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Found 5 results

  1. Hail, Mechwarriors! This is the Hall of Valhalla, where fellow mechwarriors showcase their achievements. Whenever you have an excellent match, post a screen shot of the Team Stats page. At this time, you may post as many as you like, within reason, but the match score must be a 400 match score minimum. Extremely odd matches may be posted as well. This is a place to celebrate our achievements! Likes only, do not post comments. No guts, no galaxy.
  2. So here where are at the end of the year with plenty of gaming sites and YouTubers polling up for their best games of 2014, and of coarse I am very glad not to hear so far that there will be a VGX Award for 2014 because all of them and 2013 VGX show being the worst, unorganized, unprofessional, uninteresting, buffoon & stale sounding (really a Po-Ta-To chant? ) which to me was a insult to gamers and the gaming community. Even the British have a gaming award show called the BAFTA which is 1000 times better then the F****ked up VGX awards. So now we have a video game award show with backing from the platform makers Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo as well as major third party publishing companies like Electronic Arts, Warner Brothers, Rockstar Games and Ubisoft which will be held in Vegas on Dec 5, 2014 and will stream on XBox live, the PlayStation Network and on PC; so you have to ask yourself will this one be any different? So my question is, will be Angry Joe be there? and also to all the gamers here, will the award show be any good? Can Geoff Keighley who was the host of the VGX's be any good at The Game Awards or will he mess this one also? Will he take some of Joe's advice and make this a better gaming award show experience? Also being that its backed by the likes of Microsoft & Sony will there be honest and neutral judges to judge who's best? Will they have proper categories and also not pit XBox exclusives vs PlayStation exclusives? What are your thoughts?.....Joe any input from you? Maybe a video on your thought? *boy that's a lot of question marks lol Hmm, no paragraph spacing?
  3. What do you guys think of the VGA's, as its coming Dec 3. List some pros and cons. Pros: It shows new releases and trailers. It allows people to vote. Cons: It is a mainstream joke that caters to the casual gamers. The categories are mostly the same, with similar games in each. ( Personal reason ) They put Battlefield 4 in the best pc category, along with only indie games.
  4. I was searching the new site and came across the AJSA Member Awards section. Among them was the "Recruiter" award. I personally know a few people that I could get to join but how do I make it known that I brought them here? Is there going to be an option to say that you've been recruited during the signup process, or do we need to keep track of them ourselves?
  5. Most hated game Most liked game Best Multiplayer Best Story Worst Realease Most patching required Award Best Loved Developer Best Franchise Most Overated Game Best Reviewer writers outside of the AJSA sorry Joe your the Best. But you can't do all the games there is the whole other industry we need to acknowlege we need to critic. Worst Game Reviewer You get the Idea lets be creative/serious about what award we could give