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Found 3 results

  1. For the few people that still remember me, I've been in the AJSA for a while. Life sorta caught up with me and I needed to step away for a while. I wouldn't say I'm "back" to fulltime AJSA but I'm gonna try to be around the forums a bit more. My downtime has been almost exclusively WoW lately. I only got into it recently, but its hooks are deep. I tried getting into it on three separate occasions since Wrath of the Lich King, but I think Hearthstone was the thing that made me fall for the lore and world of Warcraft. (The RTS was pretty good too, but that wasn't enough to hook me.) So yeah it seems like there are one or two people here who frequently play WoW, and I wanna play with you guys if I can.. and I also wanna see where everyone stands when it comes to server and faction preference. Maybe we can band together and do weekly raids or dungeons. (I've still got to do the group Apexis dailies if anyone wants to help with that.) So for people interested in adding me my Battlenet is AngelAquila#1241. I'm probably gonna get Overwatch when it comes out. Or you can watch me suck at Hearthstone. Heroes of the Storm.... I've never played, but I might in the future?
  2. Looking for fellow middle aged male Newbies (or veterans that wanna create a new character) to start a Brand New (and slower paced) Guild on WOW for the Alliance. I will be the leader of said Guild which will be called 'The Skorpions'. I'm a newbie myself but am learning quickly and aim to make slow but steady daily progress on clearing ALL the quests in the game, one area at a time, levelling up my cooking and fishing skills and Occupations and also raising my Pet Battle Stats. This Guild will be ideal for guys who wanna just hang out ingame and have some 'guy time' and RP a little but with the ability to still talk about real world stuff like films or games etc or ask questions about the game mechanics. Basically a place where you can RP but without taking the RP too seriously, it is a game afterall and is meant to be fun. I aim to raise the Guilds strength slowly but surely, but foremost is to create a guild where us guys can chill out ingame, having some 'guy time', questing, doing dungeons and eventually (when high enough level) raiding without any pressure if you cant play very well. At the end of the day aslong as members of the guild can hang out and play together and make a little progress each day then I'd be quite happy with that If u meet the above criteria and are interested in joining my Guild then leave a reply with the word 'Skorpions' below and I'll PM u instructions of how to join the Guild. (Bare in mind as stated above this Guild will be a slow going one, so only join if u r happy to do quests/dungeons only to begin with/ also you must be willing to create a new character for the Guild or have a character under level 25).
  3. Okay, I'm back to AJSA. So I just found the TotalBiscuit's Steam Group called, "Cynical Brit Gaming". I decided to join his group and do interview with members of Cynical Brit Gaming member such as Ally between AJSA and Cynical Brit (BRIT). It was confirmed that both TB's Cynical Brit and AJ's Angry Joe Show Army are allied. Remember in Planetside 2 when AJSA and Cynical Brit were working together for Terran Republic just like did on MechWarrior Online. Nothing hostile except for private server match which you seen AJ vs TB (especially found in Firaxis' XCOM). TotalBiscuit's Cynical Brit Gaming home group in Steam. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/cynicalbritgaming Discussion in Cynical Brit Gaming between AJSA and Cynical Brit alliance. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/cynicalbritgaming/discussions/0/616189106430263878/