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Found 1 result

  1. Next in the review is the last console game I played at least until I buy a PS4 or go back to Australia in the next 6-12 months. I am talking about Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. So this game takes place years after the first and second game of the series. It begins right after the first game's ending where Gabriel Belmont becomes Dracula and Zobek found him in his old castle to recruit him once again to prevent Satan from returning. Unfortunately Gabriel is currently super weak because he got his ass kicked by an enemy early in the game, so he has to embark on a journey to the realm of his past memory where he's guided by a young Trevor Belmont from Mirror of Fate as well as hunt down Satan's followers and destroy him once and for all. This game is intended to be the final game of these new Castlevania era game series. The plot is pretty cool with a nice resolution unlike Mass Effect 3, it's all well voice acted and well presented with great graphic and music that feels epic. The gameplay of the game is similar to the first Lords of Shadow game where you have your whip with the same movesets, the annoying QTE where you have to push at the right moment when a circle appears, and platforming. Difference is now you play as Dracula, so he has abilities like summoning bats, throwing knifes, becoming mist and a summon dragon skill that will kill all enemies in a battle. There's 2 new weapons, the Void sword which can heal you, and the Chaos claw which lets you destroy heavy armor. Both of these weapons have meters that you can fill up either by using an item that let's you have unlimited weapon bar or doing strings of combos that fills up an "adrenaline bar" to get weapon meter orbs. The annoying thing about this bar is that you have to fill it without getting hit. If you got hit once, the bar goes back to zero. It'll be so much better if the bar only goes down 1/4 if you get hit. And instead of playing with a fixed camera, the game uses a third person shoulder view, similar to Darksiders 1. In fact that's the game that's most similar to this game. There's huge areas to explore with secrets like shards that can increase your weapon bar and health bar, scrolls from dead soldiers that give insight to the in game world, collectible items that lets you unlock extra challenges and keyholes that allows you to get 2000 orbs which lets you buy stuff from the in-game merchant. The theme of the game is all about blood. Need a way unlock a chest that contains secret orb? Sacrifice your blood. Want to access the teleportation device to travel through the world? Sacrifice your blood. Hell, even the enemies in Dracula's castle came out of a pool of blood, and the blood effect actually looks great. So many blood is used for different things that all of those blood can be used for blood donations. The game takes place in both modern times and Dracula's castle which is triggered when you meet young Trevor Belmont. The castle segment acts as an "acquire new weapon" segments you have to go through which lets you unlock new abilities. It brings past and new characters related to Gabriel which you eventually have to fight as bosses. The gorgon sisters are pretty silly to watch because they look like girls that moves like the nurses from Silent Hill. Tip here: when fighting these bosses, always have your Void sword and Chaos claw at full meter because the bosses require each weapon's abilities. If you don't have the meter, you have to fill up your adrenaline bar by killing respawning enemies or filling up the weapon bar with an item that lets you have infinite weapon bar for a short time. 1 particular boss takes me 5 minutes to beat because I don't have the void sword weapon bar filled up, so I have to fill up my adrenaline bar, only to fail again and again because the boss has no clear pattern of attack, which is really annoying. But there are bosses that don't require those 2 weapons, and those fights are fun to play. One very disappointing thing about this game is mentioned on the title of the review. The sneaking sections. Oh my God, these sections are a pain in the ass. There's a couple times where you have to sneak past enemies wearing heavy body armor that can kill Dracula in 3 hits, so he has to turn into a mouse or posses them by hiding behind them. Sometimes you have to posses researchers to get past 2 of these guys and go through security stations. Here's my question: Why the fuck are these sections in the game? It felt unneeded and forced! How can Dracula kill gigantic monsters and demons but die after 3 hits from these guys? It makes no sense! And to make matters worse, if you die during this section, no matter how far you get, you have to restart from the beginning of the section all over again. You will tear your hair out during parts that takes 3 minutes to go through and you're almost finished, only to die and have to repeat that section again. Overall, even though the sneaking sections are a pain in the ass to play through, the game is still fun to play with a lot of things to do through explorations and combat, plus with a cool story as well. I give this game the rating of "so good you can't wait for the sequel (if there is any)".