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Found 4 results

  1. Hello Everyone!, I was just curious top see if anyone out there plays the games I am currently focused on. My main one is Aion I play on Tiamat and play an Elyos Chanter. I also am into Payday 2 heavily and play Raiderz (when extremely bored). My steam ID is in my profile so add me there if you want, I have my own server on ventrilo so if anyone wants to chat from time to time while playing it's no problem! Also fill me in on what games you are all playing that are online oriented that I can maybe get into!!! Hope to hear from some of you soon
  2. I Love Aion and i believe is a very social MMORPG with a awesome PVP system that is both complex and rewarding here are my pros and cons of why i think this game should be supported by the mighty angry army. PROS: Social oriented game: with the ability to create party of up to 6 players, alliances of up to 24 players, or leagues of up to 96 players.Guilds are very rewarding and friendly.Very competitive and PvP oriented game: this game is built mostly around pvp and when grouped with friends this is very fun and rewarding.Its a Free to play MMORPG where the developers of the game make profit for selling you character skins ans pve timer instance reset scrolls.The graphics are very pretty making one fall in love with it.PvP daily Fort defenses and conquests makes this game more social and fun in a challenging way.In depth character customization.CONS: The game is infected with gold spammers and bots and even though there is a block (ignore) button there are new bots (1 to 5) coming out daily.The PVP System can be very challenging to get the hang of and punishing if inexperience players venture aloneThe lack of active players on different factions makes the games unbalanced during large pvp raids (even tough the developers try to balance the amount of people that play in the smallest faction by using in game incentives)Upgrading and socketing higher lvl equipment can be very frustrating and time consuming.
  3. I have recently started playing Aion & am having a lot of fun with it. It's a solid mmo that i have described as, "WoW with combos". I would love to part of, or start if there isnt already, a guild in this game. I havent been polaying for more than a few days now, so i havent gotten a chance to try pvp, instances, or raiding yet so I cant comment on them but the solo experience & gameplay have really drawn me in. I am playing on the Tiamat server, my faction is the Asmodiians & my character in game is Angeledge, templar bc I always tank or heal in mmo's (in this case currently tanking) & am pretty good at both. Working on leveling at a pretty fast pace but not too fast so as to lose out on learning the tricks of the class > Just hit me up in game if interested.
  4. I just wonder if there is anyone here that plays Aion,more likely on the Siel server. Just looking for someone to play with,more likely Asmodians.