VS. An intense battle ensued, in which we managed to hold on to B and C for a very long time, but failed to entrench ourselves at A, seeing as this was the closest point to the VS spawn. The VS soon got reinforcements from the NC, as they started to push The Crown from Zurvan Pump Station. Our forces now faced a two front war, facing unrelenting Vanu forces to the north and the east, as well as the NC to the south and east and seeing as our Sunderers were deployed to be in cover from the VS front only, they were destroyed quite soon. Realizing that the battle was lost we moved our forces to defend against the VS attacking Galaxy Solar Plant. After setting up a successful defence, Alpha was ordered to hold the ground whilst the rest moved up to J908 Mass Grave (aka J908 Impact Site) to assault the VS there. Being met with superior forces there we were left with little choice but to abandon this conquest. Facing a VS armor zerg we decided to look for a new base to assault. After careful consideration we decided to strike at the Vanu at Helios Solar, Inc. At first a rather successful capture ensued, however the VS shifted their attention towards us and soon held the numerical advantage. Simultaneously the VS advanced at the southern base, Indar Excavation Site from Cora Med Labs, hence we saw ourselves forced to relocate our troops to the south to face the VS trying to take that base from us. Surprisingly the VS, spearheaded by our arch enemy GOKU, decided it was a good idea to assault the second most defensible base on Indar, hence a farm-fest ensued. After grinding the VS down we decided to lead a counter push towards the VS at Cora Med Labs and were successful at pushing all the way to their point, but the VS soon moved their Magriders around to flank our Sunderers and destroyed them. Left without any spawn points our advances crumbled, whilst the VS was pushing back to Indar Excavation Site, where another farm-fest ensued. During the course of this battle an alert on Indar started, which the VS was leading at the time with 40% territory control. Although facing the VS would have been the logical choice we had to redeploy towards Scarred Mesa Skydock, to counter a NC zerg. At Scarred Mesa Skydock we were faced with an enormous NC zerg, probably numbering about 150 players. By the time we arrived, the NC was already spawn-camping us, and seeing as they were numerically far superior we fell back to Regent Rock Garrison to set up a defense. A truly epic battle ensued, in which the NC ground forces were successfully bottled up at the bridge and to the territory to the north of it by our armoured vehicles, whilst TR Burster-Maxes, lock-on launchers, Mossies, Skyguards and the base-owned AA turrets were keeping the sky clear. Desperate to subjugate us, the NC attempted many daring assaults, including a successful Multi-Galaxy-Gal-Drop, which lead only for a short disruption in our defensive efforts. After a while the NC managed to bring a Sunderer successfully and unseen into position behind our lines, close to B. Swarming our base the Angry Army moved to engage them. Most notably where the Battle-Sundies from Weynard, ProfessorOaked and Conan, successfully slaughtering the entrenched NC behind our lines and destroying their Sundie. Keeping the momentum we charged across the bridges connecting to Scarred Mesa Skydock, obliterating any forces the NC put in our way. By the time we left the bridges the NC had already entrenched themselves on the plateau, on which the base was located. Having to advance our vehicles either through extremely uneven and dangerously sloped terrain or through a narrow street meant that most of them were torn apart. Digging in at the building at the end of the bridge a battle dominated by long-ranged weaponry ensued. With the NC defending from higher ground, which they fortified quite well we could not advance with any type of vehicle past the bridge, which lead to the NC being able to advance on our positions and ultimately pushed us out again. The same epic battle ensued, until the NC relented, seeing as they successfully captured Crossroads Watchtower and were now moving in to capture Xeno Tech Labs, in order to be able to assault us on a broad front from the north, without being bottlenecked at the bridge. Realizing this immense threat Charlie was dispatched to defend the bridge on their own against the weaken NC forces, whilst Alpha and Delta moved in to counter the NC, which only just captured Xeno Tech Labs. Utilizing the Prowler to its utmost capabilities we moved two Angry Army armoured columns up to Xeno Tech Lab, supported by puppy armoured forces. Setting up positions to the south, west and north-west of the base we tore the NC armour zerg apart before they could even form up to meet us in the field between Regent Rock and Xeno Tech. From these positions we tied the numerically superior NC forces down inside the base, shelling them relentlessly. One could not help but to observe that the NC was hopelessly suppressed. Having them tied down with such a massive bombardment the TR ground forces moved into the base to secure the capture point. At the end this base had been taken in the name of the Angry Army! Instead of following the lattice line towards Crossroads Watchtower, we decided to move northwards to Ti Alloys, Inc, which was currently held by the VS, in order to weaken their lead in terms of territory control. Whilst the advance went excellent at first, smashing the enemy resistance, we were soon faced again a numerical superior VS zerg. In addition the VS was using The Crown to bombard our positions from afar, dooming the advance ultimately to failure. Realizing that this base would be next to impossible to take with the current odds, whilst the time ran out we decided to move our forces north to assault the VS at Helios Solar, Inc, which the VS was unable to defend, due to our numerous advantageous spawn points. Immediately after we threw all our strength at Alkali Shipping, trying to take this base as well, to finally establish a lead over the VS. However the VS threw their forces at us as well and seeing as we had no good spawn locations the assault was pointless. With the NC on the march on Xeno Tech Labs again and all other TR forces being tied down we swiftly moved in, to throw the NC out again with a well executed Max-crash. Destroying all hostile forces in the area, we looked for one last battle to fight. With less than 4 min on the alert left we deployed to the only base we could lose in time, namely Helios Solar. Executing another Max-crash the capture point was soon cleared and with the NC taking Crimson Bluff Tower from the VS, we were tied with the VS for the end of the alert. This concluded the combat phase of the Op Night and we redeployed to Esamir to begin another exciting edition of our Official AJSA Racing League, this time a double circuit race over Esamir, using Harassers. Congratualtions to the finishers in the AJSA Racing League Race #16, the double circuit Harasser race over Esamir! 1. Torozor 2. Hunter5988 3. Sorronar “With a decisive performance Conan distinguished himself during the event, hence he will receive the MVP award. Showing not only aptitude for multiple classes, vehicles and approaches to combat, he also showed good situational awareness, supporting his squad leader in the decision making process, whilst ensuring that his orders were carried out to the letter. His performance greatly aided the combat performance of Alpha Squad, earning him the appreciation of the PS2 staff.” - Wildfox99 As always, did you take some cool screenshots or footage of the Op? Post them below!
  9. Thanks for everyone who joined us during this operation! During the course of our endeavours we had 2 squads. For the starting phase we deployed to the Amerish NE Warpgate to push the VS from the adjacent base of Stoneridge Reserve. Seeing ourselves forced to enter the base through various choke points enabled the VS to hold their ground against us. Despite enemy numerical superiority we continued pushing and secured the capture point many times for our cause, but seeing as there were no good Sunderer-Deploy-Locations close by we were unable to capture this base. Shifting out attention to the NC we set out towards Heyoka Bloodworks (formerly known as Heyoka Chemical Compound), relying mainly on Galaxies as spawn points. Again facing numerical superior opposition we faced defeat once more, but realizing that the NC was not guarding their Amp Station we decided to abandon this struggle and move for Wokuk Amp Station. Upon arriving we joined our allies, which had already begun to lay siege to it. Relentlessly suppressing the NC we were finally successful in taking a base and more importantly we took it in the name of the Angry Army! Keeping our momentum we moved eastwards towards Wokuk Watchtower. Despite fighting an ever growing number of NC we further managed to cement our grip on the SW corner of Amerish by capturing this base in the name of the Angry Army as well. At this point we decided to attempt to isolate our newly conquered Amp Station from the NC by capturing the last adjacent hostile base, namely Wokuk Shipping Dock. With a sudden NC population surge to Amerish we now faced equal forces at this base, but more importantly Wokuk Watchtower was being overrun by an NC zerg. Trying to keep the enemy out of the Amp Station as long as possible we ultimately had to retreat in order to defend it. At Wokuk Amp Station a brutal battle ensued with more than 200 players involved. Especially the southern part of the Amp station was dominated by NC Battle-Sunderers. The battle itself stretched on for quite a while until the NC redeployed a couple of their forces away from this battle. We seized this moment of weakness and moved our squads back to Wokuk Shipping Dock and laid siege. After a long battle we finally managed to establish a foothold around the capture point and ultimately also took this base in the name of the Angry Army. This concluded the combat phase of our Op and we redeployed back to the Amerish NE Warpgate to begin another exiting edition of our Official AJSA Racing League, this time as Liberators over the entirety of Amerish. Congratulations to the finisher in AJSA Racing League Race #15, the Liberator race on Amerish! 1st Place: Exylon 2nd Place: PigFace 3rd Place: Puttymon ​With an exceptional performance during this Op TrashMan earned himself the MVP Award. Distinguishing himself for his attentive and proficient combat behaviour, one frequently could observe him taking point in charges and making use of excellent situational awareness and knowledge of the terrain. His most notable exploit was when he ensured on his own that a hostile generator would be destroyed by defending it whilst it was overloaded against overwhelming odds. His performance greatly aided us and for that he earned the appreciation of the PS2 staff. As always, did you take some cool screenshots or footage of the Op? Post them below!
  10. Thanks to everyone who joined us during this Op! We started out with 2 small squads on Indar, but we soon grew to a platoon consisting of 3 squads. For the starting phase we pulled Harassers from Zurvan Amp Station, to move into the most heavily contested area on Indar, namely Ti Alloys, Inc., where a battle between the NC and the TR was raging. Upon arriving we found that our TR allies already established a solid front against the NC, mostly containing them to the confines of the base. Nonetheless we spread out and hunted down every last stray vehicle, even leading skirmishes against the VS at Ceres Hydrophonics. As the last Harassers met their demise by the hand of our foes we moved into the base on foot, joining our allies in a brutal stalemate, surrounding the capture point. Former officer Jyk quickly grasped the peril which we were facing and positioned a lock-down prowler strategicly to bombard the NC reinforcements trying to reach the capture point. Soon after we pushed the NC out of the base and secured it. At this point we were notified that an alert had just started on Indar, which the VS was leading with 47%. To counter the VS dominance we moved to assault Ceres Hydroponics, where another brutal battle ensued. With our forces tied down around the capture point, the VS took the initiative to bring in forces from behind to take down the Sunderers. Having our victory thwarted, we decided to assault the VS on another front, namely Allatum Botany Wing. With only regular resistance the base fell quite quickly to our forces and we moved to the Bio Lab, to find the VS heavily entrenched. With this resistance tied down at the Bio Lab we swiftly redeployed to Ceres Hydroponics again, where we took up positions and repelled the VS, which was again at its usual strength against us. Afterwards we decided to push the VS on Briggs Laboratories, which we did at first with Harassers. With many enemy tanks about we ultimately were killed but took numerous foes with us. With the VS forces deployed forward, close to East Canyon Checkpoint Alpha Squad moved into the base via hot-dropping (beacon spawn) and secured the capture point. Taking up strategic positions we repelled the forces the VS threw at us, to clear us out. One minute away from capturing the base the VS realized the threat posed by us and redeployed most of their advancing forces back to the base. Obviously they cleared us out, but this sudden retreat from the VS allowed the TR to push across the kill-zone between the bases and engage in the battle. Ultimately this skirmish was the key to the base capture and our efforts ensured that the base was taken in the name of the AJSA. Appalled by our advances the VS pulled together 98+ troopers (more then 2 platoons) and relentlessly chased us out again. Realizing that the battle was hopeless we moved the assist the TR in the battle surrounding NS Material Storage. The TR had already made good advances securing the capture point, but an AJSA Sunderer, driven by Conan and manned by Darktemplar parked next to the capture point ultimately repelled a VS Max crash, which would have pushed us most certainly of the capture point. We then moved to Howling Pass Checkpoint, a heavily fortified base, in which the VS chased us out, but only after out-popping us 2:1. At this point we made another attempt at the VS at Allatum Botany Wing, which they retook from us shortly after we abandoned the idea of assaulting the Bio Lab. Unfortunately the VS reacted before we could dig in, pushing us out of the base. Now we were on the defensive against the VS, which was assaulting Ceres Hydroponics in force. The same brutal battle ensued, with the capture point changing hands countless times, however ultimately we threw them back. Most notably was a well executed TR Max crash which retook the capture point 10 sec before being lost. To keep the momentum up we moved our forces to the nearby base of Galaxy Solar Plant, where we systematically locked down the building containing the capture point and throwing every assault back, ultimately capturing it in the name of the Angry Army. Meanwhile Charlie Squad was deployed south at Regent Rock Garrison, keeping the expanding NC forces at bay. Having won another victory we were now ahead of the VS, leading with 40%, as opposed to the VS having 38%. However the NC now was bent on reclaiming what they deemed to be the de jure territory of the south-western warpgate, assaulting Vanu Archives with 98+ troops. Alpha and Bravo moved in to attempt to stop the enemy assault, whilst Charlie kept throwing back countless NC pushes at Regent Rock Garrison. Only reaching about equal forces at Vanu Archives a minute before the battle was over we did not achieve victory. This now meant that thanks to the NC we were tied with the VS at 38%. However at this point the VS was redirecting their efforts towards the NC, hoping to get a few territories to shift the playing field in their favour before the alert was over. With the VS front weakened we moved once more to Allatum Botany Wing to take it, meeting only mild resistance we took the base, ensuring once more that the TR took the lead on the alert. With less the 4 min to go all we needed to do was to mop up the last few enemies, before we took Indar in the name of the Terrain Republic! After that race was done we moved to Esamir to hold another exiting edition of our Official AJSA Racing League, a Sunderer Race through all the Amp Stations. Congratulations to the finisher in AJSA Racing League Race #14, the Sunderer race on Esamir! 1st Place: Conan 2nd Place: Jaymawdo 3rd Place: ExyloNNN During this event the performance of Robz Gamez was especially noteworthy, hence he shall receive the MVP-award for this operation. Taking over lead of Charlie squad, as our numbers grew, Robz was most notably involved in the long defence of Regent Rock Garrison, repelling the advancing NC over and over again, securing a base that we hardly could have recaptured. Showing invaluable leadership skills, as well as good situational awareness and a good knowledge of the terrain surrounding the base he proved himself to be a competent and reliable squad leader, earning him the gratitude of our leadership. As always, did you take some cool screenshots or footage of the Op? Post them below!
  11. Yesterday (23rd August) the AJSA ran it’s 10th official operation named “MAXimum Decimation” in which the start of the operation the two platoons first lead by Darktemplar and second platoon by Puttymon dropped on Aurixcom Substation on Amerish which was successful captured. Command made special interest into securing this base which we did though the sheer number the AJSA had at it’s disposal and the precise timing of the drop. After the preliminary assault Platoon one was tasked with securing Mekala Auxiliary Compound while second platoon was ordered to defend Aurixcom substation, unfortunately there was a miscommunication between squad leads resulting in Platoon being unable to cap the point they were tasked with taking. This communication error was due to a larger number of people using command chat in the teamspeak, this issue was soon sorted and Platoon one soon re-deployed to Aurixcom substation to push the assaulting NC back from the base. We were met with equal force of these highly trained and organised outfits, even against these odds the AJSA still managed to secure the base in true Terran Republic style. Once we had pushed the NC back the majority of Mekala Auxiliary Compound where a large scale engagement ensued where platoon one was held outside the base for over 15 minutes and was not able to capture the objective, while two of the squads assaulted the NC who were more experienced than most of the members of the attacking force there was another miscommunication between the platoon one lead and the Bravo squad lead meaning that Bravo re-deployed to ghost capping two surrounding bases which didn’t help our cause at Mekala Auxiliary Compound. Command then moved the outfit over to fight the VS at West Pass Watchtower where we were met with extreme resistance from the defending force, when we arrived at West Pass Watchtower we were almost successful in taking the facility against two to one odds, however just before achieved our objective with only three minutes remaining the VS force MAX crashed us out of the base and we were not able to repeat the offensive again with the same effectiveness as before. After deliberation by the squad and platoon leads the outfit was ordered to redeploy to Hossin as it was believed that we would have more success on that continent in actuality there was little to no resistance on Hossin resulting in a ghost cap by the hand of the AJSA, While on Hossin the command called the operation off but not before the an elite team from ZAPS,GOKU and DA attacked AJSA in full force. The race was a cross continent harasser race where a requirements for winning was to cross the finish line first with a MAX as a passenger who would be picked up at the halfway point. The winners of our 12th official racing league event are: 1st Place: sayhimatt - leany If you have any interesting to share about the event, or any videos/screenshots post down below .
  12. Thanks for everyone for coming out to the Op! 3 Full Squads and change gave us the flexibility to branch out but also concentrate our force when we needed to punish the NC and VS! We also won the Alert on Indar, which is a nice change of pace for TR! I know some of you are probably wanting to play in large groups more often, and the best way to do that is coordinate with each other and make permanent squads where you can practice together and get to know your fellow teammates. Our Elite Squad in the AJSA is Fox Squad, lead by Officer Wildfox99, and you can tell their practice and coordination comes through in a pinch! Whether you want ask to join Fox Squad or start your own, the key is getting to know your fellow soldiers during Ops like these. Also congratulations to the top finishers in AJSA Racing League Race #7: Lightning Bug Biathlon! 1st Place: Conan8 2nd Place Goldleader815 3rd Place: Pig_Face As always, did you take some cool screenshots or footage of the Op? Post them below!
  13. More details to be filled in later, but for now post your screenshots and vids from the event here! AJSA Racing League Official Race #4: Partner's Flash Death Race 1st Place: Jyk/Hunter 2nd Place: Weynard/DoctorEvil 3rd Place: AgentRed/ChaosSniper Dropping into Hell Pre-race line-up Related Threads Excellent Race Overview and pics by member Uber: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/12518-ajsa-racing-league-photos-from-racecam/#entry140927 ProtectorCrimson RaceCam: http://angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/topic/12527-angry-joe-ps2-op-4-winters-bone-phase-3-flash-race-protectorcrimson-cam/