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Found 11 results

  1. I'm speechless. I cannot say anything about this game because just saying what happened in the first 5 minutes is doing this game a disservice. All I can say is, this game is fucking brilliant. I give this game the rating of "I will never forget the hours I spent till the day I die. PONY POWER!!!" Play this game, or just search youtube's playthrough of the first 5 minutes of this game. And then play this game. So far, a definite great GOTY start to 2016.
  2. Let's be real for now fans of wrestling. WWE and TNA are the 2 most commonly known wrestling shows on now, and they currently fucking sucks. WWE fucked up Royal Rumble, though the triple threat championship match was awesome, and the upcoming Wrestlemania is probably one of the worst ever. TNA, I don't even want to know what's going on there. Those that wants to find an alternative to these 2 can rest easy, I have found one show that kicks these 2's asses: Lucha Underground. This show is badass. Most of the wrestlers here are high flying masked luchadores who gives their all and fly all over the ring. Observe this match with John Morrisson and one really cool guy, Richocet, or Prince Puma. And more recently, Grave Concequences. A BRUTAL casket match where the wrestlers fight their ass off, and even use the casket as a weapon! Plus there's also one crazy ass elimination match called Aztec Warfare. Basically a Royal Rumble esque match but instead of eliminating foes by throwing people out of the ring, here it's either pinfall or submission. And it's WAAYY better than Royal Rumble. Watch the rest here. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2e9avf_2015-01-07-aztec-warfare-lucha-underground_sport Enjoy the carnage. Muahahahaha!
  3. So you load in a match, you just loaded in and there are 4 other heroes, and your own hero, in your fountain. You press enter to chat. Below where you type, on the left, is a glorious little button. It's like the button you use to not listen to the coach if there is one. But it's better. It's glorious. It's the single best change in dota 2. It's a button that mutes all and any chat. You cannot read chat. You can still type and your teammates will receive it. But you? You don't have to read. You don't need confirmation that you are horrible at mid. You don't have to "gang" anymore. They say "какого черта я набрав" But you don't know. They insult you. But you don't care. You are a god now. Play the game. Be awful (cause be honest, everyone is terrible at dota) Enjoy. I just hopefully pointed out something that will make a lot of people happy. Go forth. Go forth and feed. And don't give a s**t.
  4. Crossfire: Rival Factions by Z8games, is a different version of Counter Strike but better, it has its own unique mode known as Ghost Mode, one side is invisible and has melee and tries to plant the bomb while the good guys try and shoot/kill/stop them. While it is Free To Play, you can also pay for ZP, which is premium cash in game while the game does also have GP which is in-game currency and used for most items and whatnot. ZP is used for that...super stuff or kickass guns that give you an edge. The two combating teams are Global Risk which is the boys in blue, then you got yourself the Black List, usually in tan color. I can say for myself, that Ghost Mode does have one major major flaw in it and that is reffered to as 'bhoping' or 'bunny hopping'. What that means is crotching down, and jumping backwards to render your movement completely invisible. Which is a glitch in the game and I always found it as a noob tactic because it made no challenge in the game as a Ghost if you could move around and kill without being seen. Where is the challenge in that, right? I always preferred a true Ghost approach, remaining unseen until the time is right, kill, then disappear before I'm caught. Now I may be in the minority of thinking bhop was a disgrace to the game but I'm not alone in that thought. if anyone else has played it...what do you think of it? Is it still a good game that can stand on its own two legs or have you never tried it before and may look it up? It has a huge community and its servers are rarely down and it does have music videos out on Youtube, and I have several videos for that game out.
  5. So i just wanted to say battlefield 4 on PS4 is amazing! its a very great game to play online, the sounds are just crazy good. what are some of your experiences with the game?
  6. PS4 is out and I know that games are going to really get great in Spring time (and Thief reboot is out in Feb). I am hoping my PS4 will be in stock by this week so then am getting it for christmas. It's really short notice if am going to be able to get it or not so I wonder what games everyone else got, besides Knack and Killzone, there isn't really any next gens only, hopefully I'll be trying AC: Black Flag and my first COD game (Because of popularity and great reviews). The only other game I can think of is Rivals maybe. I'll be getting + too and that will keep me content with games every month until Spring, probably PSNetwork games so am not so sure I should buy any of them right because they can't be sold and I don't think they'd sell their retail games at £48 for a long time.
  7. If Watchdogs or Tom Clancy's The Division isn't getting you excited to get a XBone (not used in derogatory way, just abbreviating) or PS4, this should I have always been a Metal Gear fan, and it looks like they're really upping the ante on Ground Zeroes. This game looks like it will be phenomenal, and this is just the first mission. With an emphasis on more free roaming, more planning, side objectives, massive mission areas, improved enemy AI, improved mission tech, and just vastly improved overall mechanics, this game is absolutely a reason to think about getting a PS4 or XBone. Seeing this really gives me hope for what can be done with next gen and hope that developers will properly exploit the capabilities of the systems to make games something more than just pretty eye candy. Using the technology to improve the AI and mechanics of games is absolutely what is needed to keep gaming fresh and new.
  8. 2 weeks ago, a man that goes by the name of Angry Joe unleashed a rebooted community that's thriving with greatness. 25,000 members in two weeks has got to be some kind of record. The AJSA has to have a higher population than majority of the small towns out in the US. If the public doesn't know who we are now, they will soon enough and all thanks to the Angry One. So remember, when you're out gaming with the public, know that you are representing Angry Joe and the AJSA and act out there how you're expected to act here. Which is...give em hell!
  9. Hey guys, So I've been playing for a while this game and I can't stop. I think this is an incredeble game. It's complex, has a HUGE world, Ok story, the graphics are really nice and the gameplay is an absolute delight. This is my opinion, want to hear yours:D Cheers!
  10. Hey army what's going on? I'm Zoro707 and I'm proud to be a member of the Angry Joe Army! I play League of Legends and I'm a proud owner of a PS3. I use the same name for both so feel free to add me at any time and I look forward to chatting and playing alongside yah! Peace out!