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Found 5 results

  1. Man, RE2, Kingdom Hearts 3, and now Ace Combat 7. And later in the year, DMC5, Crash Team Racing and Shenmue 3, with FF7 remake. What is up with 2019 and long time franchises coming back from the dead? That's not a bad thing though because it's FUCKING AWESOME! The plot of this game takes place 5 years after Ace Combat 6, and it involves the nation of Osea and the kingdom of Erusea. For those that don't know, Osea is the setting of Ace Combat 5, and the stage for the absolutely epic final mission with one of the best song to ever grace Ace Combat. while Erusea is the enemy nation of Ace Combat 4, also known as the place with the badass railgun you had to destroy Basically after the event of 5, the president of Osea Harling, who's in Ace Combat 5, decided to build a space elevator on Erusea's teritory, because it's a symbol of peace and also based on every single Civilization game ever, the point where a country of your choosing won the science war and go to space. Problem is Erusea was all "you wanna build this thing on OUR soil and win through science domination? GTFO bitch", and the game is spend on you fighting a war against Erusea. Fun fact: Ace Combat 7 is where drones & ai pilots are introduced prominently, which will lead to the event of Ace Combat 3. Not the garbage US version, but the superior Japanese version. OOOOHHH I can sense a remake of that game coming, I'M SO LOOKING FORWARD TO IT! I like the story of this game quite a lot, because the narrative is told through the personal stories of 3 people that got caught up in this war: a girl mechanic Avril Mead, the kind and misunderstood princess of Erusea Rosa, and this scientist Schroeder, just like how Ace Combat 6 did it before. Weird that the cutscenes uses a lot of real life static images in the background mixed with the animated characters, like a real life dog image that just stand in place..... that was weird. As the stages progresses, not only are you following their story, but you're also following your main character pilot's journey from a rookie to the usual unstopabble pilot that this series is known for. Just like the other main characters except Assault Horizon, your character doesn't talk on screen which everyone makes fun of, but his plane skills is all he needs. And the plots all ties up in a great way in the very end. Gameplay of this game is back to basics Ace Combat. If you have ever played any of the old numbered games, it's pretty much the same thing. Just aim at a plane/ ground enemies & either fire your machine gun or release your missiles on them, but make sure they’re in a stable position or else your missile will miss. The plane control is still as smooth and tight as before with freedom of movements. If you play using the expert control scheme that is which I reccomend using, not the dumbass normal control scheme. I miss the epic dogfighting mechanic of Assault Horizon, but back to basics Ace Combat is great so I ain't complaining. The new thing that this game have though is that weather will affect your flight. So if you go into a storm cloud or a thunderstorm, your plane movement will be heavily affected and disoriented, so it's best to just be in the clouds for a short time. That and the Aircraft Tree which lets you unlock planes & plane modifiers before combat, which is from the free to play PS3 game Ace Combat Infinity. It's so much fun playing through missions and unlocking new aircrafts + upgrades to use, especially the ones further down which has amazingly good plane stats. There are 20 missions total for this game, and as with every Ace Combat games, there are of course ones that are so epic it makes me want to cheer & go ham. My favorites are definitely mission 12, because you get to go back to stonehenge and partake in an epic defence mission, mission 13 because of these 2 amazing songs And mission 19. That mission is just........ so damn good. The bossfight, the hectic dodging of relentless enemies, and of course, this Godlike song These missions are so good, that I will play them all again. The only part of this game that I don't like is that some missions are "annihiliation" missions, which pretty much means you have to destroy as many enemies as you can and reach the high score before the time limit runs out. These are definitely fun, but the problem with most these missions is simply this: THERE'S NO CHECKPOINT. So imagine playing one of these missions which can take up to 12 minutes. And when you're 30 seconds into the end, you got shot down/ hit the pavement. You have to do the mission all over again! GAAHH, curse you mission 6!! Other than that, this game is awesome. A welcome return to another dogfight plane game from my childhood with an entirely brilliant OST for me to listen to. I give this game the rating of "so awesome you will dogfight and destroy so many things with your newly acquired combat planes over and over and over again." With a badass seal of approval. I know it seems I'm really generous with my reviews this January, alongside RE2 Remake and Kingdom Hearts 3, BUT THESE GAMES ARE JUST THAT DAMN GOOD! GO GET THESE GAMES!
  2. Richard Garriott interviewed about his book, working with EA, current game, and getting older and making changes. RE7 producer and director talk about making the game feel more realistic and scarier, new Bioware game, Pillars of Eternity 2 crowdfunding campaign, effects of cutting art funding and travel bans on the industry, final moments of Asheron's Call, Ni No Kuni 2 coming to PC, interviews with Geralt's voice actor Doug Cockle, hbomberguy talks about why Mario Odyssey is uncanny, footage from the first E3, Noah Caldwell-Gervais dissects the Dishonored games, Noclip profiles John Romero, future of Deus Ex in question, why Sega games focused on environmentalism, That One Gamer interviews Miyamoto and Aonuma, Yakuza 0's localization and being a postcard from 80s Japan, Writing On Games analyzes every episode of Hitman 2016, and more. Gaming News (Announcements, release dates, previews, interviews, expansions, DLC, updates, company news, new tech, mods) QuakeCon 2017 dates announced, new venue confirmed GDC travel plans snared by anti-Muslim immigration order Shahid Ahmad is one of the biggest reasons why Sony had so many games from Indie developers and started to develop good relationships with them as a publisher. How closing borders kills understanding, and censors art Microsoft explains how Windows 10 Game Mode will improve performance in UWP and Win32 games Windows 10 Game Mode goes live in latest Insider build Ni No Kuni 2 is looking just as sweet as the original Star Wars Battlefront sequel will release this year with a campaign mode Breath of The Wild is Beatable in 15 minutes! Interview with Miyamoto & Aonuma Eldar domination: hands-on with Dawn of War 3's space elves Loot Rascals, the deck-building hexplorer with a Glaswegian genie, release date set Seven: The Days Long Gone teases isometric stealth in latest trailer Stealth, silencers and drug syndicates in Ghost Recon Wildlands Hand-drawn puzzler Gorogoa has a new trailer, and a 2017 release date The ineffable loveliness of Gorogoa Horizon Zero Dawn hands-on Dauntless is the PC Monster Hunter game we've all been waiting for AJ's Torment Tides of Numenera Preview 'Torment: Tides of Numenera' Has More Words Than the Bible Torment: Tides of Numenera dev issues apology for missed stretch goals BioWare’s next new series launches by March 2018 Ace Combat 7 now coming to PC and Xbox One as well as PS4 Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age gets a launch date MASS EFFECT™: ANDROMEDA – Official Cinematic Trailer #2 Meet the Mass Effect: Andromeda Pathfinder team in a new briefing video A Small Detail You Might Have Missed About Mass Effect: Andromeda's New Trailer Does our dad die in Mass Effect: Andromeda? Mass Effect: Andromeda -- No Crossplay, PC Version Has Uncapped Frame Rate The characters of Mass Effect: Andromeda - who you can batter, befriend and boink Injustice 2 - Robin Gameplay Trailer New Need for Speed game coming soon Double Dragon IV is a retro sequel releasing next week Sniper Elite 4’s 101 trailer shows there’s more to the game than just nut shots NBA Live pushed back to fall 2017, new UFC game on the way “There is a very high possibility” of a NieR remaster if Automata “sells like hotcakes” Romero family’s Gunman Taco Truck out, designed by 9-year-old The Nilfgaard faction shows Gwent has a life after The Witcher 3 Fire Emblem Heroes: hands-on with Nintendo’s next mobile game Mobius Final Fantasy announced for PC with FF7 remake tie-in Conan Exiles drops cinematic trailer and sets price ahead of launch next week New Conan Game Sure Has Dicks In It Former Grand Theft Auto producer Leslie Benzies has a new project called Everywhere ‘Everywhere’ is ‘very different from GTA,’ but still about freedom The Surge CGI trailer features an ominous sci-fi corporation, and a release date Avengers Project announced, start of a new Marvel series from the Deus Ex and Tomb Raider devs Sources: Eidos Working On Guardians of the Galaxy Game, Future of Deus Ex Murky Commander creator and multicrew land in the Elite: Dangerous 2.3 beta on February 26 Blizzard Says Overwatch Skins Accidentally Made Mei Look Thinner Blizzard is working on changes for Overwatch's Bastion D.Va's Defense Matrix to get a small buff in next Overwatch patch Overwatch now has more than 25 million players Total War: Arena dev diary offers peek at rework Stardock releases Galactic Civilizations 3 2.0 update Ark's Tek Tier update adds laser-equipped dinosaurs and power armor next week Eight burning questions about Ark's growable beards, answered Stellaris Dev Diary #58: Habitats Hitman's "Professional" difficulty level promises new challenges and rewards Hitman's Landslide bonus mission out next week, 19th elusive target revealed Endless Space 2 welcomes the Horatio in second major update March update for Titanfall 2 includes Colony map, new weapon, Pilot execution, more Call of Duty’s latest trailer shows off Infinite Warfare’s four new maps Enter the Gungeon welcomes new weapons, enemies and 200 levels in free update Rainbow Six Siege's Next Character Revealed Play Rainbow Six Siege for free this weekend Battlefield 1 is getting a Community Test Environment Final Fantasy 15’s first DLC episode launches in March Gears of War 4 gets permanent cross-platform play The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind is coming in June Sunless Sea’s Pirate-Poet, Cladery Heir free to all players Dead Rising 4 is getting new two new difficulty modes and a timed demo Thousands of People Get Banned From Pokémon Sun and Moon For Cheating Mad Catz in danger of being dropped from the New York Stock Exchange Oculus VR case goes to jury with a $4B request Digital Card Games Will Yield $1.4 Billion in Revenue This Year, per SuperData Hideo Kojima shows off his fancy new studio As ‘Muslim ban’ rattles nation, game developers take action Here's what the big businesses of video games have to say about Trump's immigration ban Developer Admits He 'Deserved' To Have Game Removed From Steam After Fake Reviews Shadow Warrior 2 pricing error briefly drops it to $4 Namco's Founder Has Died At Age 91 Game Developers Mourn Sudden Passing Of Ex-Harmonix Dev Roger Hanna Morash Good but not good enough: shares in Capcom fall despite Resident Evil 7 selling 2.5 million Some Persona 5 Fans Are Annoying Local Tokyo Residents The Death Star becomes a roller coaster in this amazing Planet Coaster mod Civilization 6 mod tools and Steam Workshop support are still in the works The best mods to use with The Long War 2 The best Civilization 6 mods Resident Evil 4 HD Project’s Castle chapter due March Total War's latest Game of Thrones mod looks fantastic Esports News The Weekend In Esports: The ELEAGUE Major 2017 Hunts For A Champion Trump’s Muslim Ban Is Already Having a Serious Impact on the Esports Industry What does the start of the spring split tell us about the state of NA League of Legends? Canal+ Will Stream the Parisian Finals of the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Championship Series A 16-Year-Old Smash Bros. Player Is Beating The Biggest Pros On The Scene Top Smash Players Want Duck Hunt's Stage Banned The Vote Over Evo 2017's Ninth Fighting Game Is Reopening Old Wounds The Fight for eSports Recognition, Respect, and Money at the University of Washington Massachusetts Gaming Commission Takes Aim at Esports, State Online Gambling Legalization Could be on the Horizon The case for taunts: feeding the fighting game community's love of drama Rocket League Esports Community Raises $3500 in Second Charity Fundraiser Crowdfunding News PILLARS OF ETERNITY II: DEADFIRE Obsidian Announces Pillars Of Eternity II Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - Backer Update 1 - Thank You! SOLO Sunless Skies Kickstarter Begins Tomorrow! Banner Saga 3 Kickstarter funded in less than a week, playable Dredge now a stretch goal Apocalypse Now - the Game Francis Ford Coppola Announces Apocalypse Now Video Game Southern Monsters Promising monster-hunting IF game Southern Monsters now on Kickstarter LITTLE BUG Content I found interesting this week (interviews, reviews, think pieces, history, music, culture, design, art, criticism, etc) Richard Garriott: the man, the myth, the mischief How the Rise of Narrative Design is Revolutionizing the Craft of Video Game Storytelling What It's Like To Be An Iranian Game Creator in Trump's America Interview: Localizing Yakuza with Scott Strichart Family Matters: How Humans Became the Real Horrors of ‘Resident Evil 7’ Everyone In Resident Evil 7 Has Amazing Teeth Appreciating the Funny Side of ‘Resident Evil 7’ Resident Evil 7's New DLC Has One Of The Series' Best Puzzles SAG-AFTRA president: Voice actor strike entering 'crucial phase' Discussing the SAG-AFTRA Strikes with Geralt of Rivia The voice behind The Witcher As 'Asheron's Call' Nears Death, One Designer Looks Back The Final Moments Of Asheron's Call Cutting Arts Funding Will Imperil Video Game Projects 'Yakuza 0' is A Postcard from Another Time We asked developers how they would fix Early Access A closer look at the League of Legends map that didn't make it VHS, Resident Evil, and the Found Footage Tradition ‘Ladykiller in a Bind’ Gets That Sex Shouldn’t Be a ‘Win State’ SONIC MEDITATION HOW SOUND DESIGN IN INSIDE CREATES A MINDFUL EXPERIENCE Meet the People Keeping the Original Xbox Online Road to the IGF: David O'Reilly's Everything Road to the IGF: Titouan Millet's Mu Cartographer Road to the IGF: Clever Endeavour Games' Ultimate Chicken Horse Road to the IGF: Jumpsuit Entertainment's She Remembered Caterpillars Road to the IGF: Variable State's Virginia Exploring real-life protests in Riot: Civil Unrest The Undeniable Beauty of Low-Fi Gaming Your Worthless Old Sports Games Could Be Priceless Time Capsules Research Resource: Gallery of 16,000+ RPG screenshots. A Deeper Conversation About Class and Inequality in 'Gravity Rush 2' Most Inspiring Game Animation Tech Talks of 2016 ‘Punch Club 3DS’ is My Favorite New Training Buddy SOMA's designer on the Exorcist of video games and the future of horror A Normal Lost Phone Tries To Explore Trans Identity And Falls Short Review scores Becoming A Headline Why ‘SWAT 4’ Remains a Shooter That Compellingly Plays Against Type Overwatch’s gamer girl hero inspires a feminist movement Welcome to The Zero: the making of Kentucky Route Zero's open road The forgotten joys of turtling in strategy games Exploring The Quiet Downfall of a Nation in 'Kingdom: New Lands' One-Armed Overwatch Player Is A Hell Of A Pharah Main The Radical Environmentalism of the Sega Genesis Even the Blankest Slates Don’t Stay That Way It’s a Glorious Time for Japanese Video Games Analysing Every Episode of Hitman's First Season - Writing on Games Why Is New Donk City Uncanny? - SERIOUS LORE ANALYSIS Dissecting Dishonored [Spoilers] ‘Morrowind’ is the Best Bethesda Game John Romero's Irish Adventure - Noclip Profiles Bow & Arrow. Global Game Jam 2017: Keynote Address - Extra Credits Video Games and Gambling - When Does a Game Cross the Line? - Extra Credits An Appreciation Of Pixel Art, Gaming's Most Beautiful Style Did Moon Logic Kill Adventure Games? Finding the Fun in FPS Campaigns | Game Maker's Toolkit Playing the Scripted Set Piece Footage From The First-Ever E3 Is A Real Trip Resident Evil 7 Bravely Defaulted (The Jimquisition) Players Are Already Fearlessly Speedrunning Resident Evil 7 The Fallout Sex Formula - Here's A Thing Video: Examining the health risks of game dev (beyond carpal tunnel) Things I found entertaining throughout the week relating to video games This diary of a low-level orc brings the joy back into WoW's early zones Things I Missed From Previous Weeks Building Peace with Programming
  3. Namco Bandai announced that Ace Combat Infinity will be released with full version on May 20, 2014 in Japan, May 28, 2014 in Europe, and somewhere in during or after May 2014 in North America for PS3-only. Man, I want to play this game. But there is a rumor that Namco Bandai will upgrade the exclusive into PS4 version. It's free-to-play and the beta was ended on February 11, 2014. I haven't try the beta version due to visiting in Laos. I am the huge fan of Ace Combat. I love flying the jet fighter. My favorite vehicle class of Battlefield series is Jet Fighter (both Interceptor Jet Fighter (Stealth Jet Figher in Battlefield 4) and Ground Attack Jet Fighter are my favorite). I referred F-35.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL23A635021128F21F
  5. Most of you are probably familiar with the english version, which is like Ace Combat 2 without a story whatsoever other than in the first mission that's in text form. The one I'm talking about is not this version, I'm talking about the original japanese version with a great story, anime characters and multiple pathways to play through. For those not familiar with the plot, I'll give a brief summary. Have you ever played Syndicate before? Basically it's the same plot, the world's government is in ruins and 2 mega corporations General Resource Limited and Neucom Incorporated are fighting for complete control. You play as a pilot named Nemo, and he belongs to Universal Peace Enforcement Organization (UPEO) which is a small section of the government that wants to stop these 2 from dominating everyone. Now the girl in the first cutscene Rena Hirose is a part of the General Resource Limited super pilot project that will grant General Resource complete dominance if she actually go to battle. Fortunately she's still in training, so if want to, you can prevent her from serving General Resource. Basically the plot is pretty deep. There's 5 routes that the game can take place in and it will determine the ending. There's even a mission where you go to space firing super laser missiles. Too bad the english version is completely fucked. There's an english subtitled version of this game on youtube, BUT IT'S TAKEN DOWN. Why??? Thankfully translated cutscenes of the game is still there. I want this game remade for PS4 with Assault Horizon's control scheme and high octane plane combat.