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Found 8 results

  1. Article Austin Walker, easily one of the best writers in games media, wrote this article a few days ago on the Arkham series. This portion sums up much of the reason why I liked the atmosphere and setting of Arkham Asylum more than the other games and why I found it annoying that with every new game they increased the size of the map but had to find reasons why there would be no civilians in any of the areas.
  2. ive been getting great feedback from the community on my work so far so i thought id upload this picture im working on of the joker he still needs some touch ups but i can regard him as a game character anyway hope you like this one
  3. I really like the Arkham franchise and I was so happy when Arkham Knight was announced. The bad thing is my pc wont be able to run it, and I don't have a Xbox 1 or a PS4. I'm not super mad though, I understand why they did it. If they did it this way they can really make the game truly a beautiful next-gen game that doesn't need to divert time, money, and staff to make another version pf the game. I'm still disappointed though.
  4. Hello, if you do not know, I am a huge Batman fan, a Bat-Fan if you will. And you have no idea how excited I was when Batman : Arkham Origins was announced. Sure I was skeptical when Rocksteady wasn't developing, but I was brought back by gameplay trailers and demos, showing me this is more Arkham for me. I was really excited also about Arkham Origins Online. Im only going to talk about Invisable Predator Mode Online, because almost no one gave two craps for Hunter,Hunted. Right now, I own two versions of the game, the Playstation 3 Collectors Edition, and a PC version on Steam, running on an i3 cpu, GTX 280 (yea old...), and 4 gb of memory. I got the PS3 version on release, and PC during the 2013 Winter Sale. Whem I first played on Ps3 back in October, it was a mess. Matches were lost, systems were frezzing, glitches galore! (I don't know but my single player experience was glitch free, guess I was lucky.) Most of the time, I would have to wait at least half an hour for a match, and even then I had problems. When I got the PC version, it was almost...well, playable! I found matches much faster, less people lagged out, and it was an overall better experience. I don't either because PC's better, or it was a few months later, if you know, tell me. But...I agree, it could have been ALOT better. My biggest problem with the online is that it can be too hard. Now listen, I get it when I guy's better than I am, won, far and square. But when it's level 1 Banes against level 100 Jokers with mediocre Heroes, that's a problem. If your a lousy team, your gonna get hammerd', (is that a word?). Even out the servers, make the players made even, give them a chance. I don't know if Battlefield or COD BLOPS do this so again, let me know, but that only sounds far. Another problem is that the Heroes can't be ugraded, (EXTRA COSTUMES DONT COUNT!). The elites, yeah, that's obvious. But why not ugrade heroes? You can upgrade in single player! Now, if you were handed the remote claw, or glue/ice grenade, then my first problem would be brought up again. But why not upgrade, Explosive Gel explosion damage like you can with the UAV, or Blimp? Or maybe at least let them upgrade their health! Also, players tend to win only using the Blimps or UAVs to win, to me, its like campping, that isn't skill, it's just killing thugs and heroes yards away from you, it can be used in good ways like looking for heroes when your out of reinforcements, or basically, a last resort. However, my Number 1 Complaint, is that if someone leaves a match, it can mess up things big time, basiclly connection problems. If two of your thugs leave you, you are screwed, unless the other gang has the same problem, then it just becomes boring. Im serious, 1 time, it was just me and a level 4 Robin. I just went around capturing control points, and shooting down bird-boy. Maybe when a supervillians coming, and there's only one joker member in the match and a full team of Bane ellites, who do you think is gonna come. Well, the jokes on Joker. But the most unforgiving thing is that when theres only one Hero, it only selects on player to be that hero, and leaveing the second hero for an unaware player who just doesn't get the difference between an NPC and an actual player. That's all the problems I've had. It's no Battlefield 4 at all, but its still fun. Since that I don't own any FPS on my PC just yet, ive aparently played about 40-50 hours on this Online mode total, and I don't regret it. If they just fixed some or all the problems mentioned, we could have an underrated multiplayer game on our hands. If you had any problems with the multiplayer, tell me, or if ur on my side of it being ok, but still fun, or if you think it's the worst crime commited to gaming since E.T., tell me, tell me, tell me! I would love to hear it! P.S. I do think it's bull that WB makes no plans to fix these problems, just for a 2 hr DLC. I would rather have a working game, than something to add to the mess. Just my two cents.
  5. WARNING : This topic my contain spoilers read at your own risk. Batman: Arkham origins is a good game as far as gameplay is concerned. The combos flow better than ever before, It's a lot easier to switch costumes, predator areas ore so much smoother, oh and you get to go to the batcave ! What makes this game fall short is the story and the continuity. The game is called Batman: Arkham Origins this game is not an arkham game nor is it a origin story. the only thing remotely hinting arkham is in the end credit where sharp is talking about how blackgate is not doing a very good job and hoe he wants to re-open the asylum. You also get a glimpse of jokers origin but its not enough to center the whole game around. To me the title Batman: Arkham origins would imply the night before asylum went down. maybe have a little play as the joker action. The also features no new gadgets at all. aside from a minor tweak to them, but there still relatively the same. The city is empty. The developers said this would be a living breathing Gotham. WRONG. There are absolutely now people in the streets of Gotham and on Christmas eve of all days. to be fair there is a public service announcement in game that recommends people stay in there homes due to the storm an high criminal activity, but this is not an excuse. I am not even going to touch on the topic of glitches and freezes, butts lets just say there is a lot. the last issue I have with this game is the plot twist. you knew it was coming every arkham game has one. yep its the ole fake black mask gag. I mean the game straight up gave black mask the finger. the game was was supposed to give this awesome character some love foe once. but no just like the rest of the arkham games it fell directly into jokers cold hands.
  6. So I'm sure a lot, if not most of you, have heard that Epic Games sold the rights of the Gears of War franchise to Microsoft Studios who has now put their subsidiary, Black Tusk (formerly Microsoft Vancouver), to work on a new Gears of War. Now I could make an entire thread dedicated to this news alone and I'm there there are already some out there on the forum but I just wanted to talk about games being made by different developers in general. My best friend is a huge Gears of War fan and he's rather devastated by the news however he's mostly concerned about the story rather than gameplay changes because he felt that Gears of War should have ended at Gears of War 3. He thought Judgement was okay because he felt that they tried to make it more modern rather than just completely changing the game. I pointed out that people bitched and moaned when they found out rocksteady wasn't making Arkham Origins, then bitched and moaned that the game was too similar to the others. People bitched and moaned about the DmC remake and thought that was a lot more drastic than just a simple change in developers, he as a die hard Devil May Cry fan, loved the game even with it's admitted flaws. Going outside the realm of video games I also pointed out that people complained when Heath Ledger was cast as the Joker (him included) and that turned out to be one of his favorite portrayals of the character. So getting back to the point, tell me AJSA community, how do you feel about a developer taking over the established franchise of another?
  7. While I enjoyed Arkham Origins (Minus the bugs, and easy datapacks), a lot of people either think that it is crap, and others think that it's just okay. I just would like to know what others in the angry army think of the new game and where the arkham games go from here. Also I play the multiplayer in origins many times, so if you r interested in playing, friend me on PS3 (DAHFAN1308 is my PS id).
  8. Insanity has often lead people to violence. But which of these combatants is the most lethal? In the battle of Jinx vs. The Joker, who do you think would win? List who you think would win and why below.