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Found 15 results

  1. Sea of Thieves Technical alpha experience OK guys, so gamescom has finished and I enjoyed watching the streams and events and if any of you play PUBG and didn’t see the footage of the invitational I advise you to watch it as it was insane! Anyway, as you may or may not know I was lucky enough to be invited onto the technical alpha for the upcoming Sea Of Thieves and I wanted to share my impressions as I know a lot of us are keen on this game. I cant accompany this with pictures or video and I have to be careful what detail I talk about as I am bound by an NDA but I will try to cover important aspects and what I experienced. I will try and break it down into a few sections. During this alpha build Rare were stress testing and also testing cross platform for the first time as well as a couple of minor other bug fixes. Invitation and Installation. I signed up to the insider programme during E3 this year and was invited to participate during gamescom on Xbox one. Anyone is free to sign up, just head over to https://www.seaofthieves.com and sign up, this doesn't give you a guaranteed place but you do see inside info. Installation was easy through the insider programme app as its linked to your Xbox live account and the game can start when the technical alpha opens. Loading and matchmaking I have participated in a few alphas, maybe is because I am a Data engineer maybe I am just lucky but this is where I expected my first snag The game loaded instantly, no problems….Nice surprise. Now I was solo playing my first day and didn't know what to expect so if you are on your own (crews hold 4 people) you start matchmaking so I grabbed a beer and put some TV on settling in for the dreaded alpha matchmaking, less than 1 min later I was loaded into the game and stood on a strange island with a hook hand, I almost dropped my beer, most full release games don't matchmake that fast let alone an alpha build. Gameplay So most of you have seen the videos and know what this is about so I wont go over too much again. You start off with a random map in your inventory and from there you have to figure out what island to go to, you island hop a couple of times and eventually get a riddle to solve which leads you to treasure of varying quality. While you are doing this you have to watch out for other ships and crews and there was much nautical talk and sea shanty singing, there were some very tense moments defending out hard won booty from other crews, patching up holes and bailing out as well as stealing others loot, there were a lot of genuine laughs and I can honestly say I had a lot of fun and made some new friends, even though I went all lord Nelson with a Yankee crew Issues Now i'm not going to say there were no bugs or issues, of course there were this was an alpha build but all I really experienced was a slight frame rate drop when I lord Nelson’ed us into a fight with 3 ships gleefully shouting FOR KING, COUNTRY AND THE SERVICE only to be obliterated 20 seconds later by 2 broadsides, yeah OK I got carried away….. There was also an issue with a couple of opponents papering to teleport but I don't think this was the game itself. For an alpha build, I would expect disconnections, lag, glitches drop outs, I had worse when Destiny first launched and I kept getting kicked with stupid chipmunk error messages, not once here. There was also some issues with trolls and griefers but Rare seem to be taking this seriously and banning them from future Alpha participation. Who Is This For? This is a great game for what I like, it doesn't take itself seriously, its meant to put a smile on your face and give you and some friends something to have a good laugh about and it excels at that, every time I played there were laughs and funny moments. If you prefer hardcore competitive gameplay, or simulation this may not be for you, there are SIM elements (I wont spoil them for you) but this is not a simulation game, its about having a laugh and fun with your friends. If you are the shy and retiring type, don't have or don't like talking on a mic, this may not be for you either as communication is key to fulfilling objectives and working well together as a crew but it also makes for a more fun experience. Conclusions This build and my experience gives me great hope for this game, the things Rare are talking about implementing will flesh out this game and has the potential to make Rare great again and stop them going the way of Lionhead of Fable fame. There is so much potential and Rare are listening and actively seeking feedback and suggestions which is refreshing and I am really looking forward to what they do next. If I hear drunken sailor played on an accordion one more time I think i'm gonna burst a blood vessel. So this concludes my experience, I hope you enjoyed it, if there is something you want to know that I haven't covered please ask and if I can answer I will do.
  2. Hello Again Ajsa !!!! I have been busy Giveing out Gigantic Keys to xbox one players; Ex: Kiwidragon, DeezyfaSheezy. But I am Done with that for Now, Howeverrrrr~!!! Recently I Have been getting Lawbreakers Alpha keys, some of you can attest to that. AND I HAVE SOME HAPPY BUT ALSO SAD NEWS!%$^$ The Happy part is that there is a Drawing for a ALIENWARE X51 on the LAWBREAKERS ALPHA TEST!!! Lawbreakers will be live 24 hours a day from August 6 to 7th. To be entered for the Drawing for the $1,699.00 PC. just be on the game On August 6th at 1pm to 2pm (PDT) and score at least 25,000 pionts across the entire weekend !!! thats just two things!!! FOR more INFORMATION visit www.LawBreakers.com NOw For the SAD NEWS~ I have Only 1 KEY LEFT!!!! IT IS THE LAST KEY I WILL FOR THE ALPHA TEST PHASE because it is coming to a close. Hince, the reason Lawbreakers is having a drawing for a STATE OF THE ART PC!! People have already asked for the key when i mentioned it the xbox One Smite Event Chat. Too Many People for me to choose from. SO, I am telling yall the samething I told them!! What better way to decide who can enter a drawing then with a drawing. Just Type, #GivemedatKey, in a reply box and i will randomly Draw a name out of all the particapates!! I WILL Decide who gets the key on Thursady AUgust 4th at 7pm (CDT). SO to give people the time to download the game Ohh.... AND anyone who already has a key just has to update the game to logg back into Lawbreakers. GOOD LUCK, SOLDIERS
  3. I got 2 PC ALpha keys .... first come first serve. the Alpha is open till the 31st till it takes another developing break...... so huury up and get them while there vaild!!! U need a steam Account Btw...
  4. Yeash!!!! This Remastered (or Remake?) is looking great. I hope they keep original System Shock Music though. But anyway finger-crossed for this would be awesome!
  5. I got into the alpha! So far the game is fun. building forts is fun, gun play is nothing special and it can get a little grindy at times. the real reason I made this thread is that I can invite 2 people, so who wants in? PM me your e-mail if so. first come first serve, unless you have lower rep I thinks thats fare So far they haven't released system requirements I have a gtx960 8gb ram I3 2.6 GHz and I get around 30-40 fps on max so use that to judge weather or not you can run it
  6. So a while back, I remember seeing this going into a closed alpha stage back in November. Sadly it was limited to United Kingdom regions. I recently got an e-mail notification that they will be allowing alpha access to Canada and North America starting February 19th. I'm really intrigued and wanting to try it out. Those who haven't seen it, here's a bit of gameplay footage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PsxHIeMiJk&index=3&list=PLjv8aD-y6w786NZ3mPF2r7xiCpP93l4KA It was described by others as "Minecraft meets Bastion - and it looks great". From what I've seen, I can agree. http://kotaku.com/skysaga-is-minecraft-meets-bastion-and-it-looks-great-1657782870 As far as I know, the game will release as a free to play with "optional in-game purchases". Now, I'm not sure if they'll go the typical MMO F2P route and wall off currency types and items, or stick with the predicted microtransaction route. Regardless of that possible red flag, the game looks pretty good and I'm excited to try it out when it opens its doors in five days to the Canadians and Americans. Maybe try it out with some Angry Army members!
  7. Earlier last year, The Repopulation went into a public alpha, claiming to be a sandbox mmorpg with influence from SWG and Ultima Online. Joe did a stream on it, but unfortunately I missed it. Please leave opinions and thoughts about its current, and planned features. Note that this is not a post about wanting to see the game become official, but rather seeing who is interested and what is known about this title.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ie_pPYZNjk0
  8. Check your emails! https://twitter.com/EvolveGame/status/494600433910833153
  9. Is the Archeum pack worth it? I don't want to spend that much money on a game that I have never played and I was wondering if that pack is even worth the asking price. How active is the AJSA right now or will they be active when it launches? Can I get these items in the game or is just for this pack?
  10. Hey guys and gals! Anyone else see this! Evolve alpha sign up for PC! Hurry up and show your support so we can get a presence in the game! Know that there is a NDA so talking about the game is a no no, but it does give you a chance to play! http://www.polygon.com/2014/7/3/5868969/evolve-alpha-test-pc-sign-up
  11. Bungie has announced that the Alpha Test has been extended. To test expert mode claiming its for the beta, also noticing some minor other changes, like loot dropping more often, some of the enemies that were previously marked with ?? now have levels(not all of them) Most came to be level 16 for the record. If you guys noticed any other changes they made Lets compile a list here, and post what you noticed has been tweaked or changed.
  12. The same studio that made RIFT, and Defiance... Trion has over 10 million players and are about to launch there own "digital games platform" too! TROVE is a F2P voxel based MMO. It's in Alpha but has early access. It also seems that the Dev's are really big on including user created content too. I can't say i'm a big fan of Minecraft or even Ace of Spades and Guncraft.... but it seems like this game has potential. http://www.trovegame.com http://www.trionworlds.com/en/
  13. I didn't see a topic created for this yet, so I'm going to start one now. Just upload your funny RUST screenshots, or memes to this post. This topic is just for the fun of it, feel creative. Or re-post, like the rest of the internet does. I had this happen to me today so I'll just leave this here: Aren't I punny? LOVE ME PLEASE!!
  14. In my opinion of why the angry army should play this game, to help bring attention to a game that have a promising future. Pros: Unique Three faction PvP system where the Third faction allows characters to create their own independent Rogue Nations.Player created city system allows players to form and design their own cities, structures and homes. Mayors can be assigned to oversee a city and manage it using strategy.Military Advancement system witch reward players With unique titles, abilities and items. Set Your reaction to other nations to one of five different Levels ranging from Ally to Nemesis. Create up to 99 ranks for Your nation, each With their own customizable names and settings. Advanced Generated Mission system With complex multi-stage missions tailored specifically for Your character. Missions are not all combat oriented. There are crafting, harvesting,diplomatic, and other non-combat variations available. No Levels, skill based gameplay features 75 unique skills, and 14 tiers within each skill line. Skills increase through use and abilites are earned and not given automatically. And many more. Cons: Its in private alpha, player controlled, No release date as of yet.
  15. So Yeah sound off games you've enjoyed that are still in Alpha/Beta Stage or just come out that youve played in the Alpha/Beta phases. Gnomoria - Gnomoria.com - Its like Dwarf Fortress but with gnomes in some sense. You are the floating god entity that tells gnomes which jobs have higher priority and hope they do as you assign jobs and plan fields of yak/strawberry and the sort. You face anything from hungry bears trying to eat your gnomes, Mantis', Golems, skeletons. The Ai sometimes is buggy and the first year can be a hectic rush to be safe and have enough food for the winter and not lose too many gnomes to invaders and challenging. It really doesnt have a tutorial so its recommended to read the wiki StarSector - fractalsoftworks.com - a topdown 2d singleplayer space game. IF you've played Space Pirates And Zombies(another great top down 2d Space game) and liked it this one should be easily around you're alley. You pilot one of your ships(you choose) during combat and you can set up way points and such for you fleet to move towards. while the RPG & Mercantile aspects of the game are still not in yet, the combat is satisfying to play with. There are a variety of weapons/ships and even modding is already active for the current Alpha for that the game is in. Desktop Dungeons - www.desktopdungeons.net - Recently launched on Steam it is a strategic puzzle like Dungeon Crawl that uses the dungeon and exploration as a resource(you regen both health and mana when you uncover more of the map). pretty decent and though very much more of a puzzle and sometimes you realize you are screwed(not enough health/mana to kill the final boss)