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Found 1 result

  1. Trade Packs I assume if you have been playing ArcheAge you have heard of trading Trading is the main economic standard in ArcheAge If you are wanting to make money you are going to need to trade Here is how you do it Starting To start to make a trade pack you need to know where to craft them To craft a trade pack you need to go to a specialty workbench which is located in every area all areas have their own type of trade pack so all trade packs are not the same The materials needed are - Quality certificate Basic item Main item Quality certificates are bought for 50 silver at any general merchant The basic items are Medicinal powder Ground spice Ground grain Dried flowers Trimmed meat Main items are different from every area if you would like to know the recipe press "O" and it will bring up a search bar put the name of the city in the search bar Travel "The further you go the more you get" Travel is the way of the trade packer you master it , you dream it, and you live it If you would like to see the base prices check here http://www.archeagedb.net/article/Trading_Pack or you can check the trade info in your folio Travel is broken into two categories 1 . Inter continental ( inside the same continent ) No risk - Can only be traded for gold 2 . Outer continental (from one continent to another ) Risk -Can be traded for Gilda Stars -Can be traded for resources Get a donkey Donkeys are acquired by doing the blue salt brotherhood quest located in Tiger spine mountains in the first cross road or from mirage isle for 5 Gilda Uses for transportation Airship (Fastest) Farmcart (Faster) Donkey (Fast) Walking (Slow) Boat ( only used for sea trading ) Three Key Factors Friends Always bring a friend pirates are out their in the seas their is always a risk Play smart Always be at your top, always pay attention Make money Trade packs are the best way for a free to player to make money you can use that money to get patron