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Found 16 results

  1. Im just wondering why Joe hasnt done a review for Arma 3, Its one of my Favorite games(and series) out there, theres no other game like it. But thats just my opinion. It also has a very steep learning curve, and your experience may differ depending on what type of server you play on, the servers running the gamemode King of the Hill would probably be a good one to base the game off of, its very similar to Battlefield gameplay(as close as it can get). Anyways was just putting this out there. Thanks, Jame.
  2. Project Argo is the brain child of Bohemia Incubator, a CQC version of Arma style pvp, here my short REVIEW, hope you guys like it.
  3. The Eridanus Insurrection Currently right now it is in version 0.12 Alpha, and currently has Marines, O.D.S.T, Drop Pod, Pelicans, Warthogs variants, UNSC Frigate, and Insurrectionists. They're quickly gaining support for this mod and it's becoming popular in the current Alpha state, and it's a great fix for your Halo over PC. Installing it is fairly easy just a simple click and drag, hope to see you guys join us! http://www.moddb.com/mods/the-eridanus-insurrection Few Videos Supporting It: The Angry Army should support this mod and encourage this project to continue, it's a beautiful mod that will become even better in the future!
  4. Hello everybody! I have found a great dayz mod server the has been very promising if anybody is interested. Considering I have yet to find a Dayz mod channel on our TS or a AJSA server. Join ADK Epoch Tav- server, and their TS info is in the server when logging in. Feel free to message me about any questions or concerns. Aloha!
  5. so of course some people might be wondering what the hell this is about and since most of the ArmA players in AJSA probably already heard the infamous rumors of an ongoing long-term development for more maps in ArmA 3, this is not about that either the big deal is the mods, now if some of you havent been monitoring Armaholic like i did, some mods have gone up to a pretty great level and more new mods are slowly being created the ArmA 2 asset replacement is almost fully completed and theres many actual real life military mods such as CF, FR, US, UK, IL, RU and many other armies assets and features in different mods so if you are new to ArmA 3 (and probably AJSA by the same occasion) and find that the Vanilla version of the game is not spicy enough be sure to go on the Armaholic website to check it out if by any chance some of you are actually interested to know what ArmA is, ill save you the trouble; its a military simulator with beautiful attention to detail if you are looking for whats good about the game itself, be sure to check out my review buried somewhere in the reviews section in other news, i found threads hinting to Oculus Rift being considered as an implementation in ArmA 3, threads are all over BI's forums Advanced Flight AKA Helicopter DLC has been released and BI is now working on the next DLC, possibly the Marksman DLC (i hope so)
  6. A Usual Day for Coast Guard

    From the album My Gaming Pictures

    Thats how we roll in mah boat
  7. The Mighty Fish Warrior

    From the album My Gaming Pictures

    Fishing just got Hardcore
  8. Another Usual Day for Car Patrol

    From the album My Gaming Pictures

    Well, just another usual day in ARMA Universe!
  9. I want to buy all these games, but I only have enough to get one. So, I would very much appreciate if you could voice your opinion on which game I should get. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hey was wondering if anybody plays Arma 2 or 3 and likes to play wasteland because it is kinda boring not playing with people. I am ok at the game. I need work on calling out positions of enemies but I am pretty decent at shooting.
  11. So what does everybody think of the brand new YouTube craze known as Altis life ? My opinion is it's extremely slow and people take it a little too seriously. Now I understand that this mod is supposed to be taken serious to a point to get the full effect of the mod but the problem is when you get onto a server no-one is helpful, the police are more power hungry than the rebels to the point I got pulled over for not looking left and right even though I was in 3rd person. (which also happened to a certain YouTuber you probably all know so lets not point who it is out as I'm not an advertiser) I just don't see the whole benefit to the game and really can't get into it. What does the AJSA think ?
  12. I've played this game myself when I was with DAGR, and it was pretty fun to play this mil-sim with people who knows what they are doing. Making an AJSA mil-sim for Arma 3 will bring more pros to the community and will give a tactical division for players that wants to use military tactics and coodinate well with each other. Not convencing enough? Watch these videos of the group I used to play with. This is not advertisement since DAGR don't exists anymore. Links: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCn__4REU2o - I was the third one that repelled down from the chinook and took the rear gun position on the left side of the boat. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwG2dsV8hps&list=PL8FCC9C2AE16B1C7C I was handling a machine gun on a truck to the left. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFmGhVN3weE&list=PL8FCC9C2AE16B1C7C I was bringing up the rear and first to die because of an ambushing enemy on the left. Positive things: Tons of mods on Armaholic to expand the life of the game and add features. A lot of vets also supports the game and other friendly clans that could help out. Missions are highly replayable, with the games editor, anyone can create missions to play on them for either MP, Coop, and Solo. Negative things: Performance problems online. Finding public MP matches takes time, since there is a lot of private servers for other clans. Lacks developers contents This game is a beast, and the AJSA should support this beastly game and get involved with the arma community. I'm hopeing everyone agrees with me.
  13. Hi everybody, my name is AbelincolnPrime and I have been a PC gamer for about 11 months and I enjoy playing Battlefield,Hawken,Arma 2 and 3,Red Orchestra 2 and many more games. Big shooter fan and enjoy playing with others.
  14. What do you guys think about the DayZ standalone? The video shows the pre-alpha testing by Dean "Rocket" Hall showing us all the new content that's coming in the DayZ standalone (Warning:This is raw footage,and any bugs that may happen during the video will not be on the release version,after all its only Pre-Alpha) DayZ was due to come out in 21.12.2012 which was an almost a year ago. As for the DayZ standalone,its completely separated from ARMA franchise,its a game of its own.If anyone played the mod,most of you guys know that the biggest problem with the mod is the hackers,cuz all of the procesing was on the client side,so hackers had very easy job in scripting the game how they wanted it.Now the game is run on the server side,which makes hacking much more difficult. What can you expect in the DayZ standalone (quoted from the http://dayzdev.tumblr.com)
  15. I think ARMA would be a great game for the AJSA community, the game may be a little hard to get into but that's the plus side to being in groups like AJSA. I have no doubt their are people that would be willing to help new players build custom levels and set up play events for 5 to 80 players. Plus the game is already set up for large groups to play, they have ranks set by the map makers and it gives squad leaders/ High command Officers an in game way to organize the lower ranks. The possibilities of this game are endless you could have Helicopter squads supporting infantry who are on their way to meat up with a Tank column so the high command can organize them while they plunder the hillside. -I wasn't expecting so many people to back the ARMA idea and i would be happy so make some levels and get a server going if we can get 10 or more people willing to play some time. If you wanna try to start an ARMA then add me as a friend on AJSA or Steam. (just make sure you also message me saying you wanna start an ARMA group or something like that) -If anyone has experience hosting ARMA 3 servers then i would love so help or if you could handle the issue entirely. I would be very grateful since i don't have much knowledge about ARMA servers outside of clicking NEW and then making sure it's not set to LAN. -If you aren't good with servers then mission making would be a awesome way to help with the community since I can only make 2 or 3 good level in a week. -My hopes of starting a small ARMA community is that it will gain attention from some or the higher ranking AJSA members and Hopefully get an actual spot on AJSA with lots of more people.