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Found 15 results

  1. Holy hell, It's been forever since I've been here. I was a former officer in the AJSA and helped with the Archeage guild we had there. We had a lot of good times back on it untill Trion royaly screwed the pooch. Well it's been a long time and a new Archeage has come out. No, not that unchained BS but Archrage! Archerage is a private server run by the fans and supported through donations through a very much downgraded cash shop. The sever from what I've seen doesn't have a bot issue, no more getting our land sniped from us and no more over the top prices due to inflation. The labor Mechanics have been changed, we generate labor at a much faster rate and it's uncapped all the way so running out shouldn't be a issue in most cases. The cash shop is a whole lot less then what it used to be but everything that is purchased goes to the server. Mirage Island is well stocked. Everyone has patron status, so we all have increased drops, more labor regen when offline, bonuses, amongst other things. Enemies have been buffed so they aren't paper dolls like how they used to be. And the biggest plus of all, Trion and now Aeria can't get their greedy game killing paws on it.
  2. What happened to the AJSA's support for Archeage? The forum is completely gone. I played the hell out of the closed betas with the AJSA, but when the game launched I lost interest (especially cause the guild chose the east faction). Wondering if anyone knows.
  3. Turtorial how to upload stuff: 1. (Optional) Upload an image if its not online yet. Use imgur.com if you dont know where to do it. 2. Open the picture in the web browser 3. Copy the URL 4. Press Image just below the smile and paste the url there.
  4. Well im new, so yeah! I play games like halo or the witcher or skyrim but also enjoy mmos as well...
  5. Trade Packs I assume if you have been playing ArcheAge you have heard of trading Trading is the main economic standard in ArcheAge If you are wanting to make money you are going to need to trade Here is how you do it Starting To start to make a trade pack you need to know where to craft them To craft a trade pack you need to go to a specialty workbench which is located in every area all areas have their own type of trade pack so all trade packs are not the same The materials needed are - Quality certificate Basic item Main item Quality certificates are bought for 50 silver at any general merchant The basic items are Medicinal powder Ground spice Ground grain Dried flowers Trimmed meat Main items are different from every area if you would like to know the recipe press "O" and it will bring up a search bar put the name of the city in the search bar Travel "The further you go the more you get" Travel is the way of the trade packer you master it , you dream it, and you live it If you would like to see the base prices check here http://www.archeagedb.net/article/Trading_Pack or you can check the trade info in your folio Travel is broken into two categories 1 . Inter continental ( inside the same continent ) No risk - Can only be traded for gold 2 . Outer continental (from one continent to another ) Risk -Can be traded for Gilda Stars -Can be traded for resources Get a donkey Donkeys are acquired by doing the blue salt brotherhood quest located in Tiger spine mountains in the first cross road or from mirage isle for 5 Gilda Uses for transportation Airship (Fastest) Farmcart (Faster) Donkey (Fast) Walking (Slow) Boat ( only used for sea trading ) Three Key Factors Friends Always bring a friend pirates are out their in the seas their is always a risk Play smart Always be at your top, always pay attention Make money Trade packs are the best way for a free to player to make money you can use that money to get patron
  6. I never knew the Angry Army will support this game. I have been out for a while so thats why I never knew. I really want to play a MMORPG game because I have the time now. Is this game worth to play? Is this game Pay 2 Win or Pay 2 Enjoy More?
  7. Have you ever gone to an amusement park? You see this awesome roller coaster, so you hurry to be the first one there, but once you reach it you see this MASSIVE queue. You really want to try the roller coaster so you resign to standing in line for hours. When you do finally get onto it you'll have to face ups and downs and resist the urge to vomit. That’s pretty much ArcheAge in its first week after launch ^^ The massive queues, incredible lag, maintenances, queues, gold spammers, restrictions and of course more queues made the game difficult to play. Thankfully things have calmed down now and queues have lessened, sadly the land availability has lessened too. The biggest problem we faced however was the fact that not all AJSA members who wanted to play ArcheAge were able to make characters on the main server in time. Once the server restrictions were in place (making it impossible to create characters) they were forced to move to another server. That is why the guild was split and why the issue of ''which server should be our main?'' has come up. So which server should we pick? Here are some arguments for and against both servers: Kyrios The server which was chosen as our main before the game even launched and the server the first guildies were able to level their characters on. The great thing about this server is that we have had much more time on it. We managed to get land and built not 1, not 2, but 5 boats! Not bad Angry Army! Also several have already managed to hit 50 and really get into the game. The server itself however is very highly populated; this will not only reflect in queue times but also while playing the game itself. Lag being the least of our problems. As much as we'd like to say that the AJSA is the top guild on the server, it sadly isn't so. With time that may change, but the biggest concern at this moment is that other very big guilds have already gotten more land than we have. Once Auroria comes out it will be a huge dash for the land, but even if we do manage to get some more land we will probably get run over by a guild with several hundred members, leaving us pretty much helpless. Either we get really lucky or we turn pirate. We got this heads up from an AJSA member on the EU version of ArcheAge. Even though he is part of a very competitive guild they are still being threatened to be left behind competing against huge guilds. That brings us to our second server: Lucius The server which was used mainly for the guild members that could no longer make a character on Kyrios. Since the server was pretty new not many people were on it, which made a huge difference with queue times, making it ideal for the free to play members who had to (understandably) spend more time in queue than the patrons. Some of the officers switched from Kyrios to Lucius so that not only a guild could be created but also so that newer members would not feel like they were dumped on a second server. Unfortunately that made the guild split definite. Having half the guild on one server and the other half on the other sucked for everyone. However, this did force us to explore the new server a bit. It has a lot of land. And who doesn’t like land? The guild already managed to get a few spots and much is still unclaimed. With every day that passes more people manage to get a spot though, leaving less for us. There are also no huge guilds on the server (yet), which gives us time to build up and buck up. Of course a big problem with this server is that many will not be willing to make the switch, especially since Trion has not introduced a character transfers yet. This would force many to leave all their items behind and start all over with levelling. However it is certain that Trion will introduce the character transfer, making it possible to get your items from one server to another. And the levelling part? It certainly sucks that you have to start all over again, but at least you don’t have to reread all the quests. (you WERE reading them right…?) And you could level up together with other guildies. Of course if you were not able to get some land on Kyrios, then now is definitely your chance. Both servers have their pros and cons and it definitely is important to know and understand them before making a final decision. Beef will make sure every ones opinion is heard. The option to vote on the server will be from Friday till Monday, make sure you vote on the poll that beef will put up and not somewhere random where no one will find it. Also if you would like more info you can join the guild meeting on Saturday 27/09 at 1pm PST. -Kizra Thank you to Weynard, fuzzypanda and Craig910
  8. Archeage is a new MMO that focuses around three continents set in a mid evil / steam punk environment. There are many things to do in game and is very addicting. Players can form guilds and later, those guilds can claim territory and build a castle (not currently in game but will be soon). Also there is a large focus around class creation. You start off picking 1 or 6 skill sets and at lvl 5 and 10, you get to pick 1 of 10 skill sets which means that there are up to 120 different classes (mines outrider, shadow play + archery + battle rage). You can also farm, own a house, and craft (crafted items are better than loot and store bought items). The game also encourages a player run market and law system where the jury is run by actual players. Earning enough infamy points will get you sent to jail and getting 3000 you will become a pirate. You can also upload your own emblem and put it on cloaks, vehicles, and houses. To sum it up, this game is runescape but fun and better graphics (cryengine 3). So now i will list the 3 pros and 3 cons. Pros: 1. Big focus on character creation 2. Guilds get to claim lands with servers 3. A tab based MMO that is fun (I don't normally play these type of games for long but i haven't been able to play anything else since i started playing Cons: 1. Large queue lines (the server sizes where underestimated and so you can get 3000 queue lines, mainly because of afk players) 2. Bugs (small things but can still be a pain) 3. Patron status (subscription) is required to own land, there is a way around this though But this is just a small taste of this game, I can't describe that game entirely because of how big it is. This is one of those games that you have to try for yourself.
  9. Welcome guys to my first Archeage event! Today, in 3 hours from this post I will be running an event (@ 19.15 +3GMT) What is needed: 1. Tons of labor 2. This on your background DONT BE LATE! Dont want to reveal all the details, but here is a sneak peak:
  10. Is the Archeum pack worth it? I don't want to spend that much money on a game that I have never played and I was wondering if that pack is even worth the asking price. How active is the AJSA right now or will they be active when it launches? Can I get these items in the game or is just for this pack?
  11. This was a funny moment formt eh alpha test that was just hilarious I was present but not the one recording. http://www.twitch.tv/bikeman/c/4141434
  12. Apologies about the title, I actually meant ArcheBLADE. If it's possible for a higher up to edit the name that'd be awesome. :] As some of you may know, Archeblade finally came out of beta and into full release! So is this a good thing? Well it was supposed to launch last night at 10:00pm PDT. Naturally like any game hyping the release date it had a "massive issue" so I slept on it and woke up today to check it out. Tutorial was good and training got you up to par with every character. So what's next? Time to go play with some people and have some aggro fun? Not really. First thing I noticed this morning was that every server was full, or so I thought based on what the server browser said. So I waited til tonight to try. Still about the same but with a couple half empty servers. I joined in and the ones that were supposedly half empty were actually completely empty. So I thought what if the full servers aren't actually full? Well I guessed right. Almost every server says that it's full but in reality it's completely random. So I guess they have to work on the server browser before anyone can really enjoy it because wait times can be extremely high as nobody knows how many people are actually on any server. But what about the gameplay? Well the concept is really cool, but like almost all other online brawlers the delay between everyones actions is so off you can't even feel like a badass for whooping some people in a 1v2 fight. I just can't believe after all these years we still can't manage latency/ping a little better. I mean, gunz 2 isn't perfect but it's definitely playable most of the time, so why can't this game be like that? Whatever, I just thought I'd inform anyone interested in the game. Who knows, maybe in the future they'll fix 'er right up and it can become the awesome brawlers we've come to enjoy over the years.
  13. Hello everyone My name is Tiago from New York here in the USA. When it comes to gaming I am pretty much a PC guy. I play a lot of MMO's (currently playing Planetside 2, Archeage alpha, Everquest Next Landmark Beta and patently waiting for Star Citizen), and some other random games depending on my mood. I am a part of a podcast with some of my friends (The Geek Brew Podcast) which we talk about all things nerdy while drinking bears with a blogging website thegeekbrew.com. I am also a youtuber and streamer (youtube.com/Engineer2G and twitch.tv/Engineer2G. I have a XCOM series currently on my channel and I stream Planetside 2 on Weds and Sat (might add thurs to that schedule). Hope to join you guys in many angry army events.
  14. hello i was just wondering if there will be a AJSA guild in ArcheAge?