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Found 3 results

  1. My name is xIcemann117x and I'm putting together a special team and I need me three Assassins. Three French Revolutionary Assassins. Now, y'all might have heard rumors about the barricades going up soon. Well, we'll be starting a little earlier. We're going to be dropped into the palace dressed as servants, and once we're in enemy territory, as a bushwhackin' guerrilla army, we're gonna be doin' one thing, and one thing only........killing Templars. Since this is the first AC game to have a co-op feature, I'm looking for a few people to go through the campaign with me while playing online co-op. All members of the Angry Army playing on the Xbox One are welcome to join me, members residing in the EST time zone preferred. P.S. We are not fighting in a basement
  2. Hi, my family really enjoys the Assassins Creed games and can't wait for Unity and Rouge to come out for PC, however, it has been a while since we have played an Assassins Creed game (I played AC 4 when it came out last for PC) and I just need a quick summary of the story from AC1-AC4. I remember key things like the 9 assassinations in AC1, Ezio having revenge for his family in AC2, cant remember anything from brotherhood, I remember getting the keys in Revelations, but I really cant remember much from AC3 and AC4. Any help appericated
  3. Ahoy Mateys! Grab yourselves a mug of rum, sing your favorite shanty! This is my first ever written review for a game, and what better game to do so with the most recent game of one of my most loved game series, Assassin's Creed. So, as this is my first review I'll try to keep things simple and organized, so I'll just analyse key aspects of the game: Graphics, Story, Gameplay, Soundtrack and Ambience. - Graphics: As you can expect from an AC game, Ubisoft Montreal really worked hard on the games amazing vistas and locales. From the city of Havana, to exploring ship wrecks at the bottom of the sea, expect to be amazed by how the game looks. Here been an example: "I regretted taking that picture, as I saw other beautiful places in the game that deserved to be shared" The amount of details are noticeable in all aspects: character clothing, the folliage, particle effects during fights against forts or enemy ships. The only problem I had with was the occasional graphical bug, like Edward clipping through the floor (just happened once in the entire game) or weird stuttering while killing enemies, but they where so rare that they could be easily forgotten. In the end the score for the games graphics: 9. - Story: The games story follows a year after the story seen in AC3. Of course if you haven't played the game I will not spoil a single things, I'm not like that....... I think. The story follows Edward Kenway, a Welsh man son of a English Father and a Welsh mother. Been born from a humble home, he decides to try the exciting and profitable line of Privateering for reasons I will not explain. During the story you'll notice him running around the Carribean trying to earn a profit as he see's fit, working along with the big names of the Age of Piracy like Edward Thatch, Ben Hornigold, and Captain James Kidd. But what about the modern setting? Fear not players, Ubisoft has heard the cries of fans about the modern setting been boring and uneventful. The game's modern day setting is a nameless Abstergo Entertainment employee tasked on recording footage from the Animus of our infamous pirate protagonist. There are a lot of references to the past games and familiar faces. In the end, the modern day setting has been reduced to more or less 30 minutes of the narrative, which is welcomed. Still, now that he's gone, I miss Desmond. The story is well developed, though I feel it falls short just after the middle, but picking up it's pace again a few Sequences before the ending. As I said I'm not going to spoil anything so I'll leave it to this: prepare yourself for a story of excitement, anger, betrayal, sadness, tears, and right at the end, a hint of Awwwww that's beautiful. Score for the Story: 8. - Gameplay: I'll divide the gameplay in two, land and sea, as they are totally different. The gameplay in land is your traditional AC experience, so expect your traditional eavesdroping, stealth, tailing, assassination, and exploration missions. The combat is as always the same formula, of countering, one shot killing and using tools to decimate poor soldiers foolish enough to stand against you. The pace of combat has been changed, so instead of been able to kill hundreds upon hundreds like in AC3, you'll find an able challenge in facing 10 enemies, as the mix of baddies in a group has been revamped as well. Free movement remains the same, some animations where added so Edward could move in different terrains or through openings. And yes, sometimes you'll be fighting with the movement mechanics to get where you want to go. For the sea, basically the core of the game, it's a reinvention of the naval gameplay found in AC3, the basics is there, but been given more mechanics to make it fun. The Jackdaw, the protagonists ship, is decked out in weapons for almost all situations you can face at sea, but like always, you can improve the ship to transform it into the terror of the Caribbean. For this you'll have to board enemy ships for their cargo, explore underwater wrecks for plans, and spend tons of resources and money. Crafting and hunting is now relevant and very recommended, all upgrades for Edward can only be acquired for crafting. Want more health? Hunt and skin two deers to craft the upgrade, fortunately it's brief and not much time consuming. Do you like collectibles? If you do, rejoice. There's hundreds of things to collect, from the unknown Animus fragments to sea shanties for your crew to sing during long trips in the treacherous sea. Relax, most of them are not necessary to completely finish the game, only in major cities. The multiplayer is quite the same from AC3, but with a few improvements and the options to create your own game modes, quite satisfactory and will have you extend the life out of this game. Gameplay score: 9. - Soundtrack: The soundtrack for the game is not short of amazing, going to perfection. Music has never been an issue in the AC series, but in this game it's specially great. The scores in the game reflect the beauty of the locales, the time period, the tension in battle, and exciting moments in the game. I'll expect you to love the main theme, I sure do! Soundtrack score: 10. Ambience: The game is very immersive, the cities are alive, the jungles are filled with sounds and wildlife, the underwater sections are tense and the battles are very exciting. The modern day setting is not as impressive, but it's just fleeting. Score for Ambience: 8. So? What's the value of this endeavor through the dangers seen at the sea? Is it a legend for the ages, or a ship destined to sink and lie at the sea bottom? The game has pumped new life to the AC franchise, even been called the best game of the series, and it deserves it by a lot. If you have a sour taste left by AC3, get this game and restart your taste buds, this game is sweet. A definite most buy. Final score for the game: 9. So this concludes my first review, hope you guys like it. I'll try to make a review for two or three games each month. Leave any recommendations, and sorry for grammatical mistakes. English is my second language. Thanks for reading!