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Found 1 result

  1. I think ARMA would be a great game for the AJSA community, the game may be a little hard to get into but that's the plus side to being in groups like AJSA. I have no doubt their are people that would be willing to help new players build custom levels and set up play events for 5 to 80 players. Plus the game is already set up for large groups to play, they have ranks set by the map makers and it gives squad leaders/ High command Officers an in game way to organize the lower ranks. The possibilities of this game are endless you could have Helicopter squads supporting infantry who are on their way to meat up with a Tank column so the high command can organize them while they plunder the hillside. -I wasn't expecting so many people to back the ARMA idea and i would be happy so make some levels and get a server going if we can get 10 or more people willing to play some time. If you wanna try to start an ARMA then add me as a friend on AJSA or Steam. (just make sure you also message me saying you wanna start an ARMA group or something like that) -If anyone has experience hosting ARMA 3 servers then i would love so help or if you could handle the issue entirely. I would be very grateful since i don't have much knowledge about ARMA servers outside of clicking NEW and then making sure it's not set to LAN. -If you aren't good with servers then mission making would be a awesome way to help with the community since I can only make 2 or 3 good level in a week. -My hopes of starting a small ARMA community is that it will gain attention from some or the higher ranking AJSA members and Hopefully get an actual spot on AJSA with lots of more people.