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Found 27 results

  1. I Have An Art Section On My Website Go There If You're Looking For Inspiration My Style Is Classical And Angry Army www.GoVersusStop.ca
  2. comic style angry joe fan art

    From the album art work

    I was doing some experimenting around on photoshop, which turned into a project, which turned into the image you're looking at now. how does it look?
  3. Hey all! I submitted an entry for the displate competition and worked pretty hard on it! Joe recently posted a video showcasing ALL the entries....except mine apparently :/ I'm not upset about not winning or anything I just made it hoping Joe would see it. Anyway I doubt he'll even see this post but regardless I figured I'd post it here for the community to check out. seriously though not gonna lie I'm a little salty I didn't get in the video haha .... :'( P.S. This is an extremely low quality and scaled down version, if you want the full image lemme know I can post it somewhere like deviant art so you can download it.
  4. angry joe red lightning fan art

    From the album art work

    this was created on photoshop using keyboard and mouse. while it did take a while to try and iron out the creases and i'm still doing so, it actually turned out better than i expected
  5. Topic Deleted
  6. "On the glorious day of April 1st, of the year 2015, we were blessed to give the leadership of this sacred group, to our true savior & harbinger known as Other Joe. God's speed upon you, great one, and that... other guy who's name I've forgotten. Oh well." - A successfully converted Other Joe Believer
  7. Hai everyone!! My name is Mauricio Vincente Harris-Martija a 21 year old out of Washington State!!! But most people know me as laidbackmarco . . . I have been watching angryjoe since his 2008 years and he has really been great the whole time and a big inspiration to who I want to become when I grow older. What is that you ask. . . . well i guess evil overlord great super power chunibyou delusion aside I want to become a world class artist, musician, youtuber, twitch, photographer, and lcs player , not the best at all of them of course but pretty damn good . I love anime, music, games, art, and social networking and would like to go to anime and game conventions and japan to meet my loving internet fans irl. I like science when it wants to be fun . . . and math when it is fun as well I like going through philosophy and worldlines stuff too. . . I'm really all over the place actually. . . a bit of a mad scientist anyway getting back on topic I love visual novels and league and would like to make a living creating content like joe and becoming an internet celebrity I was wondering if there were any big Japan, anime, visual novel people here??? PS!!! I like martial arts and would also like to do mma one day anyway I remember introducing myself in a forum before and remembered I didn't intro myself here on this new one so heres a big HI shoutout to everyone OH I love Kawaii cute stuffed toys. . . "and im single" <---- no surprise after that intro jesus you yourself know that first impressions are everything. . .. sorry typing to myself. .. anyway the current visual novel i'm playing is steins gate . . .which explains my talking like this the game i'm playing always affects my personality . . .okay i'm embarassed now look down at ground and give a shy wave. <--- what happens irl . . . but anyway behind my keyboard i don't get meaner. .. i get all warm and cuddly nyah (=`ω´=)
  8. So I've been seeing some good entertainment in here. Art like nothing else, man I wish I improved on my own skills but meh... Regardless, I wish people could do some variety on the art (nothing is forced, the magnitude of how awesome the peoples art here is great). Here are a few examples: Monkey Island <--- Personally want this oneDragon Age (Origins)ShenmueDiabloStarcraft and/or Brood WarCommander KeenSplinter CellThe Lost VikingsGrim Fandangoetc.
  9. Boss Enemy Design Contest! In honor of our upcoming Kickstarter, we are doing a boss enemy design contest in order for someone to win some really cool stuff before the campaign even begins. We want people to get involved with the creation of the game and we figured this is the best way of doing it. Here is how you enter: 1. Draw a boss by the 28th of August. The boss can be a human, jeht (demonoid being), or a creative mystical beast. Just about anything you can think of. 2. Write a compelling back story describing its powers and abilities. 3. Email your drawings to yin@whiteguardianstudios.com with the subject line: Boss Enemy Design Contest! Join our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DemonsRevenge We will announce the winner on Facebook, Twitter, and our main website. There, you can comment onyour submission and put more attention towards your creation! What Do You Win? The winner gets their boss in the game, a poster of your creation drawn by our artist Ricky Gunawan. The winner will also receive a copy of the game. Rules or Restrictions: - By submitting to our design contest, you agree that you will give us your mailing address if chosen as the winner (unless you don't want the physical prize). - If the design is a human, they normally derive their magical abilities from objects or the type of region where they are from. - If the design is a jeht, they generally have red, black, white, or dark purple skin. Some are shape shifters and can look like humans with extremely pale skin tones. They usually have abilities derived from their physical physique, which is of immense strength and speed, and have natural abilities that deal with the elements of light, darkness, fire, water, ice, earth, and wind. - Mystical creature anything goes. - You agree that you are age of consent in your country, or have permission from an adult to give out your address and receive a prize from us. - You can submit as many designs as you like - You do not need to be a great artist as we will be judging the contest based on creativity in the design, story, and powers/abilities. - If it's anthropomorphic, please don't use nudity. It will not be chosen. - We reserve the right to change the rules as we see fit if necessary. - Ask any questions on facebook, twitter, or our website, DemonsRevenge.com.
  10. Ok, I hate to ask for votes like this, on a forum, but I would at least like to know how well I did with the Play Station project painting thing. If you like it, give it a vote, if not, tell me why and maybe I can make up a new one that will look better. And by all means, post your own here so that I can take a look at it and comment/vote on it also! http://greatnessawaits.gamermasterpiece.com/#gallery/medium/14065
  11. I am looking for some cool looking Signatures, i like colorful, wierd, wacky and star wars stuff but if you would like to just share a signature you like that is cool too
  12. Hey finally got around to making my account! So if anyone's interested add me on the things. PSN: The1337Ghost Steam: Dedotated Wam Battlelog: The1337Ghost About me: I draw crappy comics and cartoons (facebook.com/ImAndyB) & (TooCoolToMakeSense.tumblr.com) It's mostly just stuff for fun and requested drawings. I'm more interested in animating cartoons eventually. I don't play competitively, or at least not that often. I mostly play shooters, but I love all genres. I don't know how in depth I should go with this...oh well. As far as music goes I listen to it all, but mostly metal. Favorite band is Coheed & Cambria, go ahead and boo me. I watch mostly cartoons and comedies on TV if I watch TV at all, but again a bit of everything here too. I love martial arts movies, anything with real looking or over the top hand to hand combat. Also love super hero movies, favorite super hero is Captain Marvel (SHAZAM!) and my favorite movie is Scott Pilgrim VS The World.
  13. Fan art by Tonya

    From the album Book related

    Fan art of the protagonist...not going to add much description for major spoilers.... Tonya a fine artist, looking for support if you want to support her. https://www.facebook.com/artbytonya

    © https://www.facebook.com/artbytonya

  14. Art

    Found this on Joes Twitter. Not sure we have a board that's Off Topic enough for this though. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnPNr9yquuc#t=196
  15. soo guys and gals. what do u think?
  16. Hello Ladies and Gents! I've decided to host my own personal contest for the "Cooliest Character!" So what is this contest all about? Well I want to know about YOUR personal characters. MMOs, RPGs, Sandbox, Table Top... whatever game you've created a unique character for, I want to see them or know about them! Post a screen shot of your character and tell me as much as you can about them. What makes this character awesome!? Be convincing! The winner's character will be hand drawn by yours truly and fully colored! The winner will also receive a high res file that they can have printed out for their personal collection. RULES: Only one entry per member!! **MUST be an original character. No pre-made characters like Lora Croft or Ezio Auditore. **Entries MUST be very detailed in description. I want to know what they look like, how they act in certain situations, special scars or distinguishing features or some sort of accomplishments in game that gives your character 'character'! Don't just post a Screen shot. The more detailed, the better! **Can be based on Table Top Games and Role Play games as well as RPG, MMORPGs Ect. (Yes, even Skyrim). No asking me to draw some made-up creature that you decided to come up with or some famous fantasy character like Drizzt Do'urden. **If you don't have a screenshot to include, please tell us everything about that character's appearance and what game they're based on! ** Keep your submission details within reasonable lengths. Don't post like a whole short story. A small Bio and a detailed description will suit enough! DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS IS JANUARY 5th, 2014!!!! For those of you who don't wish to Enter, help me pick the best character by liking the entry you like most!! Let the battle begin! **** just a side note, if you post a non-submission reply here and find it's been removed, don't dismay! I didn't remove it because I don't like you or your comment (I rather love your comments!) but rather, some posts are bring removed just to keep things tidy in here and so people don't have to go searching through the thread to read your submissions! Thank you for your understanding <3 ****
  17. Comical Carnage Wallpaper

    From the album Angry Army Profile

    A wallpaper I made out of my Youtube Channel Art. Check out my channel here! http://www.youtube.com/user/ChaotiCritic
  18. So a while ago, I was browsing around for info about different animes and I came across this and my first thought was, "No way, its not even real." But after some more digging, I found that it is an actual game that is actually being released in reality. During my search I came across this list and I realised that it's been in development for a while. The projected release date is April 2014 in Japan on the PS Vita. I haven't found anything out about a North American release but a lot of the menues are in english anyways. Is any one going to get it if it ends up in America? Or would you buy a Japanese copy in the event of them neglecting us English speaking folk (no offence to any english speaking japanese people)? Visit the game’s official website here.
  19. Hello fellow AJSA-Members As before mentioned in another thread, one of my favourite MMO's is going to be closed very soon -> Dynasty Warriors Online. I wanted to ask if anyone would have time for doing a request or a commission to draw my character in a cool picture, im sorry if its against the rules to ask like that.
  20. I saw a rather lengthy discussion about an AJSA game development team and it seemed like a lot of people were interested in it. I've been working on a 2D game for a while now using C# and I've made a lot of progress on a game engine based in XNA. I plan to release an RPG style game sometime within the next year or so. It seems like there are a lot of talented people here so I was wondering if anyone wanted to join the project. I'm primarily looking for artists. This is a laid back project. I'm just looking for people who enjoy this kind of thing. There will be pay based on game revenue but this project is mainly for fun. The style of the game is a dark, 2D, fantasy RPG with multiplayer elements. Just to give a sense of style and scale, below is test of the lighting system with a couple concept sketches. If anyone is interested in the project just let me know!
  21. I Just recently made a Angry Joe Meme for the competition a few days ago. Sadly I missed it, but i would still love to post it so other AJSA troops can see it. If there isn't one already, I think there should be a place in the website where people can post their art from games and Angry Joe for fun instead of putting it somewhere else in the internet where it wouldn't be as appreciated. If there is already a place to do this, please tell me. This is what i came up with anyway. Feel free to post any other fan art here! I am also looking for anyone willing to help a noob in FPS games like CS:GO, Battlefield 4, etc. Thanks!
  22. In light of the new contest in the giveaway section, I thought I'd place a suggestion for a future contest. I'd think it'd be fun to have an Angry Joe fan art contest OR an AJSA T-shirt design contest. We have so many talented artist and graphic designers, a contest like this could give AJ some cool artwork for the site or for merchandise as well as make it fun for everyone! Hell, having your artwork appear on merchandise or on the front page may just be prize enough! Of course, winner would get a free T-shirt or some other type of merchandise with their artwork on it that Joe chooses to be added to the store. I like arts :3
  23. Hi One of my favoruite games are Deus Ex:HR so i made some fanart for it feel free to use it as a wallpaper, and if you wanna use it in something like a video or something ask me first Stuff edition Clean Edition 1080p versions: http://imgur.com/UKCGdVq,fxHxR24#0
  24. Thought You Soldiers Would Like This Original Painting I did.
  25. A thread where we showcase our latest attempt at creating a game related sig. Those who need help with their sig can request help here and those who are willing to provide help can also do it here. Here is my new sig... and here is the original image i used to make my sig... i know i forgot to fix the left light but who cares