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Found 53 results

  1. Just got my XB1 code, any one on console or PC ready to play this? Please let me know, this is important to me. This PC Xbox cross plat game is a great opportunity for us, but I need to know who is willing to support it.
  2. So i was looking around and found this game Warfare online is made by Con Artist games, most known for their Last Stand and Warfare games on Armorgames It is the third game in the series Warfare with warfare 1917 and 1944 being predecessor to this It features the same "tug of war" as the previous 2 games You can get a feel for the game here. You can sign up for the closed beta here http://warfare-online.com/
  3. The Open Beta for BF1 has landed on us far earlier than we thought. On Friday the 2nd prepare to land on one of the most deadly battlefield (if not the most) ever knowed to mankind! Time: September 2nd,2016 @ 6:00 PM EST Till Midnight (NOTE: Since there is not end date for the beta just yet, we will do one evey week only if people love it and want it back) We will be using Teamspeak for Communication purposes make sure you connect to this ip: ts3.AJSAgaming.com or TS3­> = Battlefield 3/4/Hardline = > BF Open Lobby This beta will be streamed by our AJSA *stream team* members. Alternatively, we use Discord as our backup: https://discordapp.com/apps [discordapp.com] Our Discord can be found at: https://discord.gg/0iHbkwYao3QkoXu0 Since there no dedicated server where we can host our event in our server in the beta, we will go on a Full 64 players Conquest server and then switch it off to a Rush Server. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding Battlefield (PC) please contact our Game Officer, QwiK. Sincerely, Battlefield Staff Article written by QwiK
  4. The Titanfall 2 Open Beta goes live this weekend on PS4, and Xbox One and I certainly plan to get something going with it. I'll probably be playing mostly on XBox, but will download the PS4 version as well. So, anyone wanna hit me up and give this a go let me know. Feel free to discuss the game and this test here and I'm hoping this sequel is worth it. I liked the original, but knew it had flaws, especially at launch. Still, should be fun and hope to see y'all in game. EDIT: Sorry, didn't realise the beta wasn't on PC. That's annoying.
  5. https://www.battlefield.com/beta Sign up for it and you will likely to have a chance to play it earlier if not guarantee a spot in the open beta. Events are soon to follow. 49°09′43″N 5°23′15″E
  6. So i stumpled upon this game a while back It's from the same people that made Lost Saga it's a mmorpg where you're able to tame and ride alot of various beasts, instead of just being pretty mounts that allows you to travel around faster. In Riders Of Icarus they make them important in combat too, with special abilities and ability to deal high damage. certainly looks interesting http://icarus.nexon.net/en Here is a look at what the game features But what do you guys think ?
  7. The early reviews for the DOOM multiplayer beta are starting to roll in and so far the biggest "complaint" I've heard is that it's too much like Unreal Tournament. Considering I think Unreal Tournament was one of the best multiplayer games ever made I take that to mean this game is going to be ******* AWESOME! I am soooo tired of CoD, Battlefield and Halo clones, it's about time we kicked it old school and reminded gamers of their roots. Could I be wrong?
  8. So, Ive only played the open Beta and I'm aware that there is a chance that things are upgraded/changed/moved around when the final product comes around. This is simply my interpretation of my experience in the Open Beta So Im running a Windows 7 OS with a Intel I7-4970k and a Geforce GTX 970. I was using a standard 1080p monitor at a 1600x1050 at the time and had the graphics setting set to high with the V-sync turned off, it is on by default. Graphics/Physics – As far as I’m concerned the graphics were pretty decent. The monitor I was using a TV/Monitor, which suffers visual quality imo, still gave the graphics credit. There were noticeable footprints and drag marks in the snow. There were also detailed reflections in windows and what few puddles I could find. When I fiddled with the fog settings it was actually noticeable change in the quality, not just the amount like I’ve seen in a lot of other titles. There was also very little destructibility to be had in the environment. You could shoot out windows and such, but that was was about it. A lot of the environment seems to have been made out of Kevlar as well as there where very few things that could be shot through. The most damage me and several friends could do while unloading almost 1000 rounds and all our grenades at a bus stop shelter was to blacken the concrete and shoot out the outer layer of glass and not a single round penetrated the housing, that was the most disappointing thing about the environment for me. Bugs/Glitchs – What I was calling the “last step” bug annoyed the hell out of me quite often. I was unable to walk past the last step of a stair case or go through a doorway threshold as if I was hitting an invisible wall. This seemed to be most prevalent when carrying the riot shield. Speaking of, when equipped the Riot Shield would visually disappear when running and the few items in game that you had to pick up and carry, the switch box in the tech rescue mission, would rotate about 40 degrees when you went up stairs Animations - Most animations were very smooth. I had no trouble going from cover to cover, blind firing, cover vaulting and reloading. Some other animations did seem somewhat lazy such as the weapon swap. Your character would simply put their hand over their shoulder and the weapons would simply swap positions. and when you came up to a door if you were running you would calmly take a step towards the door and gently pull it open, regardless of being shot at or not. They need to change that for a more situational based to add better immersion and action. Dark Zone - It honestly wasn’t the nightmare factory I was expecting. Yes there were people who went rouge and I was even killed a time or two while loading my contaminated stuff onto a chopper(jokes on them it was all crap items) but I did end up just forming groups with people and killing mobs and having fun. It was especially fun going on "Rouge Hunts" with just random ass people. I myself never went Rouge, on purpose, since its a bit too much like trolling to me but it was still a blast and even made some friends on UPlay. World and Character Interaction- It was very...empty is best I could describe it. I am aware that some of the mobs were disabled but holy crap I only came across 4 or 5 mobs, which were mostly just 2 looters, at best when going from 1 end of the map to the other. You are also only able to attack the small group of looters and are unable to arrest/scare them off. This would have been an incredible mechanic to add but I get the feeling it hasn’t even been considered for the game. The crafting system was disabled, completely. You couldn’t even see what you could craft, what kind of parts numbers you would need to craft basic items. Another problem I had with the beta is that it gave you absolutely NO insight into what the various wing upgrades and personal perks offered. All it said was "Not available in Beta". Not a description or a level requirement, not even a freaking CD time. What little voice acting there was, in my opinion, was mediocre at best. There was some good ones if you knew where to look but a grand majority was meh-worthy. You character doesn’t even have any kind of voice acting done either other then the various grunts and panting that goes along with running and such. The interface wasn’t all that bad. I liked the look from the 2013 E3 and while it has changed quite a bit since then as far as menus go where it was all centralized on your watch to a panel style menu screen its not hard to navigate but I still like the E3 version better.. All in all it wasn’t bad but with so many enemies turned off I couldn’t get a feel for how populated the city would be or the whole damn thing could end up being that empty. And with so many of the upgrades and perks not even getting a freaking description for anything not "locked in beta" I couldn’t say how good those would be. The DZ did save the Beta, for a time at least, and it was pretty fun when there was stuff to do but I’m really not sure how this game is going to keep a devoted fan-base outside of DZ players. So that’s my thoughts on this. If i missed something or if you have any questions leave a post. Ill also be updating my Dying Light Quick Survival Guide in a week or two when I can get more then a few hours played on The Following Art_Ov_Chaos
  9. Here's my update guys Smite PS4 Beta codes. Follow these instructions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ug-gloM23g
  10. Just opened my e-mail to find this; Anybody else looking to get involved with this?
  11. Oh... my... .... This is just unbelievably hard to sit every freakin day and just go to the site again and again and again... Some advice on how to fight this melancholic state??? I can not work properly ( Even my management see that I became a bit distant from business (( Why can't Ubisoft at very least tell the date even if it will be in a month!!! At least I will know that I can relax until it will go live (( Sorry... just a cry of helplessness (
  12. Well, title says it all really. I didn't for some reason but has anyone else had the chance to give it a go on PC or xbox?
  13. There's an upcoming free beta for PvZ:GW2 Jan 14-18. You have to go to the site to sign up. http://www.pvzgw2.com/news/how-to-join-the-beta
  14. It took months but I finally got invited to the Beta for Blizz's stress-tests. Rather or not it's worth 60, or 40$ I don't know. I've never played Team FPSes before, but I'm enjoying it. (Mainly playing Mei, Mcgree when need be.) In one game I got the Play of The Game, and It was hilarious. I was dead throughout it, while Blizzard raked havoc. Anyways, if anyone wants to group by battletag is WeLiVeR#1130
  15. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/mountandbladeIIbannerlord#announcements/detail/88173124715975971 Check this Shit Out its gonna be amazing. Beta Testing is coming this year idk when precisely but soon! Make sure you register to this website if you want have a chance to play it early!: NOT ANNOUNCED YET NOTE: Once they will make another announcement i will inform you ASAP,so comeback to this post regularly to see if the link is added! -QwiK
  16. I know ps4^. for first impressions, they did not say anything negative
  17. Angry Joe and Delrith play the Act of Aggression BETA, from the makes of Act of War. It's good to see a game in the Command and Conquer style since EA aren't doing fuck all with it.
  18. SMITE GATHERING ========================================================================================================================== This coming Sunday (June 7th, 2015) there will be the first XBOX SMITE Beta Gathering. It will take place 6 P.M. Central Time Its obvious that if you don't have the beta that you can't attend, however, I still have 3 Smite Beta codes and will give them out to the first three people that post to this topic asking for them. I hope to see you all on the Battleground of the Gods! If you have any questions message me here "TaylorEugene" or on Xbox "xRubMyNixonx" P.S. I call Odin...
  19. just polling the forums to see who all has access to PS2 beta (US/EU) since not all of us are in the ps4 chat. throw up your PSN, IGN/faction (if you run multiple characters) and what server you play on. PSN: noobpownin09 IGN: noobpownin09 TR US
  20. First two people who reply get a free key
  21. So I had have received two codes for the planet side 2 beta and have decided to give one away as I do not need two. First person to pm me will receive it if they want it. Comment here if you have pm'd me.
  22. Still no email with a beta key. Suuuuuuuck. If anybody applied for a second or spare key hit me up Idd love to get on an kick ass with everybody. I played allot of PS2 on PC. Dose anything transfer over from your PC account? Because I have a Character in each class with allot of upgrades. I doubt it but it would be awesome if we could transfer characters
  23. So now there is a rumor of an upcoming Multiplayer Beta for Black Ops 3 when you pre-order. I find this surprising, especially since the last 'Beta' for a CoD game was for World at War in 2008. If it is real, I might consider pre-ordering, especially since I really enjoy Treyarch's CoD games over the 'New' Infinity Ward CoDs. Thoughts?
  24. I will be streaming the new version of XCOM Long war on Wednsday at 4:30pm CST on my twitch channel (USAFace666). If you would also like to be part of the special AJSA namelist please reply and you will be added. I hope you guys show and help my battle with the aliens.