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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everybody! I have found a great dayz mod server the has been very promising if anybody is interested. Considering I have yet to find a Dayz mod channel on our TS or a AJSA server. Join ADK Epoch Tav- server, and their TS info is in the server when logging in. Feel free to message me about any questions or concerns. Aloha!
  2. Recently, an ArmA event with the Derp Squad was done. Many of the Derp Squad told me they thought 20+ of us would turn up. Last week, seven of us showed. This week, we number three. Many more had said they would show up last week, but instead played DotA or something. Derp Squad was very gracious to open their doors to us, we should honor that. I do not think the AJSA should turn their backs on them. I'm actually playing right now, and I think these awesome guys deserve more. Come play with us, if not now then next Saturday, and show them the AJSA isn't a bunch of jerks. Most sincerely, KingBritain
  3. Hello everyone So I just got Arma 2 complete on sale from Steam,and I'm looking to get into the DayZ scene. Since there's a TON of servers out there I would like you guys to suggest servers to me preferably based on this criteria: Vanilla DayZ - with no OP weapons,OP vehicles,loot and buildingsNo donor loadoutsActive and friendly community (can't be empty)Not PVP oriented (I'm all for PVP,but I don't want a server full of bandits)